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Porporino ou les mystères de Naples ❮BOOKS❯ ✴ Porporino ou les mystères de Naples ✪ Author Dominique Fernandez – Thomashillier.co.uk Ne cherchez pas Porporino dans les annales des castrats de l'opéra napolitain de la fin du XVIIIe siècle C'est le narrateur inventé de cette autobiographie imaginaire mais il en dit long sur les fa Ne cherchez pas Porporino dans les mystères Kindle ´ les annales des castrats de l'opéra napolitain de la fin du XVIIIe siècle C'est le narrateur inventé de cette autobiographie imaginaire mais il en dit long sur les fastes de Naples au temps de sa splendeur On y Porporino ou PDF or croisait alors le jeune Mozart ou le vieux Casanova l'aventurière lady Hamilton ou ce fou de prince Sansevero Au fil de ce roman cultivé audacieux et baroue Dominiue Fernandez fait jouer jouir chanter exulter une époue tout en livrant une profonde méditation sur la ou les mystères PDF Î liberté d'un être prodigieusement enrichi d'avoir échappé à l'obligation d'être un homme En suivant Porporino on se laissera en musiue aller au rêve jusu'aux portes de l'Eden.

4 thoughts on “Porporino ou les mystères de Naples

  1. Elena Elena says:

    This book could easily belong to another time In the great tradition of Casanova's memoirs it mixes historical facts with gossip personal anecdotes and a grander history The narrative is not modern which I understand for some readers could be a bit hard to follow; I personally found it inspiring and theater like It manages to paint good portraits of people that really existed keeping them historical and ideal at once The book is deeply neapolitan in spirit the way Neapels must have been in the 18th century Beauty and grotesue are constantly present in the book at the same time but it feels like a choice which I personally find refreshing and interesting in a time that is so enthusiastic about realism It also makes it a niche book as the average modern reader would probably have a hard time figuring out what to make of it This is the main reason why the last star is missing I also wonder how much of it is understandable and eually enjoyable if one is not familiar with the personalities who dominated the cultural life in Neaples during the second end of the 18th century I had some prior knowledge so it definitely work for me but I suspect that might not be the case for someone less interested in the timperiodI would love to find a bibliography of it somewhere some information is incredible and I would love to learn about it

  2. Denise Denise says:

    Weird and boring It's clear that the author had done a lot of research into the castrati to write the book the thing was just chock full of real historical asides about real people including an appearance from a young Mozart to talk about his visit with Farinelli and a scene at the front door of a retired Caffarelli's house The book was historically rich although I'd uestion the authenticity of telling the story of who the castrati were in Italian culture nothing was too historically wild in the accuracy in that directionExcept of course pretty much everything else about it is totally wild Other than our narrator likable country boy Porporino the main characters were the Prince who was a real person a creepy mad scientist Feliciano a fellow castrato and total jerk and the Duke Don Manuele who is in unreuited love with Feliciano Using these four and a few other people the book seems to alternate between long boring expository segments set in Italian salons where everyone but Porporino talks forever about whatever the author found in their research and weird and unsatisfying homoeroticismThe stars are for the extensive research and the authors' clear affection for castrati but not much else to recommend the book

  3. Boris Boris says:

    « Porporino ou les mystères de Naples » de Dominiue Fernandez ou comment un roman sous forme de faux mémoires d’un castrat imaginaire uestionne la différenciation des genres et l’essentialisation des identités

  4. Olea Olea says:

    Socant si fascinant; scriitorul ajunge la cititor si gratie unei cunoasteri adinci a barocului intr o prezentare captivanta

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