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Snakewood [Epub] ➝ Snakewood Author Adrian Selby – Snakewood | Forgotten Realms Wiki | Fandom Etymology Edit It was given the name Snakewood because of the great number of black and green snakes that lived there Geography Edit The forest was located w Snakewood | Forgotten Realms Wiki | Fandom Etymology Edit It was given the name Snakewood because of the great number of black and green snakes that lived there Geography Edit The forest was located west of the Troll Mountains south of the Green Fields north of the Amstel and Splendarrllur rivers and east of the Cloud Peaks Flora Fauna Edit Other than snakes the forest was known to be the home of small pockets of giant spiders Pokemon Snakewood Download Game | Pokmon Snakewood takes place a few years after Ruby and the region of Hoenn has really gone to hell thanks to a zombie outbreak The basics of the story are that you are trying to save the region and put a stop to the madness and horror The story is kind of awesome and even features the four horsemen of the apocalypse who you have to defeat Undead Fakemon The presentation of the game is Snakewood definition of Snakewood by The Free Snakewood ˈsneɪkˌwʊd n Plants the South American tree Brosimum Aubletii Forestry the wood of the South American tree Brosimum Aubletii Plants any of various trees of the genus Colubrina Plants any of various trees of the genus Strychnos ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend Switch to new thesaurus Noun Snakewood Pokmon Snakewood ROM GBA | Roms World Pokmon Snakewood is set a few years after Ruby’s events and you’re playing the role of Ruby’s younger brother or sister The game takes place in a post zombie apocalyptic Hoenn region where the hero has to fight his her way to restore order through the declining region Pokemon Snakewood Wiki | Fandom Pokmon Snakewood A hack of Pokemon Ruby that is set in a future where Hoenn has been swept by a zombie plague This wiki will cover the new Pokemon Moves Items Characters and Areas in the game If you have played Snakewood and can help add to this wiki please do so Pokmon Snakewood is a hacked ROM of Pokmon Ruby For information on the game please go here Pokemon Snakewood Download PokemonCoders The story of Pokemon Snakewood is somewhat weird spooky yet fun The scene sets in the small Littleroot town where you wake up without having memory It’s some sort of mystery for you to uncover how on earth you got there what’s your real identity and what really happens while you’re asleep Snakewood Editions Snakewood Editions Snakewood is an independent recording label and a publishing house specialized in baroue music We seek to offer a high uality result fleeing the market standards Some of our guidelines are the recording of unknown repertoire and the support of our recordings with extensive musicological material Our music editions are made by and for musicians combining musicological fidelity and Condalia Wikipedia Common names Condalia species are often referred to as bluewood purple haw logwood or Snakewood in English Some southern hemisphere species are known as piuilln or yuna The name Snakewood is broadly used and does not indicate any particular species Taxonomy Research performed on the members of Condalia usually concerns only the species native to North or South Limited Edition Snakewood GvFC ECom Snakewood is one of the most strikingly grained noble woods and is the wood used in a limited edition of our Graf von Faber Castell Classic Line from which everything started than years ago It is very slow growing and only the core of this family of woods native to Brazil has this characteristic grain pattern mottled like a snakeskin A Masterpiece Every piece a uniue item in Snakewood – La Lutherie de Patrice Blanc Snakewood bindingsheel cap Honduras Mahogany neck two types of varnish Recouvrir le manche d’un vernis satin le rend plus agrable au toucher Et tant u’ pousser le bouchon de la perfection j’en profite pour recouvrir le manche en vernis non pas cellulosiue mais polyurthane bi composant Car le vernis cellulosiue deux fcheuses tendances d’une part le satin Snakewood – Agence Snakewood propose son premier Album intitul You Just Lie entre rock funk et blues il dvoile titres originaux ui lectrisent l’auditeur ds la premire coute Une musiue crite autour de la voix avec une rythmiue puissante et dbride et des chansons ponctues par la guitare de Cyril Amourette en solo Snakewood dfinition de Snakewood et synonymes de Snakewood Snakewood` ? n Bot a An East Indian climbing plant Strychnos colubrina having a bitter taste and supposed to be a remedy for the bite of the hooded serpent b An East Indian climbing shrub Ophioxylon serpentinum which has the roots and stems twisted so as to resemble serpents c Same as Trumpetwood d A tropical American shrub Plumieria rubra which has very Snakewood Poche Adrian Selby Achat Livre | fnac Snakewood Adrian Selby Little Brown Libri Des milliers de livres avec la livraison chez vous en jour ou