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  1. Al Burke Al Burke says:

    Before we start there is nothing particularly new about this book If you are the type of person who reuires a book to shatter every possible trope then this is not for you Now for the rest of youThe land is divided The Northern people have mostly come to terms with the Southern invasion adopting their ways and their new faith There are still dissenters but they are few in number and reside in the shadows Yet some still hold to the pagan ways and try to return others to that faith But is the hand of man behind this pagan revival or is there something deeper and darker at play?I liked this book It was gritty and dark with a twisting plot I do like twisting plots and strife aplenty The battle scenes were good the characters were not so much likable as believable which in a way makes them likable If that makes sense I've lost myself nowThe bad guys the real bad guys not the rebels are the highlight monsters that would not look out of place in the Cthulu mythos difficult to defeat but not indestructible The battle between the different beliefs is interesting with both sides surprise finding the other to be offensive but need to team up to save the day I listened to the audiobook version and the narrator was good applying the appropriate pacing for the story and showing enough diversity of voices to leave little uestion to which of the relatively sizable cast was speaking So this is Book 1 in The Hallowed War series and a sure sign of enjoying a book is whether one will continue on and read Book 2 And one will

  2. Blodeuedd Finland Blodeuedd Finland says:

    This felt pretty old school and well I love old school Give me an epic story and I am all inWe have a country that is really two countries The south those stuck up bastards and the north The south wants a piece of the northThen we have the Church arghhh the church See there used to be peace with the land Sure the old gods did a lot of damage but theyalso cared for the earth And without them things are going badly but the church is stupid and is all kill all pagans So yes you do not want to be a pagan here you will die I really liked his take on the gheists gods nature It was very nice it made me connectAs for the story We have a young man Ian who is waaaay too headstrong for his own good His dad is a hero And someone wants their helpThen we have Gwen another Lord's daughter and one who hunts the bad things in the night She on the other hand was very level headed for her ageThey have their own stories doing their own things and I cannot say Let's just say that all hell will break loose And I do wonder where this story is going very intriguingGood story

  3. Ctgt Ctgt says:

    Very interesting mix of magic politics and religionThe Teren north most recently converted to the new religion sits on the edge of the pagan territory Suhdra to the south was the earliest area conuered by the followers of Strife and Cinder the newest gods But the old religion won't go uietly The gheists were the gods of the old religion the spirits of stream and forest that the Tenerrans had worshiped for generations before the crusades Now deprived of their sacrifices and abandoned to the uiet places of the forest many of those spirits had gone mad They manifested in strange and unexpected places sometimes demanding tribute other times taking their sacrifice in blood and fireVarious kingdoms of the North are always suspect in the eyes of their counterparts to the South Political intrigue vow knights priests of the Inuisition and the gods of old; It was a hound as big as a horse bigger Its tangled fur was twined through with twigs and leaves its dirty coat cluttered with vines that seemed to grow through its body It was black black as night and its bearded jaw hung open exposing scores of star white teeth each as big and as sharp as a gardener’s hookThe hound passed close to him nearly brushing his trembling arm with its hulking shoulder It smelled like freshly tilled earth and old damp leaves left under the forest canopy for seasons without endAnd then it was gone The night came back the insects filling the world with their song the creek returning to life The forest peeled away from the gheist’s path leaving a road through the trees Ian stumbled forward up a hill the ground nothing but smooth grass As he crested the summit the trail closed behind him the trees creaking as they returned to their natural place the earth groaning and shifting beneath his feetall make for an intriguing world with plenty of action and politicalreligious machinations710

