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Wall of Dust [PDF / Epub] ✅ Wall of Dust Author Timothy P. Niedermann – Thomashillier.co.uk Wall of Dust is a story of the human spirit—of the pain of loss and the struggle to recover Aisha a Palestinian schoolteacher becomes deranged after most of her class is accidentally killed by a mis Wall of Dust is a story of the human spirit—of the pain of loss and the struggle to recover Aisha a Palestinian schoolteacher becomes deranged after most of her class is accidentally killed by a missile fired from an Israeli gunship She begins a strange Wall of ePUB ½ ritual throwing stones at the “security barrier” the eight meter tall concrete wall that separates much of the West Bank from Israel She shouts the name of each dead child and hurls a stone at the concrete monolith Initially alone she is soon joined by others and her little ritual takes the form of a mass protest At several points she might be stopped or worse but she is helped in small but significant ways by several other characters Israeli and Palestinian Each character who intercedes has experienced a loss—a career dead end a family estrangement a crisis of faith a simple loss of hope—that guides their actions The acts are small and personal a sniper misses a shot a teacher comforts a stranger embraces a father forgives an Islamist relents Lyrically written full of compassion for the people of Palestine and Israel and for the land they inhabit together.

6 thoughts on “Wall of Dust

  1. Imen Benyoub Imen Benyoub says:

    this book is breathtaking my very first novel about Palestinian cause written by a non Arab writer Aishagriefstricken because of the loss of her children in a missile attack on a primary school where she teachesstarts a strange ritual of throwing stones on the ugly separation wall with nothing expected but to relive her anger with time she becomes a leader and people follow her steps and consider her a symbolthis book transported me right there because of the rich poetic description the olive trees symbol of resistance and endurance in Palestine were at the center of the conflict and at the heart of the story i loved Aishaher character and her inspiring strength and the most special about this book too was how this school teacher affected so many lives Idith an Israeli woman who suffers identity issues and estrangement in a country that she doesn't know whether she considers hers or not the Hamas leaders even the soldier in the turret who witnessed this ritual for weeks and was somehow moved by itthe moment that will stuck in my memory forever is when the wall collapsed and from a hole Palestinian watched with awe and amazment the other side of their raped land which was to them like a piece of heaven hidden by a wallabsolutely satisfying and movingsaturated with humanitya must read xx

  2. Ghada Arafat Ghada Arafat says:

    I just loved it It really takes your breath away and I enjoyed the descriptions of the feelings and contradictions in the novel To build not to build why we do something we do uestioning some young believes all are presented in the novel the way here in Palestine we feel and think I would strongly recommend it

  3. Reema Reema says:

    she had turned and was walking away back up the hill toward theolive grove as she always did'وبكره راجعين لـ أرضكَ يا فلسطين قصة جميلة Inspiring Story of Young Palestinian Teacher Shows part of Palestinian Struggle and focused on humanitarian side in Palestinian israeli issue to explain to the World the daily Suffering to live with ' a Wall ' that occupied your country your land and your Freedomsince the writer is non Palestinian this is the main reason that's make me read itI liked the idea of Description Olive trees in story it means to us as Arabs and muslims the Symbol of Palestinian hope to get palestine back and it will be

  4. Alice Alice says:

    Fully recommend this book It is absolutely beautifully written the descriptions of the landscape bring you write in until you are there standing staring up at the wall and aware of the futility of everything I really liked the way it was told from the perspective of different characters and I thought all the characters were developed really well To be honest my only criticism was that it was too short I didn't want to leave the characters behind and felt really sad when the book ended

  5. Caroline Vu Caroline Vu says:

    A beautifully written tale of a young Palestinian teacher coming to term with the death of her students

  6. Ian Shaw Ian Shaw says:

    Wall of Dust will keep you engaged from page one This is a must read for anyone remotely interested in the Palestinian Israeli dilemma Tim Niedermann excels at portraying the human cost to conflict

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