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Love Justice ❮Ebook❯ ➠ Love Justice Author Diana Morgan-Hill – As featured in The Daily Mail The Daily Mirror; ITV News ITV This Morning with Amanda Holden and Phillip Schofield; BBC Radio 2's The Jeremy Vine Show; BBC Radio 5 Live Ryan Tubridy Show At the age of As featured in The Daily Mail The Daily Mirror; ITV News ITV This Morning with Amanda Holden and Phillip Schofield; BBC Radio 's The Jeremy Vine Show; BBC Radio Live Ryan Tubridy Show At the age of Diana Hill fell under a London train In seconds the tall glamorous businesswoman went from busy woman of the world with everything to live for to double leg amputee her life in ruins Then it got worse A few days after her accident as she lay in hospital traumatised and heavily sedated she learnt via a newspaper article that the railway’s Transport Police were to interview “The Fall Girl” as the Press had labelled her with a view to prosecution She had boarded a moving train they said and trespassed onto their railway line Her fight for justice took years and was she declares with no hesitation a harrowing experience than having both of her legs ‘stolen’ from her As any young single woman would be Diana was shocked to the core by the sudden catastrophic change in her body image What man would ever love her now The issues surrounding sexuality and disability are explored here with stark honesty as she recalls her complicated love life the High Court dramas and the rawness of her pain amidst a turmoil of emotion all told with tremendous humour charm and heart For Diana loves to tell stories Especially true ones A brutally honest heartwarming memoir that shocks and delights in eual measure – when you're not crying for her you're laughing with her A computer is a thing that can be disabled not a person Diana Morgan Hill.

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  1. Julie Haigh Julie Haigh says:

    Wow What a brilliant memoir Totally compellingThis book hits you right at the start Such a shock with hardly any preamble the accident has happened and there's no going back Wow Such an immensely wonderful memoir Not just about her accident and certainly not all tragic There was never a let up in the pace it was all completely enthralling What an amazing lady and a totally amazing book In her memoir Diana Morgan Hill tells of her terrible accident; losing her balance getting on a train which started to move unexpectedly and as a result she lost both of her legs Just days after this nightmare British Rail decide to prosecute her They didn’t contact her personally to tell her this unbelievable news they announced it through the media in a newspaper Diana was a seasoned traveller her job in mediaTV necessitating a fair amount of travel to foreign climes This was all so fast moving uick to read compelling Don’t get me wrong this isn’t an all doom and gloom memoir I actually chuckled in a few places one was where she was a bit mixed up with the gas and air pain relief The book isn’t just concerned with her tragic accident it’s also about her family life relationships and her career There is a bit of a love story running alongside The man of her dreamsbut he’s taken Then there’s a long term partner where things have gone a bit sour but they’re tied into a mortgage together Who will stick around and help her through her recovery You’ll have to read it to find out A fight to get to health coupled with a legal fight Gripping reading This is such a great book and she tells her story so well Diana spent many months in hospital it was a long and painful road An amazing and inspirational memoir which I couldn’t put down I just had to see what happened next I loved the musical touch to this each chapter title was the title of a songpiece of music and the titles were relevant to what she was talking about in the chapters eg Born to Run Fragile Nessun Dorma Desperado I love this sort of tie in This was such a great book A fantastic portrayal of the author’s life before the accident and after it the lasting effects how people treated her An excellent memoir about a very brave lady

  2. Caryl Williams Caryl Williams says:

    This is a moving and honest account of Diana Morgan Hill's horrific experience of falling underneath a London train and losing both of her legs and the nightmare that came afterwards Not only did Diana have to cope with such a loss that changed her life forever she also had to fight a protracted horrendous legal battle with British Rail in the aftermath The book is very well written and although at times makes very tough reading it's one that I found hard to put down I'm a retired nurse who wouldn't normally have found details of the injuries harrowing within my former workplace but did find the descriptions here hard to read Nevertheless they were essential to the book and we feel the horror of what this young girl had to endure both during and after An experience she has to relive over and over not only during the many flashbacks she suffers through but also during the long legal case where she has to go over and over the events of that day multiple times Diana gives us glimpses of her life as she was before this catastrophic event and the grief she feels over the loss of herself as she was before She likens it to a bereavement As a wheelchair user myself for a different much less traumatic reason I can identify with that aspect of disability and disfigurement I've also been a victim of the 'does she take sugar' syndrome that afflicts well meaning people but can be totally disempowering and hurtful to a wheelchair userI've no doubt that this book will be an inspiring read for other amputees in a similar position and also for those around them

