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Crossing The Line ❀ [EPUB] ✸ Crossing The Line By Aisha M. Taylor ❤ – She Just Found Love In The Last Place She Ever Would Have Expected Shawna is a strong well educated woman who has worked hard for what she has but true love has eluded her for a long time When her fri She Just Found Love In The Last Place She Ever Would Have Expected Shawna is a strong well educated woman who has worked hard for what she has but true love has eluded her for a long time When her friend Mikki convinces Shawna to keep looking she eventually meets Virgil a drop dead Crossing The PDF or gorgeous rock star He's incredibly smart caring and capable of lovemaking that puts everyone else in her past to shame dedicating himself to pleasuring her in a way that has her crying out like she never has before However in a world that is hardly colorblind these two people from very different worlds will have to fight for what they have against jaded ex lovers the intense and dramatic disapproval of their elders and Virgil's own haunted violent past Now they must both make pivotal decisions that will shape the rest of their lives Shawna must choose between Virgil and the traditional guy that is practically kicking her door down to be with her Virgil too must decide between a former bandmate who he knows is bad for him or Shawna the new girl in his life that so many disapprove of This is a standalone Interracial BWWM romance novel with some extremely sexy scenes and no cliffhangers Lock the doors and schedule some alone time.

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  1. Rosie J. Rosie J. says:

    Since starting on my Romance eBook journey I've discovered among others genres that I like stories about Rock Stars so I was excited to read this story The writing at times was very strange almost like it was written by two different people I didn't like Shawna's friend Mikki because she tried to sabotage the relationship between Virgil Shawna at almost every turn It's part of the reason I knew right away plus the shaving of Shawna's legs that she was a closet lesbian no judgment just an observation I also disliked the bad grammar that Shawna an educated woman chose to use at times throughout the story This actually distracted from the story and didn't feel authenticHowever I enjoyed the sweetness of both Shawna Virgil and at times the innocence that they both conveyed The love they had for each other was evident and I liked them as a couple though they were an odd pairing opposites attract right? I'm 99 percent sure I couldn't get past a man wearing eyeliner even if he was a Rocker LOLThere is a HEA but I didn't like that the author chose to focus on Shawna and Mikki instead of Shawna and Virgil with the last lines of the story As a reader I felt short changed I'd be interested to see the author's follow up with a Mikki story just to see if Mikki can redeem herselfOverall this writer is very talented and I will make an effort to read some of her future works My Rating 35 Stars

  2. ~*~Princess Nhya~*~ ~*~Princess Nhya~*~ says:

    Okay How this book ever averaged an overall 4 star rating is beyond me Yes it has some hot factor But those moments in between all the madness just isn't enough to make up for this Many things especially in the beginning were choppy rushed Soon as things start to find their stride a bit with the story other things come into play MANY other things that derail itI'll admit I love Virgil He was fleshed out well Even the surrounding plots people involved had sparks of life interest No doubt things were intriguing and that's honestly what kept me reading But bottom line this story had many avenues in the forefront All of them great but no real path in mind of where the story wanted to go So it felt like a jumbled mess of weird off the wall madness Especially the way certain reveals came about Some of them major then they were just left there Hanging Like an after thought And that's what ruined this one for me Plus there's a plot hole here that truly bugs me because it's something that should have been caught during a beta read because it's something to do with the moving of the plotI can't really give explicit meaning to this critiue without ruining the plots here So if you still are curious go for it But I personally wouldn't recommend this readshrugs

  3. Stacy Anita Edwards Stacy Anita Edwards says:

    Really goodLove this authors style of writing The only issue I had with Shawna was how she gave up her own life but realized that she needed to get back in school and back to work And I didn't like how she was so concerned about how Virgil wasn't sharing personal things about himselfbut she didn't have the courage to show Virgil her black side She felt like he wouldn't understand her love of RB and Hip Hop and speaking in slang and other things that was very much apart of who she was I think that even though Virgil was flawed he loved her that if she had shown him her whole self he would've love that about her too I would love for this author to explore of Shawna and Vigil Mikki and Ron's relationships after they become successful I like to believe as much as Virgil and Shawna went through they could survive his band's success

