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Dreaming Death (Palace of Dreams, #1) [PDF / Epub] ★ Dreaming Death (Palace of Dreams, #1) ✪ J. Kathleen Cheney – Thomashillier.co.uk In the Novels of the Golden City J Kathleen Cheney created a “mesmerizing” Publishers Weekly realm where magic history and intrigue combine Now she presents a new world ruled by psychic talents an In the Novels of the Golden City J Kathleen Cheney created a “mesmerizing” Publishers Weekly realm where magic history and intrigue combine Now she presents a new world ruled by psychic talents and fatal magic Shironne Anjir's status as a sensitive is both a gift and a curse Her augmented senses allow her to discover and feel things others can’t but her talents come with a price a constant assault of emotions and sensations has left her blind Determined to use her abilities as best she can Shironne works tirelessly as an investigator for the Larossan army A member of the royal family's guard Mikael Lee also possesses an overwhelming power—he dreams of the deaths of others sometimes in vivid shocking detail and sometimes in cryptic fragments and half remembered images But then a killer brings a reign of terror to the city snuffing out his victims with an arcane and deadly blood magic Only Shironne can sense and interpret Mikael’s dim dark dreams of the murders And what they find together will lead them into a nightmare.

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  1. Mogsy (MMOGC) Mogsy (MMOGC) says:

    4 of 5 stars at The BiblioSanctum year I read a wonderful novel called The Golden City the first of a fantasy trilogy set in an alternate early 1900s Portugal featuring sirens and selkies This was how I first came to discover the work of J Kathleen Cheney As you can imagine I got pretty excited when I found out she was writing a new book And this time she’s transporting readers to a whole new world full of magic and amazing things to discoverIndeed Dreaming Death is a novel of ideas and it is absolutely delightful Imagine if you will a place rich with history and culture and in the population a subset of individuals called “sensitives” are gifted with augmented psychic senses that would allow them to feel others’ emotions But for some that gift is of a curse Shironne Anjir is a sensitive whose talents are even responsive than most and when she first came to her full power in her early teens the constant barrage of emotions and sensations overwhelmed her and left her blind However her ability to pull information out of the objects or people she touches has made her an invaluable asset to the army who freuently retains her as a consultant to help them solve crimes For example a recent string of brutal murders possibly connected to blood magic have left investigators baffled and Shironne has been called in to see what she can glean from contact with the bodiesMeanwhile royal guard Mikael Lee has been affected by the killings in a whole different way A powerful sensitive himself Mikael is also “dreamer” whose ability causes him to dream the deaths of others Lately the suspected blood magic victims have made his dreams even traumatic and intense and Mikael lives with the constant fear that the next time he goes to sleep he may not wake up again But unknown to both Shironne and Mikael who don’t even know each other their strange powers might be linked and that connection could be the key to solving the mystery before the murderer strikes againIt’s no exaggeration when I say I could probably go on forever about the background of this book because it is just that deep and rich It did give Dreaming Death a rather slow start because the first hundred pages are full of all the knowledge you have to absorb to get a sense of the setting and story Within the first handful of chapters I encountered the names of no less than three to four different factionscultures and close to two dozen names of characters both major and minor I reviewed an advance reader’s copy of this book which did not contain any maps or dramatis personae detailing characters and their relationships but I have to say both would be immensely helpful if they were to be included in the finished editionAfter finishing the book though I was amazed Once the story gathers steam it becomes intensely addictive and hard to put down Dreaming Death is by far the most impressive work from the author yet She has crafted here a uniuely original world with an exciting blend of fantasy and mystery complete with a light touch of political intrigue The setting is truly breathtaking and Cheney goes all out in providing the exuisite details readers need to bring this place to life in their mindsThe characters also deserve praise While the two main protagonists are both written extremely well I have to say the portrayal of Shironne is where the narrative especially shines painting her as a capable heroine even though she can’t see She may be aware of her limitations but at the same time she also recognizes her own worth acknowledging that what she can do is important than what she cannot Taking in the world through Shironne’s perspective was also an interesting experience since her chapters mostly use the senses of smell touch and sound to describe her surroundings Because of her status as a sensitive there’s also the cool twist of her power to read others’ emotions Strong impressions of feelings are usually the first things that hit Shironne whenever someone enters her sensing range thus it’s often the way she “meets” othersThings get even better when Shironne and Mikael are introduced to each other for the first time I simply love the relationship between these two I also enjoyed the special way they communicate as well as their playful banter Though the plot might be hinting towards a possible romance it is not a significant element in this story but regardless there’s no denying the powerful attraction they have for each other Plus the notable characters don’t stop at Shironne and Mikael either and in fact the novel is made even better by the presence of a strong supporting castLastly though Dreaming Death features a self contained plot on its own Cheney leaves a multiple dimensions to explore in future installments of the Palace of Dreams series Personally I would very much like to see world building in the seuel because even though we get plenty of minute details about our immediate surroundings in this novel I was given only a vague sense of how these linked puzzle pieces fit in the bigger picture Things I wouldn’t mind learning about include societal structure who are these Elders who determine so much of life for the Families? or how the magic works like why are Mikael’s dreams of death particularly attuned to these murders but not any of the other violent or accidental deaths that must occur on a regular basis in a big city? Generally I would also like the next book cover history because while this one hints at a world with a long and storied past I get the feeling we’ve only scratched the surface Clearly I’m looking forward to what else this series has in storeDreaming Death is a book of mystery magic and overwhelming potential and promises good things to come from J Kathleen Cheney If she’s not on your radar yet it’s time to remedy that Now begins the countdown for the seuel and I can scarcely wait to return to this strange and wonderful world and its charming characters

