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Gus [PDF / Epub] ☉ Gus ❤ Kim Holden – The journey that began in top rated best selling Bright Side continues This is the story of Gus Losing himself Finding himself And healing along the way “ but the honest to God truth is I don’t ev The journey that began in top rated best selling Bright Side continues This is the story of Gus Losing himself Finding himself And healing along the way “ but the honest to God truth is I don’t even know how to function any Bright Side wasn’t only my best friend; she was like my other half the other half of my brain the other half of my conscience the other half of my sense of humor the other half of my creativity the other half of my heart How do you go back to doing what you did before when half of you is gone forever”.

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  1. Christy Christy says:

    5 EPIC stars Kim Holden knows how to hit you right in the feels with her stories Every single time I really thought I would be okay reading Gus That there would be no tears boy was I wrong My emotions were working overtime while reading this as were my tear ducts I will say however that by the end I had such a big smile on my face and my heart was filled with so much happiness that the tears were than worth itAside from Kate Gus was my favorite character in Bright Side Something about this dude just made me smile He was such a great friend to Kate and an awesome person But Gus without Kate he’s just not the same Gus any He doesn’t feel the same “I don’t know how to be Gus without her dude I’m fucking lost as shit” 
Being on tour isn’t the same Making music isn’t the same Nothing is the same Scout is a girl who comes into Gus’s life just at the right time They are a very unlikely pair and Scout is standoffish at first Scout and Gus end up spending a lot of time together Gus starts to heal to be of himself again Scout see’s that At first she wasn’t crazy about the guy Now she see’s this fun and beautiful person he really is When someone initiates kindness anonymously you know it comes from the most pure kind hearted part of them because they’ll probably never be singled out and thanked It speaks to his character I really feel like certain people come into you life for a reason Scout and Gus came into each others life to help heal one another They both needed each other eually I loved these two together I loved that Scout never was jealous about his love for his Bright Side She and Gus were fantastic Any talk of Kate I just couldn’t handle my emotions She is one of those characters I’ll never forget Gus was her very best friend and she loved him so much I’m so glad he got the happy he deserved I loved seeing all the characters from Bright Side make their appearances throughout this story And it couldn’t have ended in a perfect way Kim Holden writes the most beautiful emotional and heart wrenching stories Her characters are so lovable and even though her books always make me cry they also make me smile big time They make me want to live my life to the fullest to Do Epic every day And that is why I love these books so much If you haven’t read them you’re really missing out

  2. Seth King Seth King says:

    Love isn’t a one way journey Everyone likes to read about the beginning of love the swift beautiful descent into the butterflies We all love the meet cute the café flirtations the ensuing weeks when two characters sink into love and are swept away on a road towards their inevitable white taffeta destiny But nobody wants to talk about the wreckage the after effects the sorrow that can linger after love leaves And any form of love can leave not just romantic love Sometimes the loss of a friend can ache just as sweetly and hurt just as beautifully as romantic love being yanked away by fate Sometimes you have to push your way back out of the remnants of love and that is where Kim Holden’s Gus comes in Because sometimes when it all falls away and the one your heart beats for isn’t there any getting yourself back into the sun can feel like pushing a boulder up a cliff And that story isn’t for everyone Some people want to soar up over the jagged edges of life and stay safe from heartbreak which is totally understandable This world is hard enough for some people But for those who are willing to take the journey to cry and sweat and bleed beside a good character and then be put back together and be reminded ultimately of what makes us alive Gus is the perfect book for youAnd hey it’s also really fun It’s got rock stars and romance and European travel and California cool and plenty of sexy times and love present tense But it’s also about life and death and all the love that can bloom in between Running under all this fun stuff holding it all together and making the words jump off the page with crackling electric verve is heart Feeling Emotion The stuff we live for The stuff that bubbles up from deep down Stuff like joy and heartbreak and ecstasy and fear and all the other wild beautiful things that make us human“I get to live this for how long I have no idea but I’m going to live and love the hell out of it”In the words of Gus himself this is all we are ensured this moment right now Live and love and savor it After all you never know when the love will leave and you’ll have to start pushing that boulder up that cliff all over again Enjoy the fall God and Kim Holden know it's all we're ever really promised in this world anywayAnother epic book Kim I will never look at a Post It note the same again I can't wait to see what you do next

