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Too Hot To Handle (Bad Boys Western Romance, #7) [Reading] ➸ Too Hot To Handle (Bad Boys Western Romance, #7) Author Susan Arden – Hot funny sizzling romance At the airport Margo Santero crosses the path of a handsome stranger For a woman with too many secrets to hide a cocky ex Marine is a dangerous distraction Except maybe just Hot funny sizzling romance At the airport Margo Santero crosses the path of a handsome stranger For a woman with Too Hot eBook Ø too many secrets to hide a cocky ex Marine is a dangerous distraction Except maybe just this once From working a Texas fence line under the grueling summer sun Robert Damien 'Rod' McLe is thrust back into the line of duty Doing an airport pickup of a wedding guest should be a no brainer mission Only he’s blindsided by a pretty woman with a little too much sass for her own good After one red hot encounter these lovers discover they aren’t strangers A sexy mistake has Margo ready to combust until McLe makes an offer too perfect to pass up From on the run she accepts this cowboy’s offer buying her time to outgun the con man vowing to extract a pound of flesh In a stormy love affair Margo and Rod’s irresistible attraction forces them over the edge as they wrangle nosy in laws Mother Nature and a ruthless headhunter for the mob In a merciless showdown one of them is set to take a fall Yet in Texas a battle worth fighting means taking a stand and these lovers do whatever it takes to stay together Even if it means they have to lie steal cheat or kill Too Hot To Handle is fast paced scorching romance bringing together the entire McLe clan in Mia and Brandon's wedding the high octane couple from Collared By the Cowboy and introducing a new character Margo Santero Mia's little sisterSensitive Subject Alert At the core of this love conuers all novel resides the story a young woman pushed to the brink who’ll do anything to protect the horse entrusted to her care as well as coming to terms with her mother’s death.

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  1. Dianne Dianne says:

    Grab the oven mitts some ice water and discover what cowboys and cowgirls do to wind down after the last bronc is busted the last calf is roped and the last barrel has been rounded Rod has been roped into picking up his cousin’s soon to be sister in law at the airport simple mission one any ex Marine current rancher should be able to handle meet at the pickup point at the airport grab the girl and head on back Then again he has never met the likes of Margo a beautiful whirlwind of unchained trouble with a saddlebag full of trouble and secrets following close on her heels Margo the footloose rebel in the family the brazen and mouthy wild child the one who has room only for “one time only” hot rendezvous Prepare for the clash of the Titans as one overbearing alpha male and one on the run firecracker find than lust in each others arms and it could prove deadly and dangerous to everyone she lovesMargo has a disgusting power hungry knuckle dragging step uncle who is pulling her strings threatening all that is dear to her and no one can know but threatening to take her horse is going one step too far even if he is one of Hell’s minionsLike David and Goliath follow Margo and her razor sharp tongue as she fights to keep one shred of dignity her horse and above all her family safe from the taint of her uncle’s slime Meanwhile Rod is breaking her down piece by piece until she learns that all men are not created evil and she may have found the one that will stand by her and for her when push comes to shoveDefinitely a suspense filled plot that sizzles off the pages as Susan Arden uses a blowtorch to scorch each scene across the pages in Too Hot to Handle Racing from one action filled scene to another both under the sheets or in the barn readers will find explosive sexual chemistry dialogue that will make you melt chuckle or rage and the proverbial battle of good versus evil With a hero to die for a heroine volatile than TNT and the uncle everyone warns you to steer clear of get ready for the ride of your life Susan Arden has branded this one with her in your face style of erotic romance and down and dirty suspense Check your blush at the doorI received an ARC edition from Susan Arden in exchange for my honest reviewPublisher Silver Sprocket PublishingPublication Date January 11 2016Genre Contemporary Erotic Romance | SuspensePrint Length 352 pagesAvailable from For Reviews More

  2. Susan Arden Susan Arden says:

    FREEDOM isn't free WHO PAYS THE PRICE? What is PTSD and why is it important to understand? Very common More than 3 million US cases per year Can't be cured but treatment may help Chronic can last for years or be lifelong Reuires a medical diagnosis Lab tests or imaging not reuired The condition may last months or years with triggers that can bring back memories of the trauma accompanied by intense emotional and physical reactions Symptoms include flashbacks nightmares and anxiety Treatment includes different types of psychotherapy as well as medications to manage depression and anxiety Romance Raises Awareness and Funds to Help Big round of applause to romance readers From the sales of Too Hot To Handle so far we've raised and donated over 400 to Semper Fi Fund Last book in the Bad Boys Western Romance series Too Hot To Handle is about two Marine vets who are brothers Rod and Cade McLe have been through the wringer Since they were kids it was their dream to join the military Living with a father who suffered with PTSD as a veteran they enlisted with eyes wide open not that it mitigated the experience TOO HOT is a Western at heart but so much It has a bite A love story that is cast within the framework of a military romance with an edge Why? War isn't pretty But hope and healing are and that's what the core of a story about two souls finding each other under all the shadows veils scars and luggage hauled around encompasses If this short blog post opened your eyes and your heart to the sacrifices our military continually make please reach out to them Semper Fi online is a great place to startIf you or someone you love has PTSD symptoms please seek professional medical treatment Or if you'd like information checkout ADAAhttpwwwadaaorgunderstanding anx

