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  1. Maggie Maggie says:

    Brilliant Amazing Absolutely Loved itThe best ending ever OMG I am speechless Rain created the perfect ending to this series hands down Beautifully written so well done I can't come up with the proper way to convey this My Rebelsweet awesomely amazing man To have such an ending filled with Love Hope Happiness and tons of Hot man sexjust so Perfect Through and through Thank you Rain for these men this series this family of misfits who are all such a joy and who I love beyond measure

  2. Dakota Storm Dakota Storm says:

    I had to take some time after reading this amazing story to really think about how to put into words my feelings on this last book in this series I actually begged the author to tell me what happens at the end because my heart was breaking for Rebel and his rag tag family but she wouldn't budge and threatened me if I skipped aheadlmaoThis book was freaking amazing from start to finish I loved each book but this one stole my heart made me cry and got me ready to slap the author and then of course smile so big I looked like a idiot These characters are all the same characters and then some that I fell for in books 1 thru 5 but with so much emotion love life and understanding Rebel started this journeybeing new in town feeling shy and unwanted in life having a hurt so deep he didn't want to let anyone in then Jack came along and their journey continued Jack and Rebel will always be my favorite couple in this series and you'll learn so much about them in this book and they will learn about themselves as well They are stronger then they know and stubborn then ever but it's all goodI don't want to ruin anything about this book but Oh MY GOD the sex between each couple sets the sheets on fire they all love hard in ways then onelol but it's almost like they are taking their love and cherishing it because you never know when your world will turn upside down or a loved one is taken from you This rag tag family leans on each other helps each other fights for each other and sometimes offer BJ'slmao I could not believe the love between all of these friends the respect and kindness and the banding together I re read the last few chapters a few times since and I cry and cry each time Rebel needed jack and a whole lotta Hope and love from his family to get through and he got itI absolutely love this series and especially this book Lon and Rebel make me want to hug them both love their love for each other This author sure knows how to write heart wrenching sexy as freaking hell amazing characters that I will think about and re visit by re reading over and over Thanks Rain for a amazing series I am in awe5 huge stars review by Nanee at upallnightreadalldayblogspotcom

  3. Heidi Ryan Heidi Ryan says:

    This book is the final book in the Apishipa Creek Chronicles and I believe it may be the best I have loved this series since the first pages of Rebel Yells and the author outdid herself in this last installment The cliffhanger at the end of Big Bad Mooney had everyone gasping when Rebel was hanging by a thread I was dying to see how it played out and I have to say it finishes beautifully And very true to real life You get some good and some bad This isn't a fairy tale so the realism in the story just adds to its beauty This book is so brilliantly done I cannot find the words to express how I felt after reading itThe whole group is rallying when Rebel goes missing but Binx is the one who keeps Jack searching for his Rebel But Rebel will be forced to face all his demons to find a new normal for himself Life isn't going to be easy and no one is certain if their friend will be the same after this Lonnie is tasked with finding the bad guys and building the case against them that cannot be excused by the judge who is cozy with the defendant's lawyers His plate is full to bursting and he is not sure he is strong enough to fight his past and stay sober Travis will never give up on him All of your favorite characters are in this book and they all struggle with what their group is facing A special little angel will change everyone of them for the better and Rebel is the first to feel her love None of them will be able to resist this special person who comes into their lives and because of this angel this group of lost souls who came together to form a funky kinky kind of family may just be okThis book had my emotions all over the place From anger to laughter to ugly cry tears this book will take you on this last adventure and by the end you might just find yourself better than you were when you started Just an incredible ending to a fabulous series

  4. Cathy Brockman Cathy Brockman says:

    This is book 6 and the final book of this season I do recommend you read them all in order at least the last one since this one picks up where book 5 left off I absolutely loved the play on song titles with this seriesThe last book left us with a very upsetting cliffhanger The blurb above says it all so I won’t go over the details of the storyI loved this book and it was wrapped up so nicely This one however was uite a bit different from all the others but in a good way This one doesn’t just focus on Rebel but all the other couples as well though Rebel conuering his injuring is the major plot We also see the town that hated Rebel rally together as well There is still a lot of dram and suspense nail biting suspense at time And several times I had to reach for a tissue Especially near the end I found the very end a charming surprise and the bit of humor lightened the mood of the story Of course there was sex Lots of hot yummy man sex I will miss these guys but I bet rain has something else in store for us soonIf you like good romance hard core BDSM drama a variety of loving fun interesting men this book is for you I highly recommend this series if you like any of the above I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review through

  5. Rachel Rachel says:

    WOWWhat can I say about this final installment of this series There was emotion flowing off the pages from the 1st page There was so much love friendship support and hot steamy sex throughout this bookThere was struggles small and large from Rebel and Jack to Lonnie Joey and the other sub's and Dom'sThis book showed what true love can do for people It all started with Rebel coming to town The whole seuence of books and events started with him and his struggle Rebel brought together this group of men and his aunts house Loved that Martin and the aunt played a part in the lives and loves of the men through to the end And what else can you say but Hope What an amazing thing that is and in lots of ways I don't want to spoil this read for people but wait till you find Hope This book has provided love tears steam and so much as we saw life hang in the balance I wish I could write as well as Rain and write a review worthy of this book This book is a beautiful end to a fantastic series I loved all the boys but Binxie is still my fave These men are going to have a place in my heart always

