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Run Hide Fight Back [Read] ➫ Run Hide Fight Back Author April Henry – Six teens must band together to survive after a shooting breaks outWhen a deadly shooting breaks out in a Portland shopping mall a diverse group of teens ends up trapped behind a store’s security sh Six teens must band together to survive after a shooting breaks outWhen a deadly shooting breaks out Run Hide PDF \ in a Portland shopping mall a diverse group of teens ends up trapped behind a store’s security shutter To her own surprise seventeen year old Miranda finds the others looking to her as their leader But she’s hiding a big secret—and she’s not the only one The group has only three choices—run hide or fight back The wrong decision will have fatal conseuences.

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  1. emma emma says:

    Note I received an ARC of this book in winter 2018 and the release date was pushed back over a year I'm not sure if some heavy editing went into the book in that time but this is my review of the original version Here is a list I casually compiled of every social issue “discussed” in this book opiate addiction immigration terrorism cancer DREAMers vaccines Islamophobia big pharma conspiracy theories gangs alternative medicine shoplifting hijab corruption in government corruption in business corruption in culturemoralityHere is a list of social issues that were absolutely pivotal to the plot of this book and yet were barely discussed at all if even mentioned sexual assault gun controlWe follow a band of six people who are trapped in a mall during a shooting that turns out to be an act of domestic terror The synopsis describes them as “a diverse group of teens” which while unbearably cringeworthy is pretty accurateMiranda is addicted to opiates Cole is a Trump supporter racist military sibling with a penchant for conspiracy theories Amina is Muslim and wears hijab Javier is an illegal immigrant Grace has cancer Parkeris the token white guy? Not sureThis is not exactly the effortless narrative enriching representation that I love so dearly and there are straight up no gay people in this whole book but the author is clearly trying and that’s coolHere though are two things I hate One Parker pays Miranda money to have sex with him because she’s addicted to oxycontin and will do anything This is the um furthest thing from enthusiastic consent? And this book is too busy spending alternate half pages delving shallowly into really complicated issues to have a discussion about consent so MIRANDA AND PARKER APOLOGIZE TO EACH OTHER AND IT’S OVERSecondlyEven though all these characters spend their time being shot at by AR 15s this book never discusses the need for gun control Ever Not onceSo I must ask WHAT IS THE POINT OF ALL OF THIS THENAll of that complaining being done I do like how the author strove to discuss important issues And that not all of these characters are white In fact a lot of them are groups that don’t get represented very often And that’s coolPlus this is a group of teens using dumbass plans to out police the police and save the day And a thriller And a uick read I’m honestly just crossing my fingers that this book did some of the hard stuff and in the future books will be a um better version of thisBottom line A good start But not much than that name any social issue that crossed the national stage in 2017 and i'll tell you how this book introduced it discussed it solved it and put it away in the span of half a pageit's like a tag yourself thing except for why this book is getting 25 starsreview to come thanks to Macmillan for the ARC

  2. Danielle (The Blonde Likes Books) Danielle (The Blonde Likes Books) says:

    This was really good but also really sad as so many of us can relate to the fear of a mass shooting Personally I'm reuired by my company to take an annual armed shooter preparedness training that covers the Run Hide Fight Back steps and the fact that I and everyone else even has to worry about it is horrific Anyway this book covers a mass shooting that takes place in a mall over the period of several hours The chapters are short and the plot was gripping so I read this one very uickly in one sitting If you liked This Is Where It Ends I'd recommend Run Hide Fight Back

  3. Tucker (TuckerTheReader) Tucker (TuckerTheReader) says:

    Many thanks to Tantor for sending me an audio file CD in exchange for an honest reviewoh boy | Goodreads | Blog | Pinterest | LinkedIn | YouTube | Instagram

  4. Ivy Moore Ivy Moore says:

    Full review this book doesn't come out for a while I hope it will go through some revisions to tighten up the many parts of the book that felt messy On the other hand it was a really interesting book and the plot was solid Shootings are one of the biggest topics in America right now and to explore how one would affect six teenagers is cool I like most of the characters but the MC Miranda has a confusing and convoluted history I didn't really like her and she seemed only there as an audience surrogate never really doing anything There was no happiness in this book but it's definitely worth reading even if you have to fight ha your way through it Rating threefiveFor fans of Realistic Thrillers Books With Twists Short But Snappy BooksFavorite uote “But stuff like that always happened to someone else It would never happen to you”

  5. Ashley Lynne Ashley Lynne says:

    I don’t understand all the “meh” reviews I’m seeing for this This was really good Maybe it’s because I don’t read a lot of stuff in the thriller genre so I have nothing to compare this to but I thought it was really interesting Reading it reminds me that I still wanna read “Violent Ends”I thought the descriptive bits of writing were really well done because I was able to picture it all in my head pretty vividly And the fact there was some level of a redemption arc for a bad guy is something that always makes me happy in books Like it’s not just black and white all the time not just good guys and bad guys And sometimes the bad guys had a reason for what they were doing and you can at least empathize with that you know?I would be interested in reading from this author I know BooksandLala has read some of her stuff

