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Blood in Her Veins ❮PDF / Epub❯ ☀ Blood in Her Veins Author Faith Hunter – New York Times bestselling author Faith Hunter presents a comprehensive collection of stories starring everyone’s favorite “smart sexy and ruthless” shapeshifting skinwalker  In this must have New York Times bestselling author Faith Hunter presents a comprehensive collection of stories starring everyone’s favorite “smart sexy and ruthless” shapeshifting skinwalker  In this must have collection of stories experience nineteen thrilling adventures from the world of vampire hunter Jane Yellowrock including many fan favorites and two all new novellas read about the first time Jane put the pedal to the metal in “The Early Years” and the last thing a werewolf will ever see as Jane delivers justice in “Beneath a Bloody Moon” Get a searing look into the pasts of some of the series’ best loved Blood in PDF or characters Beast in “WeSa and the Lumber King” Rick LaFleur in “Cat Tats” and Molly Everhart Trueblood in “Haints”   In the brand new “Cat Fight” the witches and vampires of Bayou Oiseau are at war over a magical talisman—and Jane must figure out how to keep the mysterious artifact out of the covetous hands of the Master of New Orleans And in the never before published “Bound No More” Jane welcomes a visit from Molly and her daughter Angie who is about to prove she’s the most powerful witch in Everhart history   From the Big Easy to the bad bayou from the open road to a vampire’s lair—with Jane Yellowrock it’s always a given have stakes will travel   New York Times Bestselling Author Kim Harrison.

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  1. Jessica ❁ ➳ Silverbow ➳ ❁ Rabid Reads-no-more Jessica ❁ ➳ Silverbow ➳ ❁ Rabid Reads-no-more says:

    Reviewed by Rabid ReadsBefore we get into this1 If you're new to JANE YELLOWROCK proceed with CAUTION I will not intentionally spoil anything but this collection includes NINETEEN stories about events that take place both before and throughout the main series If you're curious check out my review of Skinwalker It's safer And enthusiastic bc LOVE Jane2 I've been slack on keeping up with Jane lately bc stubbornly waiting for the European vamps to get here so I'm reading a lot of the recently written stories for the first time the older stories from HAVE STAKES WILL TRAVEL and CAT TALES I've read several times now and I read BLACK WATER when it first came out So my opinions on Big Deal situations in the main series are evolving coughs Bruiser coughs3 I hate Rick with the fire of ONE THOUSAND suns My reviews of his POVs reflect that FYIWe Sa and the Lumber King 40 starsFIRST I'm not sure there's a perfect example of Beast vs Jane than this one Night vision came as sunlight left Earth turned into silvers and greens and grays Liked this time of day night We sa called it beautiful I called it safe Moving onIf you're a longtime reader of Jane you know there are periodic references to the Hunger Times This is a very short story from Beast's POV as she tries to get rid of the humans destroying her natural habitat Beast is Beast snickersWe also get a peek at baby Jane who hasn't yet found her way back to human form after melding with BeastThe Early Years 40 starsAn 18 year old Jane follows an instinct she doesn't understand and finds her way back home It gives me FEELSSnafu 35 starsVery short probably less than 10 pages Hmm 18 yo Jane's first day on the security job training First 10 min really But that's all you need to see all the reasons we love Jane #kickassCat Tats 40 starsOh look Ricky Bo got himself in trouble bc chasing tail SHOCKERThis one's told from Rick's POV and if you've been curious about how he got his mountain lionbobcat tattoo Rick didn’t know what it meant to have the cats here on his body beneath his skin part of him IT MEANS NOTHING I like this one bc lots and lots of PAIN for Rick whom I HATEKits 50 starsKITS hits me in ALL the FEELS and it's probably my favorite Jane short to date1 Beast and kits always plays havoc with my emotions She's so fierce and so pure and so single minded Nothing is important than kits rubs fist over heart2 The birth of Molly and Jane's friendship I pulled on my socks and carried my boots into what was left of Molly’s house We had tea We shared secrets Weirdly Molly held my hand while we talked as if protecting something fragile or sealing something precious Even weirdly I let her I think that for the first time in my life I had a real friend I may have cried A lot Haints 40 starsHAINTS is one reason why vampires and witches shouldn't mix oOThis one is told from Molly's POV which is awesome bc we get to see Jane through her eyes ALSO bc Molly Evan is on hand as well and as he's not hating on Jane that's fun tooTwo word summary WEIRD magic ALSO there are several Easter eggs hidden for true Jane aficionadosSignatures of Death 40 starsYou know that job Jane had prior to hitting New Orleans? The one where she nearly got her throat ripped out? The one where some kid got her on video with her eyes glowing?This is that story It's not pretty But dealing with rogue vampires rarely is Good thing we have JaneFirst Sight 40 starsJane's first meeting with Leo and Bruiser told from Bruiser's POVKind of sexy But I'm still not #teambruiser #teamjaneBlood Fangs and Going Furry 35 stars Have I mentioned that I HATE Rick? Bc I do This one is from Rick's POV and it details his first full moon as a were A were unable to shift bc witchy tattoos It appears to be rather painful THIS PLEASES MEAnd I would've given it full marks if it hadn't been for his Woe is me I really effed things up with Jane and I really need to talk to her I need to explain crap and trashview spoilerStay the fuck away from Jane you ASS hide spoiler

