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  1. Bookwraiths Bookwraiths says:

    Originally reviewed at Bookwraiths Reviews I’m one of those readers who let this novel slip by when it was first released A fact which seems odd because – with its huge world multi thread narrative and grimdark tinged story – it is exactly the sort of fantasy I tend to look for And I never would have had a second thought about passing it up if I had not begun seeing reviews about it Not all of those were five star reviews truth be told and some of the reviewers were not glowingly complimentary of the story but I heard enough to know I had to get my hands on it and give it a tryOut of the gate When the Heavens Fall didn’t seem different than many traditional uest stories I’d experienced Maybe a bit dark and brooding but otherwise very familiar Basically we have a former Guardian think kickass magical warrior type named Luker returning to a city he had left long ago Once there he immediately finds that the reason he left think political machinations of a ruler have grown worse during his self imposed exile resulting in the Guardians’ numbers and power waning dangerously But that really doesn’t concern Luker What he has come back for is to head up a search party for his mentor think father figure who disappeared trying to apprehend a rogue mage named Mayot Mencada and retrieve a powerful artifact – a relic ominously dubbed the Book of Lost SoulsOkay I have to admit this sounded really interesting Guess I’m a sucker for uest fantasy And as Mr Turner began getting his uest group together and sending them out into this huge world I was really excited Then Mr Turner pulled the rug out from under me The story shifting focus to three different characters who have nothing to do with Luker’s group or its uest as well as being in three totally different part of the world The first locale is a small kingdom on the edge of the Forest of Sighs This land fights constantly against the intrusion of the ferocious forest tribes and the wood’s haunted spirits and as the heir to its throne Ebon is on the front lines protecting his people – even as he waits for the reigns of rulership to pass into his hands But though he presents a brave face to the world our young lord is haunted by fear – a deep seated fear that the forest spirits will once again take over his mind driving him back into the state of insanity that he only too recently emerged from And this apprehension is beginning to grow as the realization sets in that there is a power stirring in the forest that might be even worse than the spirits themselvesAcross the continent Parolla is a young woman driven by a seemingly impossible uest Her dearest desire to uncover a portal to the Lord of Death’s realm and pass through to confront Shroud himself For this god took someone or something important to her and she will not rest until she uncovers a way to get it back And it is this desire that eventually draws her to the Forest of Sighs far to the east where she senses that death magic itself is being released into the world drawing with it Shroud’s own servants from across the multiple dimensionsLastly there is the rather pompous pleasure loving priestess named Romany follower of the Spider goddess And when this crafty divinity shows up unexpectedly telling Romany she must go forth on an important and dangerous mission to the Forest of Sighs the priestess is very unhappy mainly because she will not be able to take her daily bubble bath and partake of her gourmet meals But one cannot turn down a god so off Romany goes to aid a rogue wizard who has a strange artifact that the Spider goddess does not want Shroud to retrieveFrom this multi threaded story Mr Turner weaves an intricate plot which slowly brings Luker Ebon Parolla and Romany to life unveils than a few behind the scenes power players carefully molds a vivid world in which all the events take place and eventually draws everyone together for a rousing conclusions All of it done in a style that other reviewers have compared to Steven Erikson Not having had the pleasure to sample Mr Erickson He is on my to be read list I can’t say with certainty if the comparisons are accurate but from what I have heard about the Malazan series it seems very similar to When the Heavens Fall which might or might not be a good thing according to your perspectiveAs for me I have to admit finding the beginning of the novel slow; the constant shifts between characters halting any reading momentum I’d built up and keeping me from fully investing in each person’s story The fact that so much background geography and lore was also interwoven into those initial chapters really made me feel like I was drowning in a fantasy information ocean But as the tale moved along and I became familiar with everyone and everything those problems mostly disappeared — though obviously I did have my favorite characters and wished of my time was spent with them as opposed to othersAll in all I enjoyed When the Heavens Fall Sure it was a difficult story to get into but the payoff for being patient was very rewarding This is a dark epic novel One filled with complex necromancy dark sorcery and than a few monsters and gods There are heroes and villains intrigue and combat mystery and magic; all of it set in a very intricately detailed world with a living history that springs to life before your eyes And the four main characters who carry you through this initial foray into Mr Turner’s fantasy land each see this struggle in very different ways forcing you to pay close attention to the narrative and make choices regarding who you believe is right and who you believe is wrong Yes the web Mr Turner weaves here is large and complex but if you have the patience to stay with it everything slowly clicks into place like a huge jigsaw puzzle being solved and ends with a truly mesmerizing conclusionTor provided this book to me for free in return for an honest review The review above was not paid for or influenced in any way by any person entity or organization but is my own personal opinions