  3. Books Laid Bare Books Laid Bare says:

    When that’s my cowboy fixation back up and runningThe cover was enough to have my pulse racing but dishing up Rod the ex marine turned sexy as sin rancher and I was completely doneRod is doing his cousin a favour when he agreed to pick up his soon to be sister in law from the airport – I mean what can possibly go wrong? A whole heap as you will come to discoverI mean it would be a pretty boring book if that was all plain sailing so when Rod's trip to the airport lands him with a feisty filly in his lap in the shape of the rebellious Margo it was a case of letting the fun and games beginNow Margo had every need to kick back and cut loose her life was a shstorm of epic proportions Her Neanderthal step uncle has her on a very short leash as he flexes his muscle and does everything he possibly can to keep her under his control He threatens not only Margo but also her family and instigates a reign of absolute terror on her but are his threats meaningless or does she really need to learn to toe his particular version of the line? Personally I would have rather he was wearing the toe of her boot implanted in somewhere exuisitely delicateand I hope at speedBut she sees the bigger picture or so she thinks and is facing the fight of her life to keep everything she holds dear safe from his repetitious contaminationSo can Rod break this spitfire down can he get her to drop the act and let him in to who she really is or will they spontaneously combust They were explosive together and on this occasion it was for all the right reasonsPut the most deliciously alpha male and the object of his affection who just happens to have a touchy personality together and we all know that the result is going to be downright sensationalBut will they find than they bargain for together and will Margo succeed in her bid to keep her lecherous uncle at arm’s length? Can she keep those she cares about safe and will that include Rod or will this savvy military man see straight through her and set his own agenda?Can Rod tame her wild streak and show her that all men are not created eual? Well he certainly isn'tand will she trust him?I loved the effort he put in once he realised she was worth fighting for and the way he almost dismantled the walls she had constructed around herself brick by brick there was nothing going to stop him from showing her what she meant to him and he made me swoon in the processThe author didn’t skimp on the action there is barely a second available to lift your eyes from the page it gallops along like a thoroughbred never veering off course or pace the books barely allows the opportunity to draw breatheThe book is a litany of angst and suspense but it is also a cacophony of humour and sensitivity all tied up with the most glorious war of right battling wrongPrepare for the ride of your life you will need to buckle up this is a rodeo you will not want to miss

  4. Michelle Austin Michelle Austin says:

    Too Hot to Handle was a steamy 5 star readErotic Romance Hot Alpha Marine Creepy step unclehttpi869photobucketcomalbumsab “I want you Full speed” “A need for speed?” His brows rose in uestion “Can you handle zero to sixty against a wall?” And there went my pantiesWhat a scorching hot read The attraction between Rod and Margo was intenseAttention Walmart shoppers The end of the universe isn’t in Austin It’s here The place where having sex among family members just got realMargo is trying to pay her step uncle Axel back for the debt owed from when he helped save her family farm He is of course being a creep in what he wants from her When Margo flies home for her sister Mia’s wedding she meets RodRod has the job of picking up Margo from the airport Little does he know what he is getting himself into Rod ends up having an airport hook up while waiting for Margo to arrive When he finds out that his hookup was Margo he want’s to continue what they started The connection between these two is off the charts HOT The way that Rod tells Margo what he wants to do to her is panty melting We find that not only does Margo have secrets so does Rod What will happen when they come out? Will Margo finally get her horse Apollo free and clear? Will Rod and Margo get their happy ending?“Trust me What’s mine I protect and baby you’re all fuing mine”Susan Arden really pulls you in with her hot and steamy writing Not only are the sex scenes off the charts we also have a great story line It’s intense and keeps you on your toes The secondary characters really add alot to the story as well I look forward to seeing what is next Thank you for a great read If you like erotic romance with dirty talkin cowboys 1 click Too Hot to Handle you will love itARC provided by author in exchange for an honest review Reviewed by MAustin from Alpha Book Club

  5. She Hearts Books She Hearts Books says:

    Margo and Rod are just flat out scorching hot together From their sizzling banter to their steamy moments They meet in the airport when she comes home for her sister's wedding to his cousin And they just can't get enough of each other Unfortunately Margo has her hands full with a very bad man who makes her life miserable as she tries to save the family ranch There is definitely to them than sizzle and steamy Although bossy man Rod's naughty talk was delicious I so enjoyed their storyI give Too Hot To Handle 4 hearts

