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  • 03 April 2015

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  1. SueBee★bring me an alpha!★ SueBee★bring me an alpha!★ says:

    ★★★★ ½ The Lessons stand alone book 1 30 year old virgin hires sex surrogate to get rid of her pesky virginity but didn’t expect a tatted PhD student biker soccer player “He did not need him to be an Adonis A pre screened disease free surrogate with a penis would do the job well enough” Books in The Off Limits series are stand alones but most enjoyed if read in orderBook 1 The LessonsBook 2 The RulesBook 3 The MistakesThe Lessons book 1 opens up to 30 year old marketing executive and virgin Natalie Reese LeeLee having reached a milestone After years of putting herself last she has moved across the country to start fresh with a new career Also on her long list of “things to do before I turn thirty” is “cashing in her v card” She has scheduled time with a therapist and a sex surrogate to take care of thatNothing could have prepared her for PhD student and sex surrogate Ryan Andrews tatted soccer player and biker who has overcome much and is looking to graduate at the end of the semester Having had a brief encounter with Natalie at the library beforehand he knows she is off limits and he even tried getting out of becoming her surrogate The story goes onto follow Natalie and Ryan as he sets out to in a clinical way rid her of her hymen but fails miserably Their attraction is palpable and in the forbidden clandestine relationship that forms painful pasts secrets deceit and villains are revealed while allowing for many funny moments courtesy Natalie “Yes I called him mine He’s put his mouth on my vagina and I was feeling a little territorial about the whole thing” Eight words to describe Natalie Reese LeeLee uirky funny organized considerate sweet nurturing insecure and OCD Wait until you know a little about Ryan Andrews I predict he’ll wrap himself around your heart Eight words to describe Ryan Loyal caring smart focused survivor responsible charming and lonelyThe Lessons is a mixture or forbidden romance sexual tension and hilarious situations It ends on a high but chances are we can catch glimpses of Ryan and Natalie in book 2 Untitled about Ryan’s best friend and little sisterEntertaining plot Sidesplitting dialogue Endearing hero uirky heroine “No twist of fate was going to get between Ryan Andrews’s cock and my vagina” Hero rating 45 stars Heroine rating 4 starsSexual tension rating 4 starsSex scenes rating 4 starsSex scenes freuency 4 starsPlot rating 4 starsDialogue rating 45 starsStorytelling rating 45 starsStory ending rating 4 starsBook editing rating 5 no edits spotted NA ARCOverall rating 4 45 starsWould I recommend this book YesWould I re read this book Maybe laterWould I read future books by this author Yes Thanks to everyone reading along with me on IndieSTAR LIVE chat week LIVE CHAT FBR ARC provided to me by author Elizabeth Brown in exchange for an honest review

  2. ✰ Liz ✰ ✰ Liz ✰ says:

