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  1. Elizabeth Hunter Elizabeth Hunter says:

    Hey guess what? I wrote another bookI am so excited to announce THE SCARLET DEEP the first Elemental World novel in over two years Yikes hadn't really put together that it had been that long It'll be out on July 7th and I'm pretty happy about it I had a blast writing this book It was so fun to dive into this world again and head back to Dublin and London to hang out with Murphy Anne Carwyn Brigid and a bunch of other favorites I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it

  2. Jessica ❁ ➳ Silverbow ➳ ❁ Rabid Reads-no-more Jessica ❁ ➳ Silverbow ➳ ❁ Rabid Reads-no-more says:

    Reviewed by Rabid ReadsI'm a big fan of Elizabeth Hunter She's probably the most consistently excellent independent author I've foundThat being said I've had less luck with this series—a paranormal romance spinoff of ELEMENTAL MYSTERIES her flagship urban fantasy seriesI'd thought it was ye olde UF vs PNR debate there are maybe two PNR series that I keep up with and I'm two or three books behind in one of themI still liked the two prior books in ELEMENTAL WORLD I just didn't love them the way I loved their UF predecessor However I did love WATERLOCKED a novella that takes place between books 1 and 2 and the combination of that novella plus this newest installment made me realize something it wasn't the PNR that was giving me issues It was the heroOf the two previous main love interests one was a samurai warrior type with all the implicated fixations on duty and honor and the other was a 1000 years old priest who loves WWE and Hawaiian print shirts Both were great secondary characters but as main characters I found them lackingBut that's on me The main love interests in WATERLOCKED and THE SCARLET DEEP? Variations of criminal masterminds who are mightily alpha Deliciously alpha Seductively alpha swoonsSo what? I have a type #sorrynotsorryPatrick Murphy is that type Ann O’Dea is his type So much so that even after a hundred years of separation he can't keep her out of his thoughts and by golly it's time to get her backSo that's what he sets out to do swoons some But this installment is so much than a simple boy determined to win girl story The main plot line progressed at a steady pace introducing a handful of new characters and revealing a new Evil Mastermind I lol’d freuently enough to be glad I was reading in the privacy of my own home and my eyes burned bc FEELS almost as oftenI loved it L O V E D itBack to the new characters one in particular struck my fancy and I'm desperately hopeful he'll be in the spotlight soon Cormac O’Brien He appeared to be in his mid thirties He wore a full beard and a pocket watch that made Anne wonder if he still reminisced fondly over the late nineteenth century The rest of his clothes seemed designed to distract His glasses were likely an affectation—she’d never met an eye problem that immortality didn’t cure—but they suited him His waist coat was blood red velvet and he wore a worn tweed jacket over it Dark plaid trousers and black motorcycle boots rounded out the look nods emphatically at Hunterpleads genuflectsBut the best part was the prologue Prologues can only go one of two ways for me Either they're OMG amazing or absolutely worthless The uber short ones are almost always worthless and when I saw the Coleridge uote not my favorite I almost bypassed it entirely BUT This is Hunter So I gave it a go Water water everywhere And all the boards did shrink; Water water everywhere Nor any drop to drink  —The Rime of the Ancient Mariner  WHEN SHE DREAMED she dreamed of death and madness Of the deep and of forgotten things The moon shone full through the water and the drifting weeds surrounded her as she stared into the night sky The water enveloped her The pulse of the current took her and she drifted deeper Past the edge of land Beyond the silken brush of reeds She sank past the touch of moonlight where the chill of the water crept into her bones and settled her soul But the hunger The ever present gnaw in her belly like the ache of a newborn stalked her In the cradle of darkness she bit down and drank her own blood WHOA oO that's a direct uote from my notes Most of the time I try to elaborate but that pretty much covers it Now it's time for you to check out Hunter too Highly recommended

  3. Penny Reid Penny Reid says:

    Elizabeth Hunter is an epic world builder and a brilliant writer of addictive fictionThis book was fantastic In fact it was FANTASTIC You know a book is fantastic when you immediately go back and re read your favorite parts after finishingShe brings the romance He looked at you as if you were his next breath And had some laugh out loud moments I'm not sure the discourse you're interested in is proper at allAnd special appearances by some of my favorite characters Sounds like the subject of a bad romance novelI disagree Carwyn said That sounds like a rather excellent romance novelAnd some lovely bits of poignancywisdom Life is one long series of making mistakes and seeking graceIn typical Elizabeth Hunter fashion we also get intrigue and mystery layers to this wonderful world she's created and stellar characterizationpeople er vampires we truly care about But honestly for me it was the romance between Murphy and Anne that left me feeling airy chested with a giant smile on my face Murphy is scorching which is surprising since he's a water vampire and Anne is wonderful someone I'd like to know and be friends withSo yeah I love this book Now when is the next book coming out??Pre readingMy level of excitement

