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La giovinezza ⚡ [PDF] ✍ La giovinezza By Paolo Sorrentino ✵ – Fred e Mick due amici alla soglia degli ottanta trascorrono una vacanza in un hotel di lusso sulle Alpi Fred è un direttore d’orchestra in pensione Mick un regista ancora in attività Sanno che il Fred e Mick due amici alla soglia degli ottanta trascorrono una vacanza in un hotel di lusso sulle Alpi Fred è un direttore d’orchestra in pensione Mick un regista ancora in attività Sanno che il loro futuro si va esaurendo e decidono di affrontarlo insieme Guardano con tenerezza alla vita confusa dei loro figli a uanti sembrano poter disporre di un tempo che a loro non è dato E mentre Mick si affanna a concludere la sceneggiatura di uello che sarà il suo ultimo e più significativo film Fred che da anni ha rinunciato alla musica non intende assolutamente tornare sui propri passi Ma c’è chi vuole ad ogni costo vederlo dirigere ancora una volta e ascoltare le sue composizioni.

10 thoughts on “La giovinezza

  1. Becky Becky says:

    A strange reading experience This is a series of short scenes that come together to for a picture The novel reads like a screenplay and has a deeply theatrical feel to it I have enjoyed reading it although I'd be hard pressed to explain why exactly an interesting one

  2. Wilde Sky Wilde Sky says:

    Two old men reflect on theirs lives whilst surrounded by a number of odd charactersI found this odd book moving thought provoking definitely worth reading if you are getting on in yearsReading time around two hours

  3. Matthew Matthew says:

    First thing's first One of the great films of 2015 is Paolo's Sorrentino's film Youth After seeing it I was intrigued by his book which shared the same name Flipping through it it appeared to be a novel that inspired the film For a couple bucks I picked it upThe thing about this book It reads exactly like the film Each chapter is a scene The dialogue in the book mirrors the dialogue in the film It's basically a novelized version of a screenplay Not that it's a bad thing however when read after seeing the film it almost offers nothing new If you haven't seen the film yet take an hour or two and read this Or don't The film is so special and magical that it might be best seen without any background knowledge I believe this was the foundation for Sorrentino's film But I can't recommend it on its own If you are a Sorrentino fan or loved the film there is a little to discover in this slim book If not it's probably best to skip itTwo and a half stars

  4. Marina Sofia Marina Sofia says:

    It's not that it isn't a charming and thoughtful story but it's just the film script There is nothing extra no inner journey into the characters It's very 'external' But it has made me eager to see the filmIf you want to read a film director's novel which is far than a film script try 'Fever at Dawn' by Peter Gardos

  5. Olga HL Olga HL says:

    Youth by Paolo Sorrentino Swiss landscapes and a story just about life about nothing and everything at the same timePaolo Sorrentino describes the holidays of two octogenarian friends in a luxury spa hotel in the Swiss Alps – Mick Boyle and Fred Ballinger Much of life is behind and it is a time to think about what's next Afro Americans Russians Germans Americans They all share one thing They are far from being young Sorrentino offers to look at the world through their eyes The aged football legend the film director the composer the married couple They all spend their days on this island of oldness and peace But do they want this peace?Very atmospheric Sorrentino built the narration on the principle of the script and this techniue helps to feel deep the atmosphere of a book to set accents and scenes The book is a series of short scenes which by the end create a full picture Reading as watchingThis book reminded me of Amsterdam by Ian McEwan

  6. Adriana Popescu Adriana Popescu says:

    5 stars because he's an awesome film director which has his own writing style as if staging the movie through the book I first saw his La grande bellezza and after a few years saw Youth and after a few years I read Youth This must have helped me slowly discover his universe in a beautiful way His films are scenic and poetic and so is this book The book is not a typical book it is half movie script half scenic descriptions in short fragments Little scenes of life tackling aging in a both prosaic and profound way helping the reader both visualise the uickly changing scenes little glimpses in characters' lives and imagine the dialogues and situations I can see why some people expect of the book but for me it was perfect the way it was

  7. Marta Pekarova Marta Pekarova says:

    Very well painted collection of moments with the wit and wisdom of two old gentlemen Reading this book brings a calm feeling like time all of sudden runs really slowly Unfortunately for me it is hard to sympathize with two retired rich artists I am not old nor rich neither artist

  8. Michaela Michaela says:

    Very picturesue book I liked how it didn't forced the reader to conclusions how it just flowed and you could enjoy a bit weird comic story

  9. lp lp says:

    With Youth I did that weird thing where I saw the movie FIRST and then read the book I'm not sure I would have read the book on its own It's a uick enjoyable read Beautiful to imagine The movie was beautiful too Often the dialogue is hard to digest Maybe a bit too theatrical? Kind of felt Woody Allen ish? But I loved the powerfully developed themes about youth and freedom I've been thinking about specific things non stop since I finished Tiny character moments they stuck with me Read this book while you're taking a piss or waiting in line at the grocery store That's about how long it will take you to read it so why not?

  10. Wil Gregory Wil Gregory says:

    This is a great book It is beautifully written so observant so hilarious Most of the characters are dumb which I enjoy The whole Swiss mountain spa setting is itself a source of great comedy and cultural reflection He has some great lines like when he describes the sound of wealthy people eating I watched the film adaptation which having been made by the author himself is perfectly true to the book and also very well cast Jane Fonda Rachel Weisz Michael Cain are all fantastic Definitely recommend both book and film

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