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The Thieves [Download] ➺ The Thieves ➽ Michael J. Sullivan – THEY ATTACKED TWO RIDERS THEY THOUGHT IT WOULD BE EASY THEY WERE WRONGA band of thieves set upon two lonely riders in the middle of the night They had a larger party They had the element of surprise T THEY ATTACKED TWO RIDERS THEY THOUGHT IT WOULD BE EASY THEY WERE WRONGA band of thieves set upon two lonely riders in the middle of the night They had a larger party They had the element of surprise There was no reason to be concerned But they didn’t realize who they were dealing withNOTE This was originally published as the first chapter of Theft of Swords so for those who have that book save your moneyyou already have this story It's being provided as a free introduction for new readers of the Riyria books.

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  1. Michael Michael says:

    This is my own short story so of course I'm not going to rate it It's free and can be found in three different ways Theft of Swords excerpt this became the opening of that book when the series was re released by Orbit The Riyria Sampler a collection of three short stories and the excerpt from my new book The Thieves a free standalone that you can get by writing to me at michaeldotsullivandotdcatgmaildotcomSo here is the back story about this piece It started in 2010 whan I was writing Nyphron Rising book #3 of The Riyria Revelations In it one of my main characters was going through a mid life crisis and this was putting a strain on him and his best friend My wife was concerned that I needed a fun scene added to the novel to lighten the mood So I wrote added a chapter that is essentially what this short story became After reading it she said Excellent scene but it has no place in doesn't fit in Nyphron Rising so it hit the cutting room floorI thought the scene was the perfect introduction to the pair so I did a bit of rewriting to remove stuff specific to Nyphron Rising and made it a short story I never publsihed it but I would give it out to readers for free who were interested in my work but wanted to try before they boughtYears later this series which was originally self published was picked up by one of the big five publishers Hachette Book Group's fantasy imprint Orbit My new editor kept the books very similar to how I had them but she was concerned with how the series opened Originally it starts with a scene that doesn't include the main characters Instead it opens with a man blackmailing a fellow noble with some stolen letters There were some early readers that were confused and thought the series was about this secondary character because it was who they met first Considering this character was a bit of a fool that wasn't the right way to start out My editor wanted me to start the book with Royce and Hadrian scaling the tower to steal the letters and show what they did and how For me this didn't work because I wanted the reader to play along and see if they could figure out how the letters disappear So I needed a new openingbut what could it beThe answer was simple once I thought on it The short story that hadn't been published made for a great introduction so let's change it slightly to fit Theft of Swords and make that be the opening sceneand hence it wasSo for most people they've already read The Theivesas it is the start of Theft of Swords but for those who haven't read any of my work and would like to see if it's a good fit I'm still making this available for free Also if you are already a fan of Riyria and would like to get your friends and family to join in the fun then consider getting a copy of it for them After all who doesn't like to discuss a favorite book with loved ones By giving them a copy maybe they'll go on to read the rest of the series

  2. Anna Anna says:

    I've just read two stories from Michael J Sullivan Pile of Bones and The Thieves both of which I've received from the author You can also get a copy by contacting him directlyPile of Bones is from the Legends of the First Empire series and The Thieves is from the Riyria talesThese are great introductions for his series and I would highly recommend to check them out if you aren't familiar with his works They do showcase uite well the overall feeling of both his series like a puzzle piece waiting to fit in a larger story

  3. Ana Guerra Ana Guerra says:

    This is a very short novella that serves as introduction to the Riyria novels and man this duo have a strong Bromance and seem to be funny together I wanna know their story I am excited to start ToS although I have uite some work to do writing related and I'm slowly coming out of my reading slump back into fantasy but I am sure I will read this saga before 2020 is over 💪🏽

  4. Carlissa Carlissa says:

    Since this is also the first chapter of Theft of Swords I am marking it as read I loved Theft of Swords and the rest of the series

  5. BookLever BookLever says:

    Short sweet and left me wanting This short story was like opening a bag of potato chips you can't have just one and addictive Now to read the rest

  6. Chris Chris says:


  7. free free says:

    loved it

  8. Mia Huffman Mia Huffman says:

    Fun to revisit my favorite characters

  9. Mike Mike says:

    The ThievesRiyria #49by Michael J Sullivan3 StarsThis short story which has become chapter 1 of Sullivan’s book Theft of Swords introduces the characters Royce and Hadrian It is a very short tale so there’s not a lot here but it’s obvious that these two are characters you want to learn about Bring on the full book

  10. Stas Stas says:

    Such fun Royce is silently judging Hadrian from behind his hooded cloakAnd I love it I love these two to bits And NO there aren't too many exclamation marks in this review I sense an impending obsession with Riyria

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