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Floor 21 ❰Ebook❯ ➩ Floor 21 Author Jason Luthor – Thomashillier.co.uk As humanity lives out the remainder of its existence at the top of an isolated apartment tower young Jackie dares to uestion Tower Authority and their ban on traveling into the tower's depths Intellig As humanity lives out the remainder of its existence at the top of an isolated apartment tower young Jackie dares to uestion Tower Authority and their ban on traveling into the tower's depths Intelligent and unyielding Jackie ventures into the shadows of the floors below But will her strong will and refusal to be uiet—in a society whose greatest pride is hiding the past—bring understanding of how humanity became trapped in the tower she has always called home or will it simply be her undoing.

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  1. Melissa (Mel’s Bookshelf) Melissa (Mel’s Bookshelf) says:

    I'm not sure what appeals to me so much about the YA dystopian genre I have read uite a few of them lately Some were good and some didn't uite hit the mark Thankfully Floor 21 was a win for meWhat's left of humanity lives in a high rise tower unable to get into the lower levels because of the creep a black growth of tissue muscle and sludge that causes hallucinations when touched and is taking over the tower Jackie is a 17 year old girl who lives with her parents on floor 4 the forth highest level of the tower Although they are not supposed to be inuisitive and asking uestions of what happened to the world before and what is outside the tower is forbidden Jackie finds herself wanting to know what is down in the lower levels of the tower and beyondI really enjoyed the complex layers of this story Despite the usual dystopian what happened to the world before are we the only ones out there? vibe I found the storyline to be extremely original It does have a vibe similar to the silo series although aimed at a younger audience It also had the feel of novels such as the hunger games and the divergent series being that the residents of the tower didn't have much freedom and were oppressed by those of the higher levels However I found the creep and the set up of the tower itself made it stand out differently for me It was not particularly better than the above series but I was surprised how original it felt and it was certainly extremely enjoyableThe format was refreshing the voice recording transcripts from the characters At times I felt it didn't uite work as it seemed a little too unbelievable that they would be recording their voices after certain events of the novel However it worked really well overallI enjoyed the switch in character halfway through the book It was where I really began to get into the story And I LOVED the creep I thought it was really original and I am super excited to find out about it and the tower and what happened to the world in the next booksThere was one thing that brought it down from a 5 to 4 star rating for me And unfortunately that was the main character Jackie I understand that she is only young but she annoyed me SO MUCH She was supposed to be beyond her years in intelligence and inuisitiveness but her immature dialogue annoyed me so much that the book took me much longer to get through than it usually would have I love a strong young female leading character but I really disliked Jackie I'm hoping that she will grow up and grow on me in the next bookWould I recommend it?Absolutely for any YA dystopian fan It was a mix of the silo series and the hunger games with a touch of Snowpiercer A solidly enjoyable read and I will not hesitate to pick up the seuelMany thanks to Jason Luthor via YA Bound Book Tours for a copy of Floor 21 to read in exchange for my honest reviewFor reviews check out my blogwwwbooksbabiesbeingcomTwitterwwwtwittercomBBBMelFacebookwwwfacebookcombooksbabiesbeing

  2. Montzalee Wittmann Montzalee Wittmann says:

    Floor 21 by Jason Luthor is a dystopia novel and usually I don't like those but this one was very different and strange so I had to give it a try It was certainly different and I love different This was very good from the get go It is a weird story about people that live in the top floors can't come down and the reasons is very very terrifying A refreshingly new look at strange Loved it

  3. Heena Rathore P. Heena Rathore P. says:

    Note I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review I LOVED this book It started off pretty great and ended on the same note Floor 21 is written in the form of recordings in alternate person and I truly enjoyed how this format took this story to a whole new levelIt was really intriguing and kept me on edge the entire time I was constantly trying to figure out the mystery of the tower as well as that of what awaits outside it The author has done a splendid job in beautifully carving out the storyThe pace of the story is great and the voice of the main character just wooed me It was literally like sitting in front of a teenage girl and listening to her blabbering about her lifeI was hooked from the start to the very end Each and every chapter or recording kept me glued to the book and made me finish the book in a dayThere were a few loose ends left at the end but considering it was in the form of recordings I'm ready to give this book benefit of the doubt Though I do hope that there'll be a seuel to follow this book so that we can finally know what really happened and that what lies outside the TowerYou can also read this review at The Reading Bud