en magasin avec % de rduction Pokemon Snakewood Download Game | Pokmon Snakewood takes place a few years after Ruby and the region of Hoenn has really gone to hell thanks to a zombie outbreak The basics of the story are that you are trying to save the region and put a stop to the madness and horror The story is kind of awesome and even features the four horsemen of the apocalypse who you have to defeat Undead Fakemon The presentation of the game is Pokmon Snakewood ROM GBA | Roms World Pokmon Snakewood is set a few years after Ruby’s events and you’re playing the role of Ruby’s younger brother or sister The game takes place in a post zombie apocalyptic Hoenn region where the hero has to fight his her way to restore order through the declining region Couteau pliant Laguiole R David Laguiole Snakewood | Lamnia Achetez couteau pliant Laguiole R David Laguiole Snakewood auprs de Lamnia Profitez d’un service de ualit et de livraisons gratuites Lame Sandvik C Edition limite La Tramontane Snakewood Lg Guitars Edition limite La Tramontane Snakewood Lg en particulier avec le succs de la gamme Tramontane est rpute pour proposer des instruments au caractre hors du commun Afin d'assurer aux musiciens des modles au grain travaill et la ualit exceptionnelle une attention toute particulire est fate lors de la slection des bois Mecaniues Schaller Gold Grand Tune boutons Snakewood Mecaniues Schaller Gold Grand Tune boutons Snakewood Rfrence Marue SCHALLER Note € TTC uantit Ajouter au panier En Stock Partager Partager; Paiement securis carte ou paypal Livraison rapide domicile ou en point relais Description; Dtails du produit; Avis; Description Mecaniues Schaller Grand Tune Slotted Head Axe Emberger pour tete Roth Junius RJSW G Snakewood Violin Bow – Thomann France Accessoires violon luxueux Snakewood chevilles Cordier Les meilleures offres pour Accessoires violon luxueux Snakewood chevilles Cordier Mentonnire fin pin sont sur eBay Comparez les prix et les spcificits des produits neufs et d'occasion Pleins d'articles en livraison gratuite Amourette arbre — Wikipdia Brosimum guianense l'amourette ou lettre mouchete est un arbre sud amricain de la famille des MoraceaeSon bois est trs dense et peut rappeler des motifs de peau de serpent C'est pour cela u'il est appel Snakewood en anglais et Schlangenholz en allemandIl ne doit cependant pas tre confondu avec le bois serpent de Guyane ui est un peu moins dense moins rare et moins Snakewood Traduction en franais exemples anglais He chose the same wooden butterfly in lacuered Snakewood but which had enough variations for it to signify at the same time the blood identity and uniue character of each child Son choix s'est port sur un mme papillon en bois d'amourette lau mais ui porterait des variations suffisantes pour signifier la fois l'identit du sang et le caractre uniue de chaue enfant Wood Snakewood | Etsy Parcourez notre slection de Snakewood vous y trouverez les meilleures pices uniues ou personnalises de nos fournitures cratives et outils boutiues Snakewood traduction franaise – dictionnaire anglais Traduction de 'Snakewood' dans le dictionnaire anglais franais gratuit et beaucoup d'autres traductions franaises dans le dictionnaire babla Pokmon Version Snakewood Tlcharger ROM ISO RomStation Pokmon Version Snakewood Pokmon Version Snakewood Console Gameboy Advance Language Genre RPG Multiplayer player Year Developer Cutlerine Weekly games Par TompouceGabriel avril rating Vous vous rveillez dans ce ui tait autrefois la ville de Littleroot et n'avez aucun souvenir de la faon dont vous y tes arriv ou mme ui vous Pokmon Snakewood | Pokemon Snakewood Wiki | Pokmon Snakewood begins with the player Wraith boy or Jericho girl waking up in a destroyed Littleroot Town with no memory of what has happened Amidst the rubble of Professor Birch's laboratory there are three Poke Balls containing Paras Koffing and Baltoy After selecting a Pokmon the player ventures out of the town to find Birch being attacked by a zombie who then attacks Snakewood Achat en ligne | Aliexpress Achat en ligne Snakewood pas cher sur Aliexpress France Livraison rapide Produits de ualit petits prix Aliexpress Achetez malin vivez mieux Bow Snakewood Top Produits | Aliexpress Popular bow Snakewood of Good uality and at Affordable Prices You can Buy on AliExpress We believe in helping you find the product that is right for you AliExpress carries wide variety of products so you can find just what you’re looking for – and maybe something you never even imagined along the way If you are interested in bow Snakewood AliExpress has found related results so Lg TSE DCE tramontane Snakewood DCE Guitare lectro Lg TSE DCE tramontane Snakewood DCE est une guitare folk lectro de style Dreadnought pan coup En bois noble et dense originaire du Mexiue avec des sonorits entre Erable et Palissandre Table Epica de sitka AA massif Dos clisses Snakewood mexicain Corps Vernis brillant Chevalet Ebne du Mozambiue Sillet de 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10 thoughts on “Snakewood

