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Rebound (Soulmates, #3) ❮PDF❯ ✩ Rebound (Soulmates, #3) Author Nicole Dykes – Ryan is heartbroken his relationship with his girlfriend is not what it had seemed He decides to swear off relationships and women all together to focus on college and playing football Life of course Ryan is heartbroken his relationship with his girlfriend is not what it had seemed He decides to swear off relationships and women all together to focus on college and playing football Life of course has other plans for him Can he let go of the pain and love againThis is Ryan's story from the Soulmates Series It starts with his relationship with Maddy and follows him to college the life of a college athlete It will show his struggle to move on from MaddyThis is a part of a series but can be read as a standaloneNew adult romance recommended for people or older for mature content.

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  1. Sarah Elizabeth Sarah Elizabeth says:

    Source I received a digital copy of this book for free on a read to review basis Thanks to author Nicole Dykes “An athletic scholarship You had to play a game to get here and you continue to play a game to stay here” This was a new adult story about what happened to Ryan after his break up with Maddy in book 1 “I thought we were dating again”“What? You did? We never talked about that” Ryan seemed uite a loyal sort of person and it was nice that he was going to college for an education rather than to party and have sex “If I never see a football in person after college I’d be okay with that” The storyline in this was about the romance mainly and there was a bit of going over old ground again as the first 20% was some of the events from book 1 from Ryan’s point of view The romance happened between Ryan and a girl called Lindsay and she was uite a sweet girl I felt really sorry for her when it seemed like Ryan was totally blind to her feelings “We were just talking about how I’m broken And how I don’t want a relationship”“I don’t either Not even a little bit That’s why it’s perfect”“Why what is perfect?”“This We can hook up or whatever and just be friends No pressure No relationship” The ending to this was pretty happy and I was glad that things seemed to be working out for Lindsay and Ryan6 out of 10

  2. ✰ Liz ✰ ✰ Liz ✰ says:

    Rebound is the third book in the Soulmates series The series is based on a group of friends and their journey from high school to young adulthood The first book was focused on Maddy and her journey in her POV The second book was focused on Jake and his POV Book 1 and 2 were very similar in style Jake and Maddy shared a heartbreaking but beautiful love story However when Maddy and Jake got together there was one boy that was left out in the cold This installment is based on the experience of Ryan Ryan meets Maddy his last year in high school He is uite taken by her and wants to have sustaining relationship with her However it becomes clear that with Ryan heading off to college it would be best for them both if they parted ways before either one got hurtRyan goes to Auburn on a football scholarship He spend the first portion of his year mourning his break up with Maddy We meet his new friends in college and get a taste of his experience as a college athlete Although everyone is encouraging Ryan to move on from Maddy he is struggles to let go of her At one point he returns home and ends up hooking back up with Maddy He mistakingly believes that the two are now back together Imagine his heartbreak when he realizes that she has in fact been with Jake and is not at all interested in rekindling their relationship Eventually Ryan moves on and becomes friends with a peer from one of his study groups Although the two take a while to form a friendship eventually that friendship leads to They agree to share physical intimacy without emotional intimacy We all know that never works in the long run Eventually Ryan finds his way with Lindsay and the two form a lasting relationship Overall I enjoy the characters that Nicole has created I am truly interested in their background and their relationships with each other The plot is well developed and thoroughly explored throughout the series What is slightly problematic is the rapid time jumps in this book In this installment I wanted of Ryan and Lindsay together Because we have already read Maddy's story I would have been happy to jump straight in to Ryan's story at collegeI missed out on some of the emotion of the moments because things were moving to fast Thankfully the writing style is narrative so there isn’t any uestion with what is going on in Ryan's mind I thought Ryan was an extremely likable character and I was very happy that he received his HEA in the end

  3. Susan Susan says:

    Finally We get to hear Ryan's story My heart broke for him as he was in love with Maddy and she did him wrong I was worried he wouldn't get over her and experience love againI loved meeting Lindsay and thought she was perfect for Ryan I was Hoping she wouldnt break his heartI love this series and Nicole does a great job of pulling you in and never letting go I'm looking forward to reading the next book in the Soulmates series

  4. Aliana Milano Aliana Milano says:

    WOWThat was a pleasant surprise The last person I thought this book would be about was Ryan But I'm so glad it was His story was PERFECTI loved his sweet sensitive guarded self I love me a good ol' asshole don't get me wrong But after Jake Ryan was a nice surprise One I thoroughly enjoyedMy heart hurt for him so hard cause of what Maddy did My hear hurt for Lindsay with what she went through with her sister I love how smart and strong and cautious she was She didn't just fall into Ryan's arms She fought and protected herself I admired her and her strength Those two were perfect for each other I love how I have 2 homes in this series One with Jake Maddy and their crew But also with Ryan Lindsay and the gangI loved the supporting characters too Pete cracked me up like none otherThis book was a lot humorous I think in comparison to the others in the series but also had depth and seriousness to it too with Lindsay's sisterI think the HEA after Ryan and his mom ; got were so well deserved and hard earned Awesome read I loved itCan't wait to read Andy and Jackie's story ; Digital copy received in exchange for an honest review