  3. Megan Megan says:

    Bright Side wasn't only my best friend; she was like my other half the other half of my brain the other half of my conscience the other half of my sense of humor the other half of my creativity the other half of my heart How do you go back to doing what you did before when half of you is gone forever?When I opened Bright Side I had no clue what was in store I went in blind and came out shiningWhen I opened Gus I knew what was coming I knew Kim would give me heart and soul Even though I knew Gus would break my heart I knew the path in front of him would gut me I knew my emotions would be on my sleeveAfter Bright Side I undoubtedly knew one thing Gus would be EPIC It wasHe wasIt so wasThe sweet and sorrowful journey of deep pain and sadness the yearning for what's on the other side The want to be that Gus again Gus was a favorite character in my favorite Bright orange book He was lost and broken Just as we all suspected Just as we all were The mountainous hill Gus traveled in the beginning was where I felt the most melancholy His choices paved a grim road He wasn’t himself He wasn’t our Gus Her Gus He was just there I had to bite my tongue and hope he would see his other side Yeah in another month I'll still be in this sinking ship It's going down fast I feel sorry for the rest of them because this sonofabitch doesn't even have life preserversAlone I think that's what bothers me most about losing Bright Side With her I was never alone Even when she lived hundreds of miles away I was never aloneThe awesome way Kim writes day to day really puts the reader in the hell Gus is in The mourning The sorrow The bad choices The conflict Then someone so NOT wanted is in the picture and I can’t tell you how relieved I was so see a pea size piece of light Gah I don’t even know what to say exactly about this character because it isn’t fair to YOU to spoil it But I loved the LONG growth these two characters traveled There wasn’t any uick perfection here It was work It was hard But it was beautiful to watch The gain both received is well worth the enormous amount of pain they had to hurdle over They strengthen in a very unorthodox way but for them it’s what needed to happen Mentally these two bonded over old fashion friendship Which enhanced my fall for them I haven't written like that since Bright Side was around I always feel her in my heart these days because that's where she lives I walk around with her inside me every day And it doesn't hurt any The presence I felt tonight wasn't internal It was physical Tangible Like someone was in the room with me feeding me Little did I know she was just on the other side of the door Filling my soulJust as the title says Gus; this was certainly all about him it was about Bright Side KatieGod so much Katie Anytime she was mention or just thought about my throat closed up and my heart raced We were able to get a glimpse into many characters we fell hard for Two in particularly I loved what we had but heavens above I could have had So much I miss Katie Gus And I'll always love her Not a day goes by that I don't think about her It's not pain; it's joy I'm living my life for her I have no intention of wasting itFinal thoughts You won’t be disappointed You will feel and break That’s guaranteed But come the end you will have no disappointments This was another EPIC book by one totally EPIC author

  4. Jennifer Kyle Jennifer Kyle says:

    45 Stars ”Bright Side wasn’t only my best friend; she was like my other half the other half of my brain the other half of my conscience the other half of my sense of humor the other half of my creativity the other half of my heart How do you go back to doing what you did before when half of you is gone forever?” image error