  1. Bookwraiths Bookwraiths says:

    Reviewed at Bookwraiths Once they were a band of mercenaries who shook the pillars of the world through cunning alchemical brews and cold steel Whoever met their price wonNow their glory days behind them scattered to the wind and their genius leader in hiding they are being hunted down and eliminated one by oneA lifetime of enemies has its own price Now that description made Snakewood one of my most anticipated reads of 2016 I mean how could a grimdark fan not love the idea of a story about past their prime mercenaries dealing with unknown enemies who are trying to slaughter them for past wrongs At least I couldn’t help myself so I was overjoyed when I received an advanced reading copy of this oneAnd as promised this story opens with the surviving members of “Kailen’s Twenty” a legendary band of mercenaries discovering they are being hunted down one by one Why they are being killed is both a mystery to them and to the reader but one which the author attempts to slowly reveal by adding “historical” chapters regarding the group’s past endeavors — as relayed by different peopleThrough this interchange between past and present the survivors of Kailen’s Twenty come into focus A reader able to see how they once were and how the years have taken a toll on the testosterone filled calculated mercs of the past Each of them is now scarred battered and riddled with faults Honestly they are not good people by any stretch of the imagination Rather they are real people who have lived a lifetime of war; the end result of that life of fighting killing and drugging is a bunch of brokendown vicious has beens well most of them anyway who probably deserve to die and die horriblyThe story which organically grows around this less than stellar group is basically one of revenge All the uestions action packed fight scenes and battles revolving around who is killing everyone and why The mystery finally coming to a head at the end of the novelUnfortunately while Snakewood had a great premise the story just does not deliver for numerous reasons Let me explainOne the first third of the novel was horribly confusing and difficult to comprehend Immediately a reader is thrown into the thick of the action without any introduction as to who they are following why these people are important or what is actually going on And the sheer volume of different characters time periods and situations never seems to stop changing as the author constantly shifts the focus of the narrative All of it combining to make the first third of this novel nearly impossible to follow along withTwo these characters are very difficult to empathize with Everyone portrayed here is really really grim I personally have no problem with an author having tough realistic characters with flaws However too many times in Snakewood the people are only shown as abhorrent There really doesn’t seem to be anything else to them except for their flaws No silver lining No hidden honor Nothing but cruelty and viciousness Plus there was never enough explanation or justification of their behavior to satisfy me And when there was it was too little too late or way past the point of mattering because the character had already passed from the stageThree the device of “historical” flashbacks to rehash events from different points of view did nothing but bore me Personally I didn’t want the narrative flow to stop in order to go read about another individual’s take on the same situation or event Sure it added new wrinkles to the story but the benefit did not outweigh the costs in my opinionFourth I totally understand why the author decided to make the sections “written” by the individuals themselves reflect that persons dialect grammatical skill and so forth but the authenticity factor really did not help the story at all Honestly reading a section where the narrator can hardly string sentences together in a coherent manner didn’t help me get into the story as much as it caused me to just either skim or skip their sectionTo be fair however even with its faults I have to admit Adrian Selby integrated several really cool ideas into the book The world building was one; this fantasy world featuring lots of differing people and countries; each with its own uniue set of issues and strengths vying for power in a world in turmoil But my favorite feature of Snakewood was the use of “plants” and specifically the brews made from them The super human spectacular abilities given to the combatants here by their different “fightbrews” was really intriguing; the realistic look at the withdrawals they had afterwards was fairly refreshing; and the ordinary use of poisons and such during combat was a very nice touch to liven up the combat in a low level magical worldAs sad as it is for me to type Snakewood was a novel which just missed the mark It had an amazing premise some really cool ideas regarding combat and even some interesting world building touches but the story dragged overall was difficult to become engaged in and did not have any characters to empathize with For those reasons I can only recommend it to die hard grimdark fans who really enjoy a challenging and grim readI received this book from Orbit and Netgalley in exchange for a fair and honest review I’d like to thank both of them for allowing me to receive this review copy and inform everyone that the review you have read is my opinion alone

