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  1. Mogsy (MMOGC) Mogsy (MMOGC) says:

    45 of 5 stars at The BiblioSanctum and I were love at first sight and all you have to do is take a gander at the book’s myriad subjects to see why Magic History Fantasy Romance Fae Ghosts Shapeshifters PIRATES It’s like an irresistible smorgasbord of all my favorite themes and fantasy elements all in one place and a strong compelling female protagonist was the cherry on topSet in Britain in the time of King George III Winterwood tells the tale of Rossalinde Tremayne a young woman gifted with magical abilities Seven years ago she eloped with privateer captain Will Tremayne along with the Heart of Oak the ship meant as her dowry and Ross’s mother hasn’t forgiven her since Now Will has been dead these past three years and Ross has taken on the mantle of the Heart’s commander adopting her late husband’s identity and disguising herself by wearing men’s clothingThe book begins with Ross returning home to visit her ailing mother on her deathbed In doing so she learns about her family than she ever bargained for including the fact that she has a half brother named David who was fathered by the household’s rowankind bondservant Ross also inherits a beautiful winterwood box an object of great magical power that she is told only she can open but the repercussions of that may be far reaching and dire Add to that a shadowy enemy is on the hunt for Ross as well and he would do anything to stop her from unlocking the box’s mysteries With the crew of the Heart and the help of her newfound brother and a dashing wolf shapeshifter named Corwen Ross sets off on a swashbuckling chase across the high seas to seeks answers and uncover the truth about her family’s secretsIn news that I’m sure will surprise no one I absolutely adore stories about women characters disguised as men and even better when the book is a maritime fantasy and the protagonist is a capable heroine who captains her own ship I love how Rossalinde is a strong and intelligent woman but that she also listens to her heart She gave everything up to marry the man of her dreams and even though she and Will only had four short years together she doesn’t regret her decision one bit Interestingly while Will’s death occurs before the book even begins we still get to meet him in Winterwood in the form of his ghost Back when her grief was still a raw and open wound Ross unwittingly summoned him and now his spirit is a constant presence in her life Will’s ghost and Ross share some humorous moments but for the most part his appearances are a reminder of tragedy; he is a symbol of her past at a time when she should really be looking to the future Being torn between two paths is devastating for a woman like Ross who is so in tune to her emotions which is why I felt for herIn addition to offering a well crafted main protagonist Winterwood also offers an altogether tantalizing blend of fantasy and historical fiction Jacey Bedford’s prose is elegant and evocative of the setting which is an alternate version of early 19th century Britain steeped in magic The world feels familiar yet new plus we get the added benefit of being on the ocean for a substantial part of this book deeply immersed in the life of privateering during this time period The battles at sea against pirates and French ships alike are thrilling and dramatic where victory may come at a high cost but the rewards are well worth it The dialogue is also superbly done especially when it comes to the crew of the Heart and their nautical jargon and rough accentsIn terms of magic this book is practically full to brimming with it Perhaps the foremost fantastical element comes in the form of the rowankind a docile and subjugated race of people exploited for their labor Britain’s entire economy is dependent on these unpaid servants and yet their history and origins are mostly unknown lost to time However there are rumors that connect them to the Fae who also have a large role to play in this story Moreover the realm of the Fae is completely separate from the domain of The Green Lady who rules over the natural world While the inner workings of the various kinds of magic go largely unexplained it is clear that there are many sources of it and their powers mingle and react in very interesting waysAlso when a book’s tagline reads “A tale of magic piracy adventure and love” you’d be correct to expect a heavy dose of romance Love is something Ross is just starting to allow herself to explore again after losing Will and Corwen proves to be a good match for her with lots of chemistry and sexual tension between the privateer and the wolf shapeshifter just don’t call her a pirate or him a werewolf—them’s fightin’ words But to my surprise there’s to this book than just romantic love Familial love is an important part of this story too with Ross accepting her half brother David becoming overprotective when he is threatened or treated poorly because of his rowankind heritage I was impressed with the emotional level and complexity of the relationships in this book as well as its uniue perspective on social prejudiceThe best thing about Winterwood is its many fascinating components which Jacey Bedford weaves into one amazing story of magic and adventure Rollicking action is expertly balanced with passionate romance in this novel which will leave you salivating for and I loved every moment I’m already looking forward to the next installment and dreaming about a return to this exciting magical world

  2. Anya Anya says:

    I don't even know where to start with my love for this book The privateering rocks the cross dressing female captain Ross is in the ranks of my favorite heroines the romance is sexy but doesn't take over the plot the magic is fan freaking tastic and all of this set in an alternative 1800 England where Fae and magic aren't just myths It also works well as a stand alone with everything tied up but I'm excited to find out what will happen in the seuel

  3. Nafiza Nafiza says:

    This could have been so much than it was The premise is lovely and the prose is readable so why then did I fail to connect with the characters? The protagonist is very flat one dimensional even and her actions and thoughts often fail to have a sense of process and come out absolute and without any sense of internal conflict For instance the magic box she is given by her mother A normal person would show some curiousity spend some time trying to open the box but she doesn't In fact she throws it into the ocean without knowing that it would follow her it does but she didn't know that when she threw it The other characters are flatter than she is The romance is sudden and forced The whole business of the dead husband's ghost hanging around is unsettling The fact that she's the only female character of any importance was what made me throw up my hands and call it a day In fact she's the only female character except for some transitory characters who make brief appearances Maybe other people will like it It certainly wasn't my cup of tea

