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Blowing It [Reading] ➾ Blowing It Author Kate Aaron – Thomashillier.co.uk Being famous sucksAll Owen Barnes wanted to do was write but with success comes than just literary award nominations His new relationship with gruff gentle Magnus Cassidy is at risk and Owen isn’t g Being famous sucksAll Owen Barnes wanted to do was write but with success comes than just literary award nominations His new relationship with gruff gentle Magnus Cassidy is at risk and Owen isn’t going back into the closet without a fightWhen a photo circulating online threatens his sueaky clean image Owen seizes his opportunity to lash out not realising he’s hurting the man he’s doing it all forCan Owen find a way to reconcile his public and private lives or has he already blown it Contents passive tops and slutty bottoms bitchy best friends bad jokes sexy underwear an excess of beards and a smattering of angst May contain nuts Word Count THE Blowing It SERIESBlowing ItBALLS UPBOTTOMS UP Expected release Autumn Spin off Ryan’s StoryDOM ON THE SIDESUB ON TOP Expected release May .

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  1. Optimist ♰King& Optimist ♰King& says:

    DNF 68%No ratingI may come back to this some day but I made a resolution to stop being so anal about finishing books that I'm lackluster about and this is one of those booksI'm not in love with either of these charactersThe story is uneventfulThe dialogue is great and Aaron seems to have a feel for portraying characters in relatable situations I will read something else by her but if I have to read any publishing antics andor the daily life of a writer I'm going to LOSE ITLast but certainly not least do not be fooled by this amazeballs cover The MANTIES are scarceSad day when Cupcake realized the scarcity of said MANTIES Sad day indeed

  2. Vivian Vivian says:

    When you realize what you've forgottenSo this is a very sedately paced read for a uiet moment when you just want to observe First person narrative from Owen on his life and how making it big in publishing eroded away at his life without him noticing He didn't care until he had something to care about Homebody Owen isn't what he used to be Then again he didn't necessarily like everything he had before When he meets Magnus his world stutters and realigns Realignment is not smooth but when the parties are committed they can be made to work It's all about priorities And Owen reassesses his I enjoyed the story a lot The pacing felt a bit too slow in places but I really enjoyed the characters including the secondary characters who added a great deal to the atmosphere and plot I was very content reading it but don't think I'll reread it A nice little bite 35 StarsOverall a sweet romance for uiet times

  3. Bev Bev says:

    This was a real feel good funny and I suspect intensely personal story from Kate beautifully written and edited thanks Fen ALL the characters were wonderfully warm and believablewell everyone except that workaholic Max but we can’t all be perfect can we?? 45 stars and a big smile from meOwen Barnes or to give him his literary nom de plume Owen Black is wasting his time away writing stories and waiting tables in a coffee shop until the day he strikes lucky with his YA story That day arrives and his agent Max advises him to change his surname AND keep his sexuality a secretafter all being gay COULD potentially affect his sales and neither Max nor his publisher Suire wants thattough if Owen doesn’t like it every aspect of Owen’s life is taken over by the agency and he feels almost like a whore selling himself to promote his first book even though all he wants to do is concentrate on writing the secondOwen has not been lucky in his relationships; in fact his last serious lover Carl gave Owen a very nasty infection indeed so for the last 2 years it’s just been Owen and his right hand One evening at a book readingsigning of his latest book Owen is approached by a young girl Abigail and her very handsome escort Magnus who turns out to be Abi’s uncle One thing leads to another and Owen and Magnus agree to meet for coffee after the signing and a tentative friendship starts which could hopefully lead to something Owen’s bestie Ryan and his hubby Sameer are thrilled to bits for Owen; the only spanner in the works is that Owen is not to be seen in public with a boyfriend heaven forbid that he should have an actual relationship with someone of the same sex The social media gossip would be working overtime; there would a frenzy of activitysurely?? WHAT EVER Owen is not allowed to even contemplate that he’s been out of that closet since the age of 14 but he has to go back INTO the bloody thing for the sake of his writing career Owen is not a happy bunny not a happy bunny AT ALL but what can he do the agency has him by the ballsor do they?? Magnus has introduced him to his family but is getting unhappy at the lack of action on Owen’s part and when Max expects Owen to mentor a new female writer Becky that the agency is trying to hook things go dangerously off the rails I’ll leave you to discover what happens by reading this seriously good book yourselves enjoyoh and these may figure in the story somewhere hehe

