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Les mauvais anges ➤ Les mauvais anges Ebook ➪ Author Éric Jourdan – Thomashillier.co.uk Two passionate adolescents—sharing a wicked love that transcends boundaries Wicked Angels is the exuisite English translation of the classic 1955 French literary novel Les Mauvais Anges banned for th Two passionate adolescents—sharing a wicked love that transcends boundaries Wicked Angels is the exuisite English translation of the classic French literary novel Les mauvais anges banned for thirty years for what was called its 'subversive' subject matter It is the story of Pierre and Gerard two teenagers who share a love that no one else around them can condone The two young men discover their destiny in each other's arms their passion coupled with violence—and ultimately pay the price The novel is a Les mauvais MOBI :↠ profoundly lyrical ode to adolescent love and sexuality as well as a bold and elegant rejection of society's values while on the road to self destruction Told in two parts the poetic love story of Wicked Angels is first told by Pierre then by Gerard This erotic classic follows their passionate relationship as it builds in intensity with affection between them punctuated with rough sex and tender romance Pierre is handsome introverted jealous and sadistic Gerard is charming roguish intelligent and vain Together they form an imperfect union of all encompassing love that is destined to fail Translator Thomas Armbrecht PhD helpfully includes an informative introduction that puts the novel into the proper context of the times and reviews the book's problems with censorship Excerpts from Wicked Angels Gerard took a slingshot out of his pocket calmly picked up a pebble from the walk aimed and destroyed the first glass bell The air filled with the sound of shattering crystal I didn't protest; I was overcome One after the other each glass cover was broken More than one struck exactly in the middle exploded like a landmine I asked Gerard to leave the last one for me He handed me his slingshot I watched my stone hit the glass and reduce it to shards Gerard grabbed me around the waist trembling his mouth humid with saliva his fingers filled with earth Before us the neat furrows were gone; it looked like a bomb had been dropped Gerard wanted some sort of an apotheosis He unscrewed a watering pipe splashed about and then opened the valves of the cistern Rainwater spewed out in torrents drowning the seedlings carrying the glass debris across the garden A miniature tulip planted between the red currant bushes and the tool shed started to drown Gerard's shirt covered with spray and wet to the shoulder stuck to his flesh Its transparency revealed his skin Getting up he burst out laughing And that's not all citizen he said to me On to the Bastille The Bastille was what we called the Decazes' pigeon house We had to cross two vegetable gardens to get to their yard and to the slate covered tower where they raised hunting birds And My heart beating I dashed out into the hall My cousin's voice surged forward from the depths of me climbing into my chest and putting all of his words of love into my mouth Their violence intoxicated me I knocked on his door Everything was still and yet I could tell he was close on the other side of the door his head pressed against the wood I could have drawn the outline of his body so strongly did I sense it pressed against the door that I vainly wanted him to open He revealed himself with every exhalation His breath was so close that his lips had to be on the door I kissed the wall passionately and threw myself against it We were like two lovers separated by a prison wall visible to each other now than in the suffocation of their kisses showing love here than through their gestures of love Wicked Angels lives on as a passionate and ultimately tragic story of extreme and ill fated love that transcends conceptions of gender youth and class in society.

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  • 02 December 2015

About the Author: Éric Jourdan

Julien Green His first book was the 's novel Les Mauvais Anges lit Evil Angels which was banned for his homosexual content However it was later published in english in a special edition with the title Two translated by Richard HowardJourdain proudly independent always rejected to be included in the Parisian literary and intellectual world as any political party After his parents death he was adopted by writer Julien Green He changed his identity numerous times and wrote under many pseudonyms which he never Les mauvais MOBI :↠ revelead He was buried next to his stepfather in St Egid Stadtpfarrkirche of Klagenfurt Austria in february .

