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  • 09 February 2014

10 thoughts on “The Sirens of Falkeld

  1. Patrick Hodges Patrick Hodges says:

    Yes I a grown man am reading a book about MERMAIDSAnd loving it I may addJulie Tuovi's brilliant debut The Sirens of Falkeld brings the reader in the dismal war torn setting of WWII Scotland where a young man named Cade is desperate to save his ailing grandfather His last hope is to somehow catch a maighdean maara one of a group of legendary mermaid like creatures that allegedly grant a wish to whomever catches her But nothing's that simpleComplicating matters is The Admiral a cold callous evil military leader who has come to the island of Muireall in search of an ancient Spanish treasure and who believes that it is to be found on the nearby mysterious island of Falkeled where the maara are reputed to liveTold in alternating first person POV this story brilliantly weaves together the perspectives of not only Cade but Cora a maara who has a connection to Cade that neither of them realizes Can two beings from such vastly different worlds band together to defeat a powerful and evil enemy? This story will grip you tight from the first page and never let go And the ending is so heart rending and beautiful it had me crying actual tears and I'll tell you there's not many books that can do thatWonderful wonderful story Stellar work Ms Tuovi

  2. Terry Lee Terry Lee says:

    Julie Tuovi has a uniue talent of not only hooking the reader from the beginning but keeping the pages turning I was especially impressed by the uniue twist at the end Well written; excellent character development Will look forward to books by Ms Tuovi

  3. Erin Erin says:

    One word to describe 'The Sirens Of Falkeld' by Julie Tuovi is magicalGet ready for a fairytale kiddosI was hookedFish pun definitely intendedup until the very end I read it in one day It was really really hard to put this book down even when I had stuff that needed to be done My priorities are obviously straight since I carried on reading instead of doing choresThe story was so engaging and there was never a dull moment And it's full of badass mermaidyness So it's pretty awesomeSet in Scotland during World War II Readers follow Kade Finley a young man desperate to save his dying Gatter Grandfather and willing to do anything to do that The legends has it that if you capture a maighdean mhara you get a wish However When Kade sets out to catch one he gets way then he bargains forHonestly I really felt Kade's struggle and desperation to save his Gatter through the whole book and I sympathized with him Kade as a character is loyal strong and I don't really read a whole bunch of YA's where the male lead really impresses meBut Kade did I kinda wanted to hug the living hell out of him He is thrown into a world completely out of his experience almost dies a couple of times and goes through some real emotional conflictHaving grown up on myths and legends and having actually seen a mermaid Kade thinks he knows all he needs to about the maighdean mhara Expecting to capture a soulless killer Corathe siren he captures is definitely not what he thought she would be Cora is different and she reminds him of a very special someone that he used to knowShe breaks down all the stereotypes Saving him instead of killing him Bewildering not only him but her Cora doesn't understand the feelings she has for Kabe She saves him rather than killing him going against her every maighdean mhara instinct while also being irresistibly drawn to himBut besides all that Cora is incredibly badass This is what a mermaid is supposed to be She fights for her sisters and her life Sharing the trait with Kabe of doing what ever it takes to save the people you love The love she feels for her sisters is palpable and she fights with a vicious integrity She's a fecking warrior There is real conflict and tension between all the characters of the book that you could really feel and be drawn into much like a siren's song By the end of the book I truly felt that I knew these characters and what made them who they areExcept youAdmiralYou're just a straight up dick with a power complex Some pretty awesome action scenes take place War means WAR in this book Mermaidmaighdean mhara against soldiers This is what dreams are made of The action scenes like the whole book were extremely well written and I could visualize them perfectly That swarming of the mermaids in that gif up there TOTALLY HAPPENS CAN WE TALK ABOUT HOW AWESOME THAT IS?I loved the whole atmosphere of the book which is well detailed and Julie Tuovi beautifully crafts the story of 'The Sirens of Falkeld' drawing from history and myth like a pro Julie brings Scottish lore and their mythical creatures to life making you wanderIs there something underneath the oceans surface? view spoilerBonnie reminded me of Ally from The Notebook wanting to be a bird and fly P I loved it hide spoiler

