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Unearthed [Ebook] ➩ Unearthed Author Amie Kaufman – Thomashillier.co.uk When Earth intercepts a message from a long extinct alien race it seems like the solution the planet has been waiting for The Undying's advanced technology has the potential to undo environmental dama When Earth intercepts a message from a long extinct alien race it seems like the solution the planet has been waiting for The Undying's advanced technology has the potential to undo environmental damage and turn lives around and Gaia their former home planet is a treasure trove waiting to be uncoveredFor Jules Addison and his fellow scholars the discovery of an alien culture offers unprecedented opportunity for study as long as scavengers like Amelia Radcliffe don't loot everything first Mia and Jules' different reasons for smuggling themselves onto Gaia put them immediately at odds but after escaping a dangerous confrontation with other scavvers they form a fragile allianceIn order to penetrate the Undying temple and reach the tech and information hidden within the two must decode the ancient race's secrets and survive their traps But the they learn about the Undying the their presence in the temple seems to be part of a grand design that could spell the end of the human race.

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  1. Chelsea (chelseadolling reads) Chelsea (chelseadolling reads) says:

    This was really fun I will admit I did lose the plot a little bit in the second half but then we got to the end and I was honestly a lil bit shook lol Excuse me while I go gobble up all the YA sci fi that I can get my hands on for the next few weeks bc this was SO FUN

  2. Elle (ellexamines) Elle (ellexamines) says:

    It’s easy for the international alliance to say they’ll be careful on Gaia It’s easy for them to dismiss the warnings from the Undying the stories of their own civilization’s downfall But the human race has been dismissing the decline of our planet and the destruction of its resources for centuries now We’ve gotten pretty good at it This book is entertaining and nothing Honestly my feelings here were basically a extreme version of my feelings on Warcross earlier this year good potential entertaining story not much than thatOkay first off and my most basic solid complaint the first person pov does not work here I remember thinking the same thing with An Ember in the Ashes first person pov just does not work when you have two characters Also that blurb is misleading The traps and tricks in this book are not that unsolvable and frankly I found them only a bit interesting it was the obvious potential of the story’s first half that kept me going and not the actual payoff And okay let’s throw in our first solid compliment While Unearthed didn’t focus on this theme as much as I would’ve preferred I appreciated that this book very much does try to uestion elitism and over uestions the judgement we place on others Mia’s assumptions that Jules’ father was simply an academic who cared nothing for the people and importantly Jules’ judgement about Mia’s smuggling as completely immoral and flies in the face of academia The two lead characters here are both fairly compelling🌺 Mia a smuggler and a desperate soul trying to save her sister a trope but whatever🍀 Jules a clever linguist who still has common senseWhile I did think this relationship developed overly uickly it was offset by a few dynamics that worked for me First of all the two lead characters here have a good dynamic for the most part There’s a touch of good banter towards the beginning though I would’ve preferred way and their relationship wasn’t so committed as to be unbelievable And second I liked that Jules and Mia don’t fit your typical bad boy good girl YA couple dichotomies Jules’ characterization avoids much of the toxic masculinity common in YA books he’s probably the emotional and less physical of the pair And I loved that Mia despite being a very physical person is STEM oriented Jules is of a linguist while Mia is a self proclaimed math loverListen guys I’m not going to pretend this book is anything that it wasn’t My enjoyment of this book though substantial was not because of some deeper message I found But with an interesting ending and a romance that I know the target audience will appreciate I think this will be a super succesful releaseBlog | Goodreads | Twitter | Youtube

  3. Samantha Samantha says:

    25 stars I almost DNF’d this but decided to push on until 100 pages and by then the plot was juuuust interesting enough to keep me going But the things I enjoyed will end with this book so I won’t finish the series

  4. April (Aprilius Maximus) April (Aprilius Maximus) says:

    1 Unearthed ★★★52 Undying ★★★★ This has some super cringey writing and instalove but once you get a good chunk of the way through it gets so exciting

  5. may ❀ may ❀ says:

    like this was slow but really good tbh i wasnt expecting any less from amie kaufmanim a simple child amie kaufman writes a book i read it Buddy read with gato

