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Imperfect Truth Truth #1 ❰PDF❯ ✎ Imperfect Truth Truth #1 Author Ava Harrison – I’m a blogger He’s a writerHe was my weakness I was his muse Once upon a time my marriage was built on loveUntil it wasn’t Where had we gone wrongI had given up hopeBut then he messaged meAnd hi I’m a blogger He’s a writerHe was my weakness I was his muse Once upon a time my marriage was built on loveUntil it wasn’t Where had we gone wrongI had given up hopeBut then he messaged meAnd his words intoxicated meMade me believe in love againMade me believe in truthMy imperfect truth.

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  1. Jamie ♡♡ submits to books ♡♡ Jamie ♡♡ submits to books ♡♡ says:

    5 Imperfect Obsession Stars I don't remember the last time I could truly say I loved my husband I have to say this book was a definite eye opener of reality This book could describe a lot of people's lives right this moment I was totally enraptured in the writing and loved it It had me feeling connected and frustrated with Ava and her choices It also had me loving her and feeling her pain of abandonment and feeling the ultimate loneliness Ava and her husband Alexandre are in a marriage stand still of only existing together They have lost the love they once had and neither is willing to give in to the other to fix the broken life they are sharing Once upon a time we were so in loveuntil we weren't As their distance grows day by day Ava a book blogger comes across an author that shows Ava a little attention Attention she is longing for Ryder shows her tid bits of affection that leaves Ava feeling wanted and cherished With Ava already feeling so alone the tiny attention Ryder is actually showing her is really nothing He gives her pieces here and there of what he feels for her but really actually never gives her anything Her mind is so far gone from her marriage she is able to attach herself to Ryder and his few texts that she can't think straight What started as flirting leads to obsession for Ava She has to have Ryder but he holds her at arms length This drives Ava's already fragile mind into desperation She does whatever she can to make Ryder happy He tells her they can't be together until he can have all of her Ryder I want you to live for me Breathe for me I want to make you mine Ava Done Done Almost I capture all his words in my mind holding them cherishing them I know uneuivocally he will be my downfall My heart is waiting to be broken Ava has no idea how true her words really are As her obsession turn desperate and she has to have Ryder What she doesn't expect is that Ryder was playing her the entire time for his next book She was his muse for the entire storyThis breaks Avaspiraling her into a dark cloud of despair Her journey of recovery is sad and beautiful at the same time We not only see Ava learn to live for herself instead of others We watch her and Alexandre repair the marriage they both had parts in breaking Alexandre really grabbed my heart with how he stood by Ava He really was her rock from a distant while she worked through her issues Sometimes we have to get lost to be found I love you fiercely Ava I always have Fabulous read

  2. Stacy Stacy says:

    SpoilersI was so disappointed in this book and I really wanted to love it The premise had me intrigued because I haven't read a book with this storyline before and I was excited to see where it went I actually enjoyed a big chunk of it but the characters were so wishy washy and I felt that they lacked emotion in the right areas Ava drove me nuts with her neediness I seriously wanted to shake her No woman should have to beg for a mans attention that much I wanted her to be strong and she never was at least until the very end when my interest had already faded Ryder seemed perfect for a minute then BAM There goes my book fantasy I was hoping he would redeem himself or that it was all a bad dream But nope he's just a cruel POS Once I realized that his part of the story was over the book lost me and I ended up skimming Alexandre honestly had no impact on me at all and I was shocked when she went back with him His character had no emotional attachment to the reader from the very beginning And then all of the sudden he's mister charismatic swoony guy?? Again his change came too late for me Like I said I really wanted to like this book I was pulling for it But the last 30% left me wanting something completely different The story went in the wrong direction in my opinion