  4. John Hennessy John Hennessy says:

    When an author creates something out of pure fiction it has to be written with authority The characters have to be believable Most of all any preconceptions one might have had about the story have to be discarded right from the outset The Sirens of Falkeld is the debut novel of Julie Tuovi but you wouldn't know it from the writing Here is a story that has rather incredible world building The author really has a talent for describing literally everything in the book The titular Sirens of course are nothing like the Disney mermaids It's a risk to describe them as Miss Tuovi has done in her story but the payoff is wonderful because the main Siren Cora is no airhead waif She's actually something to be respected and yes something to be fearedThe style of the book is interesting given its shifting perspective chapter to chapter Our hero Kade is threatened with death times than seems fair by the shifty arrogant and pompous Admiral near the start of the story Kade's perspective is uite formulaic so we can relate to him easily Initially he is not an overly complex character But as the story advanced and he interacts with Cora we get a glimpse of the man in this youngish boy Cora seems too advanced too wily too clever and yes too dangerous for Kade to interact with herBut inbetween these wonderful character developments we really are swept along by the author's engrossing story Not once did I think 'this is a fluffy story about mermaids' However I did find the book a challenging read at times The first third of the book takes a little while to find its 'sea legs' but once it does it rewards readers with action danger romance and thrills This could be said of many a debut author's story so it is no slight on the author who has created an incredibly detailed and believable world I like the authentic use of the Scottish language it's well done and never grates One thing I really loved and rounded off the book just perfectly was the author's notes I know some of you will skip that part but I urge you to read it The author is honest in her influences for her story which I could see early on in the book Thankfully The Sirens of Falkeld grows into its own very deep rewarding storyIt's the very best kind of story a wonderful mix of myth and legend that will pull you down to the depths of the sea and demand that you read it to the very end

  5. Michelle Michelle says:

    Never would have thought I'd love a book with mermaids so much These aren't the mermaids of your children's stories or Disney movies These things are bad ass pardon my French They are evil but still sympathetic They kill but it's out of necessity than want They have this urge inside of them that sends them reaching out for good souls I would not want to get on their bad side I think it's safe to say we're lucky out oceans are filled with sharks and not these womenKade a Scottish young man doesn't know who he is not really His father died when he was a boy His mother was never around Since he was nine all he had was his gaffer his best friend and Bonnie By the time our story starts Bonnie has been dead for two years and Kade has never fully recovered When he is faced with losing his gaffer as well he decides to go on a suicide mission to attempt the impossible What he finds out about himself along the way is enough to shock anyone This book was awesome With a cute and adventurous boy a host of family secrets a love story to top all love stories and bad ass sea monsters where can you go wrong? The writing is superb The pace fast The setting is three uarters parts bleak Scotland crags and one uarter charming Scottish island This is one that I couldn't put down

  6. Mandi Mandi says:

    A fabulous debut by Julie Tuovi The character Kade surprised me as someone who's determined to save those whom he cares most about In this case Gaffer his grandfather who is dying Its the kind of affection that I believe we all can relate to sometime in our lives You feel his struggle and determination to save his grandfather and it's a noble sacrifice in the name of family Since this story is set within the perimeters of Scotland during WWII it's a paramount character trait for someone such as Kade to have He knows what he wants and will do anything to get it Set perfectly in Scotland this story has a dark yet beautiful fairytale uality Ms Tuovi has tapped into a part of the world where people go specifically to find a little magic of their own It is like you expect to go Falkeld and find Sirens and perhaps a Loch Ness monster or two in the waters It begs you to risk everything for a chance that may change your life forever All you have to do is dare yourself to goI encourage everyone who enjoys history and a bit of magic to read this book I look forward to reading from this author

  7. Barbara Barbara says:

    This book Where to even startThe story was so engaging and the writing was just as evocative and stunning as the world building and characters Sirens of Falkeld is set in Scotland against a backdrop of WWII drawing richly from both history and myth and combining them in an original and brilliant way The sense of mystery and intrigue is gripping from page one and holds you tight throughout the rest of the narrative The characters are beautifully written with palpable tension and real conflict that masterfully mirrors the perfectly paced plot and darker story environment Probably my favorite aspect was the chapters from the maighdean mhara POV Those chapters were GORGEOUS I loved seeing the fight the terrible and raw emotions of the sirens testament to Julie's writing because she made me come to empathize and understand a VERY deadly and seductive predatorBravo Mrs TuoviI love this and I give it a very enthusiastic five starsAlso fans of Scorpio Races will love this

