BSI (Enchanted Immortals #4.5) ➵ [Reading] ➷ BSI (Enchanted Immortals #4.5) By C.J. Pinard ➪ – Thomashillier.co.uk This is an alternate Cover Edition for ASIN B00FGHDYWSSupernatural creatures have roamed the Earth since the beginning of time There was a time when humans would not tolerate having vampires and other This is an alternate Cover Edition for ASIN BFGHDYWSSupernatural creatures have roamed the Earth since the beginning of time There was a time when humans would not tolerate having vampires and other creatures in their midst stealing their young and killing their fellow human beings These humans took care of business with pitchforks sharpened stakes and fires As the centuries passed the supernatural creatures learned that they needed to hide in order to survive As they did humans evolved and after a few decades humans no longer believed the tales from mythology and folklore Then the creatures became bold again showing themselves when they should have stayed hiddenIn the assistant director of the FBI suffered a horrible tragedy which he learned later was supernaturally related He created a small branch of the Department of Justice called the Bureau of Supernatural Investigation – the BSI Little did he know that there were already men and women policing the world of the supernatural – or the “Fae” The only difference was that this other group had a huge advantage over the humans running the BSI; they were also immortal just like the creatures they policed Should the BSI and the Immortals work together to keep the peaceFollow agents and Immortals from the four supernaturally busiest places in the country – San Francisco Chicago New Orleans and Washington DC and watch the BSI evolveVampires shapeshifters succubae and Immortals What is the Justice Department hidingBSI Bureau of Supernatural Investigation is an Enchanted Immortals novella approximately words with an excerpt of Enchanted Immortals at the end This novella may be read in any order in the series.

  • BSI (Enchanted Immortals #4.5)
  • C.J. Pinard
  • English
  • 07 December 2015

10 thoughts on “BSI (Enchanted Immortals #4.5)

  1. Samantha Osborne Samantha Osborne says:

    It was ok but I wasn't impressed to much idk if I'll continue with this series

  2. So, I Read This Book Today So, I Read This Book Today says:

    I was so excited to get BSI for free on I love Supernatural Cop stories and this sounded right up my alley Sadly I was disappointed The editing of the book is horrendous It is filled with misused words bad punctuation and every other sort of editorial and writing mishap I can think of It is curious that books this badly edited are still gaining five star ratings? I see the author has several books out on the market so possibly it is the Gray conundrum a book or author is popular with a group and suddenly they can do no wrong? I would hate to think that readers these days are so inured to bad writing that they simply overlook the fact that books are poorly written and edited That reflects poorly on readers and writers everywhere I find it difficult to believe that writers simply don't care about the uality of their work but I am sadly led to believe that this is the case based on clear evidence from the number of sloppy presentations I have been subjected to over the last monthsOh and BTW? Fingerprinting was being used in 1858 Sir William Herschel the British Administrator in District of India began reuiring both fingerprints and signatures on contracts In 1891 Juan Vucatich of the Argentinean Police Force began using fingerprints for identification of criminals In 1892 Sir Francis Galton published the first book on fingerprint analysis setting up a system that was known for the next century as The Galton System These are just a few of the highlights of the history of fingerprinting as a criminalistics tool It wasn't something New in 1946 If you are going to write about technical issues please do your research?This book had potential but to my great disappointment it was not realized and I finally gave up and DNF

  3. Clare Clare says:

    I enjoyed this supernatural story with a bit of a twist

  4. Jocelyn Valencia Jocelyn Valencia says:

    Uniue combination of crime novel and the supernatural Very well written crossover novel It grips you like a crime novel and carries you away like a fantasy tale