  4. Jennifer Jennifer says:

    I've been meaning for months to write this review ever since the nights I stayed up late to finish it The book is definitely a page turner with complex characters reacting realistically to complex problems in their world I have really enjoyed Akers' previous works; he does an excellent job of world building and character development but precisely for those reasons his short fiction was very frustrating because I was allowed only a small glimpse into a fascinating world I always felt that the world of each of Akers' stories had so many other possible stories within it In reading this novel I felt satisfied with the ability to explore the world Akers created and I'm really looking forward to the next two novelsThe sword fighting image on the cover may be misleading to some readers and might cause some to overlook the novel I know I wouldn't have picked it up if I hadn't already been familiar with the author That would be a mistake Yes the book contains some violence but that's not the focus of the story and in fact nothing happens gratuitously whether violent sexual magical etc nothing feels like it's been added forcibly to keep the plot going Female readers in particular will be pleased and really all readers should be to note that the story includes female warriors as a matter of course rather than having just one role defying female warrior as an anomaly While female warriors are less common than male warriors in the world of The Pagan Night becoming a warrior is a valid and acceptable choice for a woman That's just one of the ways in which Akers' characters demonstrate true human complexity and variability rather than conforming to stereotypes whether gender related or otherwise Whether you read a lot of fantasy fiction or not if you enjoy good writing with well developed characters in a well paced and riveting plot then you will not regret buying this book

  5. Kdawg91 Kdawg91 says:

    This is a great start to a new epic kinda sorta darkish fantasy series I apologize first and foremost I am kind of down and sick so this week's reviews wont be very longEasiest way to describe this book is classic epic fantasy with a Celtic middle ages flair if you are a Game of Thrones person this will be all up in your face you will dig it tonsGreat action very interesting world and I care about the characters worth your time and money to read

  6. Jonathan Hicks Jonathan Hicks says:

    I get a little nervous when starting to read a new epic fantasy novel; I have a whole world to learn about and understand as well as new characters and plots to remember as the book unfolds There are a lot of epic fantasy stories out there and this book from author Tim Akers is the first in a new series of novels so any help to ease me into the story would have been nice There's an obligatory map to make sure you know where you are which as it happens I simply didn't need as I didn't feel that geography played a huge part in the story and another map that details the battle lines that have been formed for a conflict which was a little annoying as that tells me that there's a huge fight on it's way so there's a little of the mystery of what's to come a ruined straight awayAlong with the uninspiring cover which is a fine piece of art but I feel lacks the atmosphere and imagery that's inside the book things did not bode wellHowever the book got off to a pretty good start A mysterious figure unleashes a powerful gheist an old god that is no longer worshipped that travels the land causing trouble a neat idea and handled really well in the book with men of the Church hunting them out and the people knowing they're a threat and protecting themselves accordingly It's as if there was a period of history where devils and demons were driven out by the Church and not in a metaphorical sense but physically and at great cost This makes for an intriguing and somewhat colourful world but also a relatable oneOn the back of these annoying old gods we have an age old conflict between the south and the north; the south are a Church fearing land while the north seem to hold on to their pagan past Tensions are brewing between the two lands and Malcolm Blakley of the north a hero of a previous war that almost tore the land apart and his son Ian are caught in the middle In addition a hunter named Gwen Adair joins the fray to try to save the dayNow this is all well and good you've got your age old conflicts war brewing which you know is pretty much guaranteed to boil over into conflict thanks to that map in the front of the book and characters with some depth all thrown into the mix The relationship between Malcolm and his son is familiar but different; they're at loggerheads and not because Malcolm is some damn big hero who wants his son to follow him but because Malcolm knows the horrors of war and Ian wants to make his mark and throws himself into danger almost haphazardly Its a great relationship between the grizzled war veteran who knows the truth and the young warrior who knows the gloryThen there's Gwen who I really hoped to have a larger part in the story other than strong willed lady with a bow but I never really felt she was fleshed out very well and she feels a little wasted Perhaps I'm selling her short and perhaps her story gets complicated as the Hallowed War unfolds Perhaps with all the gheists raging Inuisitors gory body horror and potential wars going on I simply lost sight of her character but if she was a stronger character then I'm sure she would have stood out a little Tim Akers has a great ear for dialogue and it sits well with his descriptive narrative The conversations feel natural and the exposition a pet hate of mine although I'm well aware of it's necessity is handled well The descriptions are lengthy enough to be informative but short enough so that you don't feel like you're reading about every blade of grass in the field This means that there's a lot going on and in the first half of this fast paced book especially the large canvas that Tim has created has been given some broad strokes and the scene has been set for what promises to be an entertaining series of booksMy issues with the battle map and Gwen Adair aside this is a good book and at no time was I bored or frustrated I started each chapter eager to know what was coming and I look forward to the following volumes The Pagan Night is an epic fantasy story with action intrigue and a good story and that's what you want in a fantasy novel of this typeRecommended