    45 Learning some lesson stars The Lessons is an upbeat romantic comedy made complete with uick witted dialogue and in depth characterization Elizabeth Brown brings a common dilemma to the table the curse of the 30 year old virigin and explores it through unconventional means If the plot alone hasn't captured your attention be assured that the racy scenes between the two main characters will bring you to your knees and leave you begging for Natalie is a planner You know the type She has meticulously strategized a plan for her life and makes every endeavor to stick to the plan I got out a big red pen It was time to make some edits Natalie Unfortunately as in most cases life doesn't always happen the way we expect or hope it to Natalie has just approached her 30th birthday Thirty Nothing like a milestone birthday to make you take stock of things And me? This birthday made me realize how ashamed I was and how far my life had swung off course NatalieNatalie is unmarried alone and despite her attractive physical features and successful career she has somehow managed to maintain virgin status At this point in her life her virginity is weighing her down and causing her severe anxiety Natalie bravely makes a new plan She decides to leave her current life in New York and venture to San Francisco where she will continue her professional success at a new job and turn in her V CardIt's time to get off my ass and get my life back on track Natalie What does one do when they want to safely rid of their virginity? Simple they hire a sexual surrogate Natalie is confident that once she has sex she will be able to move forward with her life and get back to the plan Things are bound to get better for her now that she is literally open to businessA sexual surrogate helps patients to fix sexual problems by serving as a stand in partner with whom to share physical and emotional intimacy The therapy may or may not include sexual intercourse Surrogates are freuently certified in fields such as counseling psychology or sexuality and they often work in conjunction with psychologists and other therapists to help the patient LivestrongHealthcom Natalie settles in uickly to her new home However the anticipation of meeting her new therapist and sexual surrogate looms over her like a black cloud When she finally meets her therapist she does her best to shield her insecurities The fact that Natalie is a product of the foster system and has recently lost her adoptive mother to cancer has left her on the defense regarding her emotions Natalie is gifted at self control and compartmentalizing her emotions When she meets her teacher Ryan her sexual surrogate the line between lust and love blurs into one colorful mess The lessons he has in store for her will demolish her self control and expose her to a completely different category of schoolingUh yeah my patnies are wet and I need an infusion of Ryan Andrews cock stat NatalieRyan is an upbeat successful guy He has been working on his doctorate in psychology and in order to make some extra money he works as a sexual surrogate He has never struggled maintaining professionalism and yet when he meets Natalie everything he has ever experienced is thrown at the window He uickly falls for her and begins to want then the standard sexual surrogate relationship He wants a genuine relationship with herShe was so soft so delicate My new client was so fcking hot it was messing with my brain Natalie was such a puzzle to me Coarse and rough one moment with a tomboyish sass and then innocent and unsure the next It both confused and enticed me it kept me on my toes like a puzzle I needed to solve RyanNatalie and Ryan who were brought together through unconventional means form a uick friendship They have so much in common and the sexual chemistry between the two is off the charts Ironically Natalie has nothing to compare it to which allows the reader to enjoy each sexual experience through her eyes Let's just say the magic of the first time' never felt so good Although the two try to maintain a professional patientdoctor relationship their paths are continuously crossing and the notion of sex without emotions is uickly cast offYes I called him mine He'd put his mouth on my vagina and I was a feeling a little territorial about the whole thing Sue me NatalieI throughly enjoyed the journey that these characters took together Ms Brown has an irrefutable ability to describe every detail with amusement sensuality and class My heart broke for Natalie and Ryan who were both striving to find the good in life Their journey is littered with rocky terrain as Natalie and Ryan grapple uestions of morality their past hurts and their ability to admit their feelings for each other It is when they come together emotinoally that true happiness is found I'd never wanted something someone so much in my life I'm not ever going to make that mistake again You make me so happy; you make me laugh RyanOverall I cannot rave enough about this read This fresh perspective on sexual norms and issues of the heart will leave you breathless I laughed I cried and I swooned with these characters through each and every page The dual POV gives you a clear panoramic view of each scene as the plot unfolds Additionally the glimpses into Ryan's past intensifies your empathy for his character The supporting characters were intriguing and I hope that we will see of this scooby crew If you are looking for a uniue romantic comedy look no further I anticipate amazing things to come from this author I look forward to reading of her work and I for one hope that there will be lessons to learn If Elizabeth Brown is teaching this student will be never be late to classBR with Mer and War Thank you ladies for learning some lessons right along with me ARC graciously provided by Elizabeth Brown in exchange for an honest reviewThe Lessons was read as part of a special Author Indie Star Chat on SHH at Thank you Elizabeth for spending a week talking with us about your work It was an amazing experience chatting with you while reading your bookFor reviewsrevealsgiveaways visit