  3. Lina& Lina& says:

    This is one of those books that make you thinkand feel and cry along with the characters I felt so deeply connected with the protagonists that I just couldn't put this book down But first things first Ava is a married woman Her marriage has led her to a dead end Her husband Alexandre is a man controlled by his family He is no longer interested in her he lives to please his mother he ignores Ava to the point where she feels worthless and little If I left would he follow me? Would he fight? Would he even notice?Ava's only escape is her hobby; blogging She has one of the biggest book blogs out there and she is uite good at what she does Reading is her escape The only solution to her boring stifling reality Everything changes when she starts talking to Ryder Matthews online Ryder is a famous writer who specializes in writing dark dirty erotic books They form a friendship that slowly but surely rebuilds Ava's self importance and self esteem He makes her feel good about herself he makes her feel beautiful Don't conform be uniue speak truth Don’t let them force the real you to hide From what I’ve come to know in this short time any change on your part would be an utter travesty You are perfect Ava The elusive writer slithers his way inside Ava's heart and he makes her uestion everything; her fidelity her marriage everything His identity is a secret but Ava is determined to meet him When they meet the attraction escalates Ava has a decision to make Follow Ryder to the unknown or stay and fight for her marriage to Alexandre The heroine starts to rediscover herself she starts believing in herself but sometimes the people who make us do that are also the ones who will ultimately break us Sometimes we follow people who give us scraps but we end up looking begging for Sometimes the people who seem to cherish us are the worst of them all I feel nothing I am nothing I need to escape from this cage I’m inSometimes the answers are right in front of our eyes This is what this book is about I love how the author explores human imperfection and faults I love how her characters are flawed but extremely likeable I could connect with them Ava Alexandre Ryder they all hold a piece that resides in every one of usI also love how the story explores the sinister method of manipulation I found myself drawn to each character's psychological issues Each character in this book was justimperfect in a perfect way Each character taught us a lesson 1 Minute 5 Minutes 10 Minutes 11 minutes 12 minutes15 minutes 16 minutes I sign onto Facebook I see him online I know he is there I can see him bantering on posts liking comments starting new threads He is active just not with me He just chooses not to respond to me Why does he keep doing this? The high I feel when he tells me how beautiful I am How special I am I know that even though he is busy eventually he’ll come back He will reassure me I need his reassurance His gaze penetrates me Rips me to shreds Stone Cold BarrenI simply adored the way the author incorporates her messages in her book I love how we get multiple points of view in a uniue way I knew exactly how to play her against herself How much to give her and how much to take away so she would give everything to meI think this is one of the best debut novels I've read this year It's one of my favorites for sure It was an emotional ride I cried along with Ava at points I felt her anger her desperation her almost tragic need for love and attention I loved how she worked on her issues I loved how she was not broken in the endThe writing amazed me Ava Harrison has real talent and I feel so lucky that I had the chance to read her debut book early I totally recommend it to everyone out there You will love Ava's journey and maybe like I did you will learn about yourselfExcellent work5 Stars from me Release Date May 13th I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review

  4. Jan Jan says:

    Absolutely devoured this bookSo emotional gut wrenchingly doneEver read a book where you feel everything the character feels the anguish they go through hits you in that place were you want to reach out and console and that sinking feeling when you know how its gonna go and you discover you were right but didn't want to beThis my friends is one of those reads were you will either love it for the authors ability to draw you in or hate it because of the plotBrilliantly written

  5. Paula Phillips Paula Phillips says:

    As a reader you discover new authors and new books all the time and often than not sadly they start to blend into one another However though what does happen is that you will often discover a book and you will pick it up and not want to put it down you won't want the story to end as you are so engrossed in it and you find yourself loving every part of the book For me that was Imperfect Truth by Ava Harrison I had a feeling I would enjoy it when I saw the teaser about the book blogger and the writer but it wasn't till I started reading it that I realised how much I would love it and how much it would affect me This book was amazing and in parts so very accurate The book starts off with Ava who is married to a wealthy husband and is forced to stay at home so she creates herself a book blogger and an alter ego We discover though that her marriage isn't all roses and sunshine and that she is stuck in what she calls a loveless marriage and her and her husband just don't communicate any and her husband lets her mother in law treat her like garbage When one day author Ryder Matthews the hottest new Erotic author on the block sends a friends reuest to Ava and she accepts This next part where he PM's her about his new release and she goes on about at least they could get to know her name first I strongly connected with that as it happens to me all the time and it's one of my pet hates as I feel used as such What occurs next is that over the majority course of the novel Ryder and Ava will strike up a friendship and soon become romantically involve all while she is still with her husband up until she decides to leave her husband for Ryder she will discover the deep dark truth which leads to the title of Imperfect Truth Not to ruin the storyline and spoil the excitement for others I will leave with the parting words that if you love Dark Fiction and books that are thought provoking and open your mind up to the possibilities of human behaviour then this is one book you do not want to skip to Pass Go and Collect your 200 as Imperfect Truth should be on the top of everyone's May 2015 release reading list

