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  1. Sarah Elizabeth Sarah Elizabeth says:

    Source I received a digital copy of this book for free on a read to review basis Thanks to author Kelly St Clare “Maybe not today maybe not next week but one day you’ll wake to find soldiers outside your tent Don’t burn this bridge” Well what a surprising storyOlina stayed tough in this book and firm in her beliefs and she also knew when to ask for helpThe storyline in this was about Olina preparing for the battle ahead with her mother’s army and also about slowly revealing her true identity to people some of whom didn’t take it well at all There was lots of planning and strategy in this book which slowed things down for me but it was still an enjoyable storyThere was a little romance in this but only a little and not until the endThe ending to this was uite surprising because there is a fourth book to look forward to7 out of 10

  2. Ann (annreads) Ann (annreads) says:

    Reread July 2019 “Don’t put the weight of two worlds on your shoulders It can crush even the strongest of men”Have I ever mentioned how much I adore these books?? Because DAMN I LOVE THEM SO MUCH😍 ————————————————————————First read June 2017 “The answers will always be no he saysI smile sadly over my shoulder Always is a very long time”OMG this books guysFantasy of Fire is the third book in The Tainted Accords series and in my opinion a very solid addition to the series Full of action adventure romance and political intrigue with an A in character development this series is fast becoming an all time favourite for me and I couldn't be happy about it I need Lina and Jovan in my life pleASE🌚❤️ Can't wait to see how the story ends55★★★★★

  3. Rosaline (Rosaline& Rosaline (Rosaline& says:

    UPDATE This review can now be found on Rosaline's Rolls ScrollsActual rating 45 perfect stars Okay what are you trying to do to my heart Kelly St Clare?Omg guys I've found a new favorite series I love this fucking bookWhere do I start with my praising? First of all I have to commend the author for her wonderful world building and presenting it so perfectly I've talked about this in my review of the first two books so I'm not gonna dwell much on it I'd just like to mention a small detail that caught my attention So earlier in the book I was wondering how they have day and night in their worlds since there are no planets and therefore there's no sun and no rotations around it however the author explains this so perfectly in the most casual manner I mean come on Just as I was about to find a flaw in her worldAnother thing that I really love about these books is how close I feel to the MC Usually when the heroine is about to tackle a difficult situation and is contemplating things I feel detached from the whole situation because I know that at the end she is speshool and everything will turn out in her favor With Olina though I did not feel such a thing Even though I trusted that everything was going to turn out fine the way the author portraits her character and the way she acts in times of great hardship when she's about to walk into an impossible situation I feel anxious with her instead of wanting her to get on with it already Not many books can make me care about their characters any but Tainted Accords does this perfectly Which brings me to how amazing the side characters are I love these people to the depths of my bookish heart They are on my please why aren't they real listAnd best of all the MC is a major badass inside and out I honestly have a crush on her Frost persona She is everything I wish to beNow that those are out of the way let's talk about the romance I mean is there anything better than Jovan?Their love is warm and beautiful and slow building There's mutual respect and enough sexual tension to make us all be Ice and go Yes there's some back and forth of will they won't they And some anguish over the future and their rolls VS their feelings and happiness But it didn't annoy me as it would normally I guess I like these characters too much which has enabled me to enjoy some well placed angstTo sum up this book has made me cry and laugh and turn into a pile of goo I can't believe I ever thought I would end up disliking this series Don't judge a book by anything other than its content people Let that be my wise words to youAnd start this series for God's sake What are you waiting for?

  4. JAIME JAIME says:

    If this series didn't only have one book left I'd probably give up here It just feels like it is being dragged out now which is a bit of a shame I know I've been banging on this week about heroines being too soft And that is certainly not the case here this heroine can sure as shit hold her own in a fight But unlike Mia Corvere the heroine of my dreams in this story it just doesn't feel genuine Probably because she acts 'dependent' the rest of the time

  5. Umaiya ❄️Ramblings of a Scattered Mind❄️ Umaiya ❄️Ramblings of a Scattered Mind❄️ says:

    Reread 10219 a la sigh I love this series and Jovan Oh Jovan I will happily spend the rest of my days writing odes to this piece of perfection THIS IS NOT A DRILL THIS IS NOT A DRILLI HAVE FOUND MY ALL TIME SECOND FAVOURITE AUTHOR this list is excluding immortal authors like Ilona Andrews etc

  6. Ari Reavis Ari Reavis says:

    Loved it Olina's mother's army is knocking on Jovan's door for war Olina has to flip back and forth between being Tatuma and being Frost Jovan and Olina have to figure out what they feel for each other It was great I was dreading when the percentage of the book I'd read was getting higher and higher Olina continued to impress me with her maturity and moral compass but also in realizing she's a future leader and excepting all that her role entails Jovan was still great as a king and as Olina's friend possible lover When I was getting to the end I was starting to really worry because it seemed a lot would be left open but surprise surprise this wasn't the last installment I can't wait for the next book

