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  1. James James says:

    We have this on our kids shelf I picked it up from the bookstore when I was in seminary It bores the kids They are too young to appreciate it but it is full of Canadian nostalgia Young William has dreams which re image the nativity in his contemporary Northern setting n the 1930s These dreams provide different images of the Holy Family and those who welcome or reject them

  2. C. C. says:

    There are warm and beautiful traits about “A Northern Nativity” 1976 that I treasure strongly The way we approach spirituality varies widely; no matter if it is religious based or directly spiritual William drew a universally harmonious story about Jesus representing any person in any walk of life which makes his book special and meaningful However an antiuated idea of not deserving a relationship with Jesus unless we grovel brought the harmony and peace down a notch That explains a four star grade The main message impressed me with how broad it is; separate from the artist's talent for putting faces and places to this theme with inspiring emotional colour drawingsThe author was at liberty to depict the path to his spirituality but his principal point resonated with me The vehicle for William's story is himself as a twelve year old on farms between Alberta and Manitoba He dreamed the kinds of people and places he knew into the nativity story The local touch for me is the most precious trait but I love the broad creativity of attributes overall William surpasses the adage that skin doesn't matter Among twenty miniature nativity re enactments there is a black Inuit and Aboriginal holy family but local flavour and life situations are much tangibleDrawing from a time he remembered William featured 1930s labourers needing work or shelter a construction office wharf train boxcars a ranch an island church He furnished a gratifyingly complete portrait across all of Canada's provinces but in a personal way that would touch any reader profoundly Mary is especially poignant in a stalled car Joseph is at the hood as a trucker approaches with a toolbox to offer help Every being needs a hand once in a while It is moving to remind ourselves that people eagerly give it

  3. Anamaria Anamaria says:

    This has been on my bookshelf for years ever since I was little and I don’t think I’ve ever read it So I pulled it off this Christmas Eve and tried to read it It’s not a children’s picture book instead it’s a series of paintings that depict modern interpretations of the nativity told by an artist who survived the Great Depression The paintings are nice but they’re not my style And the passages that accompany them are not at all interesting I skimmed most My copy is a withdrawn library copy that I probably got at a bag sale and I understand why It looks like a children’s book but it isn’t It’s of a religious coffee table book

  4. Ruth Ruth says:

    Maybe if I was Canadian I would have read this gem before Published in 1976 it documents the dreams of a 12 year old boy during a hard winter in the 1930s Each dream is of the Holy Family in different setting all across Canada The Holy Family are depicted as being of different ethnicities and each dream is in a different setting The dreams are a combination of scripture story and his geography and history lessons from school The book is an extended meditation on the universality of the Christmas story and the message of Christ Serious fare well worth multiple readings

  5. Harriette Harriette says:

    Written over 40 years ago this book and its artful prints show a remarkable sensitivity to different cultures The author transparently describes each scene that he dreamed so that the spiritual lessons come gently

  6. Kbeckermann Kbeckermann says:

    In general I like Kurelek's Canadian paintings I particularly enjoy this book because it captures life across much of Canada and presenting the nativity in a way that is relevant here I have given this book to many Canadian friends

  7. Gabe Gabe says:

    I'm too young to appreciate and understand this book

  8. George George says:

    Great book Best for adults and mature youth

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A Northern Nativity [Epub] ❤ A Northern Nativity By William Kurelek – Thomashillier.co.uk Artist William Kurelek created this uniuely moving book on the theme that Christ came to all people everywhere What would happen if He came now A boy imagines that the nativity takes place in northern Artist William Kurelek created this uniuely moving book on the theme that Christ came to all people everywhere What would happen if He came now A boy imagines that the nativity takes place in northern A Northern PDF or snows He dreams that the Christ child is born to Eskimos to Indians to Blacks that the Nativity takes place in a fisherman’s hut a garage a cowboy’s barn that the holy family is given refuge in a city mission a grain barn and a country school A beautiful holiday story for all generations.

  • Paperback
  • 48 pages
  • A Northern Nativity
  • William Kurelek
  • English
  • 01 May 2015
  • 9780887760990

About the Author: William Kurelek

William Kurelek Wasyl painter and writer evangelist Influenced by Bosch and Brueghel and by prairie roots his Ukrainian heritage and Roman Catholicism Kurelek's realistic and symbolic paintings record his historic culture and religious vision The A Northern PDF or oldest of children he was expected to help run the farm His lack of mechanical aptitude attracted harsh criticism from his father as did his.