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Teacher (A Hollywood Rock n Romance Trilogy, #2) [Reading] ➶ Teacher (A Hollywood Rock n Romance Trilogy, #2) By R.L. Merrill – In Teacher Jesse Martin and Danny Black find a love that neither of them ever thought possible under the most unusual circumstances Many obstacles stood in the way of their budding romance including t In Teacher Jesse Martin and Danny Black find a love that neither of them ever thought possible under the most unusual circumstances Many obstacles stood in the way of their budding romance including their student teacher relationship an unstable ex wife and the uestion of whether Danny’s voice would ever be rock ready again But when Danny’s year old daughter Jane removes the most important obstacle by giving them her blessing it's time to celebrate The Second Act finds these two lovers navigating a fresh relationship with new roles and expectations Together they share new experiences that bring them closer and really bring on the heat Danny works at chipping away the wall Jesse has built to protect herself and she tries to keep him grounded as Blackened heads to the studio to record their masterpiece Then life places new obstacles in the way of our adoring couple Jesse’s health takes a turn for the worse Danny scrambles to finish school and a meddling mom sticks her nose in where it doesn’t belong making Jesse uestion once again whether or not she’ll ever fit into Danny’s world A whirlwind turn of events brings them closer then threatens to tear them apart Will their new love survive the insanity that is Danny’s life Will Jesse fight to keep her new family together Will Cosmo accept that Sunday Shower Day is detrimental to his love life These uestions and will be explored in Teacher The Second ActTHIS NOVEL IS MEANT FOR READERS DUE TO EVEN STEAMIER SEX CRAZIER HIJINKS AND ENOUGH FOUL LANGUAGE TO MAKE A ROCK STAR BLUSH.

  • Kindle Edition
  • 257 pages
  • Teacher (A Hollywood Rock n Romance Trilogy, #2)
  • R.L. Merrill
  • English
  • 13 September 2014

About the Author: R.L. Merrill

Once upon a time A teacher tattoo collector mom and rock 'n' roll kinda gal opened up a doc and started purging her demons Several self published books and a debut from Dreamspinner Press later with tucked away in her evil lair RL Merrill is still striving to find that perfect balance between real life and happily ever after You can find her lurking on social media where she loves.

10 thoughts on “Teacher (A Hollywood Rock n Romance Trilogy, #2)

  1. Julie Garrett Julie Garrett says:

    The story of Jesse an Danny continues in this book things are much intense an steamier Watching what they endure an how they deal with the things that pop up made me happy sad an pissed off There are some pretty intense sex scenes happening an wow are they hot Getting over this book hangover will take me awhile If you looking for a book that will make laugh cry an wanna smack someone this is the book for you

  2. Cyndi Becker Cyndi Becker says:

    If I loved and connected with the characters in RL Merrills’ Teacher A Hollywood Rockin’ Romance Trilogy Part One the feeling uadrupled in Teacher Act Two The story picks up where Teacher left us hanging yes its trilogy so expect some cliff hangers But they are well timed to the storyline In TA2 Jesse and Danny are now in the midst of Danny's daughter Jane moving in with him full time Jesse navigating her feelings and trying to rectify what she thinks is “right” versus what makes sense and Danny attempting to get back to music Again we get the story through Jesse’s POV only this time it's with her poor blood shot eyes Boy did I feel for Jesse She’s kinda a hot mess but the kind where her sensibilities and logical nature are the cause She’s unselfish and yet she’s not which is the biggest conundrum I have with her She’s putting up a fight what she believes is for the greater good but she’s got on a pair of scratched up rose colored glasses and is not in the best place for making decisions I’ll give her this I think she knows it but she doesn't plea her case very clearly Naturally the mere aspect of their jobs leaves a huge gap in their lifestyles Combine that with the difference in their ages and the canyon that divides them completely understandable But relationships are all about bridging those gaps The problem is Jesse fights it and she fights it at the worst time creating a cycle of physical and emotional upheaval making herself vulnerable all the way around She just can’t seem to get in front of it to find stable footing This impacts their relationship and follows her even when she thinks she may be past it Her actions and reactions are completely plausible even if a bit frustratingAnd Danny boy well he stays the course while his frustrations pile up Lordy do I love this man’s tenacity For all the trials and tribulations he’s been through he knows what he feels what he has and what he wants He never wavers and I absolutely adore this uality About some of Danny’s ualitiesMs Merrill turned up the heat in this installment Perhaps it's partly Danny’s incessant devotion and the increase in comfort levels with each other Whatever it is my commendations There are a few notable scenes errr positions that are not often referred to in erotic romance and with Jesse’s training as a dancer there’s some flexibility for the author to creatively write this into these scenes I think I may have to end EVERY review I write for RL Merrill’s books pointing out her descriptive writing style and the development of her characters Even the less seen secondary characters are easy to place easy to understand who and what they are to the story So once again my fandom is substantiated The final book should be out over the summer we can only hope its sooner rather than later5 #HeartAndSoul stars and my recommendationI was given this book I exchange for an honest review