  3. Patty ~ Wrapped Up In Reading Book Blog Patty ~ Wrapped Up In Reading Book Blog says:

    45 SMOKING HOT STARSARC Generously Provided by Author in Exchange for an Honest ReviewHe was attractive really ridiculously attractive all golden skin and silky dark hair that just grazed his collar Handsome in a way that just oozed masculinity and sex I mean not that I'd knowHOLY HELLThis was one HOT READ I LOVED IT Natalie Reese is a young woman on a mission Her mission is to lose her virginity The thing is she's THIRTY How is a beautiful and intelligent young woman still a V Card carrier??? She's just had some really bad luck in lifeNatalie is not a spontaneous person She had her whole life plan mapped out She knew exactly when she wanted to have her first boyfriend When she would start her new job and dump boyfriend number one and when she would meet boyfriend number two who would end up being her hubby Well nothing worked out according to her well thought out plansNatalie's first boyfriend who she had been with for several years ends up confessing to her that he is gay For whatever reason the two remain the best of friends However this kind of traumatized Natalie and she basically threw herself into her career and as years went by not a single man would stay in the picture very long once they knew she was still a virgin It seems that all of NYC knew of her lack of experience and so she went through a dry spellDetermined to get her life back on track she takes a job in San Francisco AND she hires herself a Sexual Surrogate Ladies I didn't know this actually existed Her sexual surrogate along with regular weekly visits to a therapist will help her work out her issues with intimacy She will meet with her sexual surrogate twice a week during which he will teach her to be comfortable with her body and sexuality and eventually they will even be getting it onDuring her first week in San Fran Natalie ends up at her local library where she runs into a hottie in a motorcycle jacket If guys like that actually visit the library then I am going straight down to mine and getting myself a library card Can you all guess what happens next??? Well the following week she meets her sexual surrogate who happens to be the hottie from the library Ryan will have your panties melting ladies NOEXAGGERATIONThis guy is HOT He's EDIBLE He knows what he's doing in the bedroom And let's not forget that he READS I absolutely loved Ryan The moment these two start their therapy sessions my tongue was wagging and I definitely needed a cold shower or Two or TEN Ms Brown delivers the STEAM in this one BRAVO WOMAN I really had such a good time reading this book and honestly I didn't want it to end I have to tell you all not once did I doze off You will see no sleeping bunnies in my review Just a lot of fanning myself I can't wait to read the next book which will be about another couple that you meet in this one and I have been promised that Ryan will make an appearance in the next book which makes this girl right here extremely HAPPYDo yourselves a favor and one click this book

  4. Carol [ Addict] Carol [ Addict] says:

    The Lessons is book one in the Off Limits series by Elizabeth Brown This is my very first book by Elizabeth Natalie Reese had made a plan for her life and not a single thing happened when it was supposed to For the most part none of it happened at all She was thirty years old and still a virgin Not one prospect to punch that V card So Natalie decides to change things up She is moving from New York to San Francisco She got a new job as marketing manager at Heaven Sent a lingerie company But that’s not why she specifically chose San Francisco She chose it because they had a well known and respected sex surrogate practice there Natalie has decided that this is the best way to become a non virgin Ryan Andrews is almost done with his PHD But with school costs a sister with medical bills and just the regular cost of living he needed income The perfect opportunity was the offer to become a sex surrogate Ryan doesn’t date Between his job and his life there just isn’t time Hopefully his new client will be his last one But when he saw her when he touched her he knew he wasn’t going to be able to walk away from herThis was the perfect mix of fun and snarky to serious and steamy These two were electric together Natalie’s head was so much fun to be inside of And Ryan Oh my dear sweet Ryan I couldn’t have loved him This man had so much on his shoulders Together these two are forced to navigate some pretty murky waters From ethical lines crossed to dishonest co workers in both their lives things get complicated fast I’ve been wanting to read this for so long and I’m so glad I finally did I really did enjoy it so much The next book is The Rules It is an older brother’s best friend romance and is Ainsley and Lambo’s story I can’t wait to read itFor about this book and so many others come and visit me at Carol's Crazy Bookish WorldhttpswwwfacebookcomgroupsCarol

