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Wolf's Tender ❮Ebook❯ ➤ Wolf's Tender Author Gem Sivad – Thomashillier.co.uk Wolf’s TenderMcCallister Bounty HuntersMiss Naomi Parker deportment instructor at the Sparrow Creek Young Ladies Academy can't forgive herself for hiding during an outlaw attack When the local sheri Wolf’s TenderMcCallister Bounty HuntersMiss Naomi Parker deportment instructor at the Sparrow Creek Young Ladies Academy can't forgive herself for hiding during an outlaw attack When the local sheriff refuses to pursue the gang of renegades who kidnapped her students she decides to rescue the girls herself But she needs the help of the best tracker in the territory—half Kiowa bounty hunter Charlie Wolf McCallisterBefore he goes out on another bounty hunt Charlie wants a long soak in a hot bath a bottle of whiskey and the pleasure of a woman’s company He has two out of three when a school marm with cornflower blue eyes invades his privacyHaving established that he only works for pay Miss Parker offers Charlie one night of sexual favors in exchange for his tracking services Though he knows bedding a white woman will cause all kinds of trouble he operates on the philosophy that a bird in hand is better than no bird at allAfter they’ve sealed their bargain with than a kiss Charlie tries to leave Naomi safely behind But the opinionated teacher insists on accompanying him She’s impatient with his decisions uestions his authority and generally ignores his warnings But each time they make love Naomi captures another piece of Charlie Wolf’s heartWhen one straight laced spinster tenders her body to one cynical sometimes savage the unexpected bounty is love.

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  1. Secretly Reading Secretly Reading says:

    Originally reviewed for The Book VixenIn a Nutshell Very good Western with a uick plot and surprisingly intimate romance in ways than just the sexualThe Set Up Charlie Wolf is half Kiowa and used to people’s prejudice so when schoolteacher Naomi approaches him for help he braces himself Naomi overhears that Charlie is the best tracker in the West and she intends to hire him to find her kidnapped students even though she doesn’t have any money When Charlie offers a trade in eroticism for his tracking skills it’s a bargain Naomi leaps atWhy I Read this Book Western historicals are my first romance loves and every once in a while I return to themWhat I Liked This has all the elements of a traditional romance but being an Ellora’s Cave book I knew it would be erotic which I like What I didn’t expect is the emotional intensity Naomi and Charlie are both loners at heart and they slowly open up to each other and this elevated the romance for me Charlie especially surprised me in his acceptance of his feelings for Naomi and willingness to embrace the changes she brings in his life Naomi isn’t uite so ready to accept a relationship with Charlie but only because of her fear of him leaving her I really enjoyed the intense romance with its balance of sexual and emotional The charming thing too is the humor and gentle teasing between Charlie and Naomi They share a love of teasing each other that added great levity to the entire bookWhat I Also Liked The plot involving the kidnapped students is an oldie in the genre but it has a good spin on it The students are early teens and have a part in their own rescue that I really liked This entire book has a gentle message of female empowerment that appealed to me greatly especially since it was in a historical Western that normally features damsels in distressThe plot itself is fast paced and kept my attention This is the Old West so the badies are super bad and the good guys are good with big dicks—what’s not to like?I liked the secondary characters as well in this book Charlie’s cousins and fellow bounty hunters better have their own stories Naomi’s students were a perfect mix of childish and mature as is true of teenagers and I liked their inclusion in the book a lot as wellWhat I Didn’t Like There was a small side story about Naomi and her sister that wrapped up too neatly I wish the author hadn’t glossed over this relationship especially since it played such a large role in defining who Naomi is and her fear of being left behindIMO This is a good read with a well balance erotic romance that I enjoyed This is a perfect example of why I return to the Western historical romance every once in a while

  2. Megan Megan says:

    Naomi Parker has come to Texas as a comportment teacher and to find her sister When the school for young ladies she is teaching at gets attacked by outlaws she hides under the porch while they make off with all the girls Feeling like she didn’t do her job and keep the girls safe she goes to the nearest town to get the sheriff’s help When he refuses to do any than wire the rangers reuesting help she decides to look for an alternative Charlie Wolf is half Indian half white man and he lives his life with a foot in each world He travels with his cousins as a bounty hunter and tracker He meets Naomi when he is in town dropping off a bounty and she follows him to speak about helping track down her kidnapped students He is initially uninterested in the spinster that seems to demand his attention but as he talks to her he finds himself drawn to her and intrigued by the picture she presents So he makes a bargain with her for his help but he is a little tricky and Naomi winds up with than she asked for I loved the interaction of Naomi and Charlie She is always being a little bit bossy and a smart a but that is what made her great Charlie has never had anyone stand up to him the way she does and treat him as an eual When she looks at him she doesn’t let the color of his skin factor into her actions and he has no idea how to react to someone like that Initially he is gruff and unmoving but as they get to know each other Naomi makes a point of saying that when she first met him she thought his face was immovable that he didn’t show his emotions But after they spend time together and she gets to know him she can clearly see what he is thinking and feeling on his face There were moments in the story that seemed to drag a bit but others were nail biting and had me wondering how they were going to deal with the latest mess I could have used a little description of the landscape and towns as I am not all that familiar with Texas right after the Civil War but the characters were very well developed The interactions with Charlie’s cousins were fun to read Both were very distinct in their personalities and actions I especially liked a few of Naomi’s students When they are initially introduced they are a little whiny and annoying but as circumstances change they mature and become strong young women I don’t read a lot of stories from this time period because I never can find them but I do love the glimpse into early American life This story reminded me of the Elizabeth Lowell Only series which I loved The only thing that would make me happier was if the other cousins and maybe some of the girls got stories so I could go back and visit with Naomi and Charlie again once they settle down