  7. Jina | BookRampage Jina | BookRampage says:

    Jorvan is a babe and I cherish any book that has A LOT of him in it This is by far my favorite book in this series so far action packed swoon worthy and with great character arcs Stayed up past 3am to read this zero regrets

  8. Alexandra Engellmann Alexandra Engellmann says:

    It has become a tradition to finish Kelly St Clare’s books at 2 amThere’s just no other way with all the action and adventurous twists It’s the third book of the series and compared to the others Fantasy of Fire has got 50 to page turning At the same time the action here is of serious nature and the plot is so much solid I can say with confidence that it’s my favorite book of the series but not even because of thatThis book has depth character development than the first two combined; relationship development I finally got enough of Olina and Jovan Not that I don’t crave ha ha I’ve also noticed an improvement in the writing style It got smoother richer so the flow is even better now As for the plot I’m not going to share any spoilers or even hint on what happens in the book but I am going to say that the pace is better here and the turns and twists are just as surprising as in the first two booksWhile I mostly noticed all these things because I’m a writer too and I can’t help but put every book “up under this microscope searchin' with a fine tooth comb” c I also think that altogether they make for a stronger novel and readers will love it I can’t wait to read the next book and many books after this series that Kelly will write ; You will right?I got an ARC from the author in exchange for an honest review

  9. Naomi Naomi says:

    After Fantasy of Flight I wasn't too sure about this one afraid of the direction Kelly St Clare was going to take but I ended up loving this book even than the first one I am so happy right now I had the time of my life reading Fantasy of Fire Finally our heroine Olina makes the right choices and stops running everytime something scares her emotionally Her three different identities from the second book identities that were bothering me greatly are not an issue any I loved her so much in this third installment she grew a lot and learned from her mistakes I loved the fact that she realized all that and was willing to change Loyalty patience kindness love fierceness devotion she showed all of that and in Fantasy of Fire I fell in love with her character even The romance is finally moving in the right direction and I couldn't be happier I love King Jovan how smart strong and protective he can be Their relationship took a turn for the better in this book I had been waiting for it for a long time and it was perfect I'm glad Kelly waited for them to realize their feelings for each other they needed that time especially Olina She was inexperienced at first and had been in love with Jovan's little brother She needed to find her true self to experience life before she could truly face her feelings for him Jovan is a little different he's older experienced but he was patient and knew she needed time However I loved that when he realized time was running out he gave up all pretense and went public with his feelings The last few chapters of this book were by far the bestI admit at being frustrated while reading some scenes Jovan can be a stubborn asshole when he wants to be but I really liked how the author handled that part of the story He always made the right decisions so it was nice to see him in a different light I liked the fact that when he realized his mistake he apologized to everyone and meant it I also liked the fact that Olina didn't dwell on it she tried to put herself in his shoes and realized how hard it was for him Power couple right there Even if they didn't know it at the timeThe story itself was full of tensions and had me on the edge of seat for most of the book Things are getting serious between the Bruma and the Solati War is coming It was a thrill to read this from Olina's point of view knowing she's the rightful heir to the Solati but she's choosing to fight with the Bruma As I've mentioned the last few chapters are intense in the romance department but not just The fighting the suspense the revelations I couldn't stop reading The secondary characters were as usual so fun and entertaining We get to see the delegation but also Olina's other friends those who know her as Frost the pit fighter I love both sides so I was excited to see them all interacting and become friends I can't wait to read the last book in this amazing series a little sad knowing all will be over after that but extremely excited to see how things are going to end and finally get some important answers

  10. Irma *Irma The Book Whisperer* Irma *Irma The Book Whisperer* says:

    “The answers will always be no he saysI smile sadly over my shoulder Always is a very long time”OMG these books you guys I don't think a series has ever left me this satisfied and instantly craving for Sooooo good

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Fantasy of Fire ❰BOOKS❯ ✭ Fantasy of Fire Author Kelly St. Clare – An army is half way to GlaciumAnd not just any army it belongs to my motherTime is running out as I rush to prevent a war which will kill thousands; The Solati people my brothers and the many Bruma I An army is half way to GlaciumAnd not just any army it belongs to my motherTime is running out as I rush to prevent a war which will kill thousands; The Solati people my brothers and the many Bruma I’ve come to care forYet it appears preventing Fantasy of PDF or this interworld war is just one snowball in an avalanche of problems as the situation in Glacium becomes volatile and destructive My various identities hover on the edge of discovery forcing me to consider drastic actions and uestions I’ve had since the abrubt end of the peace delegation are answeredThe two halves of me tug in opposite directions The Tatuma of Osolis knows what she should do and the Olina of Nowhere Special finally knows what feels rightWhat it really comes down to is am I brave enough to follow my heart.