  5. Caroline Caroline says:

    I was given this book for an honest reviewThis was a 45 for me I really enjoyed this book ryan went with maddy from the first book but after he left for college and had to finish with maddy he couldn't love anyone else or just move on ryan went to a college party and banged into Lindsay literally and after a drunken night he can't remember she ends up hating him after seeing him again at a study class then he agrees to go on a double date with his friend to find that the other girl was in fact Lindsay They got to no each other after this and carried on being friends but when they started sleeping together and still staying friends it couldn't carry on so they just stayed friends but ryan found out some information at his mum's wedding that there was to it why she ended the sleeping together and once they told each other the truth it was all great A great read and wish I could of gave it 5 but it was only the small retell of book one and two at the start that I didn't like xx

  6. Katie Katie says:

    I received a copy from the author in exchange for an honest reviewThis book focuses on Ryan a character we meet in Soulmates It was part companion novel part spin off novelThe first half of the story is a retelling of what happened in Soulmates that Ryan was apart of from his POV You learn a bit about the relationship between him and Maddy which I liked You got to see how that relationship effected him The second half of the story is what happened after his relationship with MaddyI think I actually liked this than the previous booksAlthough this is heavily related to what occurred in Soulmates I think it could be read as a standalone book

  7. Jan Jan says:

    Sweet high scool drama YA readArc gifted for honest reviewI loved soul mates and the ups and downs of adolescent life Ryans story continues with this themeFollowing on from soulmates this is Ryans side to how he fell fast and hard for Maddy and how his heart was blown to smithereens as he realised her feelings werent mutual and her heart belonged to someone elseYou don't get to see Ryans true feelings in the previous book and its heartwarming to read how such a great caring guy got broken Life goes on in college and from Ryans pov you get to see how he moves forward Its a sweet good college read without angst or drama Recommend reading soulmates to get an all round view to the plot it makes you appreciate Ryan

  8. Jesse Joren Jesse Joren says:

    Good guys finish last but good things are worth the waitWhat a terrific third installment in this Nicole Dykes trilogy which began with SOULMATES and continued with FATE Ryan was such an intriguing character that he deserved his own book and Ms Dykes has definitely delivered My review discusses some details Many other reviews have mentioned some of this but just in case slight spoiler alertI actually thought the re telling of Maddy and Ryan's aborted relationship was perfectly done and not derivative at all I really really liked Maddy in the first two books and I still dobut REBOUND definitely gives a fresh window into her interactions with Ryan It's not that she's unlikeable but that as the readers we can see so plainly what poor Ryan can't that Maddy and Jake are meant to be a couple and Ryan will be left out in the cold It takes a skilled author to create such multiple dimensionsviewpoints to the same story and Ms Dykes has done this beautifullyLindsay is a perfect HEA for Ryan In some ways they both know how it is to be pre judged whether because of your background or the fact that you're a jock I had to warm up to Lindsay a bit but by the end of the story I was rooting for them all the way And in full disclosureI lived in Auburn Alabama for two years and this is my home state so I appreciated how important Ryan's scholarship was and why it was so valuableI'll be watching eagerly for future novels from Nicole Dykes

  9. Carrie Carrie says:

    Having been raised by his mother and grandmother Ryan is a good guy and treats women with respect His girlfriend Maddy has asked to wait for sex and he has no problem with that When Ryan gets accepted on a full scholarship to Auburn and will be leaving the state he thinks that the best thing to do would be break up so the two don't hurt each other However when on break and visiting home Ryan meets up with Maddy and thinks the two have gotten back together When Maddy breaks his heart he vows to give up dating Rebound is actually the third book in the Soulmates series but it's the first of the series that I have read The book read fine as a standalone as far as I could tell having not read the others The only thing I think maybe it missed a bit that might have been in the others was the depth of Ryan and Maddy's relationship The first couple of chapters are basically their year together so having time passed that uickly it wasn't really clear as to why Ryan felt so deeply for her as it just didn't seem they'd even been together that much My other little critiue would be there were several typos I noticed throughout in my copy which brought my rating down a bit too Otherwise this would have probably scored four stars Overall good uick romance story from a male point of view

  10. Stephanie Stephanie says:

    ARC Review I loved this just as much as the first two I loved reading Ryan's story He's such a sweet and perfect guy and I'm glad he found love again after Maddy You could really see and feel how badly Maddy hurt him I didn't get this sense in the first 2 books but that is just because they were about Maddy and Jake And obviously I love them too But after reading this I like Ryan than Jake Since Ryan was raised by his Mother and Grandmother he was taught how to properly treat women I wish there were guys like Ryan in this world He's seriously everything I want in a man This was actually my favorite in the series so far and thank you to the author Nicole Dykes for giving me the opportunity to read and review your stories Keep up the good work and I look forward to reading the next one

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