  5. Lady Gabriella of Awesomeness (SLOW) Lady Gabriella of Awesomeness (SLOW) says:

    ACR Copy in exchange for an honest review ★★★★ 35 Lesson nA period of learning or teaching stars ★★★★Young Natalie Reese always knew exactly what she wanted from lifeGoalsDreamsShe had readily mapped out her life for fate to follow Natalie ReeseAnnual Life GoalPlans21 Boyfriend #1Lose Virginity22 Graduate from college secure paying job24 Break up with boyfriend #1 Enjoy 20 something life25 Promotion Boyfriend #226 Engagment27 Wedding28 Promotion29 Child #1But Fate being fatetaught her a hard lesson that life doesn't always go according to planNot for anyoneNow Single30 and alone Natalie decides to start afresh by moving to San Francisco for a clean slate to start living her life againAnd the first thing she's plans on cutting off from her list just happens to be A Her Virginity My Thoughts on the book Lessons started out kind of slow for meI couldn't really relate much to the characters or the plot for the first 30% But as the plot progressed my interest slowly grew as the characters and the plot line started to mature and develop My thoughts on the characters I cant say that I loved Natalie as a character because she was really difficult to relate to in the beginningIt took some work to really get into her headBut that was the whole pointWith her character being an Over Achiever throughout her youthAs a person she prefers discipline and control over wild and free PS When I say disciplineI mean discipline NOT BDSM Lol 50 shades has corrupted us all ; So she decides to loose her virginity in a controlled environment and in of a clinic manner than most are used throughThrough a sex surrogate But Passion never stays clinical does it ? It always finds a way to burn you inside outAnd that's how she meets Ryan AKA The man of her dreams AKA DrSexy MD in the makingRyan Sign Was there anything not to love about him ? I loved his character from the very beginning Possessivecharming and sweetRyan is exactly what book boyfriends are essentially made ofThough I did like them both together as a couple than individuals Final Verdict Overalla great ONE TIME readBut I liked the author's Determined series a bit than this oneSo if you end up rating this read a 4 or 5 make sure you do end up checking out her debut series

  6. Stacey is Sassy Stacey is Sassy says:

    The Lessons are in lies deceit and misconductI didn’t HATE The Lessons but I definitely had some issues with it This book is FULL of dishonesty She walks into the sexual therapist’s office with a prepared lie of why she is still a virgin The sexual surrogate meets the patient and deceitfully implies they are meeting for the first time With a signed agreement and rules in place by continuing to help the patient with her issues even though he starts having feelings for her the surrogate is misleading her and guilty of professional misconduct I struggled to believe this was a true love story when their whole relationship is built on lies But if I skimmed over the reality and kept my head in the clouds it wasn't too bad and was definitely HOTIf I could break down The Lessons I’d say I liked itor parts of it The heroine Natalie is pretty funny She has a potty mouth but looks like a hot librarian Ryan the hero is a good looking guy dedicated to his studies and devoted to his sister Natalie’s best friend Josh is a sweetheart and I actually liked Natalie’s co worker Brad too I thought Brad got the rough end of the stick to be honest The idea behind a sex surrogate was interesting I’m not fully convinced that it’s realistic to not grow to have feelings for a surrogate especially if the sex is ongoing Maybe it would be different if a couple was seeing a surrogate together instead of one on one So like I said parts of it were interesting I just struggled to BELIEVE what I was readingNatalie has not had the best life She went through the foster system until she was adopted by her mother Natalie lost her mother a year ago to cancer after a 3 year battle and in that time she had been her mother’s primary carer With life getting by and all her plans out the window she decides at the age of 30 to get cracking and make some new ones A move to a new city is her first step and the second and most important is to get her other v card dealt with Ryan has been a sexual surrogate for years He fell into the occupation by accident but it has helped him pay his bills look after his sister and also give him practical experience towards his psychology degree He’s never had a problem keeping his emotions out of the bedroom until he meets Natalie From the start he knows everything will blow up in his face but he can’t help but do it anywayNatalie and Ryan’s journey is not an easy one With all of their lies secrets and the emotions they hid from each other they really only have the sex to connect them Neither Natalie or Ryan know how the other is feeling and struggle because their own feelings keep getting stronger Natalie is trying to keep her emotions locked out so she doesn’t fall for Ryan She attempts to date someone else but Ryan knowing he doesn’t have the right still feels indignant and angry about it Outside forces are also messing with their livesOverall I didn’t hate The Lessons but I definitely didn’t love it either The connecting characters were just a little too conveniently connected the lies between the hero and heroine a little too much and the decisions they made did not give me warm fuzzies This just wasn’t a perfect fit for me I struggled between rating it a two or 3 star read but ended up going with 3 because I liked the charactersI just hated the lies deceit and misconduct I received a complimentary ARC via Netgalley for an honest reviewTo buy The Lessons from ’m an Aussie chick who loves to read and review romance drink coffee be a Style Setter and stalk David Gandy To see of my reviews fashion food and pervathons