  2. Petros Triantafyllou Petros Triantafyllou says:

    Turner's debut is sporting a departmental line of structure rarely seen in modern fiction Pick a random fantasy book from your bookshelf Turn it upside down Read the summary Now tell me the plot No wait let me do that for you You have a story told either from one or from multiple points of view by several main characters You follow the Protagonists' personal stories and in doing so you sometimes witness a greater plot arc that involves the fate of an empire or even that of a world Well in When The Heavens Fall that's not the case at all but exactly the opposite The main theme is a possible destruction of the world and the enslavement of all people and we get to see the circumstances that led to that event as well as the events that follow witnessing the final outcome In doing so we follow the paths carved by the people that directly influenced the story but make no mistake; they are not the protagonists The story itself is Romany's gaze lingered on the coats of golden chain mail worn by the undead champions Such an uncivilized use of gold particularly since as even the priestess knew the metal was soft and therefore entirely unsuited for use as armor Such wanton profligacy Such vulgar exhibitionism Perhaps when this was over she would find a better use for that goldWhen the Heavens Fall is great in a lot of aspects It is gritty brooding and intimate featuring a well thought out magic system that is the most important and integral part of the story The world building is mesmerizing and it's subtly implied that there is a lot going on outside the story The greatest part of it though is the motives of the protagonists Each and every character has it's own reasons to be part of the story and yet every action and inaction is intertwined with some other character's path creating a complex web of inter colliding circumstancesview spoilerLuker wants to find his mentor Merin has to follow his Emperor's commands and retrieve the book for him Chamery intends on stealing the power for himself Jenna is following Luker the only person left in her miserable life Ebon wants to save his kingdom Vale wants to protect Ebon Garat's intend is to avenge his brother's death Romany is following her Goddess' instructions Parolla wants to find a way to Shroud's kingdom and finally Mottle is a crazy motherfucker who doesn't need a fucking reason to do anything hide spoiler

  3. Niki Hawkes - The Obsessive Bookseller Niki Hawkes - The Obsessive Bookseller says:

    Although When the Heavens Fall didn’t knock my socks off I’m still glad I read it The elements that didn’t uite work for me were basic plot construction choices which means the author had all of the world building characterization and writing skills and even executed his vision to my satisfaction he just didn’t give me a satisfying journey on top of it all Because of that I am super excited to dive into his second book and see how a new plot structure with a new cast of characters unfolds Plus the second book is called Dragon Hunters which already has my immediate attention The first third of When the Heavens Fall was stellar Turner set a really cool atmosphere with his world building – a rather ominous overtone shrouded with secrets I knew immediately there was going to be a lot of things to discover about this world and I couldn’t wait to find out He also introduced a handful of POV characters all of whom I really enjoyed reading about even the “unlikable” ones He even hinted at several cool magics and gave us a glimpse into some fascinating nonhuman characters So even though he set the stage brilliantly where he took the story left a little to be desired The multiple POV’s were actually part of the problem They were perspectives from each aspect of the mystery surrounding a magical book and the reader learned very early on what was going on So it was a case of dramatic irony as the characters slowly got onto the same page as the reader The use of dramatic irony usually drives me crazy but I will say at least its use here allowed the reader to dig into the motives of all aspects of the conflict which in itself is entertaining I just wish I hadn’t know uite as much upfrontAnother issue that perpetuated this problem was pacing It’s okay to have all of your characters focused around a single problem but after the first third of the book every time the character perspective switched nothing significant had happened Everybody just kind of maintained status uo for a good bulk of the book and so at times it felt like we were switching POVs just for the sake of and not because that perspective had something interesting and new to show us So for that reason I feel the book could have been stronger had the plot been tightened with a bit focus within each POV This is also likely the main reason why it took me a full two weeks to get throughAll that said I still have an overall positive attitude towards the book and thought the things it did well it did really well I love the world and its dynamics and can’t wait to explore of it I liked the characters and hope they get a little depth in the future and appreciated the writing style and overall voice This was a buddy read with some friends at Fantasy Buddy Reads and there were a lot of comments referencing similarities to Erikson’s Malazan series so chances are if you liked that one this one will give you some kicksRecommendations this is a slow burn fantasy that built a great foundation to this cool world and had a cast of highly interesting characters even if they were a tad flat This wouldn’t be the first book I handed to someone if they needed a recommendation for a good fantasy but it’s definitely one I would talk positively about with someone who is well read in the genre It’s not perfect but it’s a great start and I can’t wait to see of what this author can doVia The Obsessive Bookseller at wwwNikiHawkescom Other books you might like