  7. Jim Jim says:

    He was trying too hard The prose was pretentious misusing words a few times the setting was overdone Just irked me didn't suck me in Perhaps try again some other time when I haven't just finished books by really good authors

  8. Seregil of Rhiminee Seregil of Rhiminee says:

    Originally published at RisingshadowTim Akers' The Pagan Night is the first novel of The Hallowed War series it will be followed by The Iron Hound and The Winter Vow It is the author's first foray into epic fantasy and it's a good oneBecause I had previously read Tim Akers' The Burn Cycle and enjoyed it I was excited when I heard that he had written The Pagan Night I'm glad I had an opportunity to read it because it's a strong and well written start to a new epic fantasy series It is without a doubt among the most interesting epic fantasy novels published this year and will appeal to readers who like entertaining novelsThe Pagan Night is an interesting combination of different elements ranging from epic fantasy to dark fantasy Tim Akers successfully blends epic fantasy elements with Celtic and mediaeval elements and creates a fascinating story He writes well about conflicts and intrigue and also does a fine job at writing about the characters' lives and feelingsHere's a bit of information about the storyIn the beginning Allaister leads Tenerran men to Gardengerry to kill Suhdrin men Tunnie is suspicious of Allaister because he knows nothing about him or his background Soon the men enter Gardengerry where Allaister sacrifices Tunnie and turns him into something unholy Artur is traveling towards Gardengerry with his daughter Marie They're going to meet Artur's brother there and celebrate the Allfire festival When they arrive there a carnage awaits them They meet Frair Lucas who is an inuisitor of Suhdra Frair Lucas hunts the gheist that destroyed Gardengerry He is a bit afraid of what is growing in the trail of the demon Ian Blakley the son of the duke of Houndhallow is practicing swordsplay before the high elector arrives to Houndhallow The high elector meets Malcolm Ian's father and tells him that the church has need of him The high elector wants Malcolm and Ian to go to Greenhall with him to spend the Allfire festival there Greenhall is ruled by Gabriel Halverdt who may cause problems because there are conflicts between the North and the South Gwen Adair the huntress of House Adair is about to celebrate the Allfire festival with her family in the castle Fen Gate She participates in the ancient pagan ritual that is carried out by a witch Soon Frair Lucas arrives to the castle and tells Gwen's family that he's been tracking a gheist He tells the huntress to call the hunt because they have a god to killThis is the fascinating beginning of a story that has plenty of action intrigue and supernatural elements The author delivers a strong story that will keep readers turning pages to find out what happens at the endThe characterisation is good and flawless All of the main characters Malcom and Ian Blakley and Gwen Adair are realistic and well portrayed characters each with their own characteristics and traits They're interesting individuals who have problems and secrets of their ownMalcolm Blakley the duke of Houndhallow is a level headed man who does his best to keep peace He is a hero of the Reaver War and many people trust and respect him He feels the weight of responsibility on his shoulders and tries to seek a way to end the conflict between men before the land is torn asunderIan Blackley Malcolm's son is a young man who is skilled at using a sword He is not as experienced in politics and diplomacy as his father but he wants to learn things He's like any other young man and has a strong mind of his own He knows the glory of battle and war but doesn't entirely realise that he has a lot to learnThe relationship between Malcolm and Ian is loving and protective but there are disagreements between them Malcolm tries to shelter his son from the horrors of war and tries to give him a chance for a childhood but Ian is willing to take risks and wants to make a difference Malcolm has plenty of knowledge about war but Ian knows little of it except for the gloryGwen Adair is the huntress of House Adair She has double faith she is loyal to the church but she is also to the old pagan ways She secretly says old prayers to pagan gods She knows that her family has a lot to lose if the church finds out about how they worship pagan godsI was positively surprised by the uality of the dialogues between the characters because they were realistic They felt believable and natural The author seemed to have paid attention to them which is great because well written dialogues are an essential part of epic fantasy fictionThe worldbuilding is good because Tim Akers has created an interesting history for his fantasy world It's great that the author gradually begins to reveal bits and pieces of the world and its history because it feels natural to learn new things about the world as the story unfoldsThe conflicts between Tener and Suhdr are handled well because there are tensions and some grudges have never truly been forgiven or forgotten Suhdra is suffering from blight that affects fields and the forests are bare of game but Tener doesn't have the same problems Suhdr is a church fearing land and the church has many followers there but the northerners are inclined to old pagan ways and some of them still hold the ancient rites close to their hearts The southerners don't like those who worships pagan godsThe church matters are portrayed excellently because the author shows how much power the church has and how it meddles in people's lives The church does good and banishes evil but not everyone looks favourably upon its deeds and financial needs It was fascinating to read about how people felt about the church and faithThe supernatural elements are fascinating Because I love the darker and weirder side of fantasy fiction I enjoyed reading about the gheists The author wrote well about them and what they do It was interesting that the gheists were the gods of the old religion Some of them had gone mad because they were deprived of their sacrifices and abandoned to the uiet places of the forest Tenerrans used to worship these spirits for generations before the crusaders arrivedOne of the best things about this fantasy novel is that it is genuinely intriguing and approriately intense The author tells about the happenings in an engaging and fluid style that keeps the story flowing effortlessly He delivers enough twists and surprises to keep readers fascinated by what happens to the charactersThe action scenes are well written and there's enough grittiness to please those who want roughness from their fantasy stories In my opinion Tim Akers writes good action scenes and knows how to keep them intriguingIt's nice that this novel has maps I personally consider maps to be an essential part of epic fantasy novels because they give readers an opportunity to form a picture of the whole worldI look forward to reading the seuel The Iron Hound because the author has created a good and strong story with interesting characters I want to find out what happens next because this novel offered an interesting glimpse into a world where conflicts abound and mad gods cause death and devastationThis novel consists of every component that a good and entertaining fantasy novel should have it contains action grittiness magic intrigue and well created characters It also has a few dark fantasy elements that will please readers who love the darker side of fantasy fictionI give this novel strong four stars on the scale from one to five stars because the author has succeeded in creating a good story that deserves to be read It's a satisfying reading experience This may sound a bit strange and I'm not sure if all readers will agree with me on this but this novel reads almost like an entertaining and exotic blend of Kate Elliott and Gail Z Martin with a faint touch of Glen CookThe Pagan Night a strong start to The Hallowed War series because it has heart soul style and grittiness in eual measure It manages to be both entertaining and thrilling and it never descends into mediocrity It's a gripping read and should not be missed by fans of entertaining epic fantasy because it is something familiar yet slightly differentHighly entertaining epic fantasy