  7. NiCoLeTa E. {Addicted To Books} NiCoLeTa E. {Addicted To Books} says:

    4 A different way to lose your virginity stars I honestly don't know from where to startI have to admit that the blurb intrigued me but in a way it scared me as wellI was afraid of what i will have to face My mind was running with hundred miles an hour and i was thinking the worst But nope my hesistation was so wrongThis book was a little bit weird especially in the beginning but then it became such a lovely and cute story I laugh i got sad i was a little bit anxious i smile and i got a little bit mad with our heroes but i will explain them all to you in a whileI honestly had an amazing time reading this oneNatalie was changing her life She moved out from New York to San Francisco with the prospect of a new job a new life and new social statusNatalie is still a virgin in her 29 years and she is going to San Francisco for another one reason She wants to lose her virginity and to continue with her to do list Yep she is from those kind of girls who had been in the same condition for almost a decade And for all of the above the blame goes to her college ex boyfriend who in a way traumatized her So she had found a safe way to succeed in this certain goalShe will use a professional sex surrogate to take care of this problem Thirty Nothing like a milestone birthday to make you take stock of things And me? This birthday made me realize how ashamed I was and how far my life had swung off course The old Natalie Reese had goals and dreams and a clear plan that mapped out my future That is until life reared its ugly head Nope now all of a sudden I was thirty I couldn’t make any excuses It was time to get off my ass and get my life back on track You're probably wondering what the hell is a sex surrogate ugh???I was having the same problemBut as Natalie explained in the book the definition of this term is Sex surrogates are used in conjunction with therapists to help people get over a variety of sexual um issues So it's real but it's also so weird Don't you think???But when she is about to meet her surrogate a big surprise is waiting for herHer sex surrogate is Ryan Andrews the sexy hottie that was flirting with her in the library the other day But now he is so differentHe is cold and he is treating her so clinical and so detachedAnd he is getting clean with her that for now on their relationship will be strict professional and nothing So what is going to happen as their sessions are moving and the things are getting intimate between them??? My new client was so fucking hot it was messing with my brain And there was no way I could tell her that Ryan Yes I called him mine He'd put his mouth on my vagina and I was a feeling a little territorial about the whole thing Sue me NatalieNatalie was such a lovely characterShe was a little bit out of this world but she was so cute and funny I liked her very muchShe wasn't having friends except her ex Yep the one that traumatised her she was a kid of the system she recently had lost her mother and as we all know she wasn't have intimating moments with guysShe was too good for her own good She was so open and she never did something that would bring another person in a difficult situationWhen she was embarassed she was so cute And when she was mad she was becoming fiesty and sassy and i liked thatAnd of course she did the only thing that she should not do She fell hard for her sex surrogate Being this close to Ryan all my feelings for him came crashing back Maybe it was a conditioned response maybe I’d fucked up and fallen for my therapist despite all the warnings but I didn’t care Ryan Andrews Damn Even in my thoughts i'm lusting over this guyHe was sexy intelligent handsome kind sweet in moments funny he was covered with tattoos and he was riding a motorcycle WowHis temporary job frustrated the hell out of me Honestly i can't wrap my head around this sex surrogation thing I'm trying but it doesn't seems i can Well Ryan had reasons for doing this job but i can't reveal them You should found them by yourselvesHe was near to graduation as an psychologist and Natalie was his last job as a sex surrogateBut he was having a hard time to get through those sessions with herNatalie had melt his heart in a way and as much as he was trying to restrict himself his heart was refusing to take the hintSo he was struggling all the time with himself and sometimes he was slipping from the must to wantRyan was also a very tormented character and i loved him Fuck who was I kidding? That wasn’t a lesson That was me being a selfish dick I was a little ashamed that I’d been so flagrant in my disregard for her situation but the truth was I felt a connection to her That’s all that there was to it; I wanted her for myself Well i really enjoyed this book The theme was intriguing I honestly didn't know anything about sex surrogationThe chemistry between Ryan and Natalie was electryfying from the very first moment but in their first sessions i became a little bit frustrating All the actions were soooo clinical It was like i was reading a visit on the doctor office and not sex scenes Yep Ryan was the doctor in this situation but i guess that i couldn't see him in that wayAnd because of their position there was so much denial that made me angryBut i really enjoyed the ride It was funny at times and emotional at others and the story was floating so goodNow i'm ready for Lambo and AinsleyI'm so curious about those two Ain broke my heart in the first book and i need details about her conditionI can't wait to see how Ryan will react in this match ARC kindly provided via NetGalley for the exchange of an honest review