  4. Mogsy (MMOGC) Mogsy (MMOGC) says:

    3 of 5 stars at The BiblioSanctum Turner’s When the Heavens Fall was a book that snuck uietly onto my radar earlier this year I knew next to nothing about it beyond the official publisher’s description and so as with most things shrouded in mystery I was instantly intrigued and hoping it would score a surprise hit In retrospect my first impressions might have been different if I had kept my expectations in line but even after they were tempered I knew I probably wouldn’t be shelving this one under my favorites That’s not to say it’s a bad book because this is a very solid debut However some parts just didn’t work for me as well as it probably would for other readersAt first glance this seemed like your classic uest narrative All the characters and events appeared to be linked to the theft of an extremely powerful and dangerous magical artifact called the Book of Lost Souls Hidden long ago by the death god Shroud a rogue mage called Mayot Mencada has since uncovered the tome and spirited it away deep into the Forest of Sighs This sparks the beginning of the story for four different characters each with their own agendas Luker is a former Guardian who embarks on this journey to search not for the book but for his mentor who was the last person to go after Mayot Tasked to keep an eye on things is a priestess named Romany whose patron goddess the Spider was the one who manipulated Mayot into stealing the book in the first place Then there’s Ebon heir to a kingdom on the edge of the Forest of Sighs who is also plagued by voices of spirits in his head And finally there’s Parolla a young woman who seeks entry into Shroud’s realm to settle an old debt with the Lord of the Dead himselfI think most epic fantasies I’ve read are structured in a way so that each chapter is given to a different character perspective in order to keep all the points of view straight However When the Heavens Fall does not follow this format instead switching from viewpoint to viewpoint randomly within chapters which is one reason why the first 100 pages gave me so much trouble This constant jumping around – especially when the story is dealing with multiple characters in different locations – gives the introduction a sense of disorganization This section also holds a lot of background information and the fact that it’s so densely packed slows down the pacing uite a bitTo its credit the book picks up by a lot after the first half It’s not a coincidence that this is also when the four different storylines begin to converge and when I finally started to spot the connections Each plot thread does have its ups and downs though For example Luker’s story didn’t capture my interest until the finale since so much of his story about search for the bookhis mentor felt like wheels spinning in place after losing much of its traction past the first few chapters On the other hand Parolla’s story was just the opposite; so much about her was an unknown in the intro but the I learned about her and her uest the excited I became about her character And because Romany so often dealt in the metaphysical realm and appeared in a spiritual form that abstraction might have predisposed me against her chapters Perhaps the only one whose story I consistently enjoyed was Ebon’s with his struggles to protect his kingdom in the face of undead attackers and dubious allies When the four characters find themselves all together in the final showdown against Mayot though that’s when things get real This is a very large and intricate web that Marc Turner has spun and while it does take a little patience I promise everything will eventually click into place The ending is truly superbI see in Marc Turner’s profile that he names Steven Erikson and Joe Abercrombie as his major influences After reading When the Heavens Fall I can definitely see that though I would say his writing style leans towards the former author than the latter Certainly I feel it is closer to Erikson than Patrick Rothfuss who is the one mentioned in the book’s blurb I’ve seen several reviewers compare this one to the Malazan books and in fact I agree they are uite similar in style and tone with that dark epic feel Magic is a very complex and abstract concept here and in a novel like this which is not immune to its fair share of common fantasy tropes I have to say the system of necromancy and dark sorcery is its most uniue and striking aspectAll in all this was a good book though I won’t deny there were many parts that presented a real struggle The biggest obstacle was the pacing which was uneven in parts and slowed the momentum Further it’s possible my enjoyment was impeded by the fact this might not even be the type of epic fantasy I would normally go for It’s interesting to note I couldn’t get into Erikson’s Malazan either so the problem likely isn’t with the book it’s with me What this means is I can see When the Heavens Fall working extremely well for some readers but I just wasn’t swept off my feet For you this could end up one of your favorite reads this year For me it was an experience I wish I could have enjoyed Still I don’t regret reading this It was a new and refreshing encounter with a very different kind of sword and sorcery