  2. Douglas Meeks Douglas Meeks says:

    Let me start this review with a big warning recomendation DO NOT READ THIS BOOK UNLESS YOU ARE CAUGHT UP ON THE SERIESOK while that might not be a great selling point it will keep you from reading some major spoilers unless you are one of those people that really like spoilers yes Virginia such people exist and to be honest you might be OK to read it if the only novel you have missed was Dark Heir but then again since that is one of the best books in the series I think I will stick with my warning This is a top shelf series and I would never recommend skipping any of them Alright lets get to this book It is a collection of 19 stories of which 2 are brand new BUT this whole book is laid out in a timeline fashion with just enough info in between stories to keep you straight as to where and when you are in the Jane Yellowrock worldTo be honest I really thought I would just kind of scan over the previously published stories since I have read most if not all of them give it 3 4 Stars and move on since I really did not have time to read almost 600 pages BUT it seems I forget how addicting these stories can be and how much I enjoy them and since I don't have a photographic memory or anything even remotely close you start reading and realize there is a lot of the stories you forgot and before you know it you are drawn back in just like a new book Needless to say I read every word between the coversThe thing here is that these stories are following a timeline so they carry you along on the evolution of Jane Yellowrock as well as the evolution of several of the characters in the series The new stories just kind of fall in and become part of the whole storytelling timeline and you never really acknowledge that the 2 new stories have any greater weight or entertainment value than the previously published stories While I am a huge fan of Faith Hunter I suspect there are some other folks that deserve some serious kudos for selecting and laying out these stories in such a way that somebody like me that has pretty much read them all can enjoy them as much as any new book in the series I have to admit that a couple of them did make me wish I could reread one or two of the novels but alas as a reviewer I don't have that kind of timeNormally with a collection like this I break down each story and give it a rating to itself as many of my fellow reviewers have but this collection flows together so well and it really sets up not only the next novel in this series a bit but a new spin off series forthcoming later this year I can hardly wait so I expect to be able to overdose on the world of Jane Yellowrock this year if such a thing is possible so rating this as a collection with an actual movement in time and reminding all of us why we love this series so much I have to give it 5 Stars just for being an amazing entertainment accomplishment in what I was sure was going to be a boring money grab Well done indeed

