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A Tangle of Gold ❰KINDLE❯ ❁ A Tangle of Gold Author Jaclyn Moriarty – Thomashillier.co.uk His visit turned out to be ridiculously brief Madeleine and Elliot barely talked before word came that he and his father would be bundled back to Cello On the train platform Elliot didn’t snap out o His visit turned out to be ridiculously brief Madeleine and Elliot barely talked before word came that he and his father would be bundled back to Cello On the train platform Elliot didn’t snap out of the distant fog he seemed to be in A Tangle PDF \ And Madeleine’s nose bled—again—just as she tried to say good bye Now she’s mortified heartbroken lost—and completely cut off from CelloCello meanwhile is in crisis Princess Ko’s deception of her people has emerged and the Kingdom is outraged Authorities have placed the Princess under arrest and ordered her execution Color storms are rampant violent than ever And nobody has heard the Cello Wind blowing in monthsBut Madeleine can’t let go of Cello It gave her a tantalizing glimpse of the magic she’s always wanted—and maybe it’s the key to the person she is meant to become She also can’t let go of Elliot who unbeknownst to her is being held captive by a dangerous branch of HostilesWhat will it take to put these two on a collision course to save the Kingdom of Cello and maybe to save each otherFor fans of Lev Grossman and Deborah Harkness this funny suspenseful and totally original fantasy comes to its brilliantly colorful conclusion.

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  1. Nomes Nomes says:

    Stunning cover for my most anticipated book of my entire reading future A Tangle of Gold found it's way into my greedy hands and as to a hot buttered bun in a spinning tea cup it was beyond amazing Look this series is stunning and creative and wild and heart felt and deliciously winsome This who have read A Corner of White and The Cracks in the Kingdom and have fallen in love with Madeleine and Elliot and Cello know just how brilliant this series is What you may not know is that the final book reveals a whole new level of genius like revelations that will leave you in suspense and awe There are twisty twists I did not see coming suspicions and heartbreak and reveals that take the series as a whole and raised it to like the next 100 levels of plotting artistry and flair I felt so nostalgic going back to Cambridge and Cello This book was brilliant it whisked me away and a tiny piece of my heart kind of believes Cello is real I just need some smoke and mirrorsThanks to Jaclyn Moriarty for gifting me with one of the literary highlights of not just the last few years my reading life with The Colours of Madeleine x

  2. Phrynne Phrynne says:

    What a delightful end to a totally delightful series I have enjoyed every uirky charming word of it Jaclyn Moriarty writes well and she has an excellent imagination In this the final book she draws all the loose ends together introduces some huge surprises and generally wraps the whole thing up in a very satisfactory mannerOver the course of the three books I have grown to love Cello with its magic and its colours I am also very attached to Madeleine and Elliot and although the ending for them was predictable it was also satisfying Many of the other characters like Holly and Princess Ko also grew on me I will miss them allI recommend this series to anyone who likes a bit of magic in their lives

  3. Beth Beth says:

    Well if this isn't a pretty deus ex machina The complicated problems established in this series are solved by a teenager wielding symbolic power just before that power is undercut naturally through advance knowledge of two other teenagers view spoilersolving the crisis of colors by weaving together nothingness with the power of True Love in order to create gold because gold has of course magical healing properties hide spoiler

  4. Karen ⊰✿ Karen ⊰✿ says:

    Fabulous end to a great trilogyIn the Kingdom of Cello has increasing colour attacks and the cracks between their world and ours have been sealed and are now guarded As we learn about the tangles of the world we also learn about the characters and how they are all tangled togetherRecommended for fans of YA Fantasy that don't need all the tropes that usually go along with the genre

