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Everything I Left Unsaid ★ Everything I Left Unsaid PDF / Epub ✈ Author Molly OKeefe – Thomashillier.co.uk I didn’t think answering someone else’s cellphone would change my life But the stranger with the low deep voice on the other end of the line tempted me awakened my body set me on fire He was looki I didn’t think answering someone else’s cellphone would change my life But the stranger with the low deep voice on the other end of the line tempted me awakened my body set me on fire He was looking for someone else Instead he found me   And I found a hot secret world where I felt alive for the first time   His name was Dylan and strangely he made me feel safe Desired Compelled Every dark thing he asked Everything I Kindle - me to do I did Without uestion I longed to meet him but we were both keeping secrets And mine were dangerous If I took the first step if I got closer to Dylan—emotionally physically—then I wouldn’t be hiding any I would be exposed with nothing left to surrender but the truth And my truth could hurt us both.

About the Author: Molly OKeefe

Molly O'Keefe has always known she wanted to be a writer except when she wanted to be a florist or a chef and the brief period of time when she considered being a cowgirl And once she got her hands on some romances she knew exactly what she wanted to writeShe published her first Harleuin romance at age and hasn't looked back She loves exploring every character's road towards happily ever.

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  1. Patty ~ Wrapped Up In Reading Book Blog Patty ~ Wrapped Up In Reading Book Blog says:

    FOUR STARSNetgalley ARCI took a deep breath feeling overwhelmed by the empty space around me usually filled in with so much fear Without that fear with the rules said and unsaid implicit and explicit I felt undone Unmade As if I'd been pruned allowing God please please allow new growth Annie McKay is a young woman who is trying to start her life over in a new town far from her old home in Oklahoma She had been planning her escape for uite some time Annie's married to an abusive man and she knew that if she didn't leave soon her days were numbered She hasn't had an easy life because she grew up with a mentally abusive mother She went from one abusive relationship to another in her short life timeAnnie has escaped to a small town in North Carolina and is making a new home for herself at the Flowered Manor Trailer Park where she also has landed a job which entails cleaning up the landscape for the trailer park On her first day in her new home she finds a cell phone that is ringing and something compels her to answer the call A seriously sexy voice is on the other end and she ends up having a conversation with the man Dylan asks if she could keep an eye on one of her neighbors in the trailer park named Ben For some reason Dylan and Annie become intrigued by one another They carry on this weird relationship through several phone callsI was kind of bored during the first half of this book and I was seriously uestioning all the really great reviews Annie and Dylan's conversations turn into sexy talk rather uickly which had me shaking my head because seriously Annie had been so sexually repressed by her abusive husband I found it a little unbelievable that she was that eager to have phone sex with a total stranger Even though the thought of having phone sex with a hot stranger is a serious turn on those scenes seemed a little awkwardLater on in the story we find out who Dylan is and then it starts to get interesting At about the 60% mark the two finally meet and that's when I was seriously invested in this story I couldn't put it down and the sex was explosive This went from being a Three Star to a Four Star read for me at this pointI kind of predicted what would happen at the end but that didn't stop me from wanting to jump right into the second book Luckily it's out and I can get my answers now