  6. Robyn Robyn says:

    Five teens are trapped in a Portland mall when a domestic terrorist group starts shooting and killing people With no other options the teens close themselves off in a store with a security gate Hostages are taken and the teens soon find themselves cut off from the outside world where the only viable alternative is to run hide or fight back Will all of the teens make it out alive?There are just so many things I want to say about this story and I know a lot of readers are going to take issue with the diversity of the teens especially with what is going on now in the book world Personally I think April Henry did a fantastic job with Miranda Amina Grace Javier and Cole the five teens hiding behind the security gate Henry really hits you with thoughts that are constantly being spoken out loud by many people such as being muslim wearing a hijab being undocumented and so forth I’ve heard it plenty of times and I know people who have said it plenty of times Okay yes they are stereotypes but this is nothing new and if you think teens andor adults aren’t saying the same things then you are living under a rock and refuse to accept realityI think stories like this one need to be talked about and read especially for young adults which this particular story is geared towards It is a shame that this is what this world has come to and children need to learn how to run hide or fight back if ever faced in a shooting situation You hear about mass shootings on the news but you never really think it will happen in your city until it does On December 10 2019 two shooters killed a police detective and three other innocent people when they entered a Jewish grocery store in Jersey City NJ This is MY city This happened a few miles from where I live My sister is a police officer here do you know how scary that is to know that a family member is going to be at an active shooting scene? Police officers put themselves in danger every single day they go into work When a mass shooting like this occurs they all band together all the counties come together as one unit I have to say a mass shooter does not deserve to be captured have a jury by their peers and go to prison They should be ended right there and then periodThere are a lot of things going on in this story and I do think it got to be a little too much to take in all at once Things such as conspiracy theories illegal immigration fear of muslims drug addiction trading sex for money maybe should have been limited to one or two things at most I just felt like it was a bit too jam packed to the point where none of them could have been discussed throughout the story I think a discussion on some of the hot topics is needed in the young adult community or at least a better understanding on why these are such hot topics But one good point is that even though some of the teens may have thought a certain away it was nice to see them all join forces and build a trust to help each other survive through their ordeal I pretty much figured out the plot from the beginning but again I think being an adult it was pretty easy to see but since this story is geared towards the younger crowd I think they will be pretty surprised how it all plays out There is also a lot of action and a lot of tense moments It definitely kept me on the edge for the most partRun Hide Fight Back is definitely a book that all young adults should read talk about and discuss especially now It is really a powerful and moving story and one I can recommend

  7. Autumn Autumn says:

    Received from Netgalley in exchange for an Honest Review What I loved MirandaSo typically female characters written as the damsels in distress This girlshe found her strength and pushed herself through the whole thing I loved that What I liked I liked that all the characters were a little imperfect a little broken Everyone had something they didn't want others to know What I hated Can't say I really hated anything Overall Well written well researchedwhile I hate that the subject matter has become our new normal I think this book was great

  8. Chrissie Morrison Chrissie Morrison says:

    When a mass shooting breaks out at a Portland mall the people inside have three choices run hide or fight back  And since there are several shooters armed with semi automatic weapons the wrong choice will likely lead to death When Amina decided to shut herself into the store where she worked hoping that the metal security gate would provide enough protection she didn't close herself in alone There were six teens inside and they would all have to work together to try and get out aliveIt's a diverse group of teens so I thought of this as kind of like The Breakfast Club written as a thriller  And I have to admit  Although I loved how this story kept me on the edge of my seat I am not sure I will be able to go into a shopping mall for a while  I thought No Safetly in Numbers was traumatizing at the time but this is so much realistic and terrifyingHappy Reading

  9. Dylan Dylan says:

    15 stars I've hated all six of Henry's books that I've read even though they are pretty terrible I can't get myself to stop picking them up so I'm not surprised that I disliked this but OOF was it badThe writing is bad as usual no surprise there the representation for people of color was pretty mediocre yeah also not a surprise considering her skin color and it was so pandery when talking about religion gun violence addiction etc that it became incredibly annoying to read no matter how important it is to have these discussions Although this was pretty much a glorified after school special and April Henry should proooobably stick to writing about people her own skin color because no representation is better than bad rep 😬 I still flew through this and I always appreciate a thrillerno matter how sloppily done

  10. Trisha Trisha says:

    run if they could To hide if they couldn't To fight back if they mustUgh Every parent's and kid's nightmare Caught in a mall with shooters Prepared shooters who have cut off every exit and are mowing people down with scary large multi shot guns I liked that this one delved into a lot of different things Racial tensions religious tensions and conspiracy theories It was interesting but I'm glad it's a book What a horrible horrible situation one completely made of nightmares

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