  4. Bonnie-Anne Carmichael (Love Triangles Are Fucking Stupid.) Bonnie-Anne Carmichael (Love Triangles Are Fucking Stupid.) says:

    DNF at 35%In what universe is this romance? No seriously how the fuck is this romance?view spoilerPatrick and Anne were mated for over thirty years about a hundred years ago Anne trusted him with a secret about herself and he betrayed her trust and tried to use her secret for his own selfish gain She leaves him Instead of apologising or fighting for her he just fucks his way through Dublin Seventy years ago he decides to go apologise but when he sees her he decides he isn't going to apologise he is going to throw all the lassies he's had sex with since they separated in her face Then he spends the next seventy years continuing to fuck everything that moves She tries to move on but he's the only she wants so she has been celibate for YEARS The beginning of the book starts with him leaving with two lassies for a threesome and then later we see him being turned on and stalking a lassie that reminds him of Anne This whole time they are still mate bonded by the way So in the book they reunite and he decides he wants her back because he is madly in love with her HA He doesn't feel bad about any of the women he has been with because it's HER FAULT for leaving him he says Oh and there is this Was wondering how long it would take you to bring up the other womenAnd What do you want from me? An apology? You want me to grovel for not turning into a monk because you left me?He constantly thinks about all the conuests he has had and even how at one point he was hoping if he kept fucking lassies Anne would get jealous and come back to him I'm so disgusted right now What an absolute dickhead I skimmed some of the rest and she actually fucking apologises to him hide spoiler

  5. Alex is The Romance Fox Alex is The Romance Fox says:

    I have read this author’s entire Elemental Mysteries and Elemental World Series and have found them to be totally addictive I am beyond happy every time a new book comes out so that I can be taken once again into the fantasy world that she has createdThis is the 3rd book in Elizabeth Hunter's awesome Elemental World SeriesWe have met Patrick Murphy the immortal leader of Dublin and Dr Anne O'Dea healer who helps immortals deal with problems in their lives in the previous books and I was looking forward to knowing about these two charactersPatrick Anne’s story was absolutely stunning This is a compelling couple with a shared past who have been unable to forget each other Former mated and lovers they have been apart for over 70 years and now find themselves together again and unable to keep the strong feelings they have for each other below the surface I adored Patrick Anne together The love for each other was palpable and it was a joy to see them find each other again A love story of second chances redemption betrayal mystery romance humor family that takes you deeper into the vampire world struggling to finding the secrets of the Elixir drug that could have devastating conseuences to both vampire and human lives filled with intrigue and politicsThe appearance of some of my favorite characters from the previous books Carwyn ap Bryn Brigid Connor and Baojia Natalie Ellis was an absolute added bonusHow can you not fall in love with these uniue and endearing characters that make this series such a brilliant and compelling page turner readThis is not a standalone book and should be read after the first three booksmy book reviews on this series are here am looking forward to the next book

  6. Douglas Meeks Douglas Meeks says:

    OK first off just for total transparency I am not a politician so that means I am going to honestly tell you something I have read every Elemental book Elizabeth Hunter has written and the one I wrote for her first Elemental Mysteries book A Hidden Fire is still the most popular review I have ever written even though I feel it is pretty inadeuateSo by saying that I follow with this The Scarlet Deep in many ways may be one of the best since those original 4 books it strung me along for a bit but the I read the I wanted to read this book actually has a “mystery” that needs to get solved and I almost felt by the time I got there is was almost anticlimacticThe other part of this story like all her books is the romance this time it is different because the 2 involved Patrick and Anne are not strangers and no “insta love” is reuired they were once mated well I guess they still are but she left almost 100 years ago because he broke her trust in ways that are best discovered by the readerBetween trying to find out who is poisoning the world with Elixir he is trying to regain the trust of his estranged mate Anne and she is not going to make it easy for him The story moves slowly at first as most of her novels do and picks up momentum as it goes along to a conclusion that has you trying to guess “whodunit” while hoping these two can put old hurts aside but these are major hurts and not easily doneBottom Line A great story a wonderful couple a mystery you had to wait until the author shows you because too many people have a reason to be guilty If I have any complaints it would be the slow start and maybe a short letdown around the 60% mark but nothing worth subtracting than half a star do 45 Stars rounded to 5 and highly recommended and while you could probably enjoy this book stand alone I seriously recommend you start with A Hidden Fire and work your way through these excellent novels