  3. Yodamom Yodamom says:

    I adore Jane Yellowrock and Beast The books never fail to entertain me I laugh cry sneer and scream with them as shethey struggle to be vampire hunter investigators human and animal I am addicted to her strong independent and can do kick arse attitude when needed Here is a collection of short stories from her world that bind her growth and record her history Perfect for a uick Jane and Co fix You do not want to miss the juicy tidbits trust me there is some good stuff Some of the stories are from her view point some from other characters all very interesting There is even a sneak peek into a new series she is working on I am generally not a fan of shorts but these all work to enhance the Jane Yellowrock experience After reading this I am feeling the need to do a re read of the series I want to relive some of these times again now that I have these extra bits to fill in

  4. Marta Cox Marta Cox says:

    Jane Yellowrock and urban fantasy just go together Yes I've had the deep joy of dipping into this world the last few days and it's been truly eye opening No gushing because although I've enjoyed previous books in this series I would never say every story is five star but this collection? Just fabulous So why am I such a happy reader? Well firstly there are nineteen short novella length stories here so plenty of goodness to read at leisure Ok some readers might have already read some I'd previously read just two but there are two brand spanking new additions to this authors world that revolves around Jane but not every story is Janes Yes we get to see through the eyes of her friends which truly advances the world building and then of course there is the introduction of Nell Yes a spin off series is scheduled for summer 2016 and the main character begins her journey in this anthology So if you love Jane and her Beast you will want to get your hands on this book If it's information about Molly Rick Angie or dare I say Ed then this anthology is a must read I thoroughly enjoyed being sucked in and getting to know even about this motley assortment of characters and happily recommend this book to both old and indeed new readersI was gifted a copy in exchange for an honest review

  5. Meigan Meigan says:

    Rather than write a long blathering rambling review of all the stories contained in this anthology I'll just keep it condensed and therefore coherent To date I've read one Jane Yellowrock novel Just one Skinwalker to be exact The very first In this collection of shorts from the world of Jane Yellowrock there are 19 stories spanning the time period of the series and with knowing that prior to reading I was set Set to both be lost because I've only read the first and set to spoil myself for future events in the later books because again I'm not far into the series I can happily say that I wasn't lost or spoiled and with the later stories the only thing that happened was my excitement ratcheted up a few notches to finally get around to catching up with this series Fans of this series have most likely read the majority of the novellas in this collection as I believe there are only two new ones With that being said I love that most of the previous novellas are contained here in this one volume I'm not a huge fan of novellas and short stories tied to a series but I'm a huge fan of anthologies The stories contained are both varied and interesting spanning Jane's past and present and while some were ones I wouldn't call reuired reading for fans of the series others certainly were And while some would have merited a low star rating from me others would have rated uite high For newcomers to this series much like myself there are many characters that are introduced early in the series books that are familiar enough On the other hand there are some characters that I'm guessing appear in the later books Either way Blood in Her Veins was easy enough to follow despite not knowing some of the characters and events I would certainly recommend this for both established fans and newcomers alike there's enough to give new readers a taste of what the series is all abouteARC received via NetGalley in exchange for my honest opinion