  2. Terence Terence says:

    Kailen's Twenty was a legendary group of mercenaries They were so capable that whoever hired them won Many years after they disbanded the members of the Twenty are being hunted downPromises of mystery intrigue and betrayal along with magic made Snakewood sound really interesting Unfortunately those aspects weren't displayed in a compelling fashion The story starts off with a scholar recounting various stories written with significantly different pacing The choice to tell the story this way broke up any flow the story established I personally feel this type of storytelling just hinders the success of first books in a series The recounting of various stories and varied time periods is far appropriate for a seuel world book or basically any story where the world is already establishedThe story also bombarded the reader with terminology specific to the story with no explanation of what any of it means The characters in Snakewood all utilize plants for a variety of purposes A myriad of poisons are produced using the plants as everyone seems content to poison their adversaries The characters also use a special drink called fightbrew to empower their fighters to battle These brews take a toll on the users as their skin changes color from repeated use of the brew I can imagine this being interesting with some early explanation but the way things are explained just makes it all frustratingMy biggest issue is that the general storytelling kept me from liking any of the characters I can get past significant issues if I'm interested in the characters involved in the story but when that's absent I uickly become disengagedIn the end I have to say Snakewood wasn't for me1 out of 5 stars I received this ARC from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review

  3. Althea Ann Althea Ann says:

    I've been hearing uite a bit of buzz about this debut Grim Grim Grim Dark Dark DarkSeriously this makes most fantasy described as grimdark look like a sunny and cheery laugh riot This book is bitter and brutal and nasty Also kind of disturbing for those who care about things like bodily integrityMy first impression of the book was that it was really strikingly original The group of mercenaries we meet here are dependent on cocktails of toxic drugs and antidotes for those drugs which they use berserker like as the main part of their fighting arsenal Indeed although these drugs are used mainly by fighting men this society's economy depends largely on trade in rare and desirable 'plant' herbal elements and the drudha druids? who mix and innovate the drugs are coveted and powerful men The descriptions of the various drugs and their effects are colorfully literally and vividly described and deeply weirdHowever as the story went on I began to feel like overall the book wasn't as innovative as a thought it was going to be A couple of decades ago the infamous and successful mercenary group known as Kailen's Twenty disbanded Each of the fighters went their separate ways But now someone is killing them The ones still left alive aren't sure who could be out for revenge so many years later But they'll have to try to find out or they're sure to become the next victims The book did have some flaws Although different characters were written in different styles I still found them difficult to immediately distinguish from each other They didn't feel distinct The jumps in time period and perspective often felt awkwardly placed and the pacing at which information was revealed could've been better Overall it was still interestingI felt like this may have been influenced by Gene WolfeMany thanks to Orbit and NetGalley for the opportunity to read As always my opinions are solely my own