  4. Noah Nichols Noah Nichols says:

    The mystery of this fic—and its sweet world building premise—is what kept me intrigued But some of author Jason Luthor's writing was a bit dodgy and littered with repetitious words Like for exampleif I took a shot for every time he had Jackie say the following words I'd be dead within fifty pages of this manuscriptAnywayKindaPracticallyReallyWhatevsWhateverYeahI could point out Not only do these words show up freuently they appear in the same sentences over and over again I get it though She's supposed to be a teen It's still annoying and overbearing Floor 21 could've definitely benefited from an extra set of cleansesHowever I'm a sucker for LOST like stories that brim with far reaching mythologies and this book has that in spades I found myself completely immersed in the format at times even though the logistics of it all are supremely wonky There's no way that Jackie'd be able to document some of the things she documented during certain sections Now I wouldn't honestly mind the oddness too much if the author didn't go overboard with having her say things like I really shouldn't be recording right now or What's the point of me doing this?Of course I'm paraphrasing but it's pretty much like that throughout Especially with the scavenger area AND the court scene How was she doing present tense narrating into her recorder and decently describing things—much like an author would—while being uestioned? I know I'm not the only one here who's complained about this stuff; it's silly Regardless I dug this just enough to move forward and see what happens next There were moments of pure immersion and some surprisingly well written passages So I'm in

  5. Anastacia Anastacia says:

    The author kindly sent me this book last year and I was super excited to read it but with one thing and another it took me until now to get to it I was looking forward to reading it because Floor 21 sounded like a really nice twist to the dystopia genre which I got hooked on when I read the Hunger Games series Unfortunately the main character Jackie isn't very likable and worse yet I think the author fell far short in trying to write a young female character and there were a lot of character traits that were exact opposites which drove me crazy for example she keeps whining at one point pretty early on in the book about how she wants to date but yet when a perfectly nice boy asks her out she's extremely rude to him It's later explained that the boy teased her ONCE a million years ago and that's why Jackie is so rude to him Jackie's supposedly SO smart yet she talks like she's 10 has the maturity of a 12 year old and whines like a 2 year oldIt also drove me crazy that Jackie repeatedly mentions playing baseball with her father in her younger days but it's never explained exactly how one is playing baseball in a building with limited resources and space On the roof where the garden is? Yeah I'm sure a community starving to death is going to leave space for a small baseball field instead of growing food And then halfway through the book instead of hearing from Jackie the character voice switches which did not work for me at all even though I was not a Jackie fan I think if the author had wanted to switch voices he should have switched voices way earlier in the book perhaps alternating voices like most authors do when dealing with this?I did really like the fact that Floor 21 is a very uniue dystopian world I liked all the mystery surrounding the storyline and there are some very interesting scenes that did keep me reading the book was well edited and written but overall the book just did not work for me

  6. Cheryl Cheryl says:

    I like the premise of this book The idea that everyone is living in an 21 floor apartment and they can't leave their floor had me intrigued From the moment I started reading I pictured the world that Mr Luthor built for this book Jackie's curiosity about the rest of the floors in the apartment rubbed off on me and got me curious The aspect of the world kept me reading even though the first half of the story was really all about the talkingtalking about the building and talking about the people Yet the second half of the story made up for the first half This is where Jackie ventured around the apartment building and I was exposed to just what was beyond the other floors You could say the pacing was faster involving action This is a good read I do look forward to checking out other books by this author

  7. T.A. Uner T.A. Uner says:

    I was fortunate enough to vote for this promising novel when it was being featured on Kindle Scout and now that I have won a free copy thanks to I plan on posting my review as soon as I read it I wish Jason Luthor well he has a bright future ahead of him