  3. Sassy Beta Reading & Review Sassy Beta Reading & Review says:

    OMG I loved this one almost as much as number 1 and that one is pretty hard to beat The only thing that kept this one from beating number 1 was all the cryingThere were so many tears shed in this book by Jesse Jane and Danny that it got to be a little too much and I would find myself skimmingI love the continuation of the story line There were a few parts that dragged and I could have done without and really didn't add to the progression of the story but I like Jesse and Danny so much that I am willing to overlook it The dialogue between the characters was just as good as in number 1 the details great and the story line continued to entertainAll in all another great read and I can not wait to read number 3 I hope I don't have to wait too long I'm anxiousThis is a multi pov read part 2 of the series and CAN NOT be read as a stand alone But as good as the series is why would you want to only read this one anyway?Would I recommend this book? YesWould I read from this author? AbsolutelySassy Beta Reading Reviewwwwfacebookcomsassybetareading

  4. Debra Debra says:

    Absolutely loved Teacher Act Two kept the story going in a good direction with progression of all the characters Can't wait to see how Act Three turns out need Danny and Jesse

  5. Jamie Jamie says:

    This review can also be found on was lucky enough to receive review copies of those books by the author And in the end I think she gave me book two only because I basically begged her to LOL So thank you ladyThis is the story of Jesse Martin who works as a teacher but barely makes ends meet When the school year comes to an end and she realizes that she might not have a job for the next one she becomes desperate Or let's say she looks for way to support not only herself but her parents as well Her savior should come in the form of rock god Danny Black Out with a voice that is currently healing from surgery he wants to make his daughter proud and earn his high school diploma And Jesse is just the one that is supposed to help him with that While going on this learning journey the two of them soon realize that there is to those study sessions than simple learning about math or science They learn about each other and about themselves and before they can help it school is not the only thing on their mind anyThat is all I'm gonna say storywise Simply because you're supposed to read the story not have me recollect it for you So go and get the book now You will enjoy itI truly loved Jesse's character She's selfless to the bone always looking out for others before looking out for herself She takes care somewhat of her rowdy neighbors sends money to her parents to make sure they can get by and would most likely help whatever random person she meets on the street if necessary That's just the kind of person she is And I love that in her Plus she doesn't let anything get her down Not the way money is tight not the way Danny is acting towards her in the beginning She's tackling every problem head on and doesn't shy away from them The only life altering decision she thinks about longer is something that happens in book two but I won't spoil you what it is Let's just say it was something where I could completely understand her hesitation or need to keep a clear head and some distanceDanny on the other hand is truly amazing as well You would think being the rock god he is it had gotten to his head but he's a kind and caring person that does so many things for the people around him that it's hard not to fall in love with him And then the way he deals with his daughter is beautiful as well If there's one thing in this world that Danny loves it's his daughter and he would literally do anything for her Like getting his high school diploma It's such a great thing to watch And seeing Danny go from the grumpy man he was in the beginning to the person he is at the end of book two is already amazing When it comes to helping people Danny and Jesse are similar always wanting to make sure that others are okay before looking at themselves RL Merrill's writing flows easily so that you have no trouble getting sucked into the story With everything that happens in book one and two it's easy to fall in love with the characters and yet feel the need to yell at them from time to time It's emotional no doubt about that because as usual not everything is rainbows and sunshine But the writing makes it easy to get lost and just enjoy the ride completely I for one cannot wait to read the third book in this series It's truly been a pleasure reading these two books so I wanna say thank you again to RL Merrill for letting me read her work Definitely gonna keep at it Both books have received four book boyfriends from meAlways yoursYvi

