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From Tours to Paris French Illusions Book 2 ❀ [EPUB] ✸ From Tours to Paris French Illusions Book 2 By Linda Kovic-Skow ❤ – As she did in her first book My Story as an American Au Pair in the Loire Valley Linda Kovic Skow brought me right into her world of romance and adventure and kept me turning the pages through her des to Paris ePUB ¹ As to Paris French Illusions PDF or she did in her first book My Story as an American Au Pair in the Loire Valley Linda Kovic Skow brought me right into her world of romance and adventure and kept me turning the pages through her descriptive and engaging writingI'm Free Life is gooduntil it isn'tStill determined to learn French and fulfill her dream of becoming an international flight Tours to Paris French Illusions Kindle - attendant Linda puts her disastrous stint as an au pair behind herShe finds lodging enrolls at the French institute and From Tours Epub / spends eight glorious days with Adam before he leaves for the holidaysWhen he returns his shocking announcement propels her in a different directionPurchase the second and final book in the French Illusions Series now with one click and join Linda as she struggles with money faces challenges at school and learns some tough lessons about life and love.

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  1. Susan Susan says:

    Hopefully you read book one of French illusions if so it left you wanting the story to continue At the end of book 1 Linda is moving she wants to stay in France and convinces her parents to continue to support her so she can stay another year Beside wanting time to learn French she definitely doesn't want to leave her boyfriend behind and France is a pretty cool place to live How wonderful to have lunch sitting outside a beautiful café by the river every day So life was pretty good school was good friends were good France was good and then Christmas came Great happenings here but I am not going to tell you so proud of Linda So much I could say remember this is a memoir not fiction Linda finds her own apartment in a house and life is looking good handsome boyfriend who seems to have money to take them places but she is never sure how he makes his money by the way her landlord did not really care for the boyfriend who is the best judge of character here? when he has to go away with a friend to make money she isn't sure if she will see him again but he does return and when she finishes school they move to Paris Linda has exceeded her time in France that her parents thought she should stay but as a young daughter of loving parents when she calls and not only begs to stay longer but asks for money also her parents agree to a short time During this short time many things come to light about her boyfriend and I am not going to tell you any As you can tell from the front of the book Linda found the best man ever and they are still happily married I am lucky and have met both Linda and Alan I know this review may seem cryptic but it is such a great follow on and I would hate to spoil it If you haven't read book 1 get it and read it and then read this one everything will make sense if you do and you will love them both I wonder if another book is on the horizon

  2. Lisa Kearns Lisa Kearns says:

    I read and reviewed Linda Kovic Skow's first book French Illusions a year ago and had been looking forward to reading this seuel I enjoyed this second book even than the first because the author was experienced in life and had mastered enough French to be able to communicate In fact the French conversations sprinkled throughout the book with translations gave the characters and setting a very authentic feelAfter escaping the nightmarish au pair job that brought her to France the author moved to Tours and attended a French language school Her vivid descriptions of the beautiful countryside and architecture the food and wine and the people she met made me feel I was actually there with her And of course being young and living in a romantic country she fell in love with a man She spent her time between school discotheues visits to tourist attractions and adventures with friends and her boyfriendI was about her age in the 1980s so many of her references to popular music and clothing styles were very familiar I also remember the casual '80s attitudes about sex and drugs and I fondly remember how it felt to be responsibility free working and playing hard and money poor but rich in happiness This was a time before cell phones Skype and email so living far from home meant being out of touch and feeling homesick during holidays The author had to use public pay phones to place collect calls to her parents and she spent anxious days waiting for money transfers from home to be able to buy food and pay her rentI loved the descriptions of Paris where she lived for the last six weeks of her time in France She made me long to see the Eiffel Tower and the Louve for myself But the part I enjoyed most about this book was the Author's Note at the end which tells the reader what eventually happened in her life and the lives of the people she knew in France I think Ms Kovic Skow would be a hoot to know in real life and I enjoyed this glimpse into her fun and turbulent young adult yearsI received a complimentary copy of this book directly from the author in exchange for writing a review I wasn't asked to leave a positive review nor was I paid or otherwise compensated for reviewing this book I give this book five stars for realistic characters a peek into the culture of the 1980s and an insider's view of France