  8. Dixie Goode Dixie Goode says:

    I feel really lucky to have chanced into this book when I did I am in a group of writers on line with different degrees of experience and success and differing interests We support and criticize and fight amongst ourselves but it is a huge world wide group so no matter when you have a uestion someone is awake and willing to give feedback It was on this groups' page that I first heard the author talking about the bare bones idea which would become Floor 21 From the beginning it caught my interest and I made some comments and when he had a proof copy ready for feedback from some beta readers I cautiously said I'd like to read it I've read several other books at that stage and it is an awkward thing to have to tell a hopeful author that you don't like their book In this case there was no reason to worry I loved the story idea I loved the setting and I really loved Jackie from the beginning Now much editing and feedback later this is a book I will call a favorite for many years to comeFloor 21 is set in a skyscraper in a dystopian future People live on the top floors but have no idea what is down there in the lower levels even within their sprawling building and the idea of a ground floor or world beyond the tower? Well they start counting floors at the top going below 12 is threatening and dangerous so you see where floor 21 implies fear and mystery on a horror movie level The main story is told in the first person as a series of recordings by the daughter of two brilliant scientists Jackie is smart tough curious and a bit bored As a teacher I know that combination spells a challenge but one I love and I adore Jackie and her faithful baseball bat I think some people might not like this book you know the ones with no sense of humor or patience for young adults or interest in fantasy and dystopian stories That is ok people like me will reread it enough to make up for them Jackie isn't Katniss Everdeen she isn't Tris Prior but they would understand her She is someone I want to know about and I will read the next book

  9. M.A. Kropp M.A. Kropp says:

    Jackie is seventeen living in the Tower with the remnants of humanity No one knows why they were forced to live here or what went on Before The humans live on the top floors of the Tower and the lower floors are infected by the Creep which is a nasty infestation that can cause serious hallucinations and even kill if you get too close to it Jackie is the daughter of two scientists and she possesses both her parents' intelligence and curiosity She is not content with accepting what the Authority tells everyone about their lives and sets out to find some answers And that gets her into trouble on than one levelThis is an engaging and very readable story I devoured it in two days Jackie is a very well drawn protagonist smart funny and very much the rebellious teenager She doesn't take grief from anyone and is not one to simply accept without proof Secondary characters are also believable and than just background to Jackie's voiceThe Tower itself is uite a complex and intriguing world for all that it is a limited space The differences in the class structure the creepiness sorry but that's the only word for it of the Creep and the interweaving of politics and religion with the science make for a very engaging setting It's a well thought out setting with many layersThe story is told in first person mainly by Jackie who records her thoughts and uestions and documents her explorations on a voice recorder There is a section later of recordings by another character but it fits well in the story and doesn't shift you out of context I won't say so as not to spoil the plot for anyoneThis is a really good story with a nice fast moving plot very real characters and a dystopian setting that is dark and sometimes uite scary Definitely recommended

  10. J.D. Cunegan J.D. Cunegan says:

    Floor 21 by Jason Luthor is one of the uniue novels I've read in some time owing much of that to the first person narrative structure that plays out through a series of audio recordings from Jackie the teenage girl protagonist and Vick This structure gives the novel a time capsule feel to it as if the readers have stumbled upon these recordingsThis is a fresh twist on the first person narrative and I feel like this story couldn't have been told the traditional way Floor 21 is eual parts thriller and horror but the horror isn't the predictable gorefest one might expect Jackie is a wonderful character whose voice practically leaps off the page and the pacing keeps this from being a chore of a read even when the uestions are plentiful and the answers don't seem to be on the horizonVick's recordings fill in the gaps in a way I don't see often in first person novels the Hunger Games trilogy in particular suffered from being first person at times and Vick's chapters gave the novel a surprising amount of backbone Jackie is the hero of the tale but Vick is no less important in the overall scope of the storyJason Luthor has created a fantastic universe at once limited and incredibly deep I hope there is another book on the horizon because Floor 21 set a fantastic foundation on which Luthor could build I highly recommend this book

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