  6. Coco.V Coco.V says:

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  7. Hanne Hanne says:

    35 Storm starsMargo’s uncle is a con man and he is using her She is a barrel racer and loves her horse but she wants to get rid of her uncle Margo’s sister is getting married to Rod’s cousin Rod has to pick up Margo from the airport When Rod arrives at the airport Margo’s flight is delayed While waiting he sees a gorgeous woman They start talking and hook up at the airport When he asks her to see her later she declines Rod is very disappointed and goes back to his car When Margo texts him where she is he discovers that Margo was the stranger he just hooked up with Rod is happy that he gets to see the gorgeous stranger again but Margo is determined to keep her distant Rod really has to convince her to give him a chanceToo Hot To Handle has three parts The first part is the hook up In that part Rod and Margo meet each other and we get to know their background The second part is the wedding of Margo’s sister and Rod’s cousin In this part Margo and Rod grew closer to each other but Margo still tries to push Rod away Rod gets to know Margo better and doesn’t trust Margo’s uncle Margo and Rod kind of live together in the last part and Margo is determined to stop her uncle Rod is a ex soldier a cowboy and a typical alpha male He loves to control in the bedroom is very possessive and protective He works very hard at his ranch and in his house Rod is fascinated by Margo from the start He wants to get to know her better and also wants her in his bed He will fight for Margo and doesn’t let her push him away Margo would do anything to protect her sister and father after losing her mother even agreeing to a deal with an evil man She really hates her uncle She can’t wait to be free from him and to own the horse she’s barrel racing with She wants Rod to stay away from her uncle so he doesn’t blackmail him Margo tries to stay from Rod but she can’t fight the attraction for long and Rod doesn’t give up She could be stubborn sometimes and I was sometimes wishing they would just talk and not lie to each otherI liked the secondary characters Rod is very close to his family Mia would do anything for her baby sister Margo She is determined to be free of their uncle I didn’t like Cade in the beginning at all but now I want his story Cade is very damaged but I think he has found love and that changed him Overall I liked this book It has revenge secrets lies an alpha male and very hot sex Each chapter has a title and a uote The only thing I missed is an epilogue There happen a few things at the end and I wanted to know the impact of that Rod promises some things during the book and I would have love to see them happen

  8. Amy Amy says:

    Too Hot To Handle Zero to 60Susan Arden35 starsLet me begin by telling you that I have not read any of the other books in this series I don’t know if this makes a difference or not but at times I didn’t know what was going on because I love back story Please keep that in mind with my review Margo is a barrel racer coming home for her sisters wedding She is a spitfire filled with spunk and a mind of her own Putting on a tough face is exactly how she makes her way She needs no one and wants no one She is on the run and needs to steer clear of anything that will hinder that Her uncle has threatened her one time too many Rod is heading somewhat unwillingly to get his cousin’s soon to be sister in law from the airport An ex marine should be able to handle this tiny little assignment right? Not so much with Margo Having been tainted by her uncles evil she believes all men are from hell Rod intends on showing her just how untrue that is There is drama in this read but for me it wasn’t what I would have chosen as my favorite However keep in mind if you love tough and alpha male ranchers then this book is for you If you love horses and tough women then this book is for you Again it was not a bad read but I like my guys a little on the wrong side of the law and wearing different boots Please though click it up and take a chance especially if you like this genre Let me know what you think I love to see what other readers say That is what makes our world of reading a wonderful placeThank you for the ARC Susan Review to post to Ramblings From Beneath The Sheets

  9. Susan Trewick Susan Trewick says:

    On the run from her step uncle Margo slides into the arms of a recently discharged marine Rod gad one job deliver the girl After panty melting sex Rob realises he can't let her go Can Margo out wit her uncle and protect her family and horse? Is Rod the man to stand by her and protect her?I really enjoyed this book Margo is a mouthy opinionated wild child Rod is a hot sexy overbearing alpha male The sexual chemistry was off the chart and there's loads of hot sex the plot kept you turning the page and holding your breath hoping Margo and Rod figure out a way to stop her step uncle and get their happy ever after Well worth a readReviewed for Sweet and Spicy Reads ARC provided for honest

  10. Melony Hobgood Melony Hobgood says:

    Rod had one job and it was get the girl and deliver her safety to her sister for the wedding But man did he mess part of it up when a random hookup turns out to be Margo He delivers her safely just not untouched He stunned to find out she's just 18 and in trouble he's even stunned he wants to be the one to fix it and keep her safe This sexy cowboy has had his share of problems too and she's just a little used to running when things get hard only he won't let her Not sure what was hotter the Texas heat or the chemistry between Rod and Margo I loved they way they brought a new side of each other out both in and out of the bedroom

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