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  1. Isha Coleman Isha Coleman says:

    Every emotion a person can feel is wrapped up in this wonderful series of books Ten Brides for Ten Hot Guys has something for every reader Intrigue romance heartbreak second chances I could go on all day This series to me embodies dramatically entertaining heartwarming reads Each and every author puts their best foot forward and excelsWas given an ARC for an honest review

  2. Ren nerdychampagne Ren nerdychampagne says:

    I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest reviewFULL REVIEW POSTED AT nerdychampagne This is one great collection and that title is indeed very fitting I am telling you If you have time to spare this collection is a must Especially if you’re big on romances This held great stories all romantic heart melting and are very diverseSome of the stories are long and some are really short but generally this collection won’t bore you Everything happens fast so you might as well tuck in all your complains about insta love and just embrace the now because some things are meant to be even if they just met four days ago Even if it sound ridiculous It happens And who are we kidding? These people are destined together so stop forcing them away from each other Just live the romance meet the thrill suspense and well diversityIt’s a crazy ride and romantic and you have to learn that there are some things in the world that should just happen in a snap of a finger or blink of an eyeAll the stories generally follow the same storyline which involves a lot of No I can’t fall that fast but fnbufpw he’s hot af and he’s so awesomedangerousmysteriouseverything I should avoid but afsbdgn his lipseyesjust him asdfews omfg no he’s going to kiss me yes please and I have sealed my heart off of women so how did this beautiful woman inside my head and heart and nfnbw I want her damn it I should stay away goddamn she’s in trouble I can’t leave her side sure push me away no dear you’d have to do better than that okay here’s a kiss and voila they’re together and it’s them against the worldOverall Ten Brides for Ten Hot Guys is a wonderful collection It has a very diverse characters and setting and even though some of the stories are really short the character development can be seen The chemistry between the main characters were greatly executed and this is just something you should pick up and start reading like RIGHT NOW

  3. Leandra Hanes Leandra Hanes says:

    Ten wonderful books by ten amazing authors a couple of them are my friends but I won't claim bias The entire emotional spectrum is there including my favorite joy happiness humor laughter There is something to be said for happily ever after in this day and age A set well worth having at a price that's a stealpre ordered from but also given ARC for an honest review

  4. Dawn Pearson Dawn Pearson says:

    Note I received an advanced copy for an honest reviewThis is a great collection of both novels and novellas ranging in levels of spiciness So there's plenty here to select from These are all established authors too so you can get a taste of their writing style for one low price and decide if you want to pursue of their work separately TAKING LOVE IN STRIDE by Donna FasanoThis is a fun yet at times emotional tale of a high powered business man and his daughter's track coach They find that they each need each other She needs his money for track euipment and he needs her to coach him to run in an upcoming race However the time together begins to alter their needs In addition to coaching his running she sees where she can help him be a better father Likewise in addition to the promised money for euipment he's able to help her heal from past hurts and bitterness in her life What I liked I really liked the development of the relationship and how they admitted their wrongs and worked to correct their mistakes in life I also liked how they were honest with each other and didn't try to deceive anyone What I didn't like Parts of the story felt a bit rushed and over the top like a novella I tried to find the length but with only 10 chapters it's of a novella than a full length novel Language cleanRomance PG some kissing and mild touchingGrammar AMy rating 45 starsNIGHTFALL by Rebecca YorkThis is a slightly different twist from what I've read in the past It's a cross between a mail order bride and science fiction It's a good length such that you get to know the characters and the theme of honesty and integrity is well played out Caleb is a homesteader on an all male planet and he's been selected as one of a few lottery winners to get a bride His bride Beka seems to be hiding something Even though the book is only about 105 pages the author does an excellent job of building the suspense and how it all resolves I do not feel like it was rushed Language PG a few new twists on legitimate curse words but that's allRomance PG 13 this got a little spicy between a married coupleEditing AMy rating 5 stars I was impressed by how much the author was able to flesh out in so few pages Overall this is an excellent collection that should not be passed up

  5. ButtonsMom2003 ButtonsMom2003 says:

    A super value with lots of great authors in this boxed set Get it while you canSo far I've only read two of the stories in this collection For those books alone the collection is worth way than the current price of 995 stars Broslin Bride by Dana MartonI just love this series and Dana Marton doesn’t disappoint with this latest story As usual there was hot chemistry and enough suspense to keep me on the edge of my seat I won’t give anything away but I will say that early on I thought I knew who done it; boy was I wrong Although this book is part of a series it can be read as a stand alone story5 stars Taking Love in Stride by Donna FasanoAndrea is the track coach at Denise's high school Denise isn't really interested in running track but is on the team to please her father and grandfather She misses too many practices so Andrea has to cut her from the team This makes Denise's father Ian very angry so he goes to see the principal When he and Andrea meet the sparks fly in than one wayThe story of why Andrea doesn't want to get involved with men like Ian and why Denise wants to please her father is a very enjoyable read This is a story that leans toward the sweet side but there is enough tension between the characters to keep things interesting Ms Fasono's writing just goes to prove that you don't have to use a lot of strong language and sex to have a story be interesting While I enjoy stories with hot sexy time it's also good to read a sweeter story like this for a nice change of pace