  6. Youjest Youjest says:

    You started all of this Rebel It started the moment you came to town and it's grown taken on a life of its ownAnd that's the truth of this final book in the Apishipa Creek Chronicles Starting with Rebel Yells if you haven't read this first book of the series do yourself a huge favor and read it now Right now I have loved every single perfectly flawed character that Rain Carrington has introduced into my world This book brings us full circle with all of the men of this crazy small town focusing of course on Rebel With many wonderful surprises along the way and uite a few tears I confess we are graced with a completion of the tale an ending that doesn't feel like a final act but like a fresh new beginning that fosters feelings of hope and excitement for the future not grief over what is finished or lost Because I've come to see all of these guys as real people not just characters on a page only talented authors can create that I feel grateful for knowing them and delighted for their futures Thank you Rain Carrington for this amazing journey

  7. Bradley Mathis-Krone Bradley Mathis-Krone says:

    One of the hardest things to do in life is to say goodbye to friends I've always sucked at it because I get teary eyed and get the sniffles but with the conclusion of The Music Never Dies I was full fledged Ugly Cry BawlingThrough all six books of the Apishipa Creek Chronicles I have fallen in love with these beautiful men and their little piece of heaven in the mountains Following all their trails and trepidation their joys and their sorrows and Book 6 was the most tragic heart warming tale of them all The way the series started with Rebel and Jack it was only fitting that it should end with their happy ever after and see all the boy's come full circle Throughout the entire series the reader is held spell bound by the story woven so magically and seemly effortlessly by Rain and it is a tribute to her mastery of writing that had me from the first word of Book 1 until the last word of Book 6 These are an amazing body of works any author would be proud of and any reader will be glad that she wrote them

  8. Ineztey Ineztey says:

    Beautiful way to end the series Don't get me wrong there will be plenty of tears But not all of them would be of sadness some will be of anger joy happiness tenderness etc Yes this last installment will get all those feelings and flowing Rebel's predicament gets everyone thinking about their relationships and how they would react Of course all the Doms and Subs ship in to help make things easier in various situations The love those men have for each other is unconditional and gets proven in the extent they are willing to go for their friendsbrothers Rebel started it all and got things set in motion to form the family they have It hurt to see Rebel go through difficult times but he gains so much than he thought he would ever want Rain wrote a perfect balance of sexy angst and happiness Looking forward to what she will come up with next

  9. Sue Sue says:

    Read May 10th to May 11 2015SIMPLY MAGNIFICENT AND UNFORGETTABLEThis is a simply magnificent and unforgettable series In this final story we must say goodbye to our beloved characters that we've come to love I thank Rain Carrington for giving them such a wonderful ending All uestions were answered and some beautiful surprises were written in to make the story even better than expected With the addition of Hope all things are possiblethis story was just fantastic in every way I loved the appearance of Candice and Martin I loved that no matter what all the men came through for each other This story also includes some of the best BDSM scenes in the series I have loved this from the beginning and appreciate the class and tastefulness of the final send off I believe you have done your boys proud I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS BOOK AND THIS SERIES

  10. Vicki Easom Johnson Vicki Easom Johnson says:

    Perfect What a perfect ending for an incredible series of books Rain Carrington knows how to work her talent I had so many different feelings coming our during this whole series and especially this book that I didn't know how I was going to handle this being the last one As I sit her crying I feel so alone yet so happy I'm so happy that all of these men found their happiness Each set of men struggled with real life problems and worked through them This has become one of my top 5 series ever It will definitely be a re read over and over againKUDOS RAIN

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The Music Never Dies Apishipa Creek Chronicles #6 ❰PDF / Epub❯ ☁ The Music Never Dies Apishipa Creek Chronicles #6 Author Rain Carrington – In this the 6th and final installment of the Apishipa Creek Chronicles we find out the fate of Rebel Marino who in the last book was in a terrible accident left to the ghosts of the past and the tenac In this the th and final installment of Never Dies PDF Ç the Apishipa Creek Chronicles we find out the fate of Rebel Marino who in the last book was in The Music PDF \ a terrible accident left to the ghosts of the past and the tenacity of his fiancé This gripping look at the lives of all of the couples we Music Never Dies PDF/EPUB À have grown to love is a testament to hope faith and endearing strength that they have found in each other and the friendship that holds them all together Music Never Dies Apishipa Creek PDF or as they face maybe the hardest trials yet Each of them come up against past demons and future fears as one of their own must stand against sickness and pain Rebel Jack Lonnie Travis Binx Nathan Pappy Sidney Brandon Joey Andy and Lin as well as the people of the town of Apishipa Creek and the leather club Manacle band together to save a new love that none of them saw coming as well as fight the evil of the young men who left Rebel to die Come once to the town tucked in the mountains of Colorado and fall in love again Warning This book contains BDSM and scenes of consensual sex between two or men.