  6. Donna ~ The Romance Cover Donna ~ The Romance Cover says:

    I was drawn to this book because of the heroine being a blogger It's the little things that pull you in I have to admit I didn't see the twist coming and that was surprising but once again for me I felt that this was lacking that character connection that I crave when reading I also felt that forgiveness was given way too easily and this didn't read right to me bearing in mind the character that we were led to believe the husband was I know people can change but it was a 180

  7. Chris- Bookaddict Chris- Bookaddict says:

    I skimmed alot of it Just did not seem to grab my attention

  8. Lisa Lisa says:

    I've always struggled to find where I belong but how can I belong somewhere when I don't fit anywhere? I don't think I've raved this much about a book in a long time Sure I find books I love but this one it just hit a little too close to home with me the road to forgiving yourself is the hardest journey to take You start with Ava who is struggling in her marriage and in her life The spark has disappeared and she finds herself just going through the motions She runs a successful book blog and is an avid reader which helps her pass the time until Ryder He's a popular erotic romance author who has all the right words He fills in her cracks but at what price? I'm not perfect I'm perfectly flawed A beautiful painting from afar but up close you can see my cracks and bruises I absolutely LOVED this book There were times when I felt like Ava was writing my story Some parts of this book were from such an honest place that it gutted me It is exactly what I needed to read at exactly the right time You will make mistakes in life That is absolutely certain You will fall times than you can keep track of Your success isn't measured in how many times you mess up but how you live and learn and keep moving forward Your failures don't define you Repeat that to yourself Your Failures Don't Define You Sometimes we have to get lost to be foundYes the story is about a blogger who falls for an author but there's a bigger message Want to know the secret to happiness? Take a look in the mirror The person looking back holds the keyI would give this than 5 stars if I could Thank you Ava Harrison for being brave and putting this book out

  9. AnnMarie AnnMarie says:

    My 5 Star Imperfect Perfect Review This story completely shredded meWe all know an Ava or was an Ava One of the best things about blog tours is the privilege of reading ARC's from new authors and their debut stories And sometimes you get a story so profound so real so fraught with emotion it stays with you for days after Imperfect Truth is that storyAmazing debut for the author Review posted 518 on Books and Fandom Many thanks to the Flirty Subs PR for sending this insanely stunning story my way

  10. 1-Click Addict Support Group 1-Click Addict Support Group says:

    I am so torn writing this review My first instinct is honestly not to like this book It’s the kind of book that makes me want to scream and hate the heroine to just close it and go back to my life The thing is I couldn't seem to do any of that I started and then I continued to read until it was over When I say it was like a train wreck I couldn't look away from please do not think that is a comment on the writing or the author It was just that the subject matter was so wrecked Ava is not just dissatisfied with her marriage she is genuinely depressed She has backed herself into a corner in life by not standing up for what she wants what she needs Ava goes outside her marriage to engage in a mostly online chatting affair with another man one who seems to give her that thrill she is lacking As she becomes invested in him she grows manic in their relationship and it moves to the real world The turn the story took sent me for a bit of a loop and it was a little difficult to swallow but the outcome was so realistic I carried on Here Ava makes her first mature adult decisions to fix herself without expecting a man to ride in and do it for her To attend therapy to become her own person to learn to be happy again To actually own up to her mistakes and learn from them This was refreshing; there wasn't an instant ‘Oh it's all better now’ happily ever after Watching Ava and her husband learn to act like adults and actually start to communicate was great During this second half the tone of the book changed dramatically though and it was difficult to read about the struggle sometimes Overall I think the fact that I read this through in one sitting without skimming and was completely invested in the characters makes this a 4 star read It was an emotional train wreck but since I'm pretty sure that was the point it definitely gets credit for succeeding in making me tense angry and hurt right along with the characters Justdon't go into this with your eyes closed Although it is about cheating about depression and about making difficult and sometimes wrong decisions it's also about redemption the importance of communication and love withstanding trials George 4 stars

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