  3. Susie Kelly Susie Kelly says:

    This is to use a clichė a roller coaster read The subject is harrowing beyond imagination and Diana’s story is a mixture of the lowest of lows and some pretty high highsOne minute she’s young beautiful jet setting full of energy running a successful business in the glamorous high profile media world A few seconds later her future is irrevocably changed as she falls while boarding a train and loses both legs I found myself clenching my teeth as I read her account of the accident told with a clarity that shows that all these years later she still relives every terrifying detail of the event‘Love and Justice’ follows her long painful recovery and adaptation to living with her handicap her complicated and passionate love life the friends who supported her and her lengthy battle for compensation from British Rail who had threatened to prosecute herTerrible scars can with time and plastic surgery can be repaired but there’s no replacement for lost legs Despite that and living with permanent pain Diana’s story is balanced with humour joie de vivre and an unuenchable determination to live life to the full on her terms legs or no legsI received an advance copy of this book in return for an honest review

  4. Bee Lewis Bee Lewis says:

    This book has all the twists and turns you'd expect in something penned by John Grisham Except it isn't fiction I cried I laughed I was horrified and enraged and I couldn't put the book down I'm not a fan of memoir as they can be mawkish With such a horrifying story I was concerned that as a reader I'd be left feeling ghoulish but I needn't have worried Diana's telling of her own story is deft and subtle At no point was I as a reader standing outside observing Instead she drew me in like she was telling me face to face over a long conversationI worked for BR and then Railtrack during the period of her life covered in this book I recognise a lot of the detail and I have my own thoughts on that particular period of time Their mishandling of the situation has no doubt added to and compounded the horrific physical and psychological suffering Diana has endured and I defy anyone not to be moved by this story

  5. Janet Eshenroder Janet Eshenroder says:

    It is hard to know how to rank this book Certainly it is a page turner It is well written The subject of her earlier life and her love interests plus the accident and trial are all told with brutal honesty The challenges she faced and must continue facing are daunting and I am impressed with the tremendous shift involved in redefining her life I am grateful she shared the ups and downs with readers Her style of writing would make into a great TV screenplayWhy only two stars Maybe it is my age When I was younger I also thought that if the evidence was presented to the court if credible witnesses professional experts could confirm I was the victim and acted responsibly that the court would naturally jump in to protect my interests Ah if only It was tragic and frustrating that Diana's judge decided she was partially to blame but I think the idea of total vindication is an image we develop from watching TV and movies In real life justice often tries to find compromises so both parties come out with less than they hoped for I realize for people who have little direct connection with disabled persons this book gave important insights I give it great credit for that because it helps people visualize themselves in the same situation Because Diane was at the top of her game before the accident it seems even tragic to see the change in her life Because her life before seemed charmed the challenges after look grossly unfair Yes life can be very unfair for some people than for othersHere too perhaps I am jaded In the 1970s I lived with a roommate J who had lost her leg when the car she was riding in was driven off the road by a drunk driver she lost only one leg not two and I fully realize the immense difference That she and the driver of her car a close friend even survived was a miracle in itself Her friend spent 8 hours in brain surgery and was barely out of surgery when J just shortly out of surgery herself was approached by her friend's attorney and pressed to sign a waiver that she would not sue her friend for the accident Horrified that her friend would even consider her the type to sue J signed the papers Later she learned that due to her uninformed action she was no longer covered by her own insurance for any future prosthetic costs an expense of 10000 every 5 7 years Hard to save for that on a teacher's salaryHer fiance of five years was in the Peace Corp at the time of her accident and found himself stuck in a catch 22 The Peace Corp frowned on members leaving in the middle of their tour to run home for family emergencies If he left to be by J's side he could not return to the Peace Corp If he didn't leave to support her then they didn't think he was the type of person they wanted in the Peace Corp Catch 22 J's fiance had little choice but to come home The relationship uickly fell apart and J was left on her own to rebuild her lifeJ and I talked often about her experiences about the past and the present While still in the hospital J was harassed and badgered by nurses and doctors who thought she was not properly accepting and grieving the loss of her leg When she returned to college for work on her Masters degree she argued with professors who lectured that every person with a disability without exception had poor self esteem and considered themselves less a person Working as a speech therapist at a secondary school she put up with the children staring at her prosthesis J really hated when the parents stared She put up with being unable to cross wide streets before the lights changed with bells being triggered by airport security and having everyone in the terminal stare at her with forms that insisted she check off whether she was handicapped or not She didn't feel handicapped She didn't feel she had limits How would others see it What was the honest truthJ figured out her own limitations became an active swimmer and a one legged downhill skier She continued her career even after marrying and having a family Yes she'd lost her leg but her attitude was always let's get on with life and figure out how to make it workPerhaps I am overly critical that Dianna had a life so built around her image She succeeded in the movieTV scene by using her looks to their greatest advantage Somehow it all seemed a bit superficial She took on boyfriends based on chemistry and rationalizations Why oh why did she pick these men Why did she feel the need to make them love her The only surprise was the old boyfriends' support after her accident since it was obvious none of these were ideal matches I was glad to see she finally found the right partner I was glad to see her build a new lifestyle I may be different from others in not seeing othis as the story of a person who is heroic and bucking the odds I do see this as an honest and clear view of what everyday people must go through when life pulls the rug out from under them I hope this book develops empathy in readers I wish Dianna all the best with the life before her