  6. Jen Davis Jen Davis says:

    This 500 page collection finally gives Jane Yellowrock fans all of the series' short stories in one place Almost all of them have been previously released though many were only in digital form There are two new offerings though if you've already read the other shorts and together make up about 20% of the book The following take place prior to book 1We Sa and the Lumber King – I have to uestion what the point of this story was unless it’s just to please fans who enjoy the voice of Beast There is very little to this just a couple of pages from Beast’s POV while Jane was a little girl who lived in her mind We get Beast’s perspective on the white men who are cutting down the trees and destroying her home And then Beast kills the leader The end I didn’t get much out of itThe Early Years – I’ll admit I have wondered what it was like for Jane to consciously shift into her Beast for the first time After all from the time she was 12 until she was 18 she had no idea what she was She suppressed the voice of Beast in her head She had no memory of her life Before This story follows Jane as she leaves the orphanage in search of her history And we go with her on the journey during her first shift Sadly this one was not great for me It’s too much inside of Jane Beast’s head Very little actually happens Probably my least favorite of the short stories I have read in this seriesSnafu – This story is very short It is just a glimpse of Jane as she begins her PI internship It’s interesting to see her as a young woman She is excited about starting a new chapter of her life But she is still tough as nails and sharp as a tackCat Tats – As much as I loathe Rick LeFleur I actually enjoyed this short story from his POV Maybe it was because he was tortured LOL It’s set long before he ever met Jane and gives us some of his backstory Primarily it takes us through the chain of events that left him with his cat tattoos It’s a difficult trial for him and could have ended very differently But it was a good enough story it almost made me forget that I hate him AlmostKits – What a great story This is the genesis of Jane’s friendship with Molly As it begins they are casual acuaintances But when one day Molly doesn’t show up for work Jane gets concerned and sets out to find out what has gone wrong In the end she helps save Angie Baby from herself and makes an unbreakable bond with the child’s mother The end made me get a bit misty — no small feat for a story this shortHaints – This is an action oriented tale told from Molly’s POV Molly has been tasked to get to the bottom of a haunted house and she drafts Jane to help her I don’t want to give too much away but it’s a pretty cool story involving magic a vampire a witch and a pocket universe We also get some uality time with Evan and a visit with Angie Baby I liked this oneSignatures of the Dead – The events of this story are referenced often in the series It’s the vampire case that made Jane Yellowrock a well known vamp killer A rouge group of vampires is on a killing spree and Molly and Jane are on the case No one is safe from the vampires’ blood hunger and gleeful violence Even one of Molly’s sisters becomes a victim When Jane Molly and a police officer friend named Brax go into an abandoned mine to confront them the results are bloody and the lives of the survivors will never be the sameThis story kicked ass We get to see Jane and Molly both doing what they do best And we know it’s pivotal to where Jane’s life will go You don’t want to miss this one Read after SkinwalkerFirst Sight – This is a Bruiser story but it was WAY too short This is actually his POV on the first time he and Jane meet in Skinwalker I love how drawn he is to her right away and I enjoyed seeing her through his eyes But it was only a scant few pages Less a story and a vignette Read after Mercy BladeBlood Fangs and Going Furry – And so we are back to Rick again This is an excellent story to read immediately after Mercy Blade That book had such a great ending line This story picks up immediately at that point and tells the story from Rick’s perspective Mercy Blade is the book that left Rick dead to me so it’s hard to muster too much sympathy for him here His suffering is real though and I enjoyed getting a little of his perspective Douchebag that he isDance Master – Another Bruiser story but this one switches from 1st person to 3rd This story confirmed for me that Bruiser is the guy who Jane should be with I haven’t been without my concerns surrounding him but his inner dialogue proves that he likes and respects Jane for who she is –and has no desire to diminish her He also sees Rick for what he is ruminating “Rick’s history suggested that he was incapable of maintaining a romantic relationship with only one woman for any length of time And it was even unlikely that he would survive his next full moon though George wouldn’t wish such pain and madness on anyone even a faithless charismatic rival ” True datThis is also sadly short but it’s satisfying and sexy and if I wasn’t Team Bruiser before I am nowGolden Delicious This was the first time I'd read this one though it was previously published in the anthology An Apple for the Creature This is a look inside Rick's training for PsyLED It's interesting how I don't mind