  3. Ionia Ionia says:

    Usually I am not much for memoirs but Linda Kovic Skow writes such personal and intriguing memoirs that hers are one of my dedicated exceptions to this rule From Tours to Paris is an interesting read of a young woman experiencing life and love away from home From financial worries to matters of the heart this honest memoir leaves nothing out Written from the authors journals and her memories this is a heartfelt book that will keep you turning pages and happily entertained until the very end I liked that she included so much emotion in this book describing her experiences and love affairs both with the city and some genuinely interesting people This is the kind of book that reminds you good food good friends and your will to survive trying situations can get you through almost anything I could identify easily with many of her thoughts and feelings Particularly I was impressed with the way Linda chose to end this book I didn't feel that anything was left hanging and although I was curious about what happened later in her life I felt satisfied at the end Overall this was a pleasant and enjoyable read that roused a lot of emotion and curiosity within me Even if you are not a huge fan of memoirs this book will most likely still delight you It gets my vote This review is based on a complementary copy from the author in exchange for an honest review All opinions are my own

  4. Cheryl Malandrinos Cheryl Malandrinos says:

    I had the pleasure of editing the first book in this series French Illusions so I was thrilled when Linda contacted me and asked me to edit her latest memoir which is a follow up to Book OneIn some ways the books are similar the beauty of France the spontaneous adventures of being in a foreign country when you are young and untethered the sheer joy of being in love For the most part however From Tours to Paris is a very different story told in the same elegant and engaging manner While the first book finds Linda dealing with the conseuences of a decision in From Tours to Paris the reader watches as she blossoms moving out on her own learning French and meeting new people In addition the reader is left sympathizing with her as she is dealt a terrible blow and must once again move in a different directionIt's always a joy to read Linda's work I hope she will continue to create captivating stories for her loyal and growing audience

  5. Becky Corwin-Adams Becky Corwin-Adams says:

    More Fun in FranceI have been looking forward to reading this book for uite a while I enjoyed the first book in the series and I was anxious to read about Linda's adventures after she was fired from her position as a nanny Like many young adults Linda fell in love She was head over heels for a guy who borrowed money from her and sometimes disappeared for a few days or weeks The young people and their friends liked to drink smoke and party even though they seemed to have a constant cash flow issue Linda had gone to France to learn the language and become an airline stewardess Read the book to find out if she achieved that goal I highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a well written memoir

  6. Patricia Ruiz Patricia Ruiz says:

    A complicated few monthsAs a follow up to French ILLUSIONS I think this book was about ILLUSIONS than book one because Linda learned so much about life Her descriptions of Paris and a 21 year old woman's response to the city made me smile She was so bold and strong I admired her decisions and focus on learning French even though her original goal was swallowed in the months living away from family

  7. Irene Moyer Irene Moyer says:

    Another good oneRead first book A very gutsy woman Enjoyed it So when I saw this discussed on We Love Memoirs Facebook page I got it Enjoyed it also Glad Michel did not turn out too badly Her husband must be amazing

  8. Alan Alan says:

    This book continues with Linda's life in France after she parts ways with the Dubois family There are adventures and lessons learned the hard way in this haunting final volume of French Illusions

  9. Emma Emma says:

    Fun memoir of a young American girl in France Good food drinks and friends help when life gets toughmy full review is here

  10. Audio Audits Audio Audits says:

    From Tours to Paris is the continuation of the youthful adventures of Linda Kovic If you haven’t listened to French Illusions Book 1 get it now When we left off our traveler moved from the Loire Valley to the college town of Tours to enroll in a french language course for one uarter All on the dime of her understanding parentsThere Linda continues her relationship with Adam but all’s not what it seems when Adam comes back from a planned trip and drops a bombshell on Linda Devastated Linda jumps from the frying pan into the fire when she meets MichelI didn’t think this audiobook could top the first one but it did As a girl I joined the Air Force at 18 years old I could totally relate to all the feelings and emotions that a 21 year old Linda experienced I could empathize with her naivety and trust towards men in particular Especially if you are brought up in a sheltered environment with two loving parents I’m sure some will say that they were never that guileless even at 21 I say good for you but there are many of us who wereI also felt a strong connection when Linda revealed a family member was bipolar I married someone who was bipolar and her feelings and concerns about it rang true to me I almost felt like we lived parallel lives in some ways The best part is Linda Kovic Skow didn’t leave her listeners hanging at the end and she lets us know what happened to her relationships after returning homeLucy Floyd once again did a wonderful job narrating this 9 plus hour audiobook the switch between English and French was perfectly suited for all us non french speaking listeners The audio production was clear and the sound uality was excellentThank you Linda for an honest and intriguing glimpse into your young adult lifeThis audiobook was gifted to me exchange for an unbiased review

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