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  1. Amanda Steward Amanda Steward says:

    I was given a free copy for an honest review i have to give this book 5 Wild Thang stars This was an awesome book that will melt your panties straight off Siri is a Vegas Erotic dancer and she has to move back to her hometown in Alabama to be near her family While she is there a few weeks before it is time for her leave she meets the man of her dreams Aurelius Moore He is her golden God He will make you swoon They both have secrets can they survive them all? This is a must read and I can't wait until the next books come out

  2. Jessika Klide Jessika Klide says:

    Experience a world where love and lust become a perfect unionSiri's Saga An epic contemporary sexy sizzlin' fairy tale romance between Maximus Aurelius Moore who has secrets he shares with no one and Siri Wright who has secrets she hides from the rest of the world When his thunder meets her lightening their happily ever after makes Heaven explode Fucking fabulous Truly JK

  3. Coco.V Coco.V says:

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  4. Jean Jean says:

    SpoilersI like the very beginning of the book the author gives the reader a brief glimpse into of Aurelius's thoughtsThe beginning was rather slow long winded and full of eye rolling InnuendosIt takes way too long for the main male and female lead to get togetherI had reached chapter eleven and the main leads had barely spent any time togetherI got a little tired of Siri stating how good she was at doing just about everythingI guess it wouldn't be too bad if Siri wasn't always talking about her butt her chesther dancing skills her everythingMaybe it would have been better if other characters described her because her constant praise of herself was just too muchAs I went through the chapters something bothered me and I could not place my finger on itThen I realized that I did not like Siri Her personality was just way out thereShe does not own any socks? Really? Why does the Reader have to know that?Siri was a little too forward for my tastes and she came across as being conceited Over confidence is not sexy and it is almost the same as being insecureIs it so hard to find a female lead who has a healthy self esteem?Most of the books that I have read the female leads have really low self esteem this one was the complete opposite which wasn't that attractive eitherThis book is erotica than romanceI did not see much romance in this storyThe book description also states that this book has romance mystery suspense action adventure and I did not see any of those subjects demonstrated eitherWhat the hell does the swingers party have to do with the beginning of the book?There was too much going on in this book A sick mother who has not been visited or mentioned any? strippers? Aurelius Moore?And now a swingers party? WTF?? Literally and figurativelyAnd why does Siri take out her gun and show it and the bullets to Brad?Was that really necessary?The shock value of the swingers party uickly wore off and soon became a boring blow by blow detail of a modern day Flash Dance meets a Burlesue descriptionThis book read like a surreal combination of Siri's resume and her diaryActually it read like a how to manualIf Siri eats an omelette its in detail if she dances plays a game brushes her teeth takes a shower rides a horse anything its the same thing for activityIf Siri is brushing her teeth I'd much prefer her just stating she ran to the bathroom to brushI don't want to read about the tooth paste the brush the water running the faucet etcYou know what I'm talking about those of you have read or listened to itIt just went on and on aboutHer dancing skillsHow good she looks in her dress or out of itHow good her boobs lookHow good her butt looks blah blahhI can not believe the author went over every dance move poll swinging andEVERY interaction with each person at the party making the entire experience repetitiveIf there are six people at the party and the author states that Siri had interactions which each one that should be good enoughIt isn't necessary to go into detail the directions of each participant especially since the instructions were pretty much the same for each personWhen the music changes Enjoy your fantasyWhen the music changes Enjoy your fantasyWhen the music changes Enjoy your fantasyWhen the music changes Enjoy your fantasyWhen the music changes Enjoy your fantasyReally was that necessary??My review is a short reflection of the entire storyHow can Siri find romance with Aurelius or anyone else if over half of the book she was in every body else's business but her own?When she finally has a moment with Aurelius that is just as tedious as the other scenesOne reviewer wrote the relationship between Siri and Aurie is a totally eual oneWhat relationship?The book was one sided all about SiriThe first book of the series 'should' focus on the interaction between Siri and AurieThen the next book could have had the swingers party if she wantedWhat did the swingers party have to do with Siri and Aurie?Another issue that bothered me with this book wasThere are ALOT of Curse Words that could have been omittedtoo many F bombsI mean if a character is upset yes its understandablebut to just toss the word out every paragraph is just to distracting aggravating and tiresomeI wanted to rate the book higher but I could notThe storyline dragged on to many step by step details and the cussing really bothered meNoteThis audiobook was provided by the author narrator or publisher at no cost in exchange for an unbiased review courtesy of Audiobook Blast

