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The Secrets We Keep ❰Epub❯ ➞ The Secrets We Keep Author Jonathan Harvey – It's hard being that woman the one whose husband disappeared It's made me uite famous I just wish it was for something else He went out five years ago for a pint of milk and never came back So here I It's hard being that woman the one whose husband disappeared It's made me uite famous I just wish it was for something else The Secrets MOBI :↠ He went out five years ago for a pint of milk and never came back So here I am with a daughter who blames me for all that's wrong in the world a son trying his best to pick up the pieces and a gaggle of new neighbours who are over friendly and incredibly nosy Then I find a left luggage ticket in the pocket of one of his old coats and suddenly I'm thinking What's if he's not dead What if he's still out there somewhereYou think you have the perfect life the perfect kids and then it's all turned inside out What if I don't like what I find And is it a chance I'm willing to take.

About the Author: Jonathan Harvey

Harvey was born in Liverpool in He has a brother Timothy Harvey who is a music teacher in Chester His first serious The Secrets MOBI :↠ attempt as a playwright was in Fuelled by the attraction of a £ first prize to young writers from the Liverpool Playhouse the result was The Cherry Blossom Tree a garish blend of suicide murder and nuns This effort won him the National Girobank Young Writer of.

10 thoughts on “The Secrets We Keep

  1. Shirley Revill Shirley Revill says:

    Natalie and Danny have a wonderful family and lifestyle but everything alters for Natalie one day and life will never be the same Danny popped out to get a pint of milk but he never returned home and Natalie's life came crashing down Danny is missing presumed dead and eventually Natalie has to sell the house they lived in and move to give her some money to survive on She moves to a street with some very nosy and over friendly neighbours You know the type with twitchy curtains who thrive on gossip for after all she is the woman with the missing husband One day Owen Natalie and Danny's son finds a left luggage ticket from years ago in the lining of his father's coat and Natalie starts to wonder is Danny still alive The story keeps flipping to each of the characters in the story and the most annoying was Cally whose voice made you cringe In fact if you watch Coronation Street Cally just sounded like Rosie Webster and I'm left wondering if it in fact it was The story made me smile at times and I never expected the story to end as it didThis is the first book that I have listened to by Johnathan Harvey and I will listen to other stories in the future Not a five star book this time but I feel sure I will be luckier with the next audiobook by Johnathan Harvey

  2. Louise Louise says:

    A very readable book I found all the characters annoying at times for a variety of reasons frustrating that some of the stories were just left but I guess you need some unanswered uestions and the coincidence at the end was a bit much But overall an enjoyable easy to read story

  3. Peter Birchenough Peter Birchenough says:

    Pure Jonathan Harvey Comic genius weaving his web and drawing you in to the lives of the hip and trendy turned conventional family Laughed out loud at the humour which is unheard of for me Worth a read if you are just wanting some comic escape from today's troubles

  4. Lisa Baynes Lisa Baynes says:

    I love this author and the latest book didn't disappoint I like the narration coming from each character and it makes the book impossible to put down Dark themes but the usual humour included too

  5. Jayne Charles Jayne Charles says:

    I think it was the plotline outlined on the back cover that intrigued me and made me buy this book man goes missing and years later a left luggage ticket in his name turns up What could the left luggage beUltimately the handling of this element of the story was much like the rest of it a damp suib It was written with undeniable energy and wit but there was a tendency to build up dramatic situations only to have them peter out or just drop them as if we didn't need to know what happened next The sections written from the point of view of typical teenager Cally were my least favourite with their FREUENT SHOUTY CAPITALS and thoroughly unlikely events I know the author was taking the mickey out of how annoying teenagers can be but unfortunately she was just that annoying

  6. Adam Adam says:

    My second Jonathan Harvey book and this one did not disappoint Much like the first book I just couldn't put it down I needed to know what was happening and where the story was headed My one criticism was Cally I found her chapters a bit boring I wasn't sure what she actually brought to the story but it came together in the end The end Ahhhhh I'm not sure how I feel about it right now but my gut tells me that it was right Go and read

  7. Linda Linda says:

    I've read enough to know I won't finish it I hate the teenage daughter if she were mine I'd have told her to get lost long ago

  8. Rob Rob says:

    I love the writings style of Jonathan but for this one I wasn’t a fan of the ending For me there were too many loose ends which was disappointing Great book though and brilliant story telling

  9. Hayley Summerfield Hayley Summerfield says:

    I bought this book as part of a Jonathan Harvey bundle This is the first book of his that I've read so I wasn't sure what to expect It turned out to be a pleasant surprise I enjoyed the storyline and warmed to the characters

  10. Anna Anna says:

    Very disappointing Promised much at the beginning but delivered littleDanny Natalie are married with 2 children Owen Cally It is a story about their secrets It starts with Danny having been missing for 5 years Owen has been having a secret affair with his mum's best friends husband Cally lies to go to London to do modelling Owen finds a left luggage ticket in his dads coat pocket when Natalie tracks down who collected it she finds out that it was another of the women that Danny had been having an affair with

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