  4. M.J. Friday M.J. Friday says:

    This is the story of Virgil and Shawnaa true testament that opposites attract and can find love even when the odds are against you Shawnathe daughter of a Baptist preacher is a graduate student working on being a Pharmacist and has little to no time for a social life Her best friend Mikki often drags her to events she host as her guest it is at one of these events that she see a that will open a new chapter in her life Virgil a goth musician is the son of a prominent family and has not had luck of any kind His mother seems to hate him his music career has stalled and he is keeping lots of secrets When he sees Shawna at one of his mother's events he is hooked When the two get together and begin to find some kind of happiness things get complicated and the real test of love begins Really good bookit was written really well and the story had a nice flow to it I loved Virgil and Shawna Virgil seemed to have a vulnerability about him that kind of made me wonder if he was a weak man but he was written in such a way that you understood why he was that way Shawna was no pushover and had her own issues with her family and especially with her best friend Mikkiwho I could not uit figure out maybe we will she her is a future storyAs the relationship development between them they dealt with a lot of thing you just don't see in romance novels lately like infidelity conflicting emotions about new love verse old love family pressure and most of all finding yourself while fighting to keep your mateThe secondary characters where written well and had a great deal to do with the story while not taking overGreat weekend read would highly recommend this book

  5. Noreen Joseph Noreen Joseph says:

    I sure did enjoy this little gem This is my first time reading this author This the story of Shawana and Virgil Shawana is the church girl while Virgil is the privilege kid with demons nipping at his heals These two on paper was not a match because they were so different in many ways Shawana became Virgil anchor and light in darkness I love how this author kept the story moving and engaging There was never a dull moment with these two There was some colorful characters in the story Mikki her best friend and Virgil bandmates were added bonuses Then no good book will be good without the antagonist and they were two good ones in the book I highly recommend this book

  6. evette w evette w says:

    Just Straight AwesomeThis was one remarkable story of young love dealing with young adultsI love the fact the story is not so much centered on Virgil and Shawna being an interracial couplebeing young and in loveThis story had uite a few undercurrents that could've taken a dark turn but the writer skates around the subjectsAlso it was refreshing to see the mother of the heroine telling her to pump your brakes and look at the big pictureIt was nice to let Janet get what she deservesAlso the chemistry between Mikki and Rob is just classicThis is such a really good story I just hated for it to endI would love to read about these couples and there lives

  7. Donna Shuler Donna Shuler says:

    Loved ItWonderfully sexy engaging dialogue characters that hold your interest Storyline that had a realistic twist with a Hero that really had to fight an unusual demon and actually lose the fight but have a heroine that's portrayed smart enough to recognize faults and forgive them Normally this forgiveness would only come after great trial and anguish on both parties part normally after a great period of time had passed This situation was handled I felt much realistically although maybe I would have been a little less understanding Probably Loved the intensive sexuality in the scenes very steamy Good book loved it

  8. Lynda Garcia Lynda Garcia says:

    Delightfully pleasedIt started off slowlybuilding it up with crescendowith hot erotic sex between the Christian girl and the goth rockeran eclectic mix of weird friends Baptist minister father and sweet church wife for Shawnaand Virgil screwed up parentsincluding a mother always high or drunkwith an insane amount of moneyIt's charmingly entertainingShawn and Virgil had obstacles standing in their waybut made it work out in the endingand it's funny and fresh Try it and you'll be pleasantly surprised

  9. Auhmanduh Auhmanduh says:

    35 starsThis was a weird book You can figure out what's going on with the best friend from the beginning; it's pretty obvious How Shawna never figured it out I have no idea AlexVirgil whatever you want to call him he was lucky Shawna's mother was on his side because what she said was the DUMBEST excuse everever

  10. Sophia Sophia says:

    Crazy Story What a crazy story His parents was crazy and his ex was crazy Shawna bestie Mikki was secretly in love with her SMH Virgil had his issues and to me it seem like he was holding onto Shawna as his savior But hey to each is own I wonder will Mikki and Rob get their own story??

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