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Show Me The Honey Sweet Dirty #1 ➳ [Read] ➮ Show Me The Honey Sweet Dirty #1 By Cathryn Cade ➾ – When a small town cafe owner is grabbed by a rambling biker looking for nearly a million in stolen cash she must convince him to let her go But finding out he has the wrong woman only makes him determ When a small town cafe owner The Honey Kindle Ï is grabbed by a rambling biker looking for nearly a million in stolen cash she must convince him to let her go But finding out he has the wrong woman only makes him determined to hang onto her this time for all the right reasonsLindi Carson has no time for romance in her life not when she's scrambling to make a success of her Coeur d’Alene Lake shore café She's barely keeping her head above water when biker Jack Moran hits town sure she knows where to find nearly a million in Show Me PDF or stolen cash When Jack grabs her Lindi must convince him he has the wrong woman But Jack's not the only one after the money and someone is willing to kill to get it With murder lurking in this idyllic resort town and a dangerous MC on the prowl Jack must persuade Lindi she belongs not only under his protection but in his arms He'll use every ounce of his rough charm to get her but he may have to battle old ghosts to keep her there Can he convince her that love's sweetness is worth the sting A Sweet Me The Honey eBook ´ Dirty BBW Romance.

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  1. Never Stop Reading or Dreaming Never Stop Reading or Dreaming says:

    WEAK WEAK as stupid annoying book And I NEVER EVER say stuff like thatI am soo so pissed I bought this bundle and for 1000Okay spoilers ahead so read at your own risk One I do not understand at all how this book got as many stars as it did?Okay I can look past the disjointed writing Some of the book flowed while other times it was almost hard to read But I can't look past how horrible the main character is First I am not sure why the author made Lindi seem like she was a size 24 woman When I say she really pushed it that she was a big girl take a look at the first whole dang chapter of the book THEN at about 75% of the book the author lets us know she is only a size 10 A freaking size ten ARE YOU KIDDING ME?? The girl seriously makes it out to seem like she's some huge woman Okay sure whatever you can be a size ten and think your big and all but when you make it out to seem like you're this big ass girl like huge it does an actual injustice to anyone over a fcking size 16 Alright Everyone has their own ideas on size and I get that How about us fast forwarding to how unbelievably weak she is It's almost sicking So they have a huge fight and he calls her a whore and she then goes back and apologizes to HIMExcerpt Part 1 No she moaned She backed away from him shaking her head Had he just called her a whore? “I respect you I just I just can’t be with a man who ” A man who wouldn’t promise her she’d never be stung againPart 2 Ridiculously even as she hurried toward the elevators she hoped to hear him calling to her telling her to wait that they'd talk this out But only her angry sobbing breaths accompanied her along the uiet hallwaySo then she does leave and ends up in her car They main guy Jacks best friend Key shows up and this happens uestion is he drawled what are you doin’ cryin’ in your car babe? Thought you were partyin’ with Jack Lindi hiccupped on a sob H he called me a whore He winced audibly Whoa that's raw You had a blow up huh?” She nodded “Gonna give it to you straight he said 'cause I think you can take it Jack's got a temper and a mouth on him but he's a good man Best I know in fact He's like my brother I'd trust him with my life and vice versa Once he's got your back he'll do anything for youKeep it simple he said dryly Fix up pretty again go back there and a pol o gize He drew the word out with comic emphasis but the look in his eyes said he meant every wordAND SHE DOES IT and the whole time she is apologizing yes you read that right SHE is apologizing he makes it seems like he is doing her a favor by forgiving herTHEN god yes there is a fucking then they make up and he just leaves is super cryptic on the phone and even hangs up with her when a chick named Carol shows up What do you expect us to think as readers oh and with his track record yeah seems to me he is gonna go do this new chick Seemed that way to Lindi tooAnd he has the balls to say this to Key when Linda seems to finally have grown a pairJack had about had it with Lindi honey sweet or not She was playin’ games with him and he did not like itI took a chance on this 4 pack book for 1000 because they summaries sounded right up my ally They really did I bever pay this much for a book but all the amazing reviews I thought this had to be a winner I am going to TRY the next book Oh please please not let me have wasted 10 PLEASE

  2. Tpagirl Loves Romance Tpagirl Loves Romance says:

    Show Me the Honey by Catherine Cade was the first book in the Sweet and Dirty BBW Romance series It was my first book by the authorIt was written as a third perspective from inside the main characters heads It started out with a suspenseful vibe and it ended fairly uickly so the main storyline was the relationship development between Lindy and Jack Although Jack was a member of an MC he was an independent and it didn’t have the typical MC storyline For those that don’t like the typical MC antics it should appeal as it was mild and thankfully no OWOM drama In the end it was written well but for some reason I didn’t connect well with the characters I think it was the timing of the read combined with my current mood versus the storyline character development and writing skill As a result I plan on continuing in the series with Kit Remi and Keys in Honey for Nothin’ It has the promise to be eventful and spicy