  6. may ➹ may ➹ says:

    if the beginning had been even half as exciting as the ending it would have gotten than 3 starsbut alas this book put me in a slump until I finally decided to pick it up again because being 2 books behind schedule stressed me out but damn that ending buddy read with la belle

  7. amy ☂︎ amy ☂︎ says:

    i really really just lost interest in this don't hate me i'm fragile

  8. Kaylin (The Re-Read Queen) Kaylin (The Re-Read Queen) says:

    35 StarsAmie Kaufman and Meagan Spooner team back up for the first time since their Starbound series Taking place on a distant planet this story follows Jules and Mia as the navigate the ‘temples’ of an extinct alien species who ironically were called the ‘Undying’ Basically it started out Indiana Jones in space and somehow turned into Doctor WhoThe plot itself is fun These are the sort of zany broad spectrum adventures that make me love sci fi And the interesting take on exploring a new planet with archaeology really is suppppeeeer fun All the comparisons to Indiana Jones or Lara Croft or The Mummy the fun one with Brendan Fraiser not the one where Tom Cruise looks upset the whole time are well deserved as this exists as an exciting adventure story that happens to include futuristic grave robbers ancient booby traps and alien technology While fun I think the plot was too narrow This is a huge setting where earth is overpopulated and humanity was dying until this new undiscovered planet But most of our time is spent in a very very small space following Jules and Mia work through puzzles While the plot gets to the big stuff eventually I wish it’d been the primary focus Odd enough I also felt this story could have benefited being in graphic novel format as all the puzzles are so visual and we’re left soley with lengthy descriptions Our main characters weren’t anything revolutionary a self proclaimed scholar and scavenger who both have trust issues but they are solid with fun interactions My main problem was the kinda uick romance that distracts from the plot Again their interactions were fun but there was so much focus on ‘wow they’re hot’ and ‘oh no should I trust them’ in the worst places Like you’re both on a time crunch in a dangerous unknown location is now really the best time to have this conversation? Should you really make out with explosions so near? It’s not totally instalove but it happens fast and took up a large portion of the book I just wanted interesting technology and deep ethical sci fi stuff because I’m a nerd I did love that the character’s rely on non traditional strengths Jules and Mia solve things using math and linguistics instead of being the most agile or strong I love smart characters and this felt refreshing rather than a school lesson OverallThis not only features an interesting world and entertaining characters but the plot twist and turns uite a bit I had my theories but wasn’t ever certain what was about to happen Definitely engrossing and something I’d have flown through if life allowed I received an ARC of this through Netgalley in exchange for an honest review thanks to Disney Hyperion for the opportunity