  7. Rachel K Rachel K says:

    I read this book because I read another from this author and was suitably impressed This one is a fucking joke You want me to believe in them being mates but he can pretty much screw around and throw multiple women in her face over the years while she is practically a fucking nun? Are you kidding me? I suppose I should be happy that she had at least had a few lovers but hardly any and none for YEARS But don't worry it's all HER fault why he fucked around And then it seriously takes one point two nano seconds for her to fall back into bed with him as soon as HE wants her again Did I believe that he loved her so much over the years? Of course I didn't Do I think he'll be faithful? Of course I don't I honestly think that after the novelty of having her in his life again wears off he'll think of something else to piss her off or put her in yet another impossible situation where she is forced to leave ie take advantage of her or use her in some way like before so he can go back to his manwhoring ways It would be perfectly fine if she got some great action toothen this wouldn't piss me off But him never going without while she has some very mediocre sex because no one will ever be him just makes me fucking angry for the heroineI think I'm going to skip this series Should have just stuck with the other series I tried of hers

  8. Fre06 Begum Fre06 Begum says:

    Mates but they can live without each other and sleep with other people? Not my idea of true mates

  9. AJ AJ says:

    “You were a force of nature”4 starsThis is the third book in the Elemental World series which is a spin off of the Elemental Mysteries series I am a mad fan of these books and couldn’t wait to immerse myself back into Elizabeth Hunter’s intriguing and exciting world Full of vampires magic romance political wrangling and fabulously dry and hilarious banter this was such a fun read I loved itPatrick Murphy is the vampire leader of Dublin He’s a political badass and a bit of a player but deep down he’s a deeply feeling and sentimental man Anne O’Dea is a vampire therapist She lives a uiet controlled and private life on the coast spending her days helping immortals in need Murphy and Anne were both introduced in book 1 of this series Building From Ashes however their secret past has not been revealed until now –100 years ago Murphy and Anne were lovers and were each other’s whole world But stupidity and stubbornness tore them apart leaving them both broken hearted and trying to live the rest of their lives without their other halves Murphy is now focussed on trying to stop the flow of Elixir into his city Elixir is a drug that is deadly to both humans and vampires with no known cure and the body count is growing When he is called to a summit in London to discuss the growing problem and try to find the source he uses the opportunity to pull a very reluctant Anne back into his world And from the moment they are reunited – FIREWORKS Wow The chemistry and passion between Murphy and Anne is explosive – both in and out of the bedroom The sexual tension that underlies each and every encounter is fantastic and amidst all the animosity banter and teasing they start to open up to each other and reveal that the emotion that they once felt for each other is still very much present “You seduced me when you were young and reckless But now? You could conuer me completely if I let my guard down I’d have no chance”“Does that scare you?”“Yes”His eyes softened “Don’t be scared” It makes for a very intense reconnection and I loved each and every one of their interactions Their love for each other is deep and the uniuely powerful bond that they share is beautifully explored but they have a lot to work through before they can find their happy ever after and I loved watching them challenge each other Funny romantic and deliciously steamy it’s a total swoonfest “I’m a bastard who has no claim over you and it doesn’t matter because I want you I want to keep you I want to bite you I want to make love to you every night I want to have you to confide in I want to make you laugh Mostly I want to be your world again Because the last time I felt alive was when I was inside you”Anne whispered “You realize that’s highly dysfunctional don’t you?”“Yes and I don’t care” And it all takes place alongsie the mystery and political drama of the ongoing Elixir investigations and the tense relationships between the vampire leaders who are attending the summit Secrets lies murder and betrayal all add to the intrigue with potentially devastating conseuences and combine nicely with the romantic storyline to create an exciting and engaging read “Love is messy but it’s worth it It’s worth fighting for” But it’s not all heavy and serious Murphy has a wonderfully dry sense of humour and when you add Carwyn and Terry to the mix it’s gold The dynamics between the characters are fantastic and the banter and teasing is hilarious “Who gave you permission to speak Murphy?” Jetta asked “This is Terry’s summit”“I suppose that’s true” Terry said “But I’m fucking pissed off at all of you so I decided I’d let him talk”“And with that gracious introduction” Murphy continued “I’ll proceed” The oter couples from the spin off series all play a part Terrence Gemma feature and there’s even a uick glimpse of Baojia Natalie But Carwyn Brigid are a huge part of the action Brigid is best friends with Anne and works for Murphy and of course wherever Brigid is Carwyn is and he is sweet and hilarious as always He watched her walk away Gemma and Carwyn were silent Brigid was glaring“What?” he asked them sipping his drink“What was that?” Brigid said“I’m not going to explain myself to you lot”Carwyn craned his neck around to shoot a pointed look at Anne’s retreating figure “Maybe you should Just to practice” I loved this book I loved being back in this world and Elizabeth Hunter has given us a great romance with lots of action intrigue and excitement and it ties in beautifully with the overarching storyline that links these books together I’d definitely recommend reading this book as part of the series – firstly because it’s awesome and secondly so that you know the background on the characters and how everything pieces together For fans of the series it’s a definite must read4 stars