  3. Ivy Deluca Ivy Deluca says:

    I am generally speaking a reasonable reviewer and try to give a balanced review I freely admit to being an emotional reader whose enjoyment of chemistry and emotional connection trumps all However I always try to be objective in my reviews and find the good bad and everything in between To be positive in my critiues But thisthis is testing me Now I can love a good biker romance Trainwrecks with big soapy emotional elements fascinate me and reading a biker romance can be a glimpse into a lifestyle that I’m not personally familiar with You can watch the lifestyles of the rough and ready from the comfort of your own couch feel that touch of danger while being completely safe Now have I enjoyed problematic books in the past? Yes I have This is not that bookSO I feel the need to be spoilery because my criticisms need context This next bit’s definitely spoilery and if that’s not for you I’ll put it under spoiler tagsview spoilerThe “BBW” heroine who fyi is a size 10 and I’m rolling my eyes so hard right now I may injure myself is kidnapped by the biker “hero” kidnaps because he thinks she’s the girlfriend of a guy who owes him money In actuality it’s her dead boyfriend’s brother and her very own stalker yay She thinks they killed the guy who owes them money mainly because he insinuates it heavily and she’s understandably concerned for her safety She’s dragged along by the hero and his two biker friends one of whom threatens to rape her hits her and tries to shoot them all but um nothing happens and he’s sent away? Yeah ok I’mmoving along While on his hunt for the money he realizes that she’s not the person he thought she was he moves in on her kisses her a few times steamrolls her every decision and throws some clothes her way to essentially apologize for kidnapping her Instead of dumping his sorry ass at the first opportunity she hooks up with him Ok fineWhen she has the audacity to act like a rational adult and uestion the man she’s known for a hot minute he gets MAD AT HER for not trusting him and basically calls her a whore to her face Now you think she would tell him But no THEN SHE APOLOGIZES TO HIM She tells him that he won’t win every argument OH YES HE WILL and they plod along having sex and stuff at his hotelWhen he leaves her without a goodbye or any idea what he’s doing he doesn’t call for days When he finally does call her and they’re talking another woman comes up to him says “c’mere and show me how you missed me” he hurriedly ends the call hangs up on the heroine without her saying a word When days go by and she rightly gets miffed at him he wonders WHY SHE IS MAD AT HIM and gets mad at HER for playing games And to resolve this little tiffyou guessed itshe apologizes AGAINThere’s some sex he moves to her town The end hide spoiler

  4. Donna Donna says:

    Do you like alpha sexy dirty talking guys with a bit of swagger? Then you will love Jack Jack is an interesting character He has a lot of characteristics that normally would set me off but they are offset by a sense of honor and the fact that he can and does apologize when he is in the wrong Lindi is a young woman forced to grow up way to young She is naïve in some ways and ancient in others but in the end the bad boy just does it for herThis is a fun fast paced read that I devoured in one sitting Grab a tall cold drink a fan and get ready for some seriously sweet dirty romance I am looking forward to Keys story as he really intrigued me

  5. Silke Silke says:

    So a size 10 is BBW? Argh

  6. Carla Lobo Carla Lobo says:

    First of all I’d like to say that I didn’t know this authorI won Cathryn's book in a giveaway and it caught my attention because it was a MC book and I’m a fan I started with no expectations just trying to feed my book addictionIMAGINE MY SURPRISESHOW ME THE HONEY tells a great story It’s sweet and mature but with a young love touch we are all teens when in loveJack is very rough around the edges and sometimes very rude But then he does some stuff that makes you completely in awe of him swooningLindi is just trying to keep her life together secure something for herself It’s a very real feeling they’re very real charactersDespite their meet cute she trusts him It’s kind of sweet when you see that he really is trying to protect her trying to do right by herYou need to read this story once you start you’ll be compelled to know what happens to Jack and Lindi Two different worlds that are bound togetherThere’s no cliffhanger but it bites you In the end you want Keys is a character that you already fall for in Show me The Honey and her friends deserve a book eachYOU MUST READ THIS

  7. Jean Smith Jean Smith says:

    A big fan of Cathryn Cade’s romantic sci fi series I greatly enjoyed my first introduction to her contemporary works Show Me the Honey is a great read Her MC alpha hero Jack cooing dirty words will have you suirming in your seat Her heroine Lindi is one curvaceous sweet yet feisty package A case of mistaken identity finds our heroine kidnapped and reeling from demands to know where the money is Realizing his mistake our hero Jack is honorable and protective While definitely an alpha Jack isn’t afraid to admit when he’s wrong and neither is Lindi After several misunderstandings his one demand is for communication and trust something we could all learn from Trust doesn’t come easy for Lindi Her past has taught her to be wary What ensues is a sexy romp on the way to trust and love The story has some interesting secondary characters and I’m definitely looking forward to their upcoming stories as the series continues

  8. Debra Elise Debra Elise says:

    SHOW ME THE HONEY is my new favorite BBW series Ms Cade's promise of sweet and dirty came true I also love her sci fi series but I'm so glad she's stepping into the MC contemporary genre Jack and Lindi have instant chemistry with a definite suspenseful twist I was rooting for their happy ending the whole way Looking forward to her next book in this can't put down series

  9. Kim Brewing Kim Brewing says:

    I liked it and I didn't like itI found the two main characters kind of annoying especially the way they both talked Keys held most of my interest I liked how they met but didn't like the constant doubt I found Jack to be a bit overbearing vs Alpha It was a good foundation for a series so I may grab the next one

  10. Cheryl Whitty Cheryl Whitty says:

    I love Cathryn Cade this was totally different storyMy favourites have been her Sci fi seriesI loved this in a different way and can't wait to read from this new series

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