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Fighting Wrath ❰EPUB❯ ✰ Fighting Wrath Author Jennifer Miller – They say that holding onto anger is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die I hold onto it anyway letting it consume me as it slowly devours everything I am I fight to hide my uglin They say that holding onto anger is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die I hold onto it anyway letting it consume me as it slowly devours everything I am I fight to hide my ugliness from the worldUntil I meet herShe’s a soothing balm to what ails me softening the anger that roars within Unknowingly she’s healing what’s broken and I’m determined to keep her to make her mineBut what happens when she sees the monster that lies beneath Will she stand by me And what about the whispers that taunt my mind telling me that she’s hiding secrets of her own Can love be built on lies or will the embers of our secrets burst into flames consuming us both in the end.

About the Author: Jennifer Miller

Author Jennifer Miller is an award winning and best selling author Her books are contemporary romance and the focus ranges from new adults romantic comedies and sports romance jenmillerwritesBOOKBUB.

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  1. ~Nichole~ Sizzling Pages Romance Reviews ~Nichole~ Sizzling Pages Romance Reviews says:

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  2. Erin V Erin V says:

    oooooo I loved it I just could not put it down

  3. Kat Silver Kat Silver says:

    Fighting Wrath is a hot and steamy heart breaking read filled with thought provoking moments that remind us we can all fight our demonsFighting Wrath follows the perspectives of Tyson a soon to be professional MMA fighter with anger issues and past demons and Sydney a sweetheart with a crappy past and hopeful futureVarious trials and tribulations in life have resulted Tysons anger issues and Sydneys work centred mind where she puts others before herself all the time After a chance meeting the two are thrust into an adventure unlike any other filled with steamy romance thoughtful moments and bookstore dates where the pair begin to discover themselves and see the world differentlyBut when secrets are hidden they’re sure to be found and soon Sydney and Tyson are faced with the truth The uestion is are they willing to love each other with all the demons the other holds? Is Tyson able to put what has become his only constant – anger – at bay and is Sydney willing to think of herself and what she wants before trying to help everyone else?Not only is this a steamy swoon worthy read but also Jennifer Miller takes the reader on a journey This novel is about romance It’s about fighting demons finding oneself and self appreciation Jennifer Miller sure knows how to tug on heart strings with her heartbreaking and all too real characters that will have you wishing you were there to comfort them in times of needHighly recommended for any hopeless romantics in the mood for a steamy romance or any lover of beautifully messaged novels that will leave you thinking about it for days afterwardRead in under 24 hours 45 star rating and recommended for 18 Provided by the author Jennifer Miller in exchange for an honest reviewYours within the Bookworm RevolutionKat Silver

  4. Bronwyn Bronwyn says:

    I had high expectations from this one as I LOVED the first in the series Fighting Envy and was really looking forward to Tyson's story I wasn't disappointed with this very emotional read what both Tyson and Sydney survived and poor Sammy was just incredible and I feel that they were perfect for each other What I really respected was that both characters sought help for their individual issues and it certainly made them stronger individually but also as a coupleWe got to see of the other yummy fighters Ryder Zane and Jax etc which has me really looking forward to the next instalment in the series This is an incredible book which you will find hard to put down

  5. Shameca Smith Shameca Smith says:

    5 STAR READ I loved this book and I'm glad because I loved Fighting Envy too This story is all about the past and demons that you just can't let go but will they love each other to try and move on or will secrets come between these two? I absolutely loved Sammy One of the best big brothers you could ask for Sydney and Tyson relationship was easy at first and then secrets came out and ruined everything Can they fix it? Cannot wait for books on the guys from the gym I hope they are coming soon

  6. Lani ⚔⚔ the Destroyer ⚔⚔ Lani ⚔⚔ the Destroyer ⚔⚔ says:

    This didn't uite have the same appeal at the first book Unfortunately I thought the first say 30% dragged and then when the secrets did start to come out I didn't find it all that interesting I think I was just expecting Can't win them all though and I liked the characters and there are a lot of secondary characters I want to see of so I'm looking forward to the next book

  7. Kim Brewing Kim Brewing says:

    This is Tyson's story He is the h's brother from book oneTy has issues he knows it but he doesn't deal with it properly Sydney is in a life that she doesn't want but sees no other choice These two are insanely attracted to each other for suare one but our H doesn't remember their first meetin which comes back to bite a bit later for both of them These two take a LONG time to open up to each other and one of them doesn't reveal all that causes a major event I would describe both characters as protectors and based most of their life decisions on thatI am really enjoying this series and can't wait to read

  8. Allison Thibodaux Allison Thibodaux says:

    Love this story So glad Tyson got his happily ever after

  9. Vikki Love Vikki Love says:

    Couldn't put it downI loved every minute of Tyson's story It was heart breakingly beautiful and filled with so much emotion I can't wait to read the next book in the series

  10. Betty Server Betty Server says:

    Not as good as the first bookjust finished and feel that this book was a bit underwhelming The first book of the series Fighting Envy Rowan Jax was well written with great characters and a tempting plotIn book 1 we got to meet the guys all MMA fighters friends of Jax and specifically Ty Rowan's brother who had been in prison Now that he's out and trying to get his life back on track we start to learn that he has a real issue with anger Sydney a student and stripper is trying hard to make ends meet especially with the added responsibilities she has meets Ty one night at work and can't seem to get him out of her mind Ty however was too drunk to remember and if not for a chance meeting at a bookstore wouldn't have had the opportunity to meet and feel the pull she has on him Both have secrets they can't seem to get around and a lot of emotional baggage to contend with much of which proves how much that happen to have in commonif ONLY THEY'D ACTUALLY OPEN UP TO EACH OTHER But then again if they actually had good communication there'd be no story ;Overall the story was a bit unoriginal and some parts dragged a bit I was really looking forward to Ty's story so it's frustrating that this book just didn't appeal to me as much as the previous oneThough I didn't enjoy this book I'm still looking forward to reading about the other guys in the group they all seem hilarious and there's enough mystery with Cole specifically that I'm looking forward to uncoveringI guess I'd recommend this book if you'd already read the 1st and are looking for an easy fast read

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