  10. CourtRocks& CourtRocks& says:

    Oooooohhohohooooooo I hate you so much Patrick To be fair going into this I knew I would because of how he is portrayed in the previous books so I was slowly preparing myself for this book and my opinion of Patrick only got worse so rant upcomingIn the previous books all we have seen of Patrick is him flirting or talking about his lovers and most of the time trying to get with the heroine of book one to form a Union a marriage between their lands So how am I supposed to believe that all this time that he is in love with the heroine he would so willingly marry someone for power? And that's not even the worst of it Anne and Patrick here were mated for THIRTY YEARS In those thirty years they were devoted and fully mates On the 29th year Anne divulged her deepest secret to Patrick which is that she can manipulate people basically and keep in mind that she has never told anyone but her father and sister because she is afraid of being used Well her so called mate promised to never use her but what do you know he tries to only a year later He was pressuring her to manipulate for political gains for himself Well the heroine felt betrayed and left him though only a few hours away This is when they are then separated for a 100 years During that time Patrick has screwed every women in sight and multiples of them most of the time and he did this pretty uick after the separation too So instead of GROVELING to his mate of THIRTY YEARS he goes off and fcks every women in the country apparently gains political power spies on the heroine every once in awhile and then let's not forget about that little marriage for a union stint Also in that time he brought 3 women he was screwing to a place where the heroine was hosting a dinner party to purposely throw them in her face in front of everyone because he was mad she left him and this is I think 30 or 70 years after their separation On screen we have to see him talking about wanting to fck multiple women which he does but luckily the sex isn't on screen So literally right after like days he wants the heroine back and manipulates the situation so she would have to see him Well the heroine being the pretty much celibate idiot she is completely forgives him for the OW that he had flaunted in her face for so many years in fact she says if anything it's her own fault for leaving him and that its childish that she would even want an apology for him doing that Which she would never gets because the zero hero DOESN'T REGRET ANYTHING He even kind of mocks her for her thinking she should get an apology from him saying she shouldn't expect him to stay loyal pretty much when she left him because he tried to USE her He finally apologizes for trying to use her eventually but even that she had to get out of him and he wasn't going to bother in the first place and he only apologized a 100 years laterLook at how much he missed her He finally pulled away “Was wondering how long it would take you to bring up the other women” “I’m not harping” Her face felt like a mask lay over it “I’m not blaming you I’m simply stating a fact” “Then I want to state a fact” “Fine” He scooted away from her leaning his back against the end of the wood paneled trailer “We’re not friends” “No we’re not friends” “And we never will be” Her heart broke open a little and she pulled the sheet to cover herself “I know that” “What do you want from me? An apology? You want me to grovel for not turning into a monk because you left me?” “No I don’t expect an apology”Of course she wanted him to grovel though she’d never admit it She knew it wasn’t fair to him She’d tried to move on as well She suashed the petty jealous part of her heart and remained calm He's great right? BarfDid you intend to apologize?”A muscle in his jaw jumped “Yes” Yes  A single word A single answer that could have changed everything Anne forced herself to remain calm“But you didn’t Patrick You threw all your conuests in my face and told me it was my fault that you’d fucked them That you hated me”“I didn’t” He cleared his throat “I didn’t hate you”“You said you did” BARF🤢I think one of my most hated things in this story though is that somehow the heroine is the one who keeps apologizing for leaving him or not giving him her all when they were together um what?? Obviously there was a very valid reason because he DID try to use you The heroine probably apologized to the hero 4 or 5 times while guess how many times the hero did? A half hearted ONE which is pretty disgusting I hated the hero soooooo much and honestly just embarrassed for the heroine especially because how embarrassing it is to have your mate F everyone around AFTER you were mated and EVERYONE know about it? And besides that so the heroine who falls into bed with him pretty uick has to be around his employee that he had a fling with women that he's gotten with or tried to or the probably thousands of women just in that city And the nonstop TALK from people talking about his manwhore ways and all the women he has slept with it was so embarrassing whenever people brought it up which was A LOTExhibit 3 of why I hate Patrick and the heroine is weak“You know who I am and what I do And I will remind you that I was not the one who wanted to attend this summit Patrick It was you who dragged me along My sister who forced me to come This wasn’t my idea” “You didn’t put up much of a fight either did you? You wanted to come” he said “Your little life in the west was driving you mad and you jumped at the chance to do something other than listen to sob stories from vampires with money than sense” Anne felt as if he’d slapped her “Póg mo thóin” “Already did love And you liked it” She saw his eye twitch as soon as the words left his mouthKeep in mind she is a Psychologist and the hero basically mocks her for it and says her life is worthless just because she has patient confidentiality and won't give up her client's info and can we guess who is the one to apologize after? Yup her And what's worse is even though HE is the one trying to get her back he tells her that in order for them to be together she has to give up her job and home because she is a psychologist and her clients won't want to come to her since she is with as big of a political leader as him which hint hint she pretty much does And not only that he made it VERY clear that he would NEVER himself give up his own job for her How great of a hero is he eh?Now besides all of that Patrick was decent at some times He honestly could have been a great character with his funny cocky con manish personality IF he had stayed loyal to Anne but since he wasn't those traits of his just made me hate him And then how everybody kept telling her she should have fought for their relationship and that everyone fights? Um wtf? Don't try to tell her she was in the wrong when they don't even know the full story and your fights are hardly comparable Gina Also it's kind of hard to trust the guy when he was like this after 30 years of being together who's to say how much fighting would be needed before he cheats on her again?Lastly the story was bland and I'm definitely sick of the elixir storyline so I ended up just skimming most of those scenes The only reason this book has two stars instead of one is because although I hate this book and the MCs I still love Elizabeth's writing and there were some cute moments between the side characters Overall as you can tell I hated this book BUT I am giving it a pass because out of all the Elizabeth Hunter books I have read which is most of them this is only the second hero and book I hated and her other books really do have amazing heros and heroines She also still has amazing writing and is one of my fave PNR authors so I'm just going to erase this story from my mind hopefully and move on