  5. Marta Tandori Marta Tandori says:

    Who knew cookies could be such a powerful aphrodisiac? Siri Wright the young protagonist in Siri’s Heart goes to buy some cookies and wine to offer to her hot new neighbor as a “welcome to the building” gift While the store bought cookies are warming in the oven Siri steps into something less inhibiting that coincidentally manages to showcase her considerable assets before heading over to her unsuspecting neighbor’s door bearing her gifts of wine cookies and perky nipples with about as much covert seduction as a well planned military maneuver Although her golden Adonis a helicopter pilot has to fly later and can’t drink the wine their subseuent foreplay with the cookies and milk he pours for them will leave most readers a tad bit hot under the old collar Who knew cookies could be such potent aphrodisiacs – and from Publix no less While the story itself was good there could have been a lot less use of the “F word” as well as “introspective” passages where the reader is subjected to minute descriptions of Siri’s aching nether regions and tingling taut nipples as she lusts after the ever so sexy Aurei Moore The author Klide has a good plot and plenty of sexual tension but in this reader’s respectful opinion the constant introspections emphasized Siri’s narcissistic character traits rather than her likeable ones Notwithstanding these criticisms the bodies are young taut and pliant and the sexual tension rife with innuendo all of which will have readers lusting for their next fix in the Siri installment before reaching the end of the book

  6. Vivian Jane ✯ Vivian Jane ✯ says:

    ARC provided by the author for an honest reviewHm I don't know This book seemed to be all over the place Maybe it's Siri's POVI need some time to digest everything I readNo rating for now

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  9. Kim Brewing Kim Brewing says:

    I honestly wasn't sure how this book and I were going to get along I had liked the first one but didn't love it BUT it had intrigued me enough I wanted to read this bookI was happily surprised I liked both Siri AND Aurei in this one Aurei won me over with his woo and Siri is such a strong woman It did take me a couple of chapters to get into the story I felt there was too much needless details UNTIL it came to the cocktail party Holy shitzballs that was hot By this time I was hooked and couldn't read fast enough I can't wait to jump into the next book to see if my hunch about what could cause an issue is true

  10. Bobbi Wagner Bobbi Wagner says:

    Untouchable Sexy Sizzlin Romance Siri's Saga Book 2 by Jessika Klide is the second book in the Siri's Saga series This story is a continuation of Siri's story reading book 1 first will give you the background information about the characters in this story This story is full of hot sexy situations it will have you sitting on the edge of your seat one minute and the next needing some ice to cool down You will enjoy how the author has created characters that really do just connect and really help in making this story flow These characters will pull at your heart strings one minute and have you asking yourself what was she thinking in the next Find out what happens to Siri as she continues her journeyIn the first book we met Maxium Aurelius Moore and in this story we get to meet Siri herself Siri Wright is a young woman who has been working in Vegas She now has been called home to Alabama for a family emergency This is where she meets Army Officer Moore and is surprised by the reaction her body has towards him She is pretty sure that he seems to feel the chemistry between them too He is going to make her work her magic on him Will she win him over? What will happen between these two? What will happen when she is on her way out to a cocktail party and she runs into him?Siri and Aurelius's relationship is one of attraction from the beginning They have complete chemistry They both have something to hide but everyone has secrets right? What happens with these two will make your head spin and will have you wanting for them Siri is a strong character that I love She is tough knows what she wants and what she wants is him Will she let anyone stand in her way of getting what she wants? Aurelis is also a strong alpha male that is a take control type of guy He also knows what he wants and how to get it But will his secrets ruin things for him? How will everything play out for them? Find out what happens when hot sexy meets hot sexyThis is my second story by Jessika Klide and I can't wait to read the third book and the rest of this series Jessika writes her alpha hero men so that they fall for the heroines She believes in modern day fairy tales where love and lust form perfect unions that align with the stars and for true love She also will guarantee then one happy ending Once again she has created a story that is fast paced and will have you reading it in one sitting She will leave you wanting I couldn't put this story down I was totally in their world with them She has created characters that will pull you into their story I highly suggest this story as I know you will want to see how Siri's journey continues

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  • Kindle Edition
  • 391 pages
  • Siri's Heart
  • Jessika Klide
  • English
  • 10 August 2016

About the Author: Jessika Klide

and start my bestselling Soulmates Sexiness and Series today I am an Bestselling Author I've been interviewed by USA Today Happily Ever After Blog been on podcasts such as The VTV Network with Vaughn Joseph and uoted for relationship advice in Men's Health Bustle Prevention Magazine Parade YourTango My Joy Online StyleCaster and The Real Daily I proudly claim fans in countriesI live in LA Lower Alabama The Deep South In I married my high school sweetheart Yes it was love at first sight and our chemistry still rocks my world I know I'm one of the lucky ones and thankful every day to be living happily ever after I know first hand that not all relationships have a rough beginning Some start off with a bang My goal is to make you laugh out loud and give you than one happy ending ; Therefore all of my books contain heavy doses of lust laughter and love My heroes are strong alpha males that know what they want and when they find it make it happen My heroines on the other hand are strong minded females but may or may not submit easily The back and forth banter is always epic I absolutely LOVE writing Thank you from the bottom of my heart for reading my stories supporting my passion and allowing me to live my dream You may reach me at any time for any reason at JessikaKlide AuthorJessikaKlidecom Enter My Perpetual Paperback Giveaway at.