  4. Steelwhisper Steelwhisper says:

    Kate is my friend and I received a free review copy of this book 45 rounded upNevertheless as ever very British a wonderfully slow and cadenced pace time to look at the characters and dang I love me some silken knickers

  5. Helena Stone Helena Stone says:

    There’s something magical about Kate Aaron’s writing When I read the Free Men trilogy a few months ago I fell in love with Kate’s words her characters and her descriptions of the world they live in Since Free Men is a fantasy while Blowing it is a contemporary romance there are an endless amount of differences between the stories There are powerful similarities as well though Both books contain characters so clearly drawn you can see and hear them The descriptions in both books are so well worded the surroundings are easy to picture And both stories draw you in from the first paragraph and refuse to let you go again until you’ve read the last wordI love that Kate Aaron isn’t afraid to write flawed characters It is because neither Owen nor Magnus is perfect they work so well They were real and beautiful smart and silly stubborn and forgiving understanding and unreasonable and totally recognisable because of itAlthough this story does contain its share of angst this is for the most part a light hearted sweet and at times very funny story yet it deals with a serious subject How sad is it that we live in a world where people are made to hide who they are because being true to themselves might mean the end of their career And that is NOT a fictional problem and it is not only a reality for people in the public eye Only the other day a lesbian teacher entered a competition to win a dream wedding here in Ireland and felt the need to pixilate her image on her video entryKate Aaron spins a web with her words and getting caught in it is a pure pleasure

  6. Lisa Lisa says:

    I don't now why I put off reading this book for so long I picked it due to a MM challenge and finally had to read itWhat a little gem A light easy to read book No angst and uite funny in placesOwen a YA writer is held to a clause in his contract where he isn't allowed to tell the world he is gay He is given a beard in the form of Becky an aspiring author wanting to sign with the same companyAt first Owen's boyfriend Magnus is ok with not being able to be seen with Owen on public but in the end admits he is jealousWhat I also enjoyed about this book is it is set in London in the borough that I live in so I was able to recognize places that were talked about

  7. Calila Calila says:

    Great fun read I really liked this I smiled a whole bunch while reading It was just fun and light and low angst until the end Magnus was just dreamy while not being so perfect that it's insufferable Owen was pretty great I loved his flair for the dramatic But he also started to get annoying when it came to having a backbone and standing up to Max That got tiring after a bit Loved the supporting characters except Max of course Can't wait to read book 2

  8. Liam Elliot Liam Elliot says:

    The first 75% of this book is boringBlocks and blocks and blocks and blocks and blocks of description It could have been taken from a tourist guide book BlechTediously painfully detailed small talk Good god small talk is bad enough in real life You want me to read about it too? No thanksAnd that awful pet peeve that I wish I could dip in acid and defenestrate from a high rise building into an ocean filled with sharks A writer writing about a writer's writing process UGH Kill me nowAlso the main character's head is lodged firmly up his own ass for that entire first 75%How boring is it? Well there's sexy underwear and somehow even that winds up being boring The character is wearing sexy underwear and the other character sees it really likes it then he takes the underwear off tosses them on the floor and they have a mediocre frot I am all the disappointI kept reading because someone said that it gets better around 80% They weren't wrong Stuff actually happens from about 75% onward So I'll add a star for the final ditch effort to have something notable actually happen in the book but my personal opinion was that the first 75% was not worth the last 25% and there just seemed to be something missing throughout the whole thing Emotion maybe? Regardless I just didn't care about 34 of this book and so I can't really recommend it

  9. Line Line says:

    Freebie at the zoncom right now have tried finishing this book than once and it is just not working for meI don't care for Owen at all but maybe I will give this book another try again later

  10. ~Kristin~ ~Kristin~ says:

    DNF 65% 25 Stars just not doing it for me

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