  8. Susan Young Susan Young says:

    JustWOWFantastic beautiful writing Uniue and refreshing story line Suspenseful and imaginative Great read Highly recommend 5 Stars All The Way

  9. Sarah Sarah says:

    Julie Tuovi has created a magical world in her new book The Sirens of Falkeld Kade a young man living on an island in Scotland is pulled into a world he never expected to be a part of Desperate to save a loved one he goes to incredible lengths to find the ones who can save his grandfather the maighdean mhara The legends say if you capture a maighdean mhara you get a wish Luckily his grandfather told him just how to do it But when Kade sets out to catch one he gets than he bargained for She has dark eyes to match the sea She’s not like the soulless creatures he’s heard stories about Cora is different She reminds him of someone he used to know The way she tilts her head The way her eyes see right through him But it can’t be Then there’s the Admiral The men call him the Terror of Tomberlyn He’s heard of treasure off the coast of Falkeld Island He doesn’t know the island very well But his new captive Kade does He’s lived of its coast all his life The Admiral can’t let an opportunity like this slip him by Kade will have no choice but to guide his captor where he wants to go From being captured by the navy to almost drowning to being saved by the legendary killers of men Kade must uncover the secrets of these beings of legend before it’s too late for his grandfather If you like Scottish lore and fairy tale creatures come to life you’ll love this new read from a very talented writer A painter of words Julie Tuovi will put you inside the heads of two characters who were destined to meet and help one another With her stunning descriptions of the ocean and what it would be like to live underneath its surface she takes her readers to a new world full of soul stealing and treasure hunting Thrilling and heart breaking this story will keep you up late into the night unable to put it downReviewed by Sarah Scarbrough

  10. Ariel Ariel says:

    An ARC was given in exchange for an honest reviewThe story as a whole was was very detailed Usually in some books I find that the author has left major holes in the plot leaving me with unanswered uestions and the feeling of Wait what just happened? However Tuovi did just the opposite She covers almost every part of the book starting with the origins of the sirensor the mhara as the book calls them to how the main character Kade gets his abilities and The only 'holes' that are present in the story that aren't really necessary to know in order to understand and enjoy the plot but would have been really interesting to know are how exactly Nim came up with Cora's name and the reasoning behind the object of which the mhara soul was placed in In other words how do the mhara get their names as the name Cora is very different from her previous name and why specifically was Cora's soul placed in a shell and Aria's in a black stone pendant? Tuovi crafts the story in a way that we as readers are able to see the story from both of the main characters Cora and Kade Rather than making it so that each character sounds like they have the exact same voice a big mistake in many books that switch viewpoints Tuovi shows the individual and uniue personalities of the two Through their perspectives we are able to feel a range of emotions from infuriation and anguish to wonder and relief Overall the story was very enjoyable; I read it in one sitting For anyone who enjoys historical fantasy with a hint of very light romance this is a fun read

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The Sirens of Falkeld[PDF / Epub] ☁ The Sirens of Falkeld By Julie Tuovi – A courageous glimpse of historical details entwined in the tales of Scottish tradition InD'tale Magazine2016 RONE Award Winner and Reader's Favorite FinalistKade Finley of the Scottish Isles was raise A courageous glimpse of historical details entwined in the tales of Scottish tradition InD'tale Magazine RONE Award Winner and Reader's Favorite FinalistKade Finley of the Scottish Isles was raised on legends of the sea His Gaffer Toran Finley said that beneath Muireall’s wind swept cliffs deep under the waves there lived a legend as old as the Highlands themselves Of Manannán Mac Lir the sea god and his beautiful sea maidens the maighdean mhara who swam the tides luring sailors to their deathsBut they’re not just legend The Sirens PDF or Kade saw one on his ninth birthday On that day a fierce storm swallowed half the island and his da Aidan Finley was never seen again It’s been nine years since Da disappeared and Gaffer is dying Desperate to save him Kade decides to capture a maighdean mhara of whom the stories say will grant one wish if caught But Admiral Gilbert Owen commander of the island’s WWII naval base complicates things In his uest for power the Admiral has enraged the maidens making it dangerous to be human in maighdean mhara infested waters.