  2. Aestas Book Blog Aestas Book Blog says:

    FULL REVIEW NOW POSTED 45 stars With it’s sexy mysterious hero strong feisty heroine and captivating story I was addicted to this story from start to finish The hero was just the kind of guy I fall in love with the most He was scarred and sexy just mysterious enough to keep me wondering just tortured enough to tug my heart strings just sweet enough to make me swoon just dangerous enough to give him an edge but with that possessive and protective edge that defined him as an Alpha male I loved him I loved her and I loved the bookOk so first things first This is how the story was first described to me “a gritty and erotic romance where a phone call from a mysterious stranger is picked up by the wrong woman and ignites a dangerous game of seduction” —— I read that and was SOLD I didn’t think answering someone else’s cellphone would change my life But the stranger with the low deep voice on the other end of the line tempted me awakened my body set me on fire He was looking for someone else Instead he found me And I found a hot secret world where I felt alive for the first time His name was Dylan and strangely he made me feel safe Desired Compelled Every dark thing he asked me to do I did Without uestion I longed to meet him but we were both keeping secrets And mine were dangerous If I took the first step if I got closer to Dylan—emotionally physically—then I wouldn’t be hiding any I would be exposed with nothing left to surrender but the truth And my truth could hurt us both The story begins with the heroine setting up in a trailer park after fleeing her abusive husband Everything in her life is upside down and she has so much to figure out But right after she moves in a phone rings only it’s not hers She answers it and that is the first of many times that she talks to Dylan “You can hang up whenever you want Say the word and this is over But if you want to keep going it’s my rules”I clutched the phone in my hand“Yes or no?” My heart was racing ever since that phone call I’ll also say that I loved the premise of the story and I loved the first chapter but it was the writing of chapter two that fully made realize that this was going to be an awesome book because we got our first glimpse at Dylan’s life and he caught my full attentionI thought the author did a really great job of making Annie a very strong heroine She reached the point where she was no longer going to allow anyone to control her life and even though it went against everything she’d ever been taught or conditioned to think she pushed herself to be stronger every day I loved the way she didn’t just give in to anyone without uestioning things or investigating it for herself After so long being controlled by other people I admired her drive to be brave and independentAnd I just could not freaking wait to find out about Dylan Ahhhhhhh this guy was so sexy and mysterious and clearly tortured in some way I luuurve tortured heroes With each new phone call or each little snippet from his POV I’d piece together tiny new bits about who he was and what his past was but it was never enough to get a clear picture so that just made me read even faster It was kind of like seeing something out of the corner of your eye — the harder you look the it slips away but that just makes you even desperate to see what it is it He was forgetting She was making him forget He came from a long line of villains And that shit couldn’t be forgotten He was still the beast The bad guy in the stories She just didn’t know it yet And he was forgetting He was letting himself forget Because he’d somehow gotten addicted to the sound of her voice The way her voice made him feelSometimes it was nice pretending to be the hero The thing that impressed me the most about this story was that the author did such an amazing job of building palm tingling heart racing scorching hot sexual tension between Dylan and Annie even though for the majority of the book they’d literally never even met It was seriously impressive That was the thing that made me the most wary about this story when I first heard about it — building the foundation of a believable relationship literally only over a phone — but it worked SO well I felt their connection just as though they were standing in front of each other “Are you safe?” he askedThe uestion with it’s implied concern bit into me Tears burned my eyes No one had worried about me Not in a very long time“Yes” My voice was gruff and thick “I’m safe”“You sure?”I got the sense that if I told him no that I felt threatened or scared he would do something about it Arrive at that metal door to help meThe temptation to trust him was not insignificant But the upside of their physical separation was that it allowed them well especially her the freedom to open up to each other in a way that they may never have otherwise done given both of their pasts Without any physical strings to each other they could also talk about their most erotic fantasies without any fear of judgment And let me tell you it was HOT HOT HOT HOT HOT This is definitely a scorching romance so if you’ve been looking for something sexy and sizzling to read definitely pick this book upThe story is told in alternating POVs — hers is first person and is the majority of the story and his is third person making him even mysterious and I found the transition between them smooth and very well done Oh my gosh this book is filled with amazing uotes I have so many highlights What he heard in her voice told him everything he needed to know about her That she was scared but she was trying In her voice he could hear every dark and forbidden thing she craved And he wanted to give it to her Everything she wanted and the things she didn’t know to want yetHow far would she go?She wanted dark? He had all the dark All of it And he’d show her every midnight corner of it The pacing is really great — the story is always moving forward and there’s never a dull moment There are twists and surprises a great sense of community that is build with the supporting characters a very strong and erotic connection between the main couple and a really uniue plot I genuinely loved itNow since this is a 2 book series the number one uestion I’m being asked is whether this one has a cliffhanger Technically yes But if you ignore the very last two pages then it’s of a hopeful happy for now ending I mean let’s be honest the last two pages were thrown in to hook readers into the next book Like obviouuuuusly no matter how bad it gets the issue will be resolved and it’s external to the relationship so shrug since things were good between the hero and heroine at the end I was fine with this ending even though technically it is a cliffhanger but only because of the last two pages Also good news is that the seuel and conclusion will be out next month so it’s a very short wait between booksAll in all I absolutely loved this book and can’t wait for the next It was sexy mysterious intriguing exciting thrilling romantic sweet gritty and addictive Can't wait for the next “Hey”“You okay?”I smiled at his familiar opener “Why do you always ask that?”“Because it’s the only thing that matters” Rating 45 stars Contemporary Adult romance2 book series For of my reviews book news and updates✦ Main blog Aestas Book Blog✦ Facebook Blog Page✦ Twitter ✦ Subscribe by email