  5. Stefan Bach Stefan Bach says:

    “Seek not beauty in battle Seek not beauty in death Consider not your own life If you wish to protect that which must be protected then strike while your opponent’s back is turned” I knew next to nothing about this book I knew of its existence and I knew I didn’t liked the cover And that’s pretty much itThen in a great anthology Evil is a Matter of Perspective An Anthology of Antagonists I have read a short story about water mage pirate Mazana Creed And besides pirates and great female character in it I was intrigued by this story in which world setting is such that mages are using their powers based on four elements; in essence an elemental magic system where earth power is dominant over air where air rules water water fire and fire earthIt was uite enough for me and because I really don’t judge book by its cover I decided to make this novel my immediate read And now when I have finished it I am overwhelmed by how much this book has to offerSo what this book is aboutWell it all starts with a book itself In the Empire of Erin Elal there’s a Dark Tower which serves as a prison for a very dark and powerful Book of Lost Souls Until one day that book is stolen and one of most powerful sorcerers of the Dark Tower a veteran necromancer Mayor Mencada is set to retrieve it After a time his regular reports became scarce and then nonexistent Long silence was the only answer and after yet another retrieving mission failed strange rumors are reaching the Empire; rumors of terrifying evil in Forest of Sigh in ancient capitol Estapharriol which is buried beneath the trees Luker Essendar is an ex Guardian an elite soldier who has ability to use his power called Will in order to for example ever so slightly influence laws of physics and inanimate objects that abide by them So it figures how such ability makes him master of swordsman and excellent tactician While other mages necromancers and Gods might succumb to their delusions of omnipotence Luker had eyes only for task at handBut also he is a broken man returning to his homeland after losing whatever he ought so many years ago to find Finally and completely unexpectedly it is in his homeland that he will find something to seek for His former master member of Guardian Council Kanon who seems lost after he was sent to retrieve certain sorcerer Romany Elivar is a High Priestess and not so devoted worshiper of Goddess Spider Actually if it was up to her she would be entirely devoted to peaceful baths and good vine But great power is stirring in Forest of Sigh so great that even her Goddess can’t ignore it nor opportunities that arose with it But Spider’s ways are a subtle business so instead seizing that power for herself she decides to guide it safely and unknowingly tangle it in her webbing so that she could trap it there without anyone noticingAnd for that task she sends her high priestess a task from which Romany will learn just how much she resembles her Goddess Ebon Calidar is a Prince of Galitia small Kingdom in the north edging with ancient Forest of Sigh He successfully defends his kingdom from local tribesmen and spirits of long lost nation that still dwells in the forest of their ultimate demise while preparing himself to take the throne and negotiate truce with northern ruler of Sartor Consel Garat Hallon Until one night while hosting the peacetalks his capitol is attacked by the people believed to be long extinct and their spirits trapped in the forest But this people are far from spirits because they are indeed banging at his door in flesh and blood And when he hits them down they get back up refusing to die Parolla Morivan is a necromancer running from the zealots of the Antlered God and its worshiper Lord of the Hunt She is also looking for a door to the Underworld and a God that usurp its throne Shroud This God gifted her with great powers so vast and cruel in its core that they make her one of the most powerful sorceress in the known world but also loneliest because none living creature could stand beside her without her corrupting it taking its life force from it until it withers to ashesAnd she is looking forward expressing her gratitude for such gift in personAnd there’s plethora of other characters in this novel but I’ll let you discover them for yourselves Marc Turner did incredible work creating this world with deeply rooted history in it astonishingly creative magic system and diverse characterization He didn’t just take liberty with characters in making them diverse he actually like a child in sand played with different ways to show us how he can deconstruct and build a character He didn’t bothered his readers by writing 300 pages of characters history just so he could in another 300 pages explain characters actions in present Nor did he take reader by his hand to explain to him how grass is green sky blue and water wet But above everything else he used subtlety Not just in characterization but in worldbuilding telling the story etcFor example there’s a scene with Goddess Spider recruiting Romany High Priestess of her temple Romany is obviously not ready to jump to action after years of spending secluded in a temple in luxury and lazing while minions served her But she accepts although grudgingly and because she has no choice in the matter There's also part of her that is power crazy as her Goddess and this is a great opportunity to gain even powerSo in order for Spider to transport her to place where she needs her she has to deconstruct Romany in atomic particles for the sake of safeness and importantly speed and then she reassembles her upon they arrival at destination And in the light of the day while catching her breath from roaming the forest when Romany sees her body and sees effects of years of inactivity and gluttony instead of rational assessment of reasons for her physical condition she blames Spider for having such an awful taste in humor while reassembling her by “adding a little bit on her side” choosing to completely deceive herself from the truth in the process In just few paragraphs author managed to establish and explain relationship of Goddess and High Priestess while also showing to what extent would Romany go if truth doesn’t fit her rationalityThis not just subtly adds layers and builds a character without overwhelming the reader with characters history convoluted plot or something else but successfully leaves a space for a characters build up in ways than few while moving the plot and story forwardAnd book is filled with many other examples such as this Regrettably I have to say that those who find Steven Erikson's books challenging will find this one to be that too Even I who somehow managed to complete a ten days marathon of Malazan books had to put down this novel a bit from time to time and rest my eyes and my brainThose who enjoy Malazan world should have this as priority