  9. Gemma ♕ antari.and.the.books Gemma ♕ antari.and.the.books says:

    Nothing survives for long in the desert of our disgraceI really enjoyed this book because not only is it a great sci fi read it is also a powerful look at the destructive nature of humanity not only to each other but the environment around us So many spoilers ahead You've been warned I gave this four stars and that's mostly because some parts were a bit slow Like I really liked it but I didn't love it enough to give it five stars Even though the last uarter was AMAZING I just felt like so much of the book is spent getting to and through the 'temple' but most of the truly important stuff happens in that last room and through the portal That being said I do feel it was necessary because it meant that we got to see some great character and relationship development and let me tell ya our two main characters are awesomeJules was my favourite by a tiny little margin I can't help it There's just something so loveable about him He's hella smart totally out of his comfort zone and doing everything he can to help his father There's something so heroic and brave about that Not in the “let's arm ourselves and fight barbarians” brave or “let's throw ourselves into the line of fire” brave It's a everyday brave Obviously the danger he puts himself in isn't everyday but what I mean is it's the sort of bravery you want to feel you would possess if something happened to one of your loved ones and you needed to save them It's the every day bravery that a parent would show if their child was in danger or the bravery shown by a friend who stands up for you regardless of the conseuences I've gone off at a tangent haven't I It makes sense to me Jules is also the sort of character who recognises his faults and mistakes He knows he's probably gone about things the wrong way but he was wary and who can blame him? He's been brought up in a house that hates scavengers for what they do If he had trusted Mia from the get go that would have been weird Jules just had something about him that really spoke to me It might have been the whole scholar thing It was nice to see a male mc being the brains and the hero at the same time People can be both you know Sometimes the male mc is all dashing heroic and shit and yeah they're cunning and intelligent but give me some book smarts Yes Jules Loving the bookish intellect charging across the universe to go on a perilous adventure I'm rambling I just really really like him I also really like Mia don't get me wrong She was feisty she was resourceful she was snarky All things I love but there was justsomething I don't even know what that made her grate on my at the start But like I said the character progression was so on point and by the end I just loved her She is doing all this to save her secret sister She has pretty much given up any form of peaceful life all for her Before he sister even got caught up with her contract she had already left school and started to scavenge to put food on the table and look after her sister Obviously her sister wanted to help She didn't think about the conseuences she just did something she thought would take the pressure off of Mia I love this bond and I totally understand it I would do the same for my own sister in a heartbeat I would cross galaxies if it would save her Mia has taken on the role of protector and she saw a chance to get her sister the hell out of there and she took it She never could have known what was really going on and what she would be dragged into But oh my God just think This random meeting is going to change her life She may have ended up on that planet under false pretences just like Jules but it was never intended for their paths to cross Mia has spent most of her life with her sister as her priority She hasn't been able to be a teenager She thought she would spend her life working off her sisters debt and there wasn't room for anything else Who would have thought she would find this boy on this desolate planet and they would be unstoppable?I love their relationship I love how it builds how it stumbles how it grows into this powerful force By the end of the book they are so strong that they are able to convince previous enemies to stand with them to go back for the other to protect them AND THE END Ah So he's all ready to sacrifice himself and Mia is having none of that and YES I love that they face it together They both know it's probably hopeless but not one of them is going to let the other one go though it aloneThe ending of this book is probably the cruellest cliffhanger I’ve read in years HOW CAN YOU LEAVE IT THERE? I'm so angry lol Mostly because I have some theories about the Undying and I'm about 98% sure I'm right and I was all ready to get my answers and IT FINISHED AND NOW I HAVE TO WAIT FOR ANSWERS AND I CAN'TApologies for the caps lock but FEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEELS P S If you made it through this mess of a review I salute and thank you Have you read Unearthed yet? If you have drop me a comment and let me know what you thoughtLoves to all Bunks Are you kidding me??? Butthatno No I refuse to believe that we are left with that evil cliffhanger of an ending I have so many theories and uestions Proper RTC

  10. Chelsies Reading Escape Chelsies Reading Escape says:

    I was beyond excited when I got a review copy of this book I wanted to read it right away and only with major restraint was I able to wait closer to the publication date Ive been obsessed with Scifi lately and the premise of a treasure hunting adventure on an alien planet sounded like a lot of fun After 2 very different teenagers a scavenger and a scholar sneak onto this dangerous alien planet they decide to team up to evade deadly treasure hunters and make it through a trapped filled maze Each of the two main characters Jules and Amelia had compelling narratives with their comedic thoughts and clever banter I laughed so hard when Mia was thinking; Hes cute in a dont kick the puppy way Hell he's cute in a come back to my place and meet my puppy way It took me a bit longer to love Jules as much as Amelia but I really enjoyed both their backstories and their complex relationship as they slowly learned to trust each other Their different skills and personalities complimented each other nicelyThe main characters were definitely the strongest part of this novel but I also liked the writing and how easy it was to get into Being chased by mercenaries helped keep the pace going but the puzzle solving didnt grip me as much as I would have liked I wish we would have gotten alienscifi elements to make the world stand out from our own I enjoyed the portrayal of corporate greed because its something I see happening nowadays They're not satisfied with destroying their own planet they have to destroy everything else they findI still have a lot of uestions after the way things ended I still dont know why they left those clues so Im dying to read the seuel to find out whats going on Despite guessing some of the twists the major plot twist at the end still took me by surprise Im also really excited this is being made into a movie I totally see the Lara Croft comparisons and if its anything like that movie Ill be really happy After reading Unearthed I decided I needed books from these authors and started the audiobook for These Broken Starsreceived for review considerationUpdate Getting an ARC of this in the mail this week Eeeeeek so excitedWho do I have to sell my soul to so I can get a ARC of this lol

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