  6. Jimnlori Jimnlori says:

    This collection has a little something for everyone TAKING LOVE IN STRIDE is by Donna Fasano Andrea is a take charge no nonsense PE teacher and coach Ian Powers in a single dad trying to take care of everyone and having trouble getting it right They have a very rocky start but soon find themselves enjoying each other's company THE ARMY DOCTORS NEW YEAR'S BABY is by Helen Scott Taylor Daniel doesn't have time for the distractions that a romantic relationship brings so he has decided that he will not date anyone seriously until he meets his commanding officer's sister Then things start getting a little confusing and complicated but denying their feelings for one another doesn't seem to work I enjoyed the 2 books in the collection that I've read so far and I'm looking forward to reading the rest of the collection I was given an ARC for an honest review All conclusions are mine and mine alone

  7. Cynthia Cynthia says:

    This is an outstanding box set I haven’t had time to read each one yet but I am working my way through it Each author give outstanding touching emotional reads that will touch you as you fall in love not only with these authors their writing style but the characters they write about This is a wonderful way to find a new author check out their style for a wonderful price I am sure you can find a book in this set you will love with its romance heartbreak Intrigue long with second chances and so much Each author has put their heart and soul into giving you the best read they can I love the humor suspense and the thrills of the meet the chase and the head butting as they find their way to romance and love This is one book you will find hard to put down as you travel through one book to the next I highly recommend you buy Ten Brides for Ten Hot Guys you are going to love it

  8. Tonja Drecker Tonja Drecker says:

    This is a lovely collection of stories which is sure to warm every romance fan's heart In these ten well written tales there's a little bit of everything second chances love at first sight mended hearts and simply sweet tales which leave the knees weak The reader is brought to different parts of the globe thrown into unexpected situations and taken through situations which vary as much as the authors themselves There's something for everyone Each story is well written and offers all those wonderful highs and lows which draw in and refuse to let go The happy endings are guaranteed but it's exactly that which makes these enjoyable After all joy and romance are like delicious pieces of chocolate They always leave a smile on the face I received a free ARC in exchange for an honest review

  9. Laura Laura says:

    Great Boxed SetThis is a great boxed set; in this set you get a book by ten different authors I love reading boxed sets because I always find new to me authors Each book in this set is well written and has its own uniue story that ends with a HEA It was hard putting the book down after finishing one book I wanted to keep reading them all night long If you like romance books then you need to read this boxed set This set is the perfect beach read that will leaving you wanting to run out to buy books by these great authors A Review copy was provided to me in exchange for a fair and honest review The free book held no determination on my personal review

  10. Stacey Stacey says:

    This box set really has something for everyone Each story is different than the next providing a nice variety for the readersWhile I haven't made it through all the books yet I've really enjoyed the ones I have The stories are great and you can feel the chemistry between each coupleThese are a great group of authors and you really can't go wrong with this setA free copy was provided in exchange for an honest review

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Ten Brides for Ten Hot Guys ➬ [Ebook] ➧ Ten Brides for Ten Hot Guys By Donna Fasano ➸ – Thomashillier.co.uk Need a beach read to fill your lazy summer days Look no further Ten Brides for Ten Hot Guys will take you on a thrill ride until the very last page Ten New York Times and USA Today bestselling authors Need a beach read to fill your lazy for Ten PDF/EPUB ✓ summer days Look no further Ten Brides for Ten Hot Guys will take you on a thrill ride until the very last page Ten New York Times and USA Today bestselling authors bring you ten awesome stories featuring super hot guys determined to find their perfect brides Fall in love Ten Brides eBook ↠ with doctors lawyers billionaires and men in uniform From small town to international intrigue from Boston to Scotland to the Greek Isles these emotional love stories will touch your heartand make you reach for a fan to cool the sizzle TAKING LOVE IN STRIDE by Donna Fasano USA Today Bestselling Author The school teacher and the business man—let the Brides for Ten eBook ☆ clash begin THE ARMY DOCTOR'S NEW YEAR'S BABY by Helen Scott Taylor USA Today bestselling author—In the Scottish highlands a career driven army surgeon finds his commanding officer's beautiful sister too much of a distraction I'M NO ANGEL by Mimi Barbour USA Today bestselling author—A Canadian earthuake brings them togetherand their whole relationship is filled with aftershocks HER GREEK TYCOON by Mona Risk USA Today bestselling author—In court an American attorney and a Greek tycoon are ready to tear each other apart but attraction sizzles during a romantic encounter on Mikonos Island FOR THE LOVE OF CANDY by Patrice Wilton USA Today bestselling author—A bar owner and a Boston lawyer plot to keep their two kids from marrying but their own attraction gets in the way big time NIGHTFALL by Rebecca York NYT and USA Today bestselling author—After years a bride ship finally arrives on all male planet Palomar bringing a settler’s wifewon in a lottery BROSLIN BRIDE by Dana Marton NYT and USA Today bestselling author—When she is accused of murdering her boss the detective on the case is her jilted high school flame MIDSUMMER BRIDE by Nina Bruhns NYT and USA Today bestselling author—Thrown into an international conspiracy she learns a few Swedish customs that make for some sizzling hot foreign relations STARS LOVE AND PIROUETTES by Alicia Street USA Today bestselling author—A mysterious stargazer and a TV star take a ballerina for the ride of a lifetime IRISH EYES by Annie Jones USA Today bestselling author—A soft hearted social worker and an Interpol agent team up to track a kidnapped boy.