  5. Rachel Reads Ravenously Rachel Reads Ravenously says:

    45 stars “How do you go back to doing what you did before when half of you is gone forever?” Warning there will be spoilers in this review for those of you who haven't read Bright Side yet so only read on if you have read Bright Side or are fine with spoilers I warned youGus was a book I was hesitant to read as Bright Side shattered my heart I HATE unreuited love and I cried so hard for Gus at the end of that book for being in love with a girl who he didn't get a chance at forever with So this book begins with Gus as an absolute wreck at the beginning He's on tour just after Kate's death and he's not handling it well at all Losing himself in drinking drugs and women he can barely function as a normal person throughout the day It's on this tour where Gus meets Scout the personal assistant hired by his asshole boss Scout is not impressed with Gus and his behavior and she also doesn't know why he's acting this way so she sees him as a stereotypical rock star Gus sees Scout as uptight and even calls her Impatient because she's barely patient with him “Some people wear their scars on the outside Others wear them on the inside Same difference Your character your heart your essence that’s what’s important because that’s the real you All the rest our looks the material stuff? It's just meaningless bullshit” As the tour continues the two strike up a tentative friendship but nothing Gus's mom needs a new PA and Gus manages to get Scout the job When he returns from the tour he discovers his mother let Scout stay with them in her house until she's saved up enough for her own place Scout begins to see that Gus is actually a really great guy that he was just going through something horrible at the time Slowly Gus begins to live life without Bright Side haunting him While this book brought tears to my eyes it was a hell of a lot easier to read than Bright Side was I still have a hard time with that book mostly because I cannot stand unhappy endings This book was Gus's redemption his second life without his childhood sweetheart Over time Gus was able to look back on Kate with happiness and not sadness I loved the bromance between Gus and Keller; instead of resenting each other they chose to bond over their love of the same woman “You only get one chance at this circus called life Don’t sit in the crowd watchin’ it happen You jump right in and be the ringleader That’s where you find your fire” I really liked Scout She wasn't the polar opposite of Kate but I appreciated that she wasn't the most positive person Not that she was negative she just saw life differently because of everything that happened to her She hid so people wouldn't see her scars physical and emotional ones The weight of the world was on her shoulders but she didn't break she just kept going and working hardI loved Scout and Gus together the sticky notes scenes were among my favorites The romance was a very slow burn and it worked for this book No instalove the two got to know each other before diving in And it made it that much special of a relationship when they did because it was something great that evolved into something even wonderful I also want to mention what an amazing writer Kim Holden is The entire book flowed so well there wasn't any moments where I skimmed or thought was awkward plot wise Gus was an easy going guy and the writing style fit with him Low angst for those of you angst allergic out there I expected a little bit of drama of Scout being in Kate's shadow but that never happened and I'm glad it would have never worked for the main characters if Scout didn't feel secure in her relationship with Gus She knew Kate was a part of what made him who he was and she embraced that instead of fearing itSo it was easier to rate this book than the first I'm so happy Kim Holden decided to write this book and give us Gus If you loved the first book or wanted closure this is the book for you “I think people find each other when they’re ready for them When they need each other the most And it’s in that time of need that the strongest relationships are formed”

  6. warhawke warhawke says:

    Genre Contemporary RomanceType Book 2 of 2 from Bright Side seriesPOV First Person DualRating Gustov Gus Hawthorne took the loss of his best friend hard He lost one thing that tethered him to the ground Without it he uickly spiraled down to self destruction As lead singer and guitarist of the now popular band Rook he was supposed to be their leader but his detachment forced the record label to have someone keep close eyes on the bandScout MacKenzie was necessary addition to Rook camp As their PA her job was to make sure everything went smooth Other than that she kept her distance and avoid unnecessary contact But her kindness to Gus didn't go unnoticed and he was determined to break her shell while mending his own heart I absolutely love Gus in Bright Side He was the best thing about that book and the reason why I kept putting this off for so long I was afraid the possibility of not loving it And when he sings I'm drowning Drowning in the depths of the emotion pouring out of him Gus was epic in Bright Side I could feel his heart and his passion on that one Unfortunately I felt a lot less in his own book I love seeing his struggles but it wasn't as intense as I wanted it to be I wanted to see him goes from the depth of hell and soar up like a Phoenix He did that I just needed it to be on max level lolScout or Impatient as Gus called her was a good match to Gus Her reserved personality complemented his outgoing one I like how they pushed each other to rise above their own issues Bright Side helped make me the man I am and Scout helped me remember who that man was helping me become my own person This book is of friendship than love story The romance was slow burn which I don't mind but there were parts where the plot progressed was too slow pace for my liking Also it's inevitable that Kate overshadowed Scout I showed you a different side of me tonight It's your turn Gus is a story of a man rediscovering himself and his passion for music and life after losing his heart The slow burn romance would remind readers you could always come back after a fall Note 1When a book ends a certain way I always prefer it to stay that way because it is hard to find a seuel that is worthy of the original But that's just me because I have a specific need when it comes to my reading lol With that said I don't regret reading this one and I will always love Bright Side Gus D Note 2They communicate using sticky notes thus the sticky notes in my teasers lolBooks in the series ☘ ♢ ☘ FBR With Mercedes ☘ ♢ ☘For reviewsrevealsgiveaways visit