  5. Caroline Barker Caroline Barker says:

    Whether you're a fan of CJ Pinard's paranormalurban fantasy series Enchanted Immortals or being introduced to it now BSI Bureau of Supernatural Investigation is a fantastic novella to read at any point in the series It provides backgrounds to already known characters as well as introduce fresh characters from different cities and era's It comes complete with imagination action fun and drama Not to mention the various fae including vampires shifters succubae and sylphThis Enchanted Immortals novella takes the reader into the very beginning of the BSI; who set it up how it was set up agents that were assigned to the BSI and unexplainedunsolved investigations that had been re opened You may find some similarities to the tv series The X Files in that the investigations are of a supernatural kind and some of the agents are open minded and knowledgable of the paranormal than others The difference being that the BSI concentrates on the shifters and vampires mostlyThe prologue explains the setting up of the Bureau of Supernatural Investigation After the FBI's Assistant Director Jim Blackwell's son Paul is murdered in Washington 1945 it becomes evident over time that this killing was possibly of a supernatural kind As all lines of inuiry begin to dry up Jim still remains determined to find the killer of his son When approached by General Frost Jim's mind opens up to the possibilites of paranormal behaviourBSI is separated into three main sections excluding the prologue and epilogue Each section focuses on a different city and era ie San Francisco 1946 Chicago 1963 and New Orleans 1989 This reminded me a little of the CSI's on tv as there are different series based in different cities Each of these sections have their own case to follow with different BSI agents in each sectionThe epilogue then takes us back to Washington as the reader discovers the outcome of the case of the BSI Founder's son Will the killer be caught? Does Jim have all the answers in the end? One of my favourite aspects of this novella is the way in which CJ begins with the prologue the beginning of the set up of the BSI and then leaves it open until the epilogue where one way or another ends this novella brilliantlyIn this novella the reader will be informed that some Immortals become BSI agents as they need to discover how much the human agents know about them The agents are selected by excelling at their job and are able to close most cases apart from the ones that are unexplained and are left unsolved In some instances once the agent begins working for the BSI they are then able to try and crack their unsolved case with a open mind as they are made aware of the existence of vamps shifters and succubaeIn some instances the Immortal agents open up to their human partner especially if suspicions have risen with their supernatural powers and their knowledge of the Fae and make them aware of what they are – although this usually comes with a price itself and the human then must become an Immortal During the times when the Immortals reveal their true selves they also explain their age and lack of aging the elixir and their healing abilities This is a fantastic way to introduce these ualities into the novella as it supports the main books of the seriesThere's a little action in each story with some stories focussing on shifters and others on vampires and succubae During some of these action scenes in particular the vampires there are instances where heads are completely cleared from their bodies and heads popping or bursting Even though these are serious moments of action and gore and are in context and necessary for the story I cannot help but smile as the terminology makes reading these scenes fun instead of being too horrificI cannot help but personally hope for stories from CJ Pinard in the Enchanted Immortals series The BSI novella has familiar characters in Agents Swift and Bianchi and yet have introduced some fresh characters that could easily be written into new work therefore opening up the possibility for some fresh Immortals in the main series The characters are likeable special even with their powers and relationships with each other I would also like to read about the succubae a form of vampire that takes the whole soul of a human rather than their bloodSo if you fancy a new urban fantasyparanormal to sink your fangs into or you are a fan of the Enchanted Immortals series please check out CJ Pinard's BSI Bureau of Supernatural Investigation on Smashwords for FREE

  6. Carol Bosselman Carol Bosselman says:

    Very disjointed little to no character development One continuous story with a little time devoted to it would have been a better way to go

  7. Jayne Jayne says:

    Ohh dearBasically there's an elite group that police the supernaturals These small few are gifted an elixir which they take every 5yrs made by sylphs fae and given to them by one of the 10 ueens of the world Each 'immortal' has extended life super strength and a special gift The first few chapters are set in 194546 San Francisco but it could've been any decade There's been some suspicious deaths likely vamps and shapeshifters and the team explore the clues The second part is set in Chicago 1963 and the third part in New Orleans 1989 I'll be completely honest and admit I only managed to plough through the first part begrudgingly Nothing much happened and it droned on and on and on Very disappointing It finishes at 42% and continues with a bonus novel Great potential for a storyline but poor

  8. BMR, LCSW BMR, LCSW says:

    Big disappointment If you are going to set parts of a novel in different time periods make sure the lingo and music used is appropriate to the time unless you have characters going back in time which this novel did not Nobody said I got this in 1941 U Can't Touch This was not out yet and certainly not playing in the clubs in 1989If you don't care about those types of stylistic errors you may really enjoy this book It just made me mad I won't be reading the rest of the series

  9. Toni Toni says:

    I was very excited to see this book when it came out free I had wanted to try it However I was disappointed The book seem to introduce a lot of characters and that needed a lot development but it seemed like there was no connecting plot to tie it all together It started out great but left me hanging into many directions

  10. Sukyatk Sukyatk says:

    Great readI was impressed So much so I will buy the next bookThe story was interesting and the writing flowed smoothly

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