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Swallow the Hook [Download] ➾ Swallow the Hook By S.W. Hubbard – Thomashillier.co.uk Previously published as Swallow the HookBLACK MARKET ADOPTION SCAM ROCKS A SMALL TOWN In a small Adirondack Mountain town secrets are hard to keep No wonder Trout Run NY is shocked when sweet dowdy Ma Previously published as Swallow the HookBLACK MARKET ADOPTION SCAM ROCKS A SMALL TOWN In a small Adirondack Mountain Swallow the PDF/EPUB ² town secrets are hard to keep No wonder Trout Run NY is shocked when sweet dowdy Mary Pat Sheehan dies from complications of childbirth No one even knew she was pregnant How did she hide her condition Who is the father And where is the baby Mary Pat’s devout parents are frozen in denial but Police Chief Frank Bennett is determined not to let this scandal be swept under the rug The he digs the convinced he becomes that Mary Pat’s baby is very much alive That someone is criminally responsible for Mary Pat’s death And that other vulnerable young women are at risk When Frank uncovers a highly profitable black market adoption ring operating on his turf he is determined to root it out But cooperation is hard to find For loving couples desperate to create a family the lure of a healthy white infant is impossible to resist And for wily manipulators desperate for cash the lure is even stronger Now Frank must navigate the dangerous intersection of love and greed And one wrong turn could spell death to those he most wants to protectFans of Craig Johnson's Walt Longmire mysteries will enjoy the adventures of this small town Adirondack detective.

  • Kindle Edition
  • 282 pages
  • Swallow the Hook
  • S.W. Hubbard
  • English
  • 13 March 2014

About the Author: S.W. Hubbard

SW Hubbard writes the kinds of mysteries she loves to read twisty believable full of complex characters and Swallow the PDF/EPUB ² highlighted with sly humor She is the author of the Palmyrton Estate Sale Mystery Series and the Frank Bennett Adirondack Mountain Mystery Series Her short stories have appeared in Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine and the anthologies Dead Drift Crimes by Moonlight The Mystery Bo.

10 thoughts on “Swallow the Hook

  1. Kathy Collins Kathy Collins says:

    I always enjoy a good mystery story but this one really kept me guessing Lots of side stories were woven into the plot to make it interesting I also found the characters interesting and the author was able to bring them to life in the story It also brought out the complexity of dealing with difficult issues and how the wrong decision can have devastating affects on the people involved I would like to read Frank Bennett mysteries

  2. Susie Fiorito Susie Fiorito says:

    I loved it It was just what I wanted for a fast simple mystery I look forward to reading in the Frank Bennett series I want to go to the Adirondacks now

  3. Rita Rita says:

    A good days readJust when I thought I had the answers another kink was introducedbut it all flows into a well structured and enticing story

  4. Elizabeth Woods Elizabeth Woods says:

    This was the perfect book to take along for my vacation to Lake George in New York's Adirondack Mountains which was near the setting for this mystery It centered on Investigator Frank Bennett who is trying to get to the heart of an illegal adoption ring as well as protestors who are raising a ruckus over the alleged environmental damage a local amusement park is posing Short chapters interesting characters and evolving plot twists made this a winner for me

  5. Indy Quillen Indy Quillen says:

    After reading Take the Bait I was intrigued enough to download this one The protagonist is well drawn seemingly a simple man but complex in character The author does a great job of helping the reader see the setting of the town and nearby landscapes with her vivid descriptions without overburdening the reader with paragraphs of overlong prose A well written novel I will be completely honest and say that I freuently got lost while trying to keep track of the multitude of characters in the story some of you may not yet I kept reading because the plot which included multiple mysteries kept my interest If you enjoy mysteries set in small rural towns and the characters who usually inhabit them this book may just fit the bill

  6. Mary Rowe Mary Rowe says:

    Well crafted whodunitPicturesue setting diverse characters several story threads all neatly resolved by the end Nicely paced genteel or less mystery

  7. Celeste Arnone Celeste Arnone says:

    Great mystery I really enjoyed this The author's vivid descriptions of the town and characters really helps the reader visualize the story

  8. FangirlNation FangirlNation says:

    The Lure by SW Hubbard follows the detection efforts of Frank Bennett chief of police in the small Adirondack town of Trout Run NY A young woman Mary Pat Sheehan died at the wheel in a car crash and the medical examiner reveals that Mary Pat did not die in the crash but rather from septicemia after having just given birth to a baby no one had any idea she was expecting Trying to track down the baby leads Frank to an underground illegal adoption agency that has been taking babies from white women and selling them to couples Tracking down the couple who wanted to adopt Mary Pat’s baby Frank discovers that they were introduced to the girl and then told that complications would reuire a substantial additional sum that they couldn’t afford to pay But Frank needs to figure out who is behind this illegal scam agency that allowed Mary Pat to give birth outside a hospital and led to her death when they didn’t provide proper medical care to herRead the rest of this review and other fun geeky articles at Fangirl Nation

  9. Marsha Marsha says:

    The manner in which the author apparently had several plots running at once and then combined them smoothly into one satisfying conclusion was well done And the fact that one of them was not totally wrapped into that but was left as just a separate thing that was happening was done such that the reader was not left feeling that it was incompleteTransitions could have been better There were several times when it felt like action was disjoint and confusing until I realized that there was a change in scene and time that had happened That was a little unsettling but overall it was a good book

  10. Deedra Deedra says:

    AudioI really enjoyed this bookIt was full of twists and turns and colorful characters Narration by Danny Campbell was very good I was given this book by the narratorauthor or publisher free for an honest review

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