Rick so much when he is far away from Jane Here he is trying to find a balance working with Brute and Pea while working a training mission I enjoyed it and liked getting a little insight into his partner and mysterious mentor Soul Read after Raven CursedCajun With Fangs – Eh this one was ok It’s set just after Raven Cursed though it doesn’t really draw much from that book Jane is on her way back to New Orleans when she has bike trouble and has to stop in a small bayou town She discovers uickly that there is a war going on between the vampires and witches there and she gets drawn in despite her best efforts It ends up something like a supernatural Cajun Romeo and Juliet Being from New Orleans the coon ass accents kind of grated on me The story itself was fair I could take it or leave itThe Devil's Left Boot This one was also new to me though previously released in the anthology Kicking It This one features Molly's twin sisters Cia and Liz The witches are hired to find the mother of a mean girl they knew in high school But it's no simple case It involves blood magic and a rouge vampire and ultimately they have to call in Jane for help I enjoyed this even though it focused on characters outside of Jane's inner circle Faith Hunter does a really good job making her characters feel real and making me invest even for a short timePlus there is a goat In a diaper Read after Blood TradeBeneath a Bloody Moon – Rick the Dick calls Jane to the bayou town of Chauvin to track a werewolf problem She has to put herself in grave danger to make it through the case and Rick was there being called her sorta boyfriend and setting my teeth on edge I hate how his inability to be faithful is just an aside no big deal like the color of his eyesDespite my hate for Rick it’s a fairly good story action wise and we get time with Eli and the Kid Plus Black Water makes way sense if you’ve read this oneBlack Water – Jane is on her way back home after her job is done hunting the werewolf pack in the last story when she learns that the job is not uite done It seems a werewolf has broken out of prison and he is looking for payback for Jane’s role in the death of his sister Jane returns to the small town she had just left behind to deal with the aftermath You see the man has kidnapped two young women –and he has targeted Rick’s family members in his search for JaneJane teams up with Serge an off the grid werewolf and sets out to give the man the confrontation he’s been searching for It was an all action story And it faithfully maintained the tone of the full length books from Jane’s internal dialogue with Beast to her growing familial ties with Eli and the Kid to her annoying and self destructive pseudo relationship with Ricky Bo The man was only a voice on the phone and I was still able to hate himThere is never much doubt that Jane will save the day but that makes it no less fun watching her do it Read after Black ArtsOff the Grid – Set after the events of Black Arts here Jane is in North Carolina to help a vampire clan at Leo’s behest A perverted religious cult has kidnapped one of their Mithrans and Jane is tasked to get her back During her mission she meets a special woman who escaped from the cult and may be able to help The story is pretty good but I felt like it was of a vehicle to introduce us to Nell who will be the main character in Faith Hunter’s next series Maybe Rick will move permanently to those books One can only hope Read after Broken SoulNot All Is As It Seems New to me Previously published in the anthology Temporally Out of Order A Molly story Big Evan is out of town when two vamps show up looking for a lost teakettle that has made its way to Angie Baby But this is no ordinary teapot It has some sort of spirit inside but it's not clear who or what it is Molly and her sister must work together to solve the mystery before handing the item over to the local MOC This was really uite sweet A lot of heart in a short number of pages Read after Dark HeirCat Fight This is one of the two brand new stories It piggybacks off the plot of Cajun With Fangs Leo sends Jane back to Bayou Oiseau where our Romeo and Juliet couple are having some marital problems After having a baby Shauna walks in on her man Gabe at another woman's vein She flips out and steals an artifact from the vampires and brings it home to the witches Now the entire town is fighting over it Jane the Youngers and Edmund the vamp have to sort it all out and bring peace to the townI'm still not a fan of the accents but the story is pretty good and it's long enough to sink your teeth into Plus any time we get a visit from the Mercy Blade it's a winBound No More The second new story This one centers on a threat from one of those rainbow dragons just as Molly and Angie Baby visit Jane This story actually has some interesting developments that will ripple into the novels Like a secret Molly is keeping And how much freaking scary power Angie has A really good offering that leaves me excited for the next bookOverall this is a sweeping collection enough content for two books easily And if you haven't read most of these shorts already it's definitely worth your time Some of the stories are kind of meh but most of them are really good and will be a treat for fans of the seriesRating BB ARC provided by publisher