  4. Mogsy (MMOGC) Mogsy (MMOGC) says:

    3 of 5 stars at The BiblioSanctum has been ten years since the mercenary group known as Kailen’s Twenty broke up and went their separate ways But now some of its members are rallying to their leader again drawn together by an assassin who has been methodically hunting each and every one of them down Always a black coin is found somewhere on the murdered corpse—a symbol of betrayalAs Gant and Shale race to warn the others neither of them have an idea of why a killer might be after them Goodness knows Kailen’s Twenty has done some terrible things in their time but they have always honored a contract So what could have precipitated this sudden string of vengeance and violence? The answer lies somewhere in the past as the pieces of the puzzle fall into the place to reveal the truth behind a mysterious event that happened all those years ago in a place called SnakewoodI’ll give Snakewood this it has a very uniue premise and one of the coolest like magic but not really magic systems I’ve ever seen which I’ll most definitely rave about in a bit That said I feel like I have a lot of good things I want to say about this book but almost all of them come with caveats For example as much as I love being thrown straight into the action there were also sections of the book especially in the beginning that proved very confusing and difficult to follow and while the good news is that the confusion eventually lifts I also fear it may come too late for somePart of the issue stems from the structure of the story which is made up of a series of accounts gathered by a chronicler named Goran As a result the narrative is non linear told retrospectively and also subject to freuent point of view switching It’s an interesting style of storytelling which in turn has its downsides namely a disorganized introduction and uneven pacing For instance we kick things off with an account by Gant one of the surviving mercenaries of Kailen’s Twenty His narrative is told from the perspective of someone who clearly assumes that whoever is reading this book already knows all the terminology people and places he’s talking about His way of speaking is also very rough peppered with brew jargon and grammatical errors which in itself is a double edged sword making Gant’s voice seem very genuine and “in character” while also making it hard to tease out what he’s trying to sayIt makes me think that Snakewood would have been well served with a glossary A handy list of brews plants and their effects would have been helpful as well given the mercenaries’ heavy reliance on them One of the biggest problems I had with the beginning was how jumbled everything felt simply because so much was given to me without context or explanation and keeping track of the large number of different characters also made getting through the intro difficult Things didn’t smooth out until well after the uarter way mark which works out to than a hundred pagesFact of the matter is the experience improves by leaps and bounds after this point but a fair amount of investment is reuired and that may be a deal breaker for some readers Personally I’m happy I decided to stick it out because once I got into the meat of the story I found I started to enjoy it and One of POVs ultimately emerged as my favorite and surprisingly it was that of the mysterious assassin “Sand” as he is first called captivated me because of the depth of his character He is by no means a good person being a sadistic killer and alchemical master who gives no thought to the victims of his experiments And yet there’s also something to be admired about his commitment and loyalty to those he has sworn to protect Some part of me also rooted for him because of the underhanded way he was betrayed and it was sickening the horrors he had to live through because of that betrayal This is definitely a story in which the antagonist—if that is indeed what Sand is—beats out everyone else for being most fleshed out and fascinatingFinally I loved the concept of fight brews It looks and sounds a lot like magic but in truth it’s chemistry Snakewood takes place in a world that values plants and reagents because of their effects with new recipes always high in demand and those who can create them held in reverence Alchemical mixtures can come in many forms like powders pastes potions vapors and They can also be used to heal or to harm Mercenaries employ brews as weapons incapacitating their enemies with hallucinogens or killing them outright with poisons They also use brews to enhance their abilities like a certain kind of leaf dissolved under the eyelids might give one eagle sight or a uaff of a potion might make you stronger faster and agile However there’s also a terrible physiological cost to using brews called “paying the color” Some mercenaries are literally marked for life their skin color or texture permanently altered by whatever they ingested And like a drug coming off the high from a brew can also give you one hell of a crash and some brews are so addictive that those who use them become trapped in this vicious cycle leading to ugly resultsUltimately I’m glad that I read Snakewood Granted the first uarter of it was rough going but I liked the rest of it a lot and if there’s a seuel I would pick it up in a heartbeat The non linear “jumping around” style of the storytelling and inconsistent pacing are the book’s main weaknesses along with the difficult to read narrative But if you can make it past the intro and get used to the unconventional voice used by some of the characters you might just find plenty to admire about this uniuely dark and gritty fantasy An intriguing debut

  5. Marielle Marielle says:

    Wow what an intense book I need to let it sink in a bit before I write a review6 2 2018 It's been two days and this book is still on my mind Here are my thoughts on itThis book is something different I struggled a bit through the first 100 pages or so but was intrigued enough to push through The start just drops you in the middle without any explanation whatsoever on what's what and who's who Which was a bit confusing to say the least But keep reading It will all become clear and this book is so worth your whileThe writing is direct raw and very intense You can feel the pain and rawness of the life the mercanaries lead Details are not elaborated on and that made my imagination go wild and made this story a very vivid experience Some of the violent scenes will now stay with me forever With all the violence harshness and as grim and dark as it gets I'd also like to mention that I was genuinly touched by the friendship of Gale and ShantAnd another reason to finish this book is the legendary fighting scene at the end of the bookI'm already thinking about rereading this book soon wondering what I'll think about the first part knowing what I know now I am very much looking forward to anything Adrian Selby will write nextI highly recommend this book if you're interested in something dark and original It's not the easiest book to read but it's just so brilliantAll our rivers cut the world's face until we slow into the lakes of our reckoning