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The Scarlet Deep (Elemental World, #3) ❮EPUB❯ ✰ The Scarlet Deep (Elemental World, #3) Author Elizabeth Hunter – On the waves of the North Atlantic a poison spreads sapping the life from humans and striking madness into immortalsPatrick Murphy the immortal leader of Dublin has been trying to stem the tide of Eli On the waves of the North Atlantic a poison spreads sapping the life from humans and striking madness into immortalsPatrick Murphy the immortal leader of Dublin has been trying to stem the tide of Elixir washing into his territory but nothing seems to stop the vampire drug While others in the immortal world work to cure the The Scarlet PDF or creeping insanity that Elixir threatens Murphy has been invited to London to join a summit of leaders hoping to discover who is shipping the drug If Murphy and his allies can cut off the supply they might be able to halt the spread long enough for a treatment to be found for the humans and vampires infectedAnne O’Dea Murphy’s former lover retreated from public life over one hundred years ago to help immortals in need and to heal her own broken heart Though powerful connections keep her insulated from the violence of vampire politics even Anne is starting to feel the effects of Elixir on her isolated world The human blood supply has been tainted and with Anne’s uniue needs even those closest to her might be in danger Not just from infection but Anne’s escalating bloodlustWhen Anne and Murphy are both called to London they’re forced to confront a connection as immortal as they are As they search for a traitor among allies they must also come to terms with their past Behind the safe facade of politics old hungers still burn even as an ancient power threatens the fate of the Elemental World.

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ELIZABETH HUNTER is a USA Today and international bestselling author of romance contemporary fantasy and paranormal mystery Based in Central California she travels extensively to write fantasy fiction exploring world mythologies history and the universal bonds of love friendship and family She has published over thirty works of fiction and sold over a million books world wide The Scarlet PDF or She is the.