  5. Paula Weston Paula Weston says:

    This series has been so imaginative whimsical and intelligent it shouldn't surprise me that its twists and turns were so deftly delivered in this final instalmentThere's much to love about A Tangle of Gold beautiful writing clever plotting with plenty of action in this book well drawn characters and a truly original exploration of concepts of magic and dual realitiesThere's a long awaited moment between Madeleine and Elliot and I'll confess I was also drawn in by the delightfully chalk and cheese relationship that develops awkwardly at times between Keira and GabeThe idea of the dual existence of The World and Cello and how those dimensions influence each other has always been a highlight for me in the series and this third and final book offers intelligent answers on that front tooA Tangle of Gold is an engaging and satisfying conclusion to a trilogy that really is a feast for the imagination

  6. Emily Mead Emily Mead says:

    EXCELLENT conclusion to the series This monstrous series is like 1500 pages for all three books and of course I've now decided that the next series I'm reading is Eragonalso a billion pages Anyway I'm on the blog tour for this one so you'll hear all my thoughts about the magic and the Colours and the plot twists on the 20th of March

  7. Molly Molly says:

    Loved it My dose of whimsical magicI've had my doubts about it fortunately I was wrongReview to come

  8. Cassandra Page Cassandra Page says:

    A Tangle of Gold is the final book in The Colours of Madeline trilogy by Aussie author Jaclyn Moriarty You can find my first two reviews here and here I commented in my review of the second book that the series title didn't uite work for me because Madeline's parts of the story in the first two books were the less engaging partsIt's fair to say that in the third book Madeline finally comes into her own I can't say much than that because it'd be spoiler tastic but at last she becomes than bizarre homeschooling her mother's illness and her uirky friends  Events in Cello rather than in the World what they refer to Earth as are definitely where the story is at and they drive events But there's a lot crossover not just a parking metre based postal service so the World side of things gets a lot interestingThere are things that you need to know about these books if you are considering giving them a go Moriarty's prose is beautiful It's lyrical and strange at times but always beautiful I'm sad that she never truly described the Cello Wind which is alluded to often but remains off camera so to speak It would have been glorious Her world building is astonishingly detailed As a result sometimes the story feels like it's dragging a little but things are always happening even if their significance doesn't become clear till later Which brings me to The plot twists OMG There are things resolved in the third book that were delicately foreshadowed in the first And some of these twists blindsided me I usually guess or at least suspect in the right direction of plot twists but I was way off base on this one several times If you have the patience to read three 500 page books and love parallel world stories with a truly uniue alternate world and intense intellectual and uirky characters then this is the series for you

  9. Amanda Amanda says:

    I'm extremely sad and happy to be writing about the third and final book in The Colours of Madeline series by Australian author Jaclyn Moriarty I have loved this series from the beginning and was sure that would also be the case with this bookIt's so easy to slip back into the world of Cello to catch up with Elliot and Madeleine and to find out what they're up to now I was tempted to re read books one and two to refresh my memory but didn't need to because everything came back so easily the characters the places the eventsIn this book Eliott has joined a group of Hostiles and so we get to see another part of this world and learn about the colours Back in the real world Madeleine is dealing with visions of the past and she's worried that her mother Holly is sick againThis book is so beautifully worded it's whimsical yet full of thought and meaning The subtle humour made me laugh especially when it came from Holly I really adore herI don't know what else to say about A Tangle of Gold other than I could not have asked for a perfect end to this wonderful colourful brilliant seriesThank you to PanMacmillan for my review copy

  10. Alicia Papp Alicia Papp says:

    Welllet me start this review by saying I have loved Jaclyn Moriarty books with a passion and have championed them to all my students I especially adored A corner of white but was a bit ambivalent about The cracks in the kingdom however it did redeem itself in the end but this bookWhat a hodge podge this book is There are so many plot contrivances coincidences pile up until the whole thing falls over new plots and characters are introduced without adding anything to the story and I found the split narrative annoying and irritatingThe story moves at such a slow place with so much unnecessary side tracking and overly descriptive passages that just detract from the plot And that ending was so rushed unsatisfying and unbelievable Madeleine and Elliot did what now???I am seriously disappointed and rather sad that a series which I had really enjoyed fell in a heap at the end

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