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What Happens in Decon ➶ [Reading] ➸ What Happens in Decon By A. Regina Cantatis ➫ – Thomashillier.co.uk Captain Synon has a problem She has less privacy than anyone aboard her spaceship but she also has a fetish too strange and scandalous to risk discovery In fact she's so paranoid about her crew findin Captain Synon has a problem She has less privacy than anyone aboard her spaceship but she also has a fetish too strange and scandalous to risk discovery In fact she's so paranoid about her crew finding out about her kink that she won't even indulge herself in her stateroom Its doors can be opened in an emergency; and if anyone caught her in the act she might throw herself out an airlock from sheer embarrassmentThis is her secret Captain Synon is a submissive but not the kind who craves whips and chains and physical restraints She What Happens Epub / hungers for mental control; and she needs it to be so tight that for a while at least she can forget she was ever a captain and just enjoy being a mindless obedient puppetOn earth she can scratch her itch pretty easily; all she has to do is visit her favorite erotic hypnotist But right now the Captain is on a First Contact mission twelve light years away from home and there's no dominatrix in sight All she has is a hypnosis program hidden deep in her shuttle's databanks and the security of a decontamination chamber Her program is less convincing than a real person but it will do in a pinch Besides she has total privacy in here; no one can see her behind the dec chamber walls No one can breach them either since the walls don't drop until the decontamination process is complete This is the one place on board the Ilium that Captain Synon feels totally safeAfter all What Happens in Decon stays in decondoesn't it.

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  1. Lexxi Kitty Lexxi Kitty says:

    In an odd way this book reminded me of that uadrail series by Timothy Zahn I know why specifically though I'm not sure why I thought to think of the two at the same time I mean one's close to being a young adult space series of many books while the other is a short story found in the adult section the erotica sectionuadrail involves to boil it down to the vaguely similar part an intelligent coral species Which has desires to take over the I forget if it's galaxy or universe Has the ability to control the minds of other species Is fought by among others one specific human and intelligent spidersWhat Happens in Decon involves humans making first contact and the captain of the space ship having a specific fetish That fetish involving deep arousal from giving up control of her brain to others through brainwashingmind control Turns out that the first contact is with a species that has the ability to control minds So that's basically the connection two completely different alien species with the ability to control minds Other than being in space and involving science fiction there's not much else of similarity Heck that one by Zahn doesn't even have the main transportation method be space ships they have them but just to get to the intergalactic railway systemInteresting enough short story here One of my first thoughts and I can't recall if I had this before reading this story after reading the description or while reading the story is that it is uite dangerous to have a strong captain with the specific fetish that she has I mean she craves submitting to brainwashing She'd make a horrible spy or you know captain of a space ship etc Captured brainwashing machines brought in 'submit' 'oooh yayyy' 'um good now tell us everything' 'I obey' Does reinforce the concept that space ship captains shouldn't be among the first members sent in an away mission That's fluctuated over the years Whether or not space ship captains should do something like that Heck they had brain washing aliens on Star Trek for instance Captured the captain uite easily there Since he was among the first to beam to the planet Seriously stop sending the captains on away missions okay?

  2. A. Cantatis A. Cantatis says:

    This is my book What else am I going to give it? ; But please feel free to read it for yourself and add your own review ;

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