  7. Maria✦❋Steamy Reads Blog❋✦ Maria✦❋Steamy Reads Blog❋✦ says:

    ➦Good book Unfortunately just like with the first book in this series I couldn't uite connect with the characters all the way I loved Gus the hero I like the heroine But I just never uite fell in love with them as a couple ➦May be it was the whole dead ex thing Ok she wasn't his ex but he was deeply in love with her Normally stuff like this wouldn't bother me but I felt like the bringing up of Bright Side was constant and kept taking away from the romance At least for me There was just too much I wanted to move on faster➦Speaking of faster I am a fan of slow burn But it has to be done in a way that doesn't make me want to fast forward through pages and pages Descriptions of lives of secondary characters? Not a fan of Like I don't really care about how your friends who you see once a year are doing where they work what they plan to do in the future This bear is running out of patience➦I did for the most part enjoy Gus' journey of healing and acceptance I just wished he would throw a bone to the heroine once in a while This slow burn was slow Just when I think the tho main characters will be thrown in a situation where they will get some sharing to do or at the very least spending time together the story takes a detour somewhere gurr TT This one wasn't entirely for me

  8. Katy Loves Romance ❤️ Katy Loves Romance ❤️ says:

    5 Heal my Heart Stars If any of you are worried to delve into this after Bright Side I'll just say that this book gives us the happy feeling It will give you everything and I'm telling you I am very happy with how this book unfolded and ended for me its was the best way for Kim to help us readers to move on and ultimately again to uestion ourselves To think and then to understand who Gus really is It still has emotional moments but its not gut wrenching just happiness for me anyway This book was heart warming had moments that included Kate and all that surrounded her but above all it's a story about family and friendship So What's it aboutSo if you've read Bright Side you know that view spoiler Gus lost his other half his best friend and the love of his life hide spoiler

  9. Sara➽ Ink Is My Sword Sara➽ Ink Is My Sword says:

    45 “GUS” Stars ”I think we were meant from the very beginning Maybe it was all the fucking sticky notes”“You love my sticky notes”“I do The tour bus won’t be the same without you and your sticky notes” ➽ FULL REVIEW NOW POSTED I AM SO EMOTIONALLY INVESTED WITH THESE CHARACTERSHow can I explain my love for this book? Is not exactly because this books is a complete masterpiece is definitely not Someone even wrote in a review that we just loved this book because of the existence of Bright Side It didn’t offend me because honestly I think is 100% truth I connected and craved this story because I was a fan of all these characters on Bright Side I fell in love with Gus from the first appearance he made in that book and I always wished for his happy ending I was immersed in this story then again not by the romance but something just curiosity for this characters and love for the way Kim makes me wanna love life and appreciate people around meHer books make me want to be a better person in all honestyAlso I love how her fangirling for sunset sons makes so many appearances in this book Like she even said Gus was basically the characterization of Rory Williams and I don’t complain I loved having him in my imagination as Gus If you haven't listened to them do it They are awesome and so underratedKim’s and my visualization of Gus Anyway let’s move from ogling the picture to my actual review although no hard feelings if you prefer to ogle the picture The writing More than the writing itself I love the way Kim Holden thinks is it weird? I mean I relate to a deep level with her characters philosophies on life and all her uotes hit home Her stories always make me so emotional like not only in ugly cry mode but just happiness sadness nostalgia awkwardness desolation peace She certainly makes you go on a roller coasterThe characters They are my life Basically these books are character driven all the way if you are not invested in the characters you will not like the story First Gus Gus is one of my ultimate crushes musician good guy emotional funny caring His journey in this books is heartbreaking we see all his stages dealing with grief and is so beautiful but heart wrenching I will honestly say I wasn’t that invested or connected with Scout maybe is because I didn’t meet her in the last book and she is also very distant in so many ways but at the end of the novel I cared deeply Families omg this book made want to have families like this These families are not conventional but they are so loving And I am not just talking about blood related I am talking about friends and new born families One of my favorite characters all the way is Gus’s mom she rocks The sweetest strongest and kindness women I have ever read about okay maybe Kate was up there with that description too The talent of Kim to make me care about the characters is just astounding even if the characters appeared just in 3 chapters I was rooting for them loving them Plot We basically follow the progress of the relationship between Gus and Scout but is also about their personal growth in different areas of their life This book doesn’t have a mind fucking twist is character focused all the way AND I AM TOTALLY FINE WITH IT Relationship Slow burn romance oh boy I had completely forgotten how long it takes for our main characters to make a move but I love it I love to see how a relationship progresses from non existent to small connection to full blown sparks And I fucking loved the sticky note play like so cute I will say I was missing a bit chemistry but I will repeat it again I don’t love this books because of the romance which is weird for me but hey there is always a first timeThe fucking epic uote of course Bright Side helped make me the man I am and Scout helped me remember who that man was helping me become my own person I love her so much I love this series and I will keep re reading them throughout my whole life If you haven’t picked up this book or the first book try them please