  2. Althea Ann Althea Ann says:

    Entertaining fantasy with a touch of mysteryThis is a world that is used to dealing with 'sensitives' those who can pick up on others' emotions and also broadcast their own But Mikael Lee's 'gift' exceeds what anyone is used to He might even call it of a curse He has periodic dreams in which he enters the consciousness of a murder victim following them all the way to their death However his tendency to broadcast these grisly sensations to those around him has not earned him an excess of goodwillMeanwhile a young blind woman Shironne has her own special gift Although her hyper sensitivity has made her life difficult she has agreed to work with the military helping them identify murder victims she has the ability to sense things about the deceased when she touches a bodyIt's nearly immediately clear that Shironne and Mikael although they've never met are connected in some psychic manner Indeed Shironne is eager to meet the man she senses in her dreams whom she half jokingly refers to as the Angel of DeathNow it appears that murders related to sinister 'blood magic' rituals are occurring echoing a bloody massacre that happened some years before and which lives on in infamy Mikael and Shironne must both work to uncover the murderers before are killed horriblyRecommended for those who have finished reading all about Carol Berg's or Sarah Monette's angsty yet attractive young men and are looking for I would definitely pick up the seuel to this one Don't worry there's no cliffhanger here thoughMany thanks to NetGalley and ROC for the opportunity to read As always my opinions are solely my own

  3. Beth Cato Beth Cato says:

    I love Cheney's Golden City trilogy and her new book out in February explores a whole new secondary fantasy world At heart this is a detective story with magical twists a policeman is murdered in some sort of bizarre ritual In the city Mikael is locked in a dream forced to experience the stranger's brutal death Mikael's agony radiates to a likewise gifted sensitive Shironne whose abilities are already being used by local authorities to solve murder investigations Mikael and Shironne don't know each other but as people are murdered they are drawn together to stop the mayhem and figure out their own bizarre connection through dreams and deathThe world building here is intense Not only is the magic fresh and new but the city and its Six Families hint at deep material for books I love how Cheney handles the sensory issues around Shironne's blindness It makes descriptions all the importantI'm really excited to read novels in the Palace of Dreams series This world has incredible potential and Shironne and Mikael are fantastic characters to follow

  4. Anya Anya says:

    Really cool psychic powers needed to solve a murder mystery I loved the fact the heroine is blind but able to help in her own ways The romance is sweet and the emphasis on friends and family was great to read I would have liked world building and the pacing is a bit slow but the series has fantastic potential

  5. Bailey Skye Bailey Skye says:

    I received a copy of this publication in exchange for an honest reviewDNF 42%Well everybody this is it This is the first time I have ever put down a book and chosen not to finish it And you know what? It likely won't be my last If you've been following my reviews for awhile now you know that I always push through even when I'm just not that invested in the story Today I randomly stumbled upon an article titled 10 Signs You Should Give Up on A Book You're In The Middle OfI'm not exactly sure why it hadn't dawned on me sooner but I started asking myself why am I pushing myself to read through these books that I don't enjoy? Reading is supposed to be fun A lot of the time I have been using the excuse that especially when I am reading for publishers that it's important to give my honest opinion But when I'm reading a book that I just CANNOT get into it's going to reflect negatively in my review regardless of the authors writing or the story I think the lack of wanting to continue reading the story is enough of an honest opinion So I'm not going to rate it so as to lower the overall rating for those who may be interested into entering this worldNow related to the book this is such a slow fantasy novel There is no action Being almost halfway through a 400 page novel and nothing very interesting has happened Cheney started her novel just throwing us right into the world using terms that I didn't understand until I got a substantial way into the novel It threw me off The narration switches between different characters points of view which I don't mind but it felt poorly done Sometimes it would take me a few paragraphs to realize who we were focused on The characters are nothing special either and I think that's my second biggest ualm with the novel I'm not invested in any of their stories they don't interest me therefore I don't really care Hell I didn't even realize one of the main characters was blind until partway through the novelOverall there just wasn't really anything going on reading the words felt pretty pointless as we were going nowhere and I kept looking at the page number to see how much closer to the end I was