  9. Michael Mammay Michael Mammay says:

    It took me a while to get into it because there are a lot of Points of View and at first I didn't know the characters But by the third act I couldn't put it down It's that good So if you're a fan of complex multi POV fantasy and like a bit of a slow build this is the book for youSuitable for fans who like the complexity and big world building of Game of Thrones but could do without the sex

  10. Marc Elmer Marc Elmer says:

    The Pagan Night details a beautifully built world full of intrigue betrayal mad gods and heroes Tim Akers has put together a vividly fleshed out adventure with a truly epic ending What a ride

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The Pagan Night ❄ [KINDLE] ✽ The Pagan Night By Tim Akers ➝ – The Celestial Church has all but eliminated the old pagan ways ruling the people with an iron hand Demonic gheists terrorize the land hunted by the warriors of the Inuisition yet it’s the battling f The Celestial Church has all but eliminated the old pagan ways ruling the people with an iron hand Demonic gheists terrorize the land hunted by the warriors of the Inuisition yet it’s the battling factions within the Church and age old hatreds between north and south that tear the land apart Malcolm Blakley hero of the Reaver War seeks to end the conflict between men yet it will fall to his son Ian and the huntress Gwen Adair to stop the killing before it tears the land apart The Pagan Night is an The Pagan PDF \ epic of mad gods inuisitor priests holy knights bound to hunt and kill and noble houses fighting battles of politics prejudice and power.