  6. Melissa Melissa says:

    I received a copy of the ebook in exchange for my honest opinionThis book continues where book #1 Teacher left off with a cliffhanger I love the story of Danny and Jesse How cute are they together? Once again the characters leap off of the pages This is in Jesse's POV and I love it but I wish we could know Danny's POV Now we see how they both handle being together and dealing with life challenges Danny's ex wife decides she can not take care of their daughter Jane any so she gives Danny full custody How would you react if your boyfriend's daughter had to move in with him? If you love him then you would love her Right? Well we hopeJesse has this wall built around her She needs to start tearing it down so Danny and Jane can get to the other side of the wall Jesse has 2 issues with Danny's life One he has money Jesse is used to scraping by Face it they are polar opposite when it comes to money Two Jesse does not want anyone to take care of her which is what Danny wants to do She is used to doing everything on her own Now Jesse has Danny and his daughter Jane who is so cute I believe that Jesse not wanting to move in with Danny and his daughter is for a good reason She does not want to set a bad example for his daughter I can get this a lot Being raised Catholic I was told a lot that you had to be married to a man before you lived with one Being a young girl his daughter is impressible She may one day say to both Jesse and her dad hey you lived with Jesse before you both got marriedWill Jesse accept Danny's support? Will Jesse break down that wall? I think they can work through this☆☆☆☆☆I give this book 5 out of 5 starsWould I recommend this book? Yes Author? YesWould I read from this author? YesHappy ReadingMelissa

  7. Amy Amy says:

    Teacher Act Two continues the heartwarming story of Danny and Jesse I fell in love with their story in book one and book two does not disappoint RL Merrill’s writing is top notch It is very descriptive and the development in her characters is flawless As Danny and Jesse move forward with their relationship we get to see their struggles individually and as a couple The love they share is definitely a one of a kind love I love the relationship Jesse is building with Jane and how close they have become Jane needs the love and tenderness of a mother figure and Jesse is a great role model for her I am happy to see Jesse letting go a little and trusting the love and devotion her and Danny share for one another I definitely recommend this trilogy I can’t wait to get my hands on Teacher the Final Act and see what else RL Merrill has in store for Danny Jesse Jane and everyone else in their lives Of course at the same time it will be sad because there isn’t another one to continue their story

  8. SiKReviews SiKReviews says:

    In the first book we watched Danny and Jesse fall in love Let's face it in the first book we all fell in love with Danny and Jesse In this second book we watch as their love grows and evolves And important with every new chapter I fell even in love with the rocker and his teacher Jesse has been fighting for so long on her own she is afraid to let down that last wall to Danny Danny is afraid she will never let that wall down Will she leave him too? We learn a bit about Nora and her story What a strong and amazing woman she is And what can I say about Jane? I love that kid Heck she really isn't just a kid any I read this book in less than 12 hours To say I devoured it would be a gross understatement I can easily see this as a movie I can't wait for the next book Oh BTW Ms MerrillIFLY

  9. Sara Sara says:

    Teacher Act Two is just as amazing if not better than Teacher I loved the continuation of Danny and Jesse's story All the characters are so well developed and we get to know Danny and Jesse's families a little better All the secondary characters add to the story and help to make it so much than just story I absolutely cannot wait for Teacher the Final Act to come out so I can see the resolution to the story I am completely in love with Danny and I can't wait to see what he does next RL Merrill is one of my new favorites

  10. Lela Lela says:

    I was so glad to see that this book has a continuation to it Danny and Jesse make a perfect pair even with their ups downs In this book you find out if Danny is able to sing again and where exactly the relationship is going between the pair Jesse gets sick and has to take a hard look at herself and what she wants from life as well as Danny I was also pleased to see that Jane had a active roll in this book I love how she was incorporated into the story line

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