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10 thoughts on “Cloud Rebel (R-D, #3)

  1. Llaph Llaph says:

    Did anyone else get perverse enjoyment about seeing Norian die again? No? Just me? OoohhhI so loved this ending Time travel confuses the heck out of me if I think hard on it but CS's writing just sucks me in and I just believe and enjoy what she is selling with no ualms I love the ah ha moments one gets while reading about certain events or characters I mean like oh that is why that happened or I remember thatI would so not advise reading these books out of order but I started reading CS back when she only had a couple of series so I can't imagine reading them out of order because you can miss sooooo much

  2. Livey Livey says:

    Sadly completed Corinne had some hard decisions to make and other characters machinations go against her It appears all the Cloud Dust recipients aren’t destined for anything but saving Earth and getting betrayed by the evil enemy Why is it that certain races can’t change the timeline but all the bad guysgals do whatever they want?

  3. Antoinette Lewis Antoinette Lewis says:

    Corrine's story was touching and phenomenalShe plan down to the T as well as chose specific times within the timeline to make changes that affect both past and the futureNow I understood how Liron had programmed uin and he commanded her to kill Corrine

  4. J.L. J.L. says:

    Five painful starsThat ending 😫

  5. Marni Marni says:

    915iCbzKyrLSL1500Connie Suttle's Cloud Rebel RD 3 had a lot to live up to The first book Cloud Dust RD 1 was a fast paced thriller with switching viewpoints as a group of government agents struggle to save the President and the British Prime Minister Corinne is the only one of these agents who is not a volunteer Given the mysterious Cloud Dust the six participants of The Program have regained their youth changed faces and bodies and extrasensory gifts Corinne finds herself paired up with a former Russian spy Ilya who defects is given Cloud Dust and becomes an seventh member of The ProgramThe second book Cloud Invasion RD 2 is eually fast paced continuing the viewpoint switches as we meet new characters and discover that the scope of evil behind the assassinations and deaths from the first book is greater than expected Trapped between orders and the inevitable the book leaves the characters hanging The terms Karathian witch and Larentii appear in this book but do not significantly detract from the story line Neither are well explained but the implications that the confusion is also shared by the characters allows the reader to move forward easily Overall a brilliant book that I immediately had to re read just to re experience and reduce the shock of the endCloud Rebel RD 3 as I said has a lot of live up to Corinne becomes the keystone to success or failure which based on the patterns of the trilogy is somewhat expected However the decisions she makes to solve the story's dilemmas are somewhat surprisingThe fast paced thrill ride now feels like a runaway mining cart careening wildly without ever uite going off the rails The uick changes in viewpoints that worked with the earlier books has become a revolving kaliedescope leaving the reader scrambling as new characters and creatures from Suttle's other series are uickly introduced but never explained werewolves god wars Lyristolys Lissa a Dark King and Bright ueen the Reth Alliance a secret council avii Some understanding is gained eventually of the possible powers of a Karathian Warlock and Witch but little information While the reader is given enough information to move forward with a general understanding of the Larentii the main sense is that part of the story is missingI strongly suspect that Cloud Rebel RD 3 would be a rich read for someone who has read all of Suttle's books and the way the book touches on other stories would be understandable As a stand alone series the first two books stood up well but without insight into the various new characters peoples and worlds introduced the third book renders the trilogy's conclusion confusingIndeed not understanding one of the new characters who clearly comes from another series leaves the reader confused and unclear as to the ending nor is it clear why this character must interfere nor what that interference was ultimately leaving the reader vaguely dissatisfied Again for a reader familiar with all of Suttle's books I suspect that the ending was enjoyable and made senseWhen I first purchased Cloud Dust RD 1 along with Finder so I at least recognized the avii when they showed up in Cloud Rebel RD 3 I passed over Suttle's other books about werewolves vampires and god wars because I was in the mood for some new fantasy and science fiction uite frankly I was a little tired of all the vampire books and taking a break from shape changer books It was somewhat dismaying to realize I would have to purchase a pile of Suttle's books to fully understand how Cloud Rebel RD 3 had ended especially since I hadn't managed to convince myself to read the rest of the Finder trilogyOverall it is a pity that Cloud Rebel RD 3 cannot stand up strongly without the connections to Suttle's other books A little description and background for key characters would have been helpful as would reducing the integration of so many superfluous new characters who often appeared then disappeared after a few pages some in both current and future incarnations and sometimes made little discernible change to the storyline and adding a bit description of places revisited instead of relying on descriptions given in earlier books Otherwise the wild ride of the story and the relationships between the characters again established in the earlier two books might have carried the day

  6. Avid Avid says:

    This is a truly mind blowing book The overall series plot to keep the Cloud Dust from evil people and save the earth takes some crazy turns when time travel is introduced Things are done and then undone and people get in trouble and people interfere It is a mess I appreciate that the situation is incredibly complex and for the most part I like the ending but I think that the time travel was just too much for this author Things get confusing and timelines don't match up and there are uestions than answers at the endThis is a re read though and since I've already worked my way through this series before I can happily go on to the next novel Spell Breaker knowing that it's a fantastic combination with the First Ordinance series as well as a bombshell conclusion to this portion of the series

  7. Kira Kira says:

    This has to be my favorite series by Connie Suttle I absolutely loved the main Character CorinneThis book had my emotions all over the place I actually yelled at the book a couple of times earning me the you are crazy look from Hubby The ending I just have no words I am pretty sure I sat there saying did that really just happenI would totally recommend reading this to anyone and everyone Make sure to read all of Connie Suttle's other books As some of the storyline might make sense

  8. Heather Heather says:

    What a great continuation to this series and the linking to Connie's other works I love the Universe that Connie has brought to life There was humor in Cloud Rebel but my breath was snatched away and there were plenty of tearsIt goes without saying that I am looking forward to anything else from this author Connie Suttle is an Epic author

  9. Gwen E Gwen E says:

    WTFOk I love Connie I love her writing world building and how she interweaves timelines in her stories I have been waiting for this book I am stunned shocked and a little heartbroken by this ending I need there to be a fallow up and some clarification I also am now truly impatient for the next book in the First Ordinance series

  10. Ann Zdunczyk Ann Zdunczyk says:

    Could not put it downIf you have not read any of Connie's books start now you will not be disappointed I do warn you that you will not do anything else for uite a while Once you finish reading the ones she has written you will be like the rest of us waiting for the next She has several series so set back and enjoy the ride

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Cloud Rebel (R-D, #3) ❰Download❯ ➺ Cloud Rebel (R-D, #3) Author Connie Suttle – The Larentii are observers only; their policy is never to involve themselves in the turmoil of other races Corinne is now one of them What will she do to protect those she cares for on Earth Will she The Larentii are observers only; their policy is never to involve themselves in the turmoil of other races Corinne is now one of them What will she do to protect those she cares for on Earth Will she risk her life to save them The Larentii Rebel has arrived.