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The Book Your Church Doesn't Want You to Read ✈ [PDF / Epub] ✅ The Book Your Church Doesn't Want You to Read By Tim C. 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10 thoughts on “The Book Your Church Doesn't Want You to Read

  1. C. C. says:

    Makes so very clear the 'Mythology' of Christianity in easy to understand languageThe Book your Church Doesn't Want You to Read so easily shows how 'all' religions evolved from paganism mythology superstitionand man's 'fear of death'After allowing my self delusion to cause my profession of faith for decadesI could no longer make excuses to attempt to justify continued belief in the god that Christianity espouses who in no way jives with the facts of everyday existence on this planetIt just became impossible for me to believe what I came to believe as pure unsubstantiated nonsense HoweverI still had a few uestionssuch as why in every corner of the world throughout history does mankind generally believe in a god or gods? 'Fear of death and the unknownSuperstition' is the NUMBER ONE ANSWERThis book is an excellent source proving that factas was Why I Believed Reflections of a Former Missionaryand BREAKING THE SPELLI highly recommend all three of these books to all those who still have some uestions even though they have come to the realization that they can no longer believe in religionGod

  2. Sarah Sarah says:

    I really enjoyed the eclectic nature of this book its essays touched on so many different topics it did not go super in depth into many of them but provided an overview of such issues as female genital mutilation sex abuse in churches bible contradictions and the religious right The organization of the book was a little haphazard but this was a very interesting and enlightening read

  3. Patricia Fultz Patricia Fultz says:

    Loved loved loved this book Being an atheist in a prodominantly Christian country can feel a little isolating sometimes This book helps break down other religious dogma with facts It's very interesting if you are interested in religious study Don't read this if you are easily offended

  4. G.M. Lupo G.M. Lupo says:

    This book is basically a collection of essays on various religious topics and how they have their origins in pagan traditions I found it very informative and a good guidebook for anyone looking to distance themselves from mainstream religion It won't necessarily cause a religious person to leave the faith but if you're uestioning your religion this book gives some good information on alternative answers to what you've been told by the church

  5. Jrobertus Jrobertus says:

    This book is not as great as I hoped It does provide useful information and references about biblical errors and about the ignorance and brutality of fundamentalist religions However it is not a very dynamic read

  6. Kfhoz Kfhoz says:

    Wish all my friends would read this book with an open mind The chapters in the book are all writings by different authors many going back 200 years Thomas Jefferson's letter to his nephew was very interestingI most enjoyed learning about Zoroastrianism and Mitraism and much of what is in modern day faiths came from these two belief systems

  7. Naomi Moore Naomi Moore says:

    This is a powerful book that most of today's Christians are not ready for but MUST read This should be reuired reading for anyone over the age 16 Section on the propagation of sexual abuse by clergy members sickened me to my stomach but also opened my eyes to the fact that it happens in Islam and Judaism as well Definitely will recommend to others

  8. Micmoc Micmoc says:

    mmhmmhto be read again A critical review of the main organized religions More references to the sources which have been uoted would have been welcome

  9. Garrett Sisson Garrett Sisson says:

    Full of typing errors Many generalizations This book was useful as a starting point for learning about the many complaints that atheistsagnostics have against religion I wrote down some topics to research in other sources later but it was frustrating that most essays in this book were completely off baseAnd I read the second revised edition Good grief

  10. Richard Worden Richard Worden says:

    A collection of articles and essays that makes a person think

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