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10 thoughts on “Angelborn (The Eternal Flame #1)

  1. D.L. Smith-Lee D.L. Smith-Lee says:

    So first thing's firstJesse Williams as CalebPERFECTI must say there are very few stories I've ever read that I immediately enjoyed Firstly I'm a fan of angels fallen angels Nephilim and the like so I was enthralled by the concept of Nephilim children who are not born of a union between male angels and female humans but female angels and male humans Angelborn I love the fact that this is a paranormal romance that does not rely on the faux bad boy cliché which those of us who have read enough paranormal romance can attest to though his escape from the Wasteland and fugitive status can be dubbed bad boy to an extent I found Caleb and Maia both to be very likable characters though their cluelessness was a bit frustrating at times they're both very solid and well rounded characters I found Genna to be annoying and kind of shallow she means well but is a bit ditzy The language of the book is very sophisticated and written almost poetically I was hypnotized by the author's style of writing aloneThe only bad merit I'd give this book is that it endedIt kept me on a rollercoaster the entire wayI'm really not displeased by the fact that it's a standalone or that it was a novella because it felt like a fully packed novel This actually stands out very far from other angel novels I've readVery well done this will NOT be the last time I read this authorPS Chapter 13; HOT

  2. N.D. N.D. says:

    Simply BeautifulA wonderful story I enjoyed it immensely the characters main and supporting the narrative the emotions the fantastical elements and descriptions Well written and conceptualized simply beautiful storytelling in a sweet short novella

  3. Rachel Annie Rachel Annie says:

    325 35 StarsMaia the heroine has had a difficult life because of her abilities and has understandably grown uite withdrawn She's an interesting imperfect and sympathetic character You feel for her and root for her because of everything she's been through I did like this book and I especially enjoyed the last 10% though the very end felt somewhat abrupt However I think I would've liked it as an Urban Fantasy or likely a Supernatural Suspense with the focus being on Maia and maybe her growing as a character but not so much the love story aspect And as someone who ♥'s the Romance genre I can't believe I'm saying thatThis book does handle the duties of angels and their guilds in a very cool way The hero Caleb who's half humanhalf angel is sweet and good if not a bit confused about love His wishy washiness and uncertainty brought a love triangle situation into play and I'll admit I'm not here for that I actually found myself intrigued by an angel character I was definitely probably not supposed to be drawn to lol To date I don't believe any subseuent books in this series feature him but he's a character I'd like to get to know betterA few other things that took me out of the story were the 1st person present tense POV not sure if both characters' voices were strong enough for it and the significant flashback scenes to both of the MC's early lives Also this had a firm NA feel to it with the characters being in college which was only compounded by Maia's repeated use of the term boys for men To be fair I know women in their late 30's who use this term but it grates my nerves something fierce and I'm not used to seeing it in adult PNRsAgain Maia was great even though the rest didn't click with me as much as I was hoping But it was absolutely a story that held my interest and made me want to know how it was resolved ☺

  4. Kim Kim says:

    What a beautifully written novella What happens when a halfling angel falls in love with a human but is unable to bind with her soul? In Caleb's case it lands him in the Wasteland a dark place where those with no soul wait for the rare chance to get a new soul But Caleb escapes and goes in search of the soul of the woman he loves a soul that's been reincarnated in the body of Genna a college student whose modern sensibilities confuse Caleb And then there is Maia Genna's roommate who is haunted literally She sees ghosts and is haunted by one whose anger sometimes physically manifests itself in violent ways When Caleb and Maia meet an undeniable connection is formed that leaves them both uestioning what they want and why they want it It makes them uestion the very nature of love Maia and Caleb's story was captivating from page one One of my favourite aspects about Angelborn is how L Penelope writes about angels without adding biblical overtones Her portrayal of angels is reminiscent of deities from mythology which allows a secular person like me to be able to enjoy a story without getting a lesson from the Bible With finely etched characters and a compelling plot Angelborn will leave you wanting to know of Caleb and Maia's story This was my first time reading L Penelope and I am sure it won't be the last time

  5. Natshane Natshane says:

    Astounding Angelborn is the kind of book that you just can't seem to forget about The cover the world building and the characters are all so uniuely and artistically crafted it's a masterpiece on their own I've read a lot of angeldemons related books from the infamous Hush Hush series to the Fallen series while I love how those authors portrayed angels as kickass heroes Caleb was on a whole different level I fell in love from the start It's fantastic that I get to read about a black heroine for once and the fact that Maia was such an alluring character just sealed the deal making Angelborn my Top 5 favourite book of this year From forbidden romance to fast paced action scenes I finished the book in less than 2 hours I was flipping through the pages like a maniac While I love the plot I have to say that the world building was probably my favourite part of the book Purgatory is a place that is rarely explored and a world that fascinates me the most it's wonderful that I get to read about that in Angelborn This is the first book from LPenelope that I have read but I'm definitely going to hunt down her books in the future Thanks Netgalley for introducing me to such an artist