10 thoughts on “Les mauvais anges

  1. Nick Tramdack Nick Tramdack says:

    Our love was night It was the fresh cheek of dawn the revelries of our joyous flesh Other people could abandon their fickle desires could follow their whims I had deliberately chosen the narrowest path on either side of which yawned an abyss A sadomasochistic gay romance in overheated yet scrupulously polished prose In lieu of a plot summary there isn't much here are some notes on Jourdan's literary style It's weird enough to deserve a look It's also worth noting that the writer of the book was seventeen at the time just like his charactersJourdan's basic storyline such as it is is propelled by transparent unremarkable verbs The extravagant verbs are usually reserved for emotional states rather than the depiction of a putatively real world unless ahem that thing depicted is a smoking hot adolescent body Language warps to fit its subject I'll omit to prove this since it would be tiresomeRomantic superlatives extremes and totalizing claims tend to dominate He was surpassing even his own beauty All scenes of beauty are like this The alacrity with which they disappear is the very essence of their charmSimiles are usually rejected for metaphors What's Jourdan employs phrases usually used to organize the statement of objective facts in order to buttress impressionistic claims In fact my impertinence surrounded me like a halo I mean that isn't a fact But when treated as one it contributes to the effectUnfortunately this beautiful sleight of hand this treating of feelings like facts has a downside Sometimes it becomes a kind of literary autopilot for Jourdan And you get passages likeWe were alone almost as if we were living alone together two boys without any feminine complications between us It was possible not so much because of the weakness borne of dark feelings but from a virile attachment forged of camaraderie and love At places like this it's as if Jourdan's compositional habits forced him into backing up his claims with explanations that aren't really explanations We had no feminine complications Why? Because we had a virile attachment Again this isn't an argument it's not tight; the IMPRESSION though carries off the effect despite the fact that this line barely fits the logical standards of a fraudulent doctor in a Moliere playA stylish initial move transforms a statement into an admission It's true that the warm night had made me forget my worries completelyAs if love gives the POV characters Kantian superpowers they assert extreme control over their perceptions Although the guy had a handsome sensual face I only had eyes for Pierre and refused to see the handsome guy's beautyWorth the read The romance and sex never feel exploitative; nothing seems written to titillate And unlike SO many kinky stories this story's violence is integral to the emotional arc of the story because the rigor with which these boys' love excludes every aspect of the feminine comes precisely at the cost of brutality A delirious love story written out of sincerity and pain

  2. Chris Chris says:

    Violent tragic love story of two 17 year old cousins Pierre and Gerard Formerly banned in its native France the previously taboo subject of adolescent love between two young males is coupled with their sadomasochistic tendencies I wish I were able to say I found something redeeming in this short novel but I uickly grew tired of the gay Fight Club overtone

  3. Maakaari Maakaari says:

    it's moving arousing erotic heart breakingthere's no way you can't be touched by this short novel no matter if you're gay straight or even Swedish

  4. Aleardo Zanghellini Aleardo Zanghellini says:

    I didn’t care for the whole ‘love is violence and violence is love’ thing not to mention the eroticisation of blood and beatings descriptions of whippings are always guaranteed to get a string of yawns out of me; mention of cuts welts etc is a complete turn off Since all this turns out to be what drives the narrative tension you might say I didn’t uite care for the bookAnd I didn’t I suppose but this is impressive in many ways so it still gets 3 stars First there is an undeniable lyricism to it or at least to certain passages Secondly it’s not easy to write of all consuming love and I literally mean all consuming without sounding ridiculous or without trying your reader’s patience Remarkably ‘Wicked Angels’ mostly succeeds in doing so Sure the lovers’ cerebral movements are rather tortuos and long drawn at times and the whole thing is overblown but you have to remember that the book was written by a 17 year old Indeed as I read through some particularly inspired passages it was sometimes hard to believe that a teenage writer could have matured such insight But this very maturity also works against the book In both the first part narrated by Gerard and the second part told from Pierre’s viewpoint at times the voice seemed to me that of an older man fetishising a younger lover rather than two teenagers rhapsodising about each other It is possible that the problem here is in part with the English translation there is something that doesn’t uite sound right in a teenager speaking of his lover as a ‘boy’ in English perhaps because the word ‘boy’ like ‘girl’ and ‘child’ lumps together everyone from age 0 to 18 so its use comes across as rather infantilising at least to my ear I suspect that ‘garcon’ — assuming that is the word used in the original — has a different connotation from ‘boy’ like the Italian ‘ragazzo’ it may only apply to older boys making its use by Pierre to describe Gerard and vice versa sound less artificialI couldn’t see the last chapter coming and given that it did come the conclusion that followed was uite befitting and satisfying