  6. Lisa Lisa says:

    Stayed up all night reading this It's now 3am and I have to be up in 4 hours for work Weeee Really there's no higher compliment

  7. Jaclyn Jaclyn says:

    Originally reviewed in a joint review at The Book AdventuresI enjoyed Dreaming Death Similar to Cheney’s previous trilogy The Golden City Dreaming Death also combines a rich fantasy world with mystery While there is a great deal of detail about the world that Cheney puts her readers into at heart Dreaming Death is a mystery and I like that Anytime an author wants to defy the bounds of genre categorization I’m game Unlike traditional mysteries this one is solved using uniue measures like two people with particular abilities that just so happen to feed off the other making them uite the duo Interestingly Shironne and Mikael have not even met before they start their crime solvingThere is a lot of fear and apprehension surrounding Shironne and Mikael’s relationship even before they met Shironne shares Mikael’s dreams and because of that she can help solve the murders he dreams about However the downside of this bond is that Mikael can influence Shironne and make her feel things that she just might not want to feel Because of the nature of their bond Shironne and Mikael have been kept separate but remain aware of each other And therein lies my only frustration with Dreaming Death how long it took for Shironne and Mikael to actually connect in person The first half of the book keeps Shironne and Mikael separated Readers get both of their points of view but it’s not until much later that they actually interact For me it was when Shironne and Mikael finally met each other that the pace started to pick up I had liked the story up to that point but it was when these two met and started to explore their bond that I became truly hookedSeparation of the main characters aside the concept of individuals being bound to each other was really interesting with rather serious ramifications to individuality Mikael is used to subduing his emotions since it discomforts the other sensitives that physically surround him so in some ways he is prepared for his bond to Shironne Mikael is afraid of unduly influencing Shironne and forcing her to become someone that she’s not Shironne partly due to her blindness and her gender has been shaped into a specific kind of person already and again Mikael recognizes this when he asks “Who are you when you’re alone?” p 233 Shironne does need to create her own sense of self as she has been very much shaped by her role in her family Shironne's relationship to her family isn't a negative thing but it does not allow Shironne to fully explore her abilities By the end of the book I think Shironne has come a long way to claiming her independence and I’m curious to see how the author explores Shironne’s personality considering the seemingly vulnerable position that she’s in I think this concept will be much further explored in future books as Shironne and Mikael work with each other on a regular basisIf you enjoy mystery detailed world building and great characters Dreaming Death will be a fun read Shironne and Mikael are subdued than you would expect of main characters but I think it serves a purpose in the author’s uestioning of fate and individuality I can’t wait to see where this goes next

  8. Sara Sara says:

    J Kathleen Cheney's Dreaming Death whisks readers away to a world where some people possess psychic abilities that allow them to sense others' emotions Shironne is one such sensitive with powers so acute that they've rendered her blind But they also make her useful as an investigator for the Larossan army and able to see the dreams of a young soldier named Mikael dreams of victims' deaths as they're occurring When a serial killer begins terrorizing their city with ancient deadly blood magic Shironne and Mikael must work with their mutual allies to identify and find the murderer And what they discover teaches them about their uniue powers and puts them in unfathomable dangerI'd been meaning to read Cheney's work for a while so when I won Dreaming Death from On Starships and Dragonwings thanks Anya I was excited to check it out And what a treat it turned out to be It's a murder mystery robed in fantasy set in a richly imagined world ripe with culture and history including one race that lives in massive underground dwellings My only world building complaint is that much of it is introduced early on So the first 70 pages felt like a slog through info dumps and lengthy descriptions But I'd read in reviews that the pace improves after a while and my determination to stick with the story was later rewardedBecause once it hits its stride Dreaming Death is nearly impossible to put down Cheney's writing took my breath away and the characters are all wonderful especially Shironne Her hyper sensitivity to other people's emotions and the focus on her four working senses made her POV a uniue experience And while there's a clear psychic connection between Shironne and Mikael their relationship remains refreshingly platonic I could say a lot about Dreaming Death so just know that it's a suspenseful captivating tale that will appeal to fantasy lovers who also like a good mystery The sad part is that Orbit Books has opted not to continue this series So whether we'll see a new Palace of Dreams book is up in the air but I'm even motivated to read Cheney's other books now

