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  1. Jennifer Kyle Jennifer Kyle says:

    This is a predictableokay story of a girl taking care of her siblings working at a diner and living in a van until she can save enough for their own place She falls in love with the cop in town who has several siblings whom will get their own books in the future Addison faces danger in the form of a stalker and makes a tough decision that will protect her siblings The story ends with a cliff and the conclusion is set to release on July 7 2016

  2. Rejane Rejane says:

    A book that ends in a cliffhanger and the second book is 7 YEARS LATER?? No no noSo many things happens in 7 years Other man other woman for example Nope 7years? REALLY???

  3. Coco.V Coco.V says:

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  4. Nicole Nicole says:

    Typical story not bad not good Girl wants to take care of her siblings like a good girl would Girl falls in love with local cop Now I did not feel the chemistry between these two I’m not sure if it was just the writer or the story itself I just could not grasp it Felt pushed I really felt for Addison having a junkie mother and her poor siblings Nothing breaks my heart I liked Caine for the most part but thought he was a little bossy and overprotective maybe that’s just the cop in them This story does have a twist that I will not give away Earned a 35 star but gotta round down to a 3

  5. Syndi Syndi says:

    The plot of the story is very very interesting I have to admit the blurb alone makes me hunt down the audio book Now that I heard it I am lost Each of the character can not connect together Addison and Caine is stiff and shallow And David? He is suppose to be bad guy right? But bad guy in what way? David does not initiate bad things to Addison It was Addison who lure David with her seduction A seduction that approved by Caine And why the polices do not do anything to rescue Addison while she is being hold hostage by David? But the cliffhanger makes me want to read the second book 3 stars

  6. Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews says:

    Slick's review posted at Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews45 starsReviewers note Anyone who reads my reviews or follows me on Facebook knows how I feel about cliffhangers in books The Unfinished Love series by Violet Duke is a set of 4 duologies and the 1st book in each of these sets ends with the couple apart In Before that Night I can tell you that while the couple is apart neither of them is in peril this was a case of the heroine deciding to not put the hero in a position of compromising everything in his life Because I knew that this book was ending like this and because I knew the next book would be out in July 7th I was okay reading it I hope that clears up any uestions you have if not please feel free to contact me or the author for clarification I was blown away by Before That Night by Violet Duke in that she wrote these characters with such emotion that I could feel it coming off the page Addison Milan was put in a position no one at age 19 should be put in but instead of complaining or whining Addison stepped up to the plate and did everything she could to ensure that her siblings were taken care of and healthy And for a little over a year things were going very well and then police officer Caine Spencer really begins to take notice of her and she of him I loved the innocent flirtations between these two that turned into as this book went along I loved that he accepted she had responsibilities of looking after her aunt and her siblings and that she worked hard at her job I loved that Caine made her feel safe and made her long for in her life As this book progresses so does their friendship and they both get very much attached to each other Her siblings Kylie and Tanner begin to accept Caine as someone they can count on as well I enjoyed watching them all interact When a stalker threatens Addison's and spills secrets that can end her very tenuous existence things become very complicated for all of themIt was so easy to get caught up in this story their burgeoning relationship and Addison's home situation and each and every part of this book had so many feels to it While I would have loved to have both parts together to read back to back I am not sorry I read this first half and I can't wait to read the second half Emotional sweet sensual and simply put just a fantastically told storyReview copy provided for an honest review

  7. Lindsay Lindsay says:

    25 stars I gave it 3 because 2 just always seems harsh Honestly I'd like to go back in time and have this conversation with myselfPAST MEupon finishing the free sample Hmm this is okay not great but the set up of the plot and characters has a lot of potential Do I click buy and hope it pans out?PRESENT ME What you see is what you get it pretty much flatlines from the sample chapter on It's not worth your dollars Go find something on Kindle UnlimitedPAST ME Wow thanks Future Me You just saved me 3 dollars

  8. Romance Readers Retreat Romance Readers Retreat says:

    See Duo edition for our review

  9. Carissa Carissa says:

    What a cliffy I definitely fell in love with Caine and Addison Onto the next part

  10. KateZ KateZ says:

    I wish I had read the reviews before starting this book I would not have bothered reading itIt starts off with a good story Addison is looking after her 2 siblings by working 2 jobs and living in a large van She's only 20 and worried that the kids will be put in foster care because she is not legally entitled to have them So she is very secretive about her living arrangementsEnter Caine the local cop who is very attracted to Addison and wants to take care of herBut the ending is just so frustrating and illogical that I am a little bit angry with the author I won't be reading the conclusion to the story in the next book because it takes place 7 years later Just not reasonable for 2 people who love each other

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Before That Night (Unfinished Love, #1) [PDF / Epub] ☆ Before That Night (Unfinished Love, #1) Author Violet Duke – Before that night Addison Milan had been just a college dropout secretly raising her two young siblings in a beat up minivan she’d bought with her first semester’s tuition refund—the only money Before that night Addison Milan had been just a college dropout secretly raising her two young siblings in a beat up minivan she’d bought with her first semester’s tuition refund—the only money her addict mother hadn’t taken off with when she’d abandoned them the year prior Before that night Caine Spencer had been just a rough gruff cop sent to check out the phoned in claims of suspected child neglect involving the same woman Before That PDF/EPUB or he’d met a month ago when she’d first served him the city’s worst diner coffeewhich he’d been drinking daily ever since.