  3. Flo Flo says:

    375 cake for breakfast STARS “Somehow the world seemed like it was just too heavy a place right now All the hard edges were out tonight and I felt each one of them” Fascinating read Molly O'Keefe is a completely new author for me and I couldn't be happy to have reuested this book on Netgalley A friend of mine reviewed it and I was immediately on board with the premise and the feel of itI'm happy to say Everything I Left Unsaid did not disappoint in the slightest It is the first book in a duet and after reading the cliffhanger I am in desperate need to get my hands on The Truth About Him as wellLet's talk story “When we are pushed to the edge we were capable of anything Surviving was the only thing that mattered” Annie is on the runThat is seriously one of my favorite ways to start a review Only topped by someone having very big problem and yes Annie has those as well Copious amounts in fact Finally after years she has gathered the strength to leave her abusive and controlling husband and ends up in a trailer park in the middle of nowhere Anonymous away from people but most importantlysafeThat is until a phone rings On the other end? A mysterious stranger who wants her to spy on a Ben a man living right next door “In the end it wasn’t a decision Dylan was an instinct An urge like a tide in my blood” Now this is where it all becomes really fascinating Annie and Dylan have an immediate rapport for lack of a better word I struggle describing their connection They have never met and just start to talk Both are intrigued to say the least and there is some flirting going onAnnie struggles with the way she connects and feels about this man She is a wonderfully difficult character Had a tough upbringing was conditioned by both her mother and her husband and her relationship with said husband was the epitome of difficult Annie is both innocent and tough as nails at the same time Hard worker with unimaginable strength but very naive in her knowledge about the world which in return makes her vulnerable and an easy target “All parts in sync He was the sun the people around him the planets and the rules he lived by kept it all in line Controlled” Now Dylan is no less compelling as a character Even though the book is written in dual POV we only find out little by little about who he is and what he wants And I'm not going to give much away here but I'll say he has money he likes engines and his past is just as troubled if not He has hermit tendencies and likes to hide on a mountainI actually think there is a slight hint at a beauty and the beast theme here For some reason Annie lands in Dylan's clutches and they can't really let go once they connect He dares her to break her boundaries and enjoy life she in return gives him something to look forward to and maybe live for? “We could all be so many things Victims and criminals Sinners and saints Devious and virtuous” I very much enjoyed the cast around the main characters Ms O'Keefe did a splendid job building this world introducing the strange characters living in a trailer park as well as the very few people surrounding DylanNow I know what you are wonderingwhy the 375 stars? Well it's basically a book broken into two and I feel like I judge a story before I finish it I just don't know where this is going and there was a big cliffhanger and one thing that bugged me a little was some of the reasoning between Annie and Dylan over the last 20% Not sure how to say this without spoiling things and I'm sure there was a pointI just need to read book #2 to find out So I'm going with almost 4 Stars A really good read and yes that's a good rating ;DAll in all a very interesting read Great character development excellent writing and scorching hot chemistry between the main characters I’m itching to get my hands on The Truth About Him and I really need the open uestions to be answered ;D ARC very kindly provided by the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review

  4. Jennifer Kyle Jennifer Kyle says:

    45 Starsimage error

  5. ✰ Liz ✰ ✰ Liz ✰ says:

