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Desperate Measures Stranded Shadow Island #3 ❴PDF / Epub❵ ★ Desperate Measures Stranded Shadow Island #3 Author Jeff Probst – Book Three in the STRANDED SHADOW ISLAND trilogy Companion series to the  New York Times bestselling  STRANDED adventures  As seen on The Today Show Rachael Ray and Kelly and Michael From the Em Book Three in the STRANDED SHADOW Stranded Shadow PDF ☆ ISLAND trilogy Companion series to the  New York Times bestselling  STRANDED adventures  As seen on The Today Show Rachael Ray and Kelly and Michael From the Emmy Award winning host of  Survivor Jeff Probst with  Middle School The Worst Years of My Life co author Chris Tebbetts The rd brand new adventure following the characters from the original STRANDED family adventure trilogy The story continuesThe first time around the kids had to figure out a way to work together and survive on a deserted island This was Desperate Measures Kindle - hard for a blended family that had just been put together—Vanessa and Buzz’s dad married Jane and Carter’s mom—but they still managed to make it and get in touch with their parents Or so they thought Stranded on a new island with dangers they've never before encountered Carter Vanessa Buzz and Jane find themselves in a desperate situation  They've raced for their lives but their challenge isn't over yet  Before they can finally escape Shadow Island they'll have to pull together all their strength and courage and tackle Measures Stranded Shadow Kindle Ö one final challenge   COMPANION SERIES TO THE STRANDED TRILOGYbooks in the Stranded Shadow Island series Forbidden Passage Book Sabotage Book Desperate Measures Book books in the original Stranded series Stranded Book Trial By Fire Book Survivors Book .

10 thoughts on “Desperate Measures Stranded Shadow Island #3

  1. Troy_Reads Troy_Reads says:

    It has been a long ride with the characters from the Stranded series Jane Buzz Vanessa and Carter And their story wraps up in this amazing novel I thought that this couldn't be exciting than the previous books with the Raku Nua competition but it was amazing The characters go through some serious development even reflecting on how they were 15 days ago until now The plot was very action filled fast very minimal drags good overall And the entertainment level was high I read this book in two long sittings and enjoyed every bit It was very sad to see this series end hopefully their plane can crash againnot a good thought but I think Jeff Probst and Chris Tebbetts left it loose so that if they wanted they could continue the series I got kind of emotional at the ending as wellwhich I really thought wouldn't happen I really enjoyed the Benson Diaz adventure and will keep their stories in my heart

  2. Drew Drew says:

    I liked the book however it ended terribly I don't typically say this about a lot of books but the ending was truly horrible I read through the entire series and I've been waiting to finally get to finish them and read the last book I finally got here and read the ending and nearly passed out If only it gave a bit detail about what happened later on

  3. Fiona Byrne Fiona Byrne says:

    Easy read but I would have liked to have confirmation they were rescued at the end also I know they’re a bit young but I would have also like a uick kiss from Carter to Mima

  4. Sammy D. Sammy D. says:

    I really liked reading this series but was a bit disappointed in the ending I thought it felt a bit too rushed It left me wanting to know what happened to Mima Did the tribe figure out that she had aided the kids' escape? Did she lose her place as a leader? What happened to Chizo? Was he somehow allowed back as a member of the tribe rather than exiled? I also wish that Carter and Mima kissed goodbye or that she had decided to leave with them as her parents had attempted for her sake and lost their lives doing so previously And the children were rescued after such a short time after leaving in the canoe

  5. Libby May Libby May says:

    This series is really good for kids who like survival stories and sibling relationships This is my re read It's super clean pure and good for all ages

  6. M M says:

    Final book in the second trilogy attempts to wrap the adventure up But does it??

  7. Gracie Dix Gracie Dix says:

    This was a good book for uarantine reading These survival adventures remind me that can work together and thrive even in crazy times and situations

  8. Christine Christine says:

    This book picks right up where the previous book left off Carter did not finish the Raku Nau in time Vanessa Buzz and Jane are taken away with the other 13 who finished Carter and Chizo are shown another path My daughter and I liked this story but thought it was not as exciting as the previous books I was glad to see their sibling bonds strengthen and that they continued to work together

  9. Caleb Hobbick Caleb Hobbick says:

    It's a really small book for big readers but anyone interested in survival stuff read the whole series It teaches you stuff on survival as well The author is the host of a survival show soil you want to know about the author go on his website but this is a really good series

  10. Kelly Carey Kelly Carey says:

    Fans of Gordon Korman's survival series will probably like Jeff Probst's series This is the 6th book about 4 kids who get lost at sea and marooned on an island

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