  8. Rachel Reads Ravenously Rachel Reads Ravenously says:

    3 stars What happens when a thirty year old virgin hires a sex surrogate to take care of her little problem? I decided to read The Lessons on a whim because the premise sounded really intriguing At the age of thirty Natalie hasn't lost her virginity and she decides to take it into her own hands Hiring a company with a sexual surrogate the process takes her through her physical and emotional issues behind why she hasn't been intimate with anyone yet By chance she met Ryan her surrogate before her sessions in a normal setting As time goes by there are undeniable feelings between them but breaking the contract is complicated than you would thinkI really liked that the author would go behind the emotional issues behind why Natalie got to this point in her life and it's entirely believable She had a very hard time opening herself up to others based on her foster youth past and it got to a point where her age just made it worseI didn't really connect with this book because I felt the heroine was very oblivious and the hero just seemed a little too good to be true I would have enjoyed this if the characters had been a bit memorable I enjoyed myself as I read this book but I would not reread it again ARC provided via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review

  9. warhawke warhawke says:

    Type Standalone Book 1 of Forbidden seriesPOV First Person – DualExpected Publication Jul 20 2015Rating ❤️ ARC provided by the author in exchange for an honest review❤️ FBR with Mer and LizNatalie Reese was a planner She had The Plan which listed in order what she should achieve in her life including boyfriends marriage and kids If you ask me I’d say that alone will make some men scamper hahah But a semi traumatic event put The Plan to a screeching halt At 30 she was still a virgin and determined to rectify the situation once and for all by hiring a sex surrogateRyan Andrews was a Psychology PhD student working hard towards his graduation Being in health industry taught him to separate his professional and personal life However when his path crossed with Natalie it got harder to separate bothWhen I first found out about this book I knew I had to read it It certainly has a uniue premise – sex surrogacy Sex surrogate is part of a sex therapy team where the surrogate involved in sexual activity with the client for therapeutic purposes I mean I’d read enough terrifying and outright horrible losing it stories in Cosmo that I was sure if they could lower the price point they’d have a successful national chain on their hands Virgins ‘R Us Bed Sex and Beyond V Card Depot Natalie was charming in her own way She was sweet and somewhat innocent but it was balance by her potty mouth I like that even as a virgin she wasn’t too clueless about sexualityI love Ryan I mean he was smart handsome and had tattoos What’s not to love? He was a professional but beyond that he was just a man who had needs He was also very responsible I never would have thought I’d be turned on watching a guy drink a Strawberry Frappe but there you go Another character I love was Brad He was one of her suitors Josh her best friend was also very likeable As for the story I thought it was a fresh outlook when it comes to breaking the barrier pun totally intended of virginity story The plot was simple but it had enough twists to make it engaging My concern is that the big issue at the end was resolved too easilyuickly Personally I felt it could use a little elaboration because there were some uestions hanging in the air I also wish for character physical descriptions I’m a visual person When I read a book I like to play them like movies in my headThe Lesson is recommended to those who like a light funny story with a uniue premise It will make you laugh cringe in a good way and swoon from beginning to the endFor reviewsrevealsgiveaways visit