  3. Beckey Beckey says:

    emotional captivating entertaining read that was enjoyable fantastic one to read in the series With the gruff man and witty come backs This is one I did enjoy to read

  4. Tiss Tiss says:

    Wolf's Tender is a book that shows the prejudice of the Indian in the wild west Especially half breedsCharlie Wolf travels with his cousins and they hunt men for moneyNaomi Parker is a school teacher who when the going got rough hidNow her students have been captured by outlaws and she's looking for help to get them back She see's Charlie and thinks he is the man to help herCharlie see's Naomi and he's thinking of a little mattress dancingNaomi is stronger then she looks not a fragile schoolmarm she has idea's on how to bring the captured girls back but she needs muscle for helpI really liked this book by Gem There are a lot of things going on in this book at once but the lust and chemistry between Charlie and Naomi is the strongest Of course going through all the emotions makes the pages turn faster I liked the way everything played out Yes it has a HEA

  5. starsaga starsaga says:

    375 stars definitely a good western romance i will read by GSbIt took a while for me to get into this story There was a lot of descriptive facts possibly related to the previous stories that I found distracting However the moment Naomi entered the story things picked up and i liked the story from then on There were some things I found odd about the story such as a school for girls out in some lonely area with only an old crippled man as protector Another part that was really odd was that although Naomi started her life as a tomboyish sort of child then was raised on a farm by her neighbours she suddenly was able to overcome this and become a teacher of deportment and manners I did not understand this at all someone had to have helped her but it was just left as an empty blank part for perhaps 10 years of her life I liked the character of Charlie though he was a very manly man and once he fell in love that was it as far as he was concerned There was no exchange of I love you's in this book but the emotion between the two of them was clear and touching So for a book that did not seem to be carefully written turning a rich historical story into a passable one i liked this book because of the characters and the love they had for each other

  6. Cphe Cphe says:

    This is the story of Naomi Parker and Charlie Wolf MacAllister Noami is a prim and proper school teacher whose students are kidnapped one day by Commancheros Charlie is a half breed who straddles two worlds He is a bounty hunter who rides with his two white cousins Deacon and SamNaomi approaches Charlie to track down the Commancheros who have stolen her students and unbeknown to her finds herself married to Charlie in the Indian way Sparks soon fly as Noami is one fiesty determined woman and Charlie has his hands full trying to keep her safeThis is a wonderful heart warming romance about two lonely souls I love Gem Sivad's work and this book is no exception Both Naomi and Charlie are wonderful characters who find love and acceptance with each other I would describe this book as romantic with plenty of spice thrown into the mixI also appreciated Charlie's uiet humour at times because Noami was one determined womanIf you enjoy historical western romance with some heat and a wonderful Alpha hero and fiesty heroine then this book is so worth reading

  7. Jess the Romanceaholic Jess the Romanceaholic says:

    A great introduction to the series this book was very hot yet surprised me with the amount of romance There was just enough angst to keep things interesting with the heroine doubting Wolf's motives and Wolf's knowledge that with the prejudices of the day keeping her as his bride could prove dangerous to them both I was also interested in Wolf's brothers and hope to read their stories someday soon The details of the rape of a minor character not by one of the leads could have been left out completely in my opinion and the brutal nature of the enemies could've been illustrated well enough without it Other than that however I definitely enjoyed it and it was wonderfully hot while still managing to have an interesting plot A solid 45 Stars

  8. Jess Schira Jess Schira says:

    I was a little worried when I first started reading this book because I had a difficult time getting into it but by the time I reached the second chapter I was hooked Gem Sivad did an amazing job creating damaged characters putting them in a situation with high stakes and allowing the story and the characters passions follow a nice organic course that led to fast paced entertaining reading Once I picked up the rhythm of Wolf's Tender I was hooked till the last page and disappointed when the story concluded

  9. Twilla Twilla says:

    My numbero uno favoritest reading guilty pleasure is a NA romance But most of these books are written by old bitty's back in the 80's meaning lameo sexo NOT THIS ONE This one rocked

  10. Malika-Liki Malika-Liki says:

    i loved the story of Charlie Wolf the half breed and his white cousins and of the schoolmarm Naoni who tries so hard to be the primper lady and who is plagued by guilt for abandoning her pupils to comancheros trying to escape and save her life I love the feiry teens and the humoristic dialogue I just wished the author would have developped of his past within his tribe with his parents and after the massacre with his grandpa? how he came to be so scarred and some scenes with his mother but then again they are among other books I also loved tthe two cousins

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