    5 MIND BLOWN STARSEverything I Left Unsaid is like nothing I have EVER read It has an impeccable blend of sexiness mystery action intrigue and romance all wrapped up into one power punch of a read As I feel it is imperative for every reader to go into this one blind I will avoid spoilers at all cost in this reviewNo one missed me Or worried Or wondered I'd vanished and the world just kept spinningAnnie is on the run and lands straight into a trailer park in the boonies of North Carolina In order to escape her abusive husband she has abandoned everything in order to survive Moments after she has arrived in her new home an RV trailer in the middle of a run down trailer park she finds a phone The phone rings and she meets Dylan Daniels was the beast He was the bad guy in the stories Some other asshole could be the hero save the day and get the girlDylan is a recluse living in a mansion in the mountains He has always had someone watching the old man living in the trailer park When a new girl answers the phone he realizes there is something different about her Dylan has scars both emotionally and physically that have caused him to want to hide away from the world Can Annie be the angel he needs to drag him out of his hell?The rules he was breaking were piling up around his feet like metal shavings razor sharp and about to cut them bothHonestly this book was such a surprise It was a bit of a slow starter for me because I was simply trying to gather my bearings And yet as the pieces began to fall into place I could not put it down With Dylan's guidance Annie is discovering who she is Dylan awakens Annie's sexual desires and once the temptation is awakened in her she doesn't want to stop The amount of passion and tension in this read is the driving force of the plot It is silent but deadly throughout each beat of each moment There are so many uestions just desperately waiting to be answered The secondary characters play a significant role in the story and thoroughly enhanced the plot Of course I was dying to know what happened to Dylan to make him 'the beast that he has become? Who is the old man in the trailer park? Will Annie finally be free from the demons of her past? Is love really possible through so much pain? Told in dual POV Ms O'Keefe keeps the intrigue building and the tension doesn't stop Not only is this a clever plot with well crafted execution but the sexy factor is off the charts This book has something for everyoneCarefully as if he were a live bomb I wrapped my arms around his shoulders I was struck with the very real fear that nothing was going to be enough with him Not everOverall I cannot rave enough about this read However be forewarned you will want to have the next book handy as this one ends in a huge cliffhanger Thankfully I was able to get the second book loaded on my kindle before I even finished this one I highly recommend this read to anyone who enjoys a sexy romance story with action suspense and a story full of heart I am so glad that I read this book and I cannot wait to read from this author ARC graciously provided via NETGALLEY in exchange for an honest reviewFor reviewsrevealsgiveaways visit

  6. Lana ❇✾DG Romance❇✾ Lana ❇✾DG Romance❇✾ says:

    4 Stars How far would she go?She wanted dark? He had all the dark All of it And he'd show her every midnight corner of it How do you review a book where even the slightest detail can be a major spoiler? I've been struggling with writing this for days now because of this I write something then change my mind and delete it uite the conundrum I have myself here If I can give you one piece of advice with this book? Go in absolutely blind Don't read reviews Any reviews Even mine though I will keep it absolutely spoiler free But this is just one of those books where what makes it good is the not knowing You guess a detail here and there but you just never know exactly where it will go In the end it wasn't a decision Dylan was an instinct An urge like a tide in my blood Think a modern retelling of Beauty and The Beast and yet not uite This book was nothing I expected and yet I couldn't seem to put it down The less you know going into it the you'd enjoy My entire life I'd spent caringsoaking up every mood decoding every silence So attuned to everyone else around me that I'd practically evaporated Annie is running She's spent days on the road running from a past that still haunts her Ending up in a trailer park and answering a stranger's cell phone left behind in her trailer irrevocably changes everything for her with the sound of his voice Dylan is a mystery and while they know nothing about each other and keep their dark secrets close to their vests there's a draw they feel that's unuestionable What begins is almost a dare of sorts a sexually liberating experience for Annie who has only known a reserved life completely isolated from everything Dylan feeds a sexual hunger in her that she never knew But the secrets they both keep can cost them everything in the end He'd learned the hard way to keep his wants and desires on a short list Wanting too much either one thing or a million only meant he wouldn't get it He was clumsy with fragile things always trying to hold onto them so hard they broke This book was unlike anything I've read in a long while It's super sexy even though the main characters spend a large part of the story not having met physically That only serves to stoke a fire of chemistry that practically ignites every page by the endDylan is a very compelling character though his past and even his present is clouded in mystery for most of the book This is Annie's side of the story and you get it revealed to you piece by piece until the entire devastating puzzle is laid out before you Annie is not the typical heroine I enjoy reading about She's reserved weak a shell of a person that she could be due to her upbringing Dylan feeds a darker hunger inside her that she never knew she had And while I wanted to think that the things they do are almost out of character for her it also oddly fit I'm not even sure how to explain itThe story itself was addictingly good though clearly there's still much to the puzzle yet to be revealed The writing is compelling and captivating and draws you in from the very first chapter Be advised that there's a hell of a cliffhanger at the end but luckily book 2 is releasing just a short month after ARC courtesy of publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest reviewFor reviews visit