  9. Amy A Amy A says:

    35Originally posted at Vampire Book ClubShironne Anjir is a touch sensitive Her powers which manifested when she was twelve have now grown so overwhelmingly strong that she’s gone blind Not letting that hinder her Shironne helps the Larossan army in various ways She can tell someone’s innermost secrets just by touching them skin to skin For all its advantages in helping her track down criminals there are the obvious drawbacks Then there are the dreamsSome nights Shironne has vivid dreams Always of death It didn’t take her long to realize that these dreams are not her own She’s pulled into another’s dreams A male who witnesses death through the eyes of those being murdered Despite sharing his dreams for years now her superiors have been against the two meeting citing some vague sense of dangerMikael Lee’s dreams vary in their clarity Oftentimes he can only remember small pieces of information but these most recent dreams have Mikael bearing the injuries of the dead in his waking hours As the dreams come freuently it’s acknowledged that there’s a murderer on the loose In order to stop the killer and figure out their motivations it might finally be time for Mikael and Shironne to meetWhen I first started reading Dreaming Death I felt like I was on world building overload There’s A LOT dealing with who did what to whom and when that’s thrown at the reader all at once It came to the point where I just kind of compartmentalized and focused on the main storyline This worked in that the essentials of the story—the police hunting for a murderer using Shironne and Mikael’s connection—were pretty straightforward It didn’t work in that while things did get clearer there’s still plenty I’m left a little foggy on and in Dreaming Death it’s very clear we’re only dealing with one part of the realm I can only hope the actual released copy will feature a map or possibly a genealogy chart—if not just be prepared I also hold out hope that this will be a setting that as I read of I will understand betterNow what I think J Kathleen Cheney did really well was the bond between Shironne and Mikael It is literally a bond and it has a very driving force about it because from the first mention of Shironne never having met the man she’s dubbed the “Angel of Death” I knew of course they had to meet Yet J Kathleen Cheney doesn’t just throw them together The story slowly works towards this inevitability It would also have been easy for their connection to make way for insta love which most every other character in this story believe is set to happen and they very well could end up romantically entangled down the line but both Mikael and Shironne are very aware of wanting to preserve their sense of self They don’t want to influence each other untowardly Instead there’s clear devotion between them They won’t deny their link but they both have growing up to do regardless of the atrocities they’ve seenWhile the setting and world building was bit overwhelming for me I still like what has been started in this book There’s no doubt that I will read the next installment If you’ve read Cheney’s previous series The Golden City you’ll find the same style here

  10. Renee Babcock Renee Babcock says:

    This is a new novel by Cheney in an entirely new world and I was so happy to be able to get a copy before the release and read it I've read the 3 novels in her Golden City series plus two other published novellas one also in the Golden City world and I've become uite a fan of her story telling Her writing reminds me a lot of Sharon Shinn's there's a uality about it that makes it so easy to get into the story you get to care about her characters and you can really feel a part of the environment of the storyDreaming Death is the start of a new series A few others have mentioned that the beginning is a little slow and I agree but only because Jeannette is doing a great job of her world building This is a complex society that she's created But she's also telling a really good story Mikael Lee a member of the Royal Family's guard witnesses murders in his dreams Other sensitives in the palace find his dreams disturbing since he can't help but broadcast his dreams So he takes to getting really drunk and sleeping away from the palace in a tavern to help deaden the pain he feels during these dreams and to keep from broadcasting to the other sensitives He finds himself dreaming of a series of ritualistic murders and each time he dreams of one of these deaths he finds himself getting closer and closer himself to succumbing and never waking up even taking onto his body some of the wounds of the dyingA young woman named Shironne Anjir picks up on his dreams as well although she's never met him She works for the Larossan Army as they investigate the murders She has a uniue ability as a touch sensitive because she can tell much about a person including their final thoughts just by touching them Which is her way of dealing with the world since being a touch sensitive has made her blind It becomes clear as the city is dealing with a serial murderer of a kind not seen in their land before that Shironne may be the one person who can help Mikael deal with his dreams while also helping to solve the murders which are getting closer to the royal family with each oneOne of the things about magic systems in fantasy that at times bothers me is that it is often so effortless and is used at little cost to the practitioner It seems like a cheat to me when I see that in a story I've always thought the use of magicextra sensory powers should come at a cost And that's one of the things I really liked with this book Mikael and Shirrone have paid a heavy price for their abilities Mikael's body mirrors the injuries of those he sees dying in his dreams and Shirrone has completely lost her sight as the result of her special abilities She also can only tolerate certain foods certain cloths against her skin and very little physical contact It's not easy to be these two but they want to do the right thing even at the costs to themI highly recommend this book to people who enjoy good fantasy with complex world building well realized and flawed characters Also try not to get too attached to all the characters

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