  6. jericho jericho says:

    I rated it 2 stars because it was okay I didn't hate it because there were too many things that didn't work for me The first being I don't like romance that's based entirely on a person's physical attributes and that's what I felt Caleb and Maia's relationship was I know it's a short book but we never get the idea that the two like each other for their thoughtsThe writing left a lot to be desired Because it's told from first person between Caleb and Maia the writing did a lot of telling rather than showing By that I mean the writing would just have Maia and Caleb tell us their feelings about each other but never really showed us exactly why they felt that way Now you could argue that it's because of the true love storyline; being someone's true love or being the one has this romantic view of a relationship being based on it simply being part of one's destiny that these two individuals automatically connect because the universe wants them to be together But I personally don't like that type of writing Again I understand that it's a short book but I like relationships to take some time Caleb and Maia don't really have too many conversations beyond Caleb's situation and Maia being able to see ghosts and her pastThe main thing I can't get over is how it took the Vultures weeks to find Caleb If the Vultures went to the Recordkeepers they would've known what Caleb's human form looked like since he's been in that form in the past and the Recordkeepers would know what he looked like and they would've known where he'd gone to The main reason Caleb was in the Wasteland was because he fell in love with a human Logic dictates that would be the first person he would go toI'm just saying if a prisoner broke out of a jail the first places you look are places where the prisoner has personal connection to which would be VivianGenna

  7. Deva Deva says:

    Full review at is going to sound weird but I hated the book Still I highly recommend itCaleb is angelborn half angel human father and without a soul Many years before he and his soulmate died before she could share her soul with his That sent him to the Wasteland He ends up escaping thanks to a friend I hope to see in book 2 Anyway His friend gives him the current name of the reborn soul he's looking for and he finds out she's a student at Douglas UniversityThis is where things got confusingDue to the POV changing with every single chapter I literally forgot whose eyes I was seeing through when it came to Maia and Genna the roommates Maia is your typical goth girl while Genna is your typical black girl There was nothing that really stood out about either girl except for Maia's background and the fact that both girls Or maybe just Maia I was insanely confused could see the dead I think maybe just Maia because she spent the most time hating that ability Anyway Caleb shows up in their dorm room and Maia introduces them This is where Caleb starts trying to win Genna's love so they could bind

  8. EbonyMonae EbonyMonae says:

    A good read I wish it could be a little longer I haven't read a good angel paranormal in a long time This is the first book I have read by the author I will read She did a good job Read this book won't be disappointed Happy Reading

  9. Constance Burris Constance Burris says:

    Such a great story Characters Maia and Caleb were so well done and fleshed out The writing was immaculate I was so sad when it ended I hope the author releases a seuel soon

  10. Mystie Mystie says:

    Started reading the blurb on storybundle and before day's end I finished the book This is a delightful twist on the usual boy meets girl I will not spoil it for you but the story building sucks you in and things do not go as planned Which always makes the best storiesright? Try this author you will not be disappointed

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Angelborn (The Eternal Flame #1)❮Reading❯ ➳ Angelborn (The Eternal Flame #1) ➬ Author L. Penelope – He gave up eternity for love and lost Will she be his second chance Maia sees dead people Since she can't distinguish them from the living she ignores everyone in order to appear sane But the ghost ha He gave up eternity for love and lost Will she be his second chance Maia sees dead people Since she can't distinguish them from the living she ignores everyone in order to appear sane But the ghost haunting her roommate breaks through her hardened shell Not only does he claim to not be dead he makes her feel things she never has before—dangerous feelings for a man who can never be hers For an angelborn like Caleb dying without a soul sentenced him to eternity in the Wasteland Now he's escaped but the only way to stay free is by convincing his true love to share her soul with him You only get one soulmate and his is not the broken scarred young woman he can't stay away from With dangerous angels hunting him Maia is a distraction he can't afford After inadvertently leading a threat to Caleb's door Maia is willing to risk anything to keep him safe Even if that means losing him forever.

About the Author: L. Penelope

Leslye Penelope has been writing since she could hold a pen and loves getting lost in the worlds in her head She is an award winning author of fantasy and paranormal romance She was born in the Bronx just after the birth of hip hop but left before she could acuire an accent Eually left and right brained she studied Film at Howard University and minored in Computer Science This led to a gr.