  4. Eric Eric says:

    Winterwood is a good solid read A delightful blend of historical fiction fantasy shape shifter and romance Rossalinde Tremayne Ross is a young woman who has been widowed from her husband Will She eloped with Will taking one of her father's ships as a dowry for their marriage Will unexpectantly dies leaving Ross to captain their privateer ship Will's ghost however continues to hang around Ross' mother is ill so Ross goes to pay her a visit The relationship between Ross and her mother is very contentious to say the least although her mother gives her a mysterious wooden box made of Winterwood Ross doesn't know what to do with the box As she is leaving her mother's house the place is goes up in flames which attracts the attention of the British soldiers stationed in Plymouth Attention that Ross does not want Ross happens to be an unregistered witch and she has other issues with the law She also discovers in her escape she has a half brother DavidThe story has many facets to it There is the mystery of the box a person that chases them a pirate who happens to fancy Ross Ross grieving for her lost husband family and friendship and not the least of which is the class struggle of Rowankind They are the lowest of the low There are a few surprises as well but I don't want to provide any unintended spoilersI found the characters to be interesting Ross is a refreshing heroine because she knows her own mind and acclimated to leadership by being captain of her ship While she can be tough she leaves her heart open to new people As she travels with David she grows like him and even to love him The supporting cast of characters are interesting and create tension as the story unfoldsI thought the book was well written and liked the author's writing style as the story is written in the first person from Ross' perspective This is a fairy tale for adults and possibly older teens I thought the story kind of lost something toward the end of the book but I can't uite say what that something happens to be Perhaps the story didn't go uite as I expected it to go Overall though I found Winterwood a fun and enjoyable read I plan to look into the next book in the series

  5. Alexandra Alexandra says:

    The Kindle price is higher than the paperback price Publishers really do think consumers are idiots

  6. Jacqie Jacqie says:

    I think it was the cover that got me Who wouldn't want to be a dashing young woman dressed for piracy? I like a good historic fantasy and the Golden Age of Piracy certainly has a lot going for it in the action department The idea of a woman who was old enough to be married who is an illicit witch with a ghost husband to boot sounds like fun My first disappointment was that although Ross our heroine is indeed a widow she still is barely over twenty I know that young heroines are the standard but would love a slightly mature protagonist in part because the young heroines spend lots of time struggling mightily against the demands of the plot in order to appear feisty And that is certainly the case with this book Ross doesn't want to do almost anything she must do for the first part of the book until I gave up but is pushed chased and bullied into everything The other thing I noticed was the plot seams showed As a gamer you learn to recognize the informational encounter the fight scene the chase scene That's what the first part of the book felt like a fightchase scene then information for Ross then flightchase Really there's nothing especially wrong with the book; I just got bored because in the end nothing made it special enough for me to keep reading Those with patience may enjoy it

  7. Kristen Kristen says:

    After I read the opening of Winterwood I thought I was going to love it but I soon found myself bored by it It's not that nothing happened; it's just that what did happen didn't interest me and I wasn't invested in the characters I loved that Ross was a privateer captain respected by her crew but there was very little characterization and the investigation in the story wasn't that compelling even though I had been looking forward to reading about Ross digging into old family secrets from the past There were some intriguing parts but this just wasn't to my tasteFull Review

  8. Jaine Fenn Jaine Fenn says:

    I should read my outside my comfort zone often this book proves it Winterwood is an easy compelling read which ticks loads of boxes – pirates fae adventure angst ghosts wild magic – whilst managing to surprise you with unexpected plot developments and delight you its beautifully paced story and believably strange world A delicious page turner

  9. Christina (A Reader of Fictions) Christina (A Reader of Fictions) says:

    Pages read 60 someI could not be in love with this premise Unfortunately I'm not feeling anything for the characters and I'm bored

  10. Summer Summer says:

    Great beginning but kind of fizzled out

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Winterwood Rowankind #1 ❰PDF / Epub❯ ★ Winterwood Rowankind #1 Author Jacey Bedford – Set in 1800 in Britain Mad King George is on the throne with Napoleon Bonaparte knocking on the door Unregistered magic users are pursued to the death while in every genteel home resides uncomplaining Set in in Britain Mad King George is on the throne with Napoleon Bonaparte knocking on the door Unregistered magic users are pursued Winterwood Rowankind Kindle - to the death while in every genteel home resides uncomplaining rowankind bondservants who have become so commonplace that no one can recall where they came fromMeanwhile Rossalinde Tremayne is satisfied with her life as a cross dressing privateer captain on the high seas But a bitter deathbed visit to her estranged mother changes her life completely when she inherits a magical winterwood box Now not only is she confronted with a newly discovered brother and an annoyingly handsome wolf shapeshifter Rossalinde has to decide whether or not to open the box to free rowankind and right an ancient wrong—even if it brings the downfall of BritainThis brand new series is perfect for fans of Elizabeth Bear DB Jackson and Marie Brennan as well as readers of historical fiction who are looking for an accessible gateway to fantasy.