  10. Jiana Jiana says:

    I love this book so much it makes my heart ache “I’m at the tipping point of a transformation that began months ago an intentional decision put in motion And it feels so fucking good I’ve come to the full realization that my happiness my life falls suarely on my shoulders No one’s gonna do it for it me I’m the one who makes it or breaks it It’s a choice A choice that demands action in exchange for reward Idleness and complacency lead to mediocrity Sometimes action is really fucking hard fought but that’s when the payoff’s the highest That’s when great things happen Not good things but epic things And I’ve fallen in love with epic It’s the only way to live” I read book one Bright Side this past summer and it basically destroyed me Gus was one of the main characters in Bright Side and I fell for him With the way things ended in Bright Side I needed to read Gus's story I love Gus so much and how he reacted to what happened in Bright Side broke my heart This book is Gus's story obviously I needed to see how Gus heals and deals with his pain I needed my baby to find happiness again I was also scared to start this book I knew what was coming I knew I'd read about a broken Gus I knew there was going to be a lot of mention of Kate Was I ready? Yes and no “How do you back to doing what you did before when half of you is gone forever?” The book starts with a devastated Gus His life literally fell apart and he simply doesn't want to survive any Kim Holden is a brilliant writer How she described Gus's suffering sorrow and pain it hit me right in my heart She perfectly conveyed his emotions I just sat there sobbing over him After reaching his lowest point Gus slowly starts to pick himself back up again The healing process was super realistic and spot on I applaud Kim Holden for that Gus is a beautiful character and he is easily one of my all time favorites His relationship with his mother and his band mates is great and I just wow I just love Gus okayScout is a new addition in the book She's a wonderful character as well and I love her One thing I absolutely loved about this book was that there was no insta love It's a slow burn and Scout and Gus's relationship takes time to develop and grow It's healthy beautiful and it's realistic I loved it I can't remember the last time I read a romance book with no insta love Round of applause for Kim HoldenKeller makes an appearance in this book and I loved seeing him heal too Keller and Gus's friendship is another beautiful thing in this book This book is just beautiful Beautifully painful and just beautiful Everything about it was brilliantI cried so many times reading this Every reminder and mention of Kate had me bawling Gus's pain had me bawling Keller's pain had me bawling “There’s something epic that happens every day if you look hard enough for it And every day is a chance to go out there and do epic The key is putting forth the effort” I adore this book It has a lot of messages most we've heard multiple times before but the way they were conveyed through which characters they were conveyed that makes it different This is an unforgettable book I highly recommend it but definitely read Bright Side before because this one is a seuel

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