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Zone Defence ⚦ [PDF] ✎ Zone Defence By Gavin E. Black ✶ – College ManLove RomanceNathan Kent wasn't thrilled with the idea of completing his final year of college at a completely different institution from where he'd started—but the opportunity to join one College ManLove RomanceNathan Kent wasn't thrilled with the idea of completing his final year of college at a completely different institution from where he'd started—but the opportunity to join one of the top varsity football teams had been too much of a temptation to pass upThe truth of the matter though was that Nathan was glad to have an excuse to move away His last relationship had ended badly and the thought of having to play a defensive position in conjunction with his ex lover was something he hadn't even wanted to contemplateLife was complicated enough already and starting fresh was definitely the answer but then he met his new roommate Aaron Campbell and he knew he was in trouble.

10 thoughts on “Zone Defence

  1. Arthur Arthur says:

    This book has so many things I don't like cheating the I love you so much but I'm afraid you'd leave me so I better leave you first story view spoiler Nathan claims to care for Aaron but already feels suffocated after being together for full one week Really? It's probably okay had a week before Nathan not 'forced' Aaron to publicly came out hide spoiler

  2. Heller Heller says:

    I hesitate to shelve this as sports since the only sports references are the title and the fact that both guys are on the lacrosse team The sport is only ever mentioned in passing here and it really didn't need to be a part of the story

  3. Kia Shiru Kia Shiru says:

    On Smashwords this book had a 5star review and reading the description I thought I would really enjoy the bookSadly the opposite is true The story sounds promising but there is only so much you can take before you stop believing in the story It looked like a romance story but the writing nears to erotica but it isn't Sex scenes are written awkwardly at one point the head of a dick is called a perfect mushroom cap and a nipple is white of excitement this turned me off not onSuspension of believe only goes so far when the characters break up and one of them immediately moves in with their ex on the same day it fully stops to be believable The story ran so fast I could not keep up with what was going onThe narration constantly switches between the two main characters without a warning every other sentence could be the other one thinking It constantly took me out of the story and I could never figure out which character was who because they sounded so alike in voiceI would advice the writer to read some gay erotica by male writers to see how they handle sex language and look at how other writers handle narration

  4. Anke Anke says:

    Yes it was free and I have to say I'm glad I didn't pay for it No I didn't really like it It started with a ridiculous first chapter then it moved on to some kind of relationship like on and off again between Nathan and Aaron The cheating of Aaron with regard to his girlfriend didn't bother me much as it was like he had to figure out some truth about himself So far so good but the whole story lost me when after Aaron's coming out breaking up with the girlfriend and both having a wonderful time together suddenly within just a few pages not only Nathan broke off with Aaron but on top of that there was a time leap of 10 years suddenly we are in Vancouver and of course you might guess it Both meeting again accidentally and within a few minutes they not only exchange I love you's no they 'reacuaint' if you know what I mean and are talking about moving in together and Aaron relocating his law firm across the country Sounds like a bit too much? Yes definitely for this reader So I will give the follow up story a go

  5. ♥☆SℓιM☆♥ ♥☆SℓιM☆♥ says:

    It was a great book; I do read MM romance from time to time •••• There are spoilers throughout this review••••This book was good; I could tell that Aaron was likely gay but was confused by what he may be; possibly bisexual or full blown gay I cracked up when Aaron said I almost got fucking hypothermia making sure I was cold enough to have an excuse to climb into bed with youThat was funny he was definitely determined that night but the next day; was completely confused But what suck was how Nathan push him away after Aaron came out and said he wanted him and didn't care who knows Not only that broken off things with Sarah for Nathan But one they split Nathan realizes his mistake in the end I was glad that Aaron shows him that bar and Nathan finally confessed the way he felt about Aaron and he got what he always wanted Aaron on the bottomBut I was confused as Nathan about his friends Aaron friends hearing everything that Nathan was confessing etc until Aaron admitted that his friends know that he's gay that they only surprised that he had a girlfriend hapriceless but one thing I would say is that for if Aaron wasn't gay he would've been weirded out by Nathan jerking Off then showing his ding a ling But he wasn't he rub the cum off Nathan face the first time they met and sucked the cum off his thumb right there tell you that 9 out of 10 Aaron was gay or bi curious wanted to see if he actually liked men or just Nathan

  6. Ricardo Ricardo says:

    1 12 starsNot very good The plot is uninspired and unimaginative the characters are unoriginal and the dialogue sounded fake

  7. Quin Quin Quin Quin says:

    HEAT LEVEL 810 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥I was surprised to say the least Surprised to find a Gay Erotic Romance that had gone almost unnoticed on and didn't receive the attention that it should have gotten three years ago The book might not have the perfect cover for me to pick it I hate covers where the head of the guy is cut off lol but I loved the writing styleFlawless detailed and most of all freaking smuttyNathan a gay college boy falls for his roommate Aaron a seemingly straight guy who turns out to be an animal in bed And oh I love that type The I am not really gay but lets give it a try type Right up my alley Galvin doesn't beat around the bush and jumps right into the first jerk off scene which is just perfect for me Let's get to it kid So if you're looking for a uick read filled with long and dirty smut scenes this is it I really hope that Galvin E Black aka Leigh Jarrett will keep publishing smutty reads that all of us can indulge inNow here is my only point of criticism 1 star the book would have been a perfect Gay Erotic Short StoryNovella featuring an open end which is why the entire 'romance' felt a bit forced For me personally they fell in love too uickly and thus it didn't feel realistic But that is just me other readers might feel differentlyThat said check out the preview and dive into your next gay erotic book

  8. Arlyn Arlyn says:

    I was reading this book at a fast pace thoroughly enjoying the characters and I began to wonder why this story didn't get positive reviews about 34 of the way through the story I'm pretty sure I found out why All I'll say is Why Nathan why?After that I hated the book until it's half hearted redemption in the last few pages I feel a little guilty giving an author a less than stellar review based on the behavior of a character but if it resulted in me hating 14 of the book in this case I think it applies

  9. Janie Janie says:

    I really liked Nathan and Aaron together they just meshed well with one another I absolutely hated the way Nathan just brushed Jonathan off like that once Aaron came back it was really pretty shitty And then the way he treated Aaron oh hell no And for a 10 year gap and they just say oh I'm sorry and all works out that really pissed me off it was too easy and it ruined the story for me

  10. Gavin Stephenson-Jackman Gavin Stephenson-Jackman says:

    Fear is a powerful motivator which can keep us safe but can also keep us from what is really important Nathan learns this lesson the hard way when he lets fear push away the man he loves Aaron knows what's in Nathan's heart but isn't ready to fight for it A very sexy friends to lovers college romance Nathan is comfortable in his sexuality as a gay man but after a bad breakup and the loss of his parents as a teen he's afraid of commitment and of his love for his new roommate Aaron is ostensibly straight but there's something different about Nathan When their relationship becomes a little too intense Nathan lets his fears take over It would be great to have a complete follow up of their relationship after they reconnect Will their second chance hold where the first one failed?

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