  6. Michael Fletcher Michael Fletcher says:

    Truly epic magical battles Highly recommended for anyone into epic fantasy with a dark edge

  7. Bob/Sally Bob/Sally says:

    While I hesitate to call this a throwback or reactionary fantasy there's no uestion that When the Heavens Fall has a very late 80searly 90s feel to it From the characters to the world building to the story to the narration Marc Turner's debut just feels like something I'd almost swear I read 25 years ago That's not necessarily a bad thing many of my favorite epics are from that era but it will certainly present a challenge to readers who've become accustomed to something polished and complexI've already seen some readers complain about the world building but I appreciated both the world itself and the way it's built What you have to understand is that Turner's style is about as far away from info dumping as you can get He throws us head first us into the story drags us along and simply expects us to catch up The politics mythology and magic are revealed in sporadic dribs and drabs often through conversation or internal monologues You have to pay attention and you have to make some connections on your own to have the story come together and I liked thatAs for the characters I liked them and was certainly invested in their fates but I'll be the first to admit they could have benefited from a little emotional depth The Lurker and Jenna were an interesting pair playing off one another nicely but neither one grabbed me and screamed HERO Ebon was a legitimate hero but a little too good to be interesting he really needed a just a few darker selfish aspects to round him out Romany was pretty much his polar opposite a legitimate villain but a little too bad to be truly interesting although I loved her interactions with Spider Parolla on the other hand was a character about whom I constantly wanted to see hear and know I loved her as much as I loved her story arc and I actually got frustrated when the story moved away from her Had Turner invested as much effort in building out the other characters as he did her I think this would have been a much stronger taleThe narration itself was serviceable but nothing special Again like I said it has that feel of a late 80searly 90s epic fantasy when plot came before characters and characters came before storytelling It flows well is nicely paced and doesn't fall into any of the debut author traps of overused words or phrases but the switch between POVs is a little harsh at times There were times I felt like Turner was simply changing POV to give himself time to think time to figure out what to do with a character next without advancing too far towards the climactic convergence of magical forces and supernatural powersWith all of that said I really enjoyed the story It not only developed well but it resolved itself nicely It's increasingly rare that an epic fantasy can manage to sustain my interest through the climax and keep me reading closely enjoying the details and nuances as opposed to skimming ahead to find out how it all ends The darkness the magic and the very idea of power really appealed to me here and I felt Turner did a masterful job of building the story towards that climax It's a story that just got bigger deeper and intriguing with each new revelationI'm really curious to see how fans of the genre respond to When the Heavens Fall I suspect that will largely depend on how long they've been fans and how wide their reading experience has been If it comes across like nothing they've ever read before that might be a challenge If it seems at all familiar however and evokes any feelings of nostalgia then I think it's those readers who will be clamoring the loudest for a seuel Either way I enjoyed it and I'm anxious to see what Turner does next Originally reviewed at Beauty in Ruins