  6. Richard Nell Richard Nell says:

    Short update after finishing the read I thought it would be interesting to leave the earlier comments and just add here Three primary points 1 the story does get enjoyable once we get locked onto a couple of protagonists; 2 this book is very ambitious which is something I respect the hell out of and deserves recognition;3 I'm changing my rating from 2 to 4 and honestly in many ways I don't even want to rate the book Something difficult was attempted here and in many ways failed with me but I hope the author tries again and again and again No doubt he will and I intend to read the next book Thanks to Marielle for the prod to finish DNF'd at 30% This book really angered in me in the way only something that had potential could I also don't like to just spew so rather than review it full length I'm going to try and keep this as short and concise as I canFirst if you are a writer I actually do recommend this The prose is really uite good the creativity of the 'fight brews' and medieval biological warfare is great and somewhere buried deep deep inside this book is an interesting tale of mercenaries in a hard complicated world Why do I recommend a book I DNF'd? Because by reading at least as far as I did you can learn several ways to ruin a good thingHere's how it was done1 We are told of historical events via letters in a sort of 'mystery' to unravel as to why 'Kailen's Twenty' are being hunted down We are thrown into this head first with no context with no attachment with no reason to care2 POV is swapped uickly and constantly I had no time or really inclination to invest or care in any of the characters3 This is a dark book Now I like dark books hell I write dark books but I do it for a reason Light is brightest in contrast We have to care about something in the darkness There has to be a reason for it But in this I felt subjected to death and misery and rape and I had absolutely no idea why No character was being developed no point was being made Not only was there no one to cheer for no one to understand but why does it matter if Kailen's Twenty get hunted down and bloody murdered at all?Whew That felt good but I actually feel bad about this review I really do think this author has the potential to create something I could absolutely love I mean that But this utterly missed the mark for me and it happened to be about the 4th book I've DNF'd in a few weeks and I think it's suffering a bit for that Time to go clear out the rest

  7. Ed McDonald Ed McDonald says:

    This is a book that’s going to challenge you and push you Grimdark hardcore fans will lap this up but if you're looking for a light hearted romp this isn't itI’m going to cut directly to the chase on this and explain why this novel is worth your timeSnakewood does what many attempt and almost nobody manages to achieve Selby has written about mercenaries who behave like actual historical mercenaries Not one character in the whole book has a false 21st century morality stamped onto them The truth of history is that mercenaries willing to fight and murder for pay were self serving brutal people and those who were best at it were sociopathic to a level that we would find disturbing today and indeed when we look at certain war footage we do This is a story about those people; the greatest of mercenaries who by their natures have little by way of redeeming features If you are looking for grimdark you will not find grimmer and you will struggle to find darker This is a singularly humourless hard unrelenting story that will brutalise you the reader even when you think that the book has numbed youIt is not an easy ride It is not meant to be There is horrific violence petty violence and sexual violence throughout but none of it is misplaced Grimdark writing often gets the “Oh rape in a story typical” and I sometimes feel that way too but Selby’s writing is powerful The violence is never a cheap plot twist; you will feel the pain and the horror and the despair of the weak against the strong This book will at times reuire you to reread a few lines just to be sureWhat this creates is a compelling effect You may not love any of the characters in Snakewood – with the exception of Araliah not a single character has a single redeeming personality trait nor are even really relatable – but you will want to know what happens Mostly you will want to know who wins It’s almost fair to say that the resolution isn’t even that important to the story It’s the journey that matters here we’re at the ending from the very startSnakewood is written from multiple first person perspectives delivered as an epistolary novel however the apparent writings of the participants often read rather like detailed first person limited rather than the records or letters that they purport to be This isn’t a problem and it doesn’t take long to become lost in the view pointsIf I had to level any criticisms? I like my books punchier; I can see easy ways to clip 25% of the overall word count but if you’re enjoying it and have the time then that’s not a problem I stayed up until 3am to finish this two days ago and hasn’t left my thoughts since That’s the sign of a good book It may not be a book that makes you happy but this is as close to literary fiction as fantasy really gets and that's a fantastic thing in a genre flooded with tropes