  7. S.M. West S.M. West says:

    45 Layla STARSThis is one of those books that are best to be experienced first hand I don’t include spoilers in my reviews but even if I did my review just won’t accurately capture the undercurrent of emotions longing loneliness shame dread anger hope or lust that runs so beautifully through the words on the page This story was a total and utter surprise I didn't know what to expect and Ms O'Keefe delivered a really awesome original story This is a story about Annie McKay and Dylan Daniels Two people who are worlds apart yet so close together Two people who have secrets and lies between them but also an undeniable connection “I wanted to feel my body from the inside out in a way I never had before”He could hold me or tear me apart with one hand To say this was HOT would be an understatement While this may be really hard to believe even though Annie and Dylan don’t lay eyes on each other until about three uarters of the way into the book every moment or encounter between these two is rife with sexual tension longing and raw need Their story is titillating sexy mysterious and with shadows of darkness and danger Truthfully he would break every rule he had every promise he'd ever made and go to all the trouble in the world for this girl and she has no idea NoneI don’t know why I haven’t read Molly O’Keefe before now She’s a great writer and this is a great story I have to see what else she’s written This story does end with one hell of a cliffhanger but thank goodness that I have the next book I need to know what happens I highly recommend this book to those of you who love romance want to be surprised and enjoy sizzling attraction and taunts and teases that make you suirm with pleasureLike I said before the writing is beautiful and the imagery created with the wordsin addition to the uotes above here are of my fave uotes Their secrets were making a mess of them; all their sharp jagged edges were out waiting to hurt each otherAnd he was going to smear her with all the filth on his hands He was going to get it all over her“The rules he was breaking were piling up around his feet like metal shavings razor sharp and about to cut the both of them” An advance reading copy was provided via Netgalley in exchange for an honest reviewFor reviews and blog posts

  8. SueBee★bring me an alpha!★ SueBee★bring me an alpha!★ says:

    Place holder Burning a hole on my Kindle Reading ASAPBook 1 in duet BLURB I didn’t think answering someone else’s cellphone would change my life But the stranger with the low deep voice on the other end of the line tempted me awakened my body set me on fire He was looking for someone else Instead he found me And I found a hot secret world where I felt alive for the first time His name was Dylan and strangely he made me feel safe Desired Compelled Every dark thing he asked me to do I did Without uestion I longed to meet him but we were both keeping secrets And mine were dangerous If I took the first step if I got closer to Dylan—emotionally physically—then I wouldn’t be hiding any I would be exposed with nothing left to surrender but the truth And my truth could hurt us both