  8. Eric Eric says:

    45 StarsAn excellent start to a fantasy series that I can’t wait to read of When the Heavens Fall was one of the better fantasy books published in the last few years that I’ve read First the plot It was actually a very simple plot and that was one of my very few issues with the book Ultimately the book is about a powerful object and the convergence of various other factions in an effort by each to seize control of the artifact and the power it brings But Turner makes the story so much interesting than just an attempt by rivals to gain power Seeing how the various entities made and abandoned allegiances along the way was fascinating The story is told from the POV of 4 main characters each with their own motivations for becoming involved in what uickly becomes a bloody contest There is a member of a warrior order a priestess a noble and a mysterious sorceress Each POV is told in a fairly short section before switching to another POV I appreciated the format as they helped keep the pace moving The writing itself is excellent and does not feel like a debut novel I was particularly impressed with how Turner managed to convey so much information about each of the 4 main characters simply by the circumstances of how we first encounter them There are no info dumps in this book I saw several comparisons to the style Steven Erikson uses in his Malazan books and I would agree to an extent though Turner’s writing style is nowhere near as dense and as a result I found it much accessible That brings the next point and an area in which Turner truly shines The woldbuilding is phenomenal The scope of the world he’s created is incredible and uniue There are gods empires kingdoms fantastic creatures warrior priests and so much As a lifelong fantasy fan and lover of fantasy lore it was amazing So many creatures and warriors and powers were shown or mentioned in passing that it left me drooling and wanting Knights powered by death magic wielding invested weapons Sorcerers controlling demons Elemental Mages An Everlord I’m still not sure what that last one is but I want to know My inner geek was happy And the magic This is not a book that has a touch of magic here and there Magic is everywhere with a wide range of powers There is no meticulously designed magic system like you’d find in a Brandon Sanderson book but in a way I enjoyed that Turner struck a good balance between giving his magic genuine power without letting it become an easy way for his characters to get out of any situation The magic felt grounded and real never veering into the absurd or overpoweredOf the fantasy novels published in the last few years John Gwynne Brandon Sanderson and James Islington have probably written my favorites With When the Heavens Fall Marc Turner has added his name to my list

  9. Solseit Solseit says:

    I was completely drawn into this world multiple stories of unrelated characters facing different issues and challenges dealing with the gods meddling with human affairs It is a 45 stars book for me reminiscent of the Malazan Book of the Fallen with interesting characters magic systems and gods

  10. Margret Margret says:

    Can’t uite put my finger on why this book wasn’t a hit with me It’s a weak 3 stars The world building was good not great good premise exciting battle scenes The magic system was uniue and well explained Pacing at times left something to be desired most of all the characters I feel weren’t well developed Could be my mood or the books I have read lately have well developed characters and I don’t feel this one has been up to par on that end

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When the Heavens Fall (The Chronicles of the Exile, #1) ➳ [Reading] ➶ When the Heavens Fall (The Chronicles of the Exile, #1) By Marc Turner ➩ – Thomashillier.co.uk If you pick a fight with Shroud Lord of the Dead you had better ensure your victory else death will mark only the beginning of your sufferingA book giving its wielder power over the dead has been sto If you pick a fight with Shroud Lord of the Dead you had better ensure your victory else death will mark only the beginning of your sufferingA book giving its wielder power over the dead has been stolen from a fellowship of mages that has kept the powerful relic dormant for centuries The thief a crafty power hungry necromancer intends to use the Book of Lost Souls to resurrect an ancient race and challenge Shroud for dominion of the underworld Shroud counters by sending his most formidable servants to seize the artifact at all costHowever the god When the PDF or is not the only one interested in the Book and a host of other forces converge drawn by the powerful magic that has been unleashed Among them is a reluctant Guardian who is commissioned by the Emperor to find the stolen Book a troubled prince who battles enemies both personal and political and a young girl of great power whose past uniuely prepares her for an encounter with Shroud The greatest threat to each of their uests lies not in the horror of an undead army but in the risk of betrayal from those closest to them Each of their decisions comes at a personal cost and will not only affect them but also determine the fate of their entire empire  The first of an epic swords sorcery fantasy trilogy for fans of Patrick Rothfuss Marc Turner's  When the Heavens Fall features  gritty characters deadly magic and meddlesome godsAt the publisher's reuest this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management software DRM applied.

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