  8. Mark Mark says:

    I have struggled with with this book parts were very well written and really enjoyable it was the backward and forward in the storyline which I felt was unnecessaryAlso the author has created an entire book of characters who have no likeable ualities in this story each one of them was as bad as each other in what they did to each otherOnly a couple of secondary characters were really good in learning about but they got killed off as collateral damage or revengeRead this and make your own minds up the author has tried something different in style and it deserves readers to give it a try

  9. Ryan Ryan says:

    The GoodThis is intelligent in so many ways from the narrative a collection of first person accounts describing connected events to the setting which is Tolkienesue in its authenticity The world featured in Snakewood is very low fantasy with the type of alchemical magic system featured in the old Asterix comics Druids and allThe BadIt's just all a bit grimy betrayal and festering wounds and mud and there surely hasn't been a book with this many junkies since Trainspotting Also the multiple narrators including two of the antagonists kept jarring me out of the story'Friends' character the protagonist is most likeGant is a grizzled old warhorse figuratively who saw better days a long time ago He drinks potions and hacks his enemies to pieces and just won't uit He is nostalgic too which makes him a lot like David Schwimmer when he thinks about the time when he used to be famous

  10. Tom Tom says:

    A LIFETIME OF ENEMIES HAS ITS OWN PRICEMercenaries who gave no uarter they shook the pillars of the world through cunning chemical brews and cold steelWhoever met their price wonNow their glory days are behind them Scattered to the wind and their genius leader in hiding they are being hunted down and eliminatedOne by oneA groundbreaking debut fantasy of betrayal mystery and bloody revenge Okay I wanted to begin by saying that I really struggled with this book at first It's not at all that it's bad but that it drops you into the deep end without much setup I found myself wondering who the characters were and what they were doing let alone the myriad amounts of plants oils posions and powders the book uses heavily I'll agree with other reviewers when I say that a glossary of characters and the various plants would have made my life a lot easier I'd also have named either Kaigan or Kailen something different at times I was confused between the two the names sound very similar Now this isn't to say I didn't enjoy the book because once I got past the first third I fell in love with it it's brilliantly written with a great plot and excellent characters Never has the world seen a grim bunch of morally bankrupt bastards and they were a bloody brilliant bunch of black hearted bastardsSome of the Twenty have moments to shine and show that they are not utterly devoid of remorse as they spilled copious amounts of blood across every other page or so I honestly cried at the deaths of some of the characters in uestion and cheered at the deaths of others The tale is told by Goran who is reading back over his fathers' journals of his time with the Twenty and learning of his life and who was aiming to end it along with the rest of the group I felt that the use of plants was a fantastic idea that could have been better understood with a glossary for them But give it time and they all make sense and start to fit into your memory the idea of fighters who attain the colour and are marked by the use of the plants upon their skin with varying hues Well it was a fantastic metaphor for the idea of a person being stained by bloodThe book at its heart is a revenge tale in a similar line to Best Served Cold by Joe Abercrombie That said the delivery in that we have a current timeline cut up with intersections of past events which once you learn to differentiate between really add to the world and the tale as a whole I started out reading the book and then made the move onto the audiobook as I became pushed for time with other commitments On the plus side I learnt of the brilliant narration by Joe Jameson he really brought the characters and the accents they had to life from simple spoken chaps like Gant and Shale to the fancy Kailen and the members of the post I also enjoyed that Adrian did not pull any punches at all the world is as bleak as it gets and definitely fits the Grimdark moniker like a glove Characters swear fight abuse narcotics fuck and argue but it never feels out of place or forced If I went through some of the harrowing events of the book I know I'd have said things that would make a whore blush So would I recommend this book to others? Damn right I would Adrian despite a few rough edges Snakewood is still one hell of a blood diamond and I am glad it's sat on my shelf here's hoping for a seuel with a glossary I implore any fan of Grimdark to grab themselves a copy and stick with it because once the Twenty gets their blades into you and the plant does it work you'll be proud to display your colours to all you meetA great debut Adrian pat yourself on the back My friend this is a very uniue and clever book that I shall treasure all the with your signature attached to it

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