  7. Bea Bea says:

    I really like the Jane Yellowrock stories They have werewolves and vampires like so many other urban fantasies but Hunter gives them a fresh spin Over the course of the series Jane has grown and evolved and become and interesting While I'm not sure this anthology is a good place start for a new reader since it contains spoilers for books as well as references to events and people in those books it's a wonderful treat for fans of the seriesThe short stories take place over several years allowing us to see not only Jane's changes but those of the people important in her life I loved seeing the relationships between Jane and her lovers Jane and her friend Molly and Molly's daughter Angie Baby and Jane and her partners We see some pockets of Hunter’s universe that we've only glimpsed in the books especially how vamps and witches live and interact outside of New Orleans I loved seeing Jane's early days and her early times with Beast and also the stories that focused on Angie Baby Molly's daughter and Jane's goddaughter; that little girl is powerful and scaryNot all of the stories are from Jane's POV; we get other characters which allow us to see how other people see Jane It was interesting to get their perspectives The stories provide a nice mix ranging from dark and thrilling to sweet and funny and a few that both dark and thrilling and sweet and funny There's even humor including a couple of laugh out loud moments The stories were a wonderful way to see of Jane's world full of insights and providing additional depth Unlike many anthologies there were no duds; all of the stories were good I recommend this book

  8. Pauline Pauline says:

    One of the best collections of a single author's short stories I've ever read and I've read than a few Faith has written these short stories it seems to flesh out the world of Jane Yellowrock from other characters points of view as well as Jane Yellowrock's As a reader of the series as each book has been published these short stories are like gravy on the turkey adding richness information and depth to the actual book stories Some of the stories in this book are first time in print as they were released as audio specials and there are two entirely new novellas written specially for this book so there is PLENTY of new material for even the avid follower of Jane's world Especially good about this collection is that there is a timeline as to where each of these stories fits within the series of books and of course the fact that they are now all in one book to refer to enjoy as a collectionFaith surpasses herself with the two new novellas Bound No More and Cat Fight In Bound No More Faith deals with the knotty issue of guiding very young inexperienced but powerful beings into dealing with conseuences and how to think them through The story is exciting and yet artfully developed to show strength and compassion in the guiding of developing children with strong personalities and powersCat Fight is uintessential Jane and her security team handling relatively simple but stupid issues blowing out of proportion until someone has to step in and call a stop to it long enough for the participants to think That someone in this case is Jane and her security team with a tag along vamp from the Master of the City of New Orleans' group The latter proves to be a surprise and a possible regular in future Jane storiesIf you haven't stepped into Jane's world yet this collection will probably suck you in metaphorically speaking I recommend the book and the first of the series Skinwalker if you haven't already begun

  9. Steven Steven says:

    I'm not a huge fan of short story anthologies in general but over the past few years I've really delved deep into the world of the Urban Fantasy genre In UF short stories are prevalent and sometimes it can be hard to get your hands on all the short stories needed to completely read an entire series which can be very important as sometimes key events or vital canon details can be found in these talesThankfully Faith Hunter leaps to the rescue in this companion to her AMAZING yes AMAZING Jane Yellowrock series All of the short stories available at the time of publication are in this compilation which makes it easy as pie to catch up Some of them are really short just a few pages but there are also a few small novellas in here that really allow some of the secondary characters in this series to shine particularly Molly Angie Baby and Rick La Fleur They're not the only treats you're in for though as this is NINETEEN stories knitted together like the muscles in Beast's lithe mountain lion body and they'll get that blood in your veins pumping for Jane Friends before you can say catnipIf you've not read the Jane Yellowrock series I'd suggest finding yourself a nice uiet corner and grabbing the series because once you finish book one you're going to want to shift right into book two And pick this anthology up while you're at it Fill in some gaps get excited about book ten Shadow Rites and meet Nell the upcoming star of Hunter's Jane Yellowrock spinoff series Soulwood starting with Blood of the EarthIt's a good year for Faith Hunter fans Blood in Her Veins Shadow Rites April Blood of the Earth August and Soulwood #2 Curse on the Land November are all scheduled for release this yearSo do yourself and your inner Beast a favor BUY THIS SERIES AND DEVOUR THEM ALL

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