  6. April April says:

    A Tale Of StrengthI really was in awe of Diana as I read this book It took me awhile to read I'm usually a fast reader Parts of it made me really sad angry so I would wait a few days read But her courage faith in God were amazing to read I feel like I know her would really love to meet her someday She is an extraordinary lady XOXO

  7. Jacqueline Jacqueline says:

    Diana writes with honesty and believe it or not humour about the accident that took her from a tall leggy high flying businesswoman to a vulnerable victim coming to terms with losing both her legs; a train in a station a passenger in a hurry an inattentive guard a life changed foreverThere is despair pain both physical and emotional but than anything there is bucket loads of determination that showed she may have lost her legs but there was still a lot of life left in herFollowing the accident there was much for Diana to cope with than just coming to terms with the physical changes There was the prejudice she encountered as a wheelchair user the guilt she felt at the grief and suffering she caused her loved ones by being in the wrong place at the wrong time and having worked in the TV industry where image is everything her career was unexpectedly in danger too Diana showed that you don’t know how deep your reserves are until you have to dredge right to the bottom What I found the most disturbing was the way she was treated by the legal teams Unfair doesn’t even come closeThen there are the positives the love she felt from those around her even when they didn’t always know the right thing to say but supported her by being with her and the experiences that she has had in the last twenty years that outweigh the what ifs and lost opportunities This is not an easy to book to read in places but it is a story that will stick in your head for a long time

  8. Susan Kerr Susan Kerr says:

    Confession I was afraid to read this book I'd seen the first pages I knew what it was about could I bear the pain that Diana did Just reading about the pain I mean Now I know be not afraid This is a brave book and it is an amazing read Diana is searingly honest about the pain the happiness the trauma the funniness about love and lovers about family and business partners And about lawyers courtrooms evidence And the glamorous TV pr business Cannes motorcycling horse riding about life A compelling page turner; except another confession I had to stop reading at one point Not the pain the recuperation the adjustment it was all the way at the end of chapter 33 in the courtroom I was too tense After all she'd been through to have to prove she was right and prove she needed compensation the injustice Three things I wish she'd included 1 Reminder to younger readers and Americans that trains then had doors on hinges that you slammed at least think that was the kind involved 2 At the start of Chapter 33 I really needed to know a little about the time her man no spoiler I won't name him here suddenly walked out on her while they were abroad 3 I want to know what happened next She has gone on to do so many fascinating good and strong things seuel please Thank you Diana for taking me on your journeyI received an advance copy of this book from the publishers in exchange for an honest review

  9. Paul Paul says:

    This book is both a sweet sweet true romance as well as a chilling narrative of a brutal fight with British law The author is a successful 29 year old woman who has recently started her own business in television public relations On her way to a meeting she steps onto a stationary subway train and is thrown off The train runs over her mangling both legs which ultimately have to be amputated She is fitted with prosthetic legs after a long stay in the hospitalThe author is a very perceptive woman who reads expressions and body language extremely well and can articulately write about her experiences There is an entire story in her accident and hospital stay another in her losing her love after her accident no one could blame him is the common sentiment a third in her finding a new love and marrying him and a fourth in her vicious fight with British Rail which claims the accident is her fault and that it has no liability in the matterThe book is by turns dramatic and awful sweetly romantic and a description of her bruising battle with the British Railway which demeans her at every turnThis is a GREAT book and I'd highly recommend it to everyone

  10. Sandra Sandra says:

    A simply un put downable and sometimes horrifying read by a very courageous ladyAge 29 Diana fell under a London train and lost both her legs While traumatised and trying to come to terms with what happened to her British Rail decided to prosecute The Fall Girl They believed she had boarded a moving train and trespassed on the railway linesHer fight for justice took 5 years all the while coming to terms being a young woman with a disability An honest account of her life before during and after her boyfriends finding love and having her daughter Lara An inspiration read Would recommend

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