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One Part Human (An Obscure Magic, #1) ✈ [PDF / Epub] ✅ One Part Human (An Obscure Magic, #1) By Viola Grace ✸ – An Obscure Magic series book 1Forced into a one week ride along with agents of the XIA Benny tries to hide the fact that she isn’t uite humanBenny has lived her life in the shadows avoiding the publ An Obscure Magic series book Forced into a one week ride along with agents of the XIA Benny tries to hide the fact that she isn’t uite humanBenny has lived her life in the shadows avoiding the public eye Her life as a recipe blogger pays the bills One Part MOBI :↠ and lets her socialise but she is about to get the assignment of a lifetimeHer boss orders her into a one week ride along with agents of the XIA the eXtranormal Investigation Agency It is the anniversary of the agency and they need to improve their exposure with the general publicAgainst her objections she is paired with a standard set of agents—a vampire a shifter and a fey They are willing to work with her and it is only when she signs the waivers that she learns why They all read her columnA week doesn’t seem like much time to learn about an organisation that deals with things most folk don’t enjoy thinking about but it whips past when the assignments go from casual crime to murders that have one pivot point Benny.

10 thoughts on “One Part Human (An Obscure Magic, #1)

  1. namericanwordcat namericanwordcat says:

    I enjoyed this new world from Viola Grace with a great heroine with many cool skillsIt is a silly start A food blogger would not be asked to go on a ride along I am not sure why Grace did this However the mystery is goodThe romance is pretty thin in this first installment and this is a serial Bleh Serial However all the paranormal races are fun and the action is funThe heroine has great parents and friends but the heroes are barely developed So this book is a see saw of good and bad but I liked it enough to buy other books in the series

  2. Sandra Sandra says:

    I love Viola GraceZenina Masters' writing That said she has upped her skills in this new series and I'm delighted that she hasBenny Ganger is a bitzer in a most delightful way She has many different supernatural ancestors but looks human She has been leading a human life working for the local newspaper and writing a cooking blogForced into a ride along with XIA supernatural law enforcement her ancestry comes out when young women's bodies turn up without souls or blood Her XIA team consists of a vampire a fey and a lion shifter All of them are very interested in her Of courseWe have a delightful array of supernaturals including demons ghosts succubi trolls as well as the aforementioned supes And killer tacosReally really looking forward to the next instalment and delighted that Viola is planning a long series

  3. Bookish Bookish says:

    I don't know who these people are giving this book five stars but let's just say they have an amazingly tolerant ear for sentences My first reaction on getting into this book was to wonder if it had been written a originally in some other language and translated by Google Interpreter or something b written by a computer c written by aliens studying the stuff NASA has sent out Everything seems artificial and plastic like actual human beings are a strange and unfamiliar thing to this author Her dialogs lack any contractions whatsoever Argyle smiled slowly 'If you are ready we will go' Smith moved around and opened her door for her 'I have been ready to go for an hour' It's all so robotic humorless and lacking in any human insight or warmth that I really couldn't understand what the author intended Or what species the author was Or how she got through high school I had to stop reading about 40% of the way in It was unreadable blather

  4. Mara Mara says:

    This is a note to myself It's not nor is intended as a review Nope no way If I have to judge from these few pages it's going to be a disaster A food blogger is called to write an investigative piece for a newspaper Yeah Solid She's hiding as human but acts as other Very solidCheesy doesn't cover the dialogue plus it's 5 bucks for a hundred pagesThank you but no

  5. Jennifer Hanssen Jennifer Hanssen says:

    Another gem from Viola GraceThis is book one of her new series An Obscure Magic and I already can't wait for the next bookBenny a journalist with a food blog is assigned to ride along with an XIA team for the week to write an article on the XIA agency as she is the only journalist who can pass as humanDuring her week with the three agents her secrets are revealed a dark evil threatens her existence and she develops an attraction to all three agentsJourney into the imagination of Viola Grace to see if they can thwart evil if the agents can accept Benny's secrets and whether Benny will choose the shifter vampire or fey agentor does a choice even need to be made

  6. Sonia189 Sonia189 says:

    I surprisingly liked this one and had no expectations This is sort of urban fantasy but what I liked best were the characters There are flaws but the simplicity of the story has to have some pointsI'm intrigued enough about the whole paranormal society and all the species included to read the next one one day

  7. Lara Lara says:

    I started this book thinking it would be a longer short story as most of Grace's books are After a few chapters I realized that it was much monger but was having such a good time I didn't care The heroine is a journalist who has some magical power Some time before a magical event occurred and there are now various magical beings Some of these beings cause problems so there is a special police force that was put into place to keep the order Our heroine Benny has had her own reasons to stay away from them but is now assigned to shadow one of their teams for a week as part of the 50th anniversary of the organization's foundingBenny and there are a lot of women using men's nicknames has a good sense of humor and doesn't scare easily I really liked her and her attitude As the story moves along we realize that there are many secrets and her life has been pretty complicated However those secrets are laid out bit by bitOne of the things I enjoyed is the relationship she develops with the variously hot and gorgeous men she follows She clearly experienced some traumatic events in her youth and has developed to be self confident and has a loving and supportive family Despite being surrounded by gorgeous men who start to flirt with her she keeps her cool That is another thing I enjoyed Despite the opportunity and the ability to easily make opportunity she stays focused on what is important rather than indulge herself She keeps her desires under wraps I was soooo glad to have that happen I am tired of characters who need to stay alert being overwhelmed by their lust in the middle of hunting or hiding out While the book ends on a wrapped up note there is clearly going on in Benny's life that will hopefully reuire additional books

  8. Coyora Dokusho Coyora Dokusho says:

    Well I liked it Insta love and all Seriously insta love The world building was in depth than usual and I really appreciated that but then there came a point where it felt like she just gave up and just started chucking everything at us because the END WAS COMING The only character that got developed was the MC and the parents Apparently the love interests are notimportant Still enjoyed it and will read

  9. Andrea Jackson Andrea Jackson says:

    Pretty cover poorly written

  10. Steven Naylor Steven Naylor says:

    Rating 20 stars I made it about 50% before I decided there was no point in continuing The premise didn't make much sense to me right from the beginning I didn't actually hate this book I just didn't want to waste my time with a story I didn't care about The main character is Benny she looks human but has a secret in her blood line She works as a reporter who mainly works on cooking stories The XIA is an organization that focuses on policing the supernatural community This organization has its 50 year anniversary this week and Benny is chosen to write that story Yeah that makes sense I am sure the FBI will want to tap Martha Stewart to write a story about them for their anniversary too This is dangerous for Benny since she needs to hide the secret of her heritage she may look human but she has a bunch of supernatural DNA in her blood You would think that she would hang back and be careful about what she does in front of other people then right? Of course not She immediately starts doing things that are suspicious She is only supposed to be on a ride along and watch but she ends up actively helping the agents She is teamed with 3 supernatural males for her ride along one was a werelion another a vampire and the third was Fae The dynamic between the group and Benny didn't seem very appropriate Right off the bat there was too much playfulness with some sexual undertones It didn't bother Benny but it bothered me because it seemed so out of place There was no last straw kind of moment for me when I stopped reading I just knew I didn't care about the rest of the story so why waste my time

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