  10. Alba and Her Secrets..♥ Alba and Her Secrets..♥ says:

    35 Plans and To Do Lists Stars I decided to read The Lessons after recieving the ARC of the second book of the series it belongs to The Rules and also because it was already on my TBR list actually I believe put it there after reading The Sex Surrogate by Jessica Gadziala lol I was a little bit worried because of the mixed reviews and well obviously I have to agree with some of my friends that this was a little bit disappointing The Lessons is the first stand alone book in Elizabeth Brown's Off Limits series and it is the story of Natalie Reese a thirty year old virgin that decides to move to San Francisco after finding a sex surrogate and therapist to get rid of her virginity and Ryan Daniels said doctor who happens to be a super hot and tattoed man with a misterious and fucked up past and who also finds himself attracted to Natalie from their first meeting Natalie was such a puzzle to me Course and rough one moment with a tomboyish sass and then innocent and unsure the next It was confusing as hell but my dick seemed to like it Let's start with what I enjoyed about this novel My likings are all related to the same thing Elizabeth's writing It is very easy to follow and the story is very well written I really enjoyed her funny scenes and also obviously the sex scenes They were really hot Dammit his common sense and good lookingness were so frustrating Why’d he have to be so golden and delicious? Like a fucking Nilla wafer My own personal Nilla wafer“I like this dress Natalie” “Should I keep it on?” I asked innocently He leaned into my ear and whispered gruffly “Not a chance” However what frustrated me about The Lessons were actually the characters especially Natalie I did not feel a connection with them and also I did not feel the connection between them not until the end of the book This was not very emotional and I need that I need to feel everything while reading Moreover Natalie got on my nerves several times she is kind of annoying really She is so obssessed about her 'condition' and everything revolves around it I did not feel the love because of that It started really good with their first meeting but after that not my cup of tea “I thought we were over” “Babe we haven’t even started yet” Therefore and unfortunately my rating for The Lessons is 35 STARS As I said the plot and the writing was good but I think the connection with the characters is really important too I really hope the second installment will be better I will start reading it now and it actually looks good after knowing a little bit about Ainsley and Lambo in this book And I know some of my friends actually enjoyed this novel so check it out if you want to CHECK OUT MY BLOG HERE

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The Lessons Off Limits #1❮PDF / Epub❯ ✅ The Lessons Off Limits #1 Author Elizabeth Brown – uestion What happens when a thirty year old virgin hires a sex surrogate to take care of her little problemAnswer Lots of laughs and tons of heat You'll be left wanting a Dr Ryan Andrews of your own W uestion What happens Off Limits eBook ☆ when a thirty year old virgin hires a sex surrogate to take care of her little problemAnswer Lots of laughs and tons of heat You'll be left wanting a Dr Ryan Andrews of your own Warning This story contains mature humor a lot of cursing and of course sexual situations It’s intended for adult readers who enjoy that kind of thing Sexual Surrogate Definition A sexual surrogate sometimes called a surrogate partner is a member of a The Lessons PDF/EPUB or sex therapy team consisting of clients supervising therapist and surrogate Some couples attend sexual surrogacy sessions together while some people either single or in a couple attend them alone The surrogate engages in education and often intimate physical contact andor sexual activity with clients to achieve a therapeutic goal Wikipedia Dual POV with no cliffhanger Stand alone book in The Off Limits series.

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