  9. Allison ❤️Will Never Conquer Her TBR❤️ Allison ❤️Will Never Conquer Her TBR❤️ says:

    425 Smoking Hot Phone Sex Stars Everything I Left Unsaid is my first reading experience with Molly O'Keefe Not sure how I've missed this writer as her style captured me right from page one I'm also very glad I can dive into the seuel to this story as I'm 100% invested Annie McKay is a woman on the run Running from an abusive controlling husband she lands herself as far from someplace memorable on any given map of North Carolina a dilapidated trailer park named The Flowered Manor Taking up residence in a converted old RV Annie finally feels a semblance of safety in hiding Peace ring ringAnnie finds a cellular phone tucked into the couch cushionsthe previous tenant must've left it Curiosity be damned she answers it A deep masculine voice is on the line Not looking for her but offers her a job watching over the tenant two trailers down for a little cash She can do that She does need to eat And so their dialogue story begins Dylan Daniels lives a life of solitude up on the mountain he owns Buried beneath his secrets he finds his daily texts and chats with this woman something to look forward to each day Sure he's lonely but this woman draws himshe's so meek almost scared and he wants to break her out of her shell The gradual evolution of Dylan and Annie's relationship felt perfect not rushed yet this semblance of safety from just chatting through an anonymous cell phone line breaks down Annie's walls of protection She's attracted to his voice turned on by his grumbles and groins This is a first Living the past four years with an abusive husband that doesn't care about her whatsoever in the bedroom or out makes her cognizant of just how sexually repressed she is A little flirting phone sex never hurt And her newest library book Fifty Shades of Grey is moving her libido right along What happens behind closed trailer doorsAnnie doesn't bank on her newfound sexual energy and attraction to this enigma on the other line It's building new life experiences both within her trailer and without He challenges herand she accepts Even if it's skinny dipping in the water hole alone or eating dessert for breakfast But with this newfound independence Annie finds she wants she wants Dylan To see and to feel Dylan But with that she's terrified The walls of safety she's constructed must come down And is he even interested? Molly O'Keefe constructs a story here that spreads beyond this Hh She builds a community within that run down trailer park A community of folks that have their own personal hardships struggles financially family drama their pasts secrets but it's a community nonetheless In some respects they keep to themselves but deep down you know when push comes to shove everyone has each other's back I loved that community aspect of this story It takes a village and all that jazzI'm wholeheartedly invested in this love story of two very scarred people hiding from their pasts secrets even their presents yet they find each other nonetheless It's sexy suspenseful and the last half had me feverishly turning the pages for the incoming shtstorm I just knew was on the horizon Will this community come together in the end for Annie? I sure as heck hope soMoving on Advanced copy received by Random House via NetGalley in exchange for my honest review

  10. Isabella. R Isabella. R says:

    5 Tell Me No Stars ⭐On the run and travelling half way around the country Annie McKay finds sanctuary at Flowered Manor Trailer Park and Camp Grounds A place where dreams go to die No longer the neglected daughter or battered wife she will slowly learn that she is capable and deserving of so much Scared and cautious it goes against her nature to answer the ringing phone she finds discarded in her trailer Annie learns that the phone belongs to Dylan who had tasked the previous tenant to watch somebody in the trailer park Somehow an innocent conversation uickly escalates to freuent calls with a stranger that has her uestioning her sanity Because without meeting he has her figured outAre you safe? he asked The uestion with its implied concern bit into me sweeping away my laughter like someone taking his arm over a dinner table sending plates crashing to the floor Tears burned in my eyes No one had worried about me Not in a very long timeDylan is an enigma You eventually learn he is a recluse that hides up on his mountain and is also starved for human contact From the very first phone call he is charmed by the faceless girl that exudes innocence that reels him in and turns him on The possibility of these calls turning decadently sexual has them wound upDon’t lie His voice was harder than it had been and I responded instinctively Notreally No You’ve really never done this? Virgin kink My entire awful sad and lonely sexual experience could be summed up as virgin kink?But they’re both guarding secrets And hiding behind anonymity gives them a false sense of security as they don’t realise that their feelings are evolving They are totally addictedYou can do it baby he breathed when I was sobbing that I couldn’t take any I had three fingers in my pussy and my clit was on fire He wouldn’t let me touch it I want you to do itEverything I Left Unsaid was the perfect slow burn which had these two exploring their feelings through delicious foreplay over phone sex Completely original and mesmerising the sexual frustration leapt off the pages whilst this dodgy trailer park had unexpected healing ualities Although both Annie and Dylan are scared to explore anything further it is inevitable This is book 1 in the duet and although they do meet their future is left hanging in the balance Off to the second book immediately

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