  5. Cookie Cookie says:

    This book is divided into two parts told in two povs The first part is excellent written artfully dripping with poetry sprinkled with beautiful analogies and metaphors It is basically smut but written in such a masterful way that it really elevates the content The second part however is nothing short of terrible While the first part gave us a bit of story and the teeniest amount of plot the second part is mostly boring internal rambles that go nowhere Couple this with a shocking but terrible and nonsensical plot twist and you get yourself uite the soured experience The three stars are for the really brilliant writing especially considering how young the author was when he wrote this but the story in itself is really meaningless poor and inconsistent

  6. le amour fou le amour fou says:

    Jourdan had a remarkable ability to contrast intense violence with beauty Few authors would be able to offer such flowery descriptions of sadism Despite the display of sadistic elements this book while possibly erotic is by no means pornographic Do not go into it expecting your conventional romantic tragedy Though I'm tempted to refer to it as 'ahead of our time' it's plot and themes are timeless

  7. Jennifer Jennifer says:

    SlashReaders I picked up a copy of this book after reading an article on banned books As the flap on the book states All right the stuff under the cut I'm going to try really hard not to give anything away What I am going to say however is thisThis isn't a happy story if you don't like violence within a relationship don't read this book If you dislike unhappy endings don't read this book While I suspected the ending I was not happy with it I feel that bothers me as well and I think that is part of the books purposeThis book was fun though short But that was the charm of it at the moment I needed something short sweet at the to the point Well short was right sweet somewhat and the point hmmmm I debated for a while on what rating to put on this book1 It is beautifully written there is a lovely lyrical uality to the story of these two boys2 It is a little confusing though I think that could in part be due to translation At points the timeline of the book is not clear and both Gerard and Pierre flips back and forth from current to past times a little within scenes3 The book is split into two halves the first is told from Pierre's point of view and the second from Gerard’s Things being to fall much into place when we get Gerard's half of the story4 The relationship between these two boys bothers me I think it bothers me the most because I feel like the scenes we get from before the two boys are friends don't uite mesh up with their latest relationship I feel that there are some inconsistencies within Gerard's character that bug me5 This tale while beautiful it reads too much like a warning story for me A tale that warns against the trap of same sex relationships so to speak I'm not positive as to if that was the original intent of this novella or not But knowing the time period in which it was written lends that possibility to it6 I think that this novella over all would've read better had things been put all together Or maybe that's simply my propensity for order within the narrative It worked as it is I don't know the whole thing just bothers me Lol still working out all the reasons for that

  8. _inbetween_ _inbetween_ says:

    This is translated from the French into English by a German If I'd known that I might have tried the Frenc ok no but perhaps the expensive uglier German edition that might not actually have been bad Jourdan is the adoptive son of Julien Green whose cheap diaries I didn't buy because I found no helpful review and he wrote this mm literally cousins novella at seventeen810After overcoming my initial response to the beginning mostly the uotes I appreciated that the youthful style was not bad At first I accreditec the confusing scene jumps to reading it on different days but after a third of the book I caved in to read the introduction after all in order to find out if tha constant retelling of the same but always jumping back a week or month unclear was intentional style or just badSadly the translator only discussed the choice of words under style a reason for it being banned rather than subject matter since sex might be freuent but is never really described Ironically the editortranslatorintroducer first talked about the necessity of having the excuse of literature and intellectualism and generality at hand in the 50s but then does NOTHING else; same old not gay gay but universal hence good; not sex sex but lyrical hence good

  9. Garnet Garnet says:

    A well written short novel that leaves the reader wanting Famously censored in the 1950's to 60's this French to English translated story elouently illustrates a warning about both sides of unchecked love passion and obsession Two seventeen year old boy cousins spending their summer vacation together let their forbidden love for each other consume them as they act out frustrations and fantasies and a lot of SM as a means of rebelling against a society bent on keeping their love and themselves apart once summer ends A great read for anyone who has experienced the pangs of adolescent love

  10. Denis Denis says:

    One of the first gay novels I read and one of the most mesmerizing I would love to actually read it in the English translation to enjoy its erotic intense passionate atmosphere in a new way The French prose was as I remember it extraordinarily feverish and passionate in a literary way that avoids all the pitfalls of melodramatic sentimentality That this frankly erotic novel of gay love was written decades ago is astonishing

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