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After The Scars - The Second Chances Anthology ✻ [EPUB] ✰ After The Scars - The Second Chances Anthology By Hazel Robinson ❅ – Brought to you by Author’s Hazel Robinson and Avery HartAn outstanding collaboration of romantic short stories each telling their own tales of heartache Love and new beginningsWith Mandy the runaway Brought to you by Author’s Hazel Robinson and Scars - PDF ↠ Avery HartAn outstanding collaboration of romantic short stories each telling their own tales of heartache Love After The ePUB ½ and new beginningsWith Mandy the runaway wife in ‘Beaten Heart’ Clair the broken widow in ‘After the Storm Breaks’ Arizona the broken but witty women The Scars - Epub à from ‘All in’ and not forgetting the lovers looking for answers in ‘First Love’ We have it all.

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  1. Lorraine Lorraine says:

    After the Scars as a whole is a pretty good bookI must say however that the printed version which is the only version I have contains a few formatting issues and is missing page numbers in its Table of Contents TOC Because I’m often referred to as “The Grammar Police” by my friends I must also say that the whole book could benefit from another round of editing I’m not sure who edited it but the writers and publisher who assembled the book should’ve asked me to helpThat said I’ll now focus on the content of After the ScarsAfter the Scars is basically a collection of short stories interspersed with the occasional poem The poetry which I enjoyed reading is uite good and thought provoking as are many of the storiesThe stories for the most part captivated me from the get go I have to say that my favourite short story is When the Storm Breaks which was written by Avery Hart It was divided into chapters and is about a woman who tragically lost her husband and yet finds a way to move on with her life after grieving It was emotion packed beautifully written acurately depicted and conveys the book’s message wonderfullyKerri Kijewski‘s story One Last Kiss depicts the story of Sarah who once found love but was hurt deeply by the man she loved Much of the story is about the inner workings of Sarah’s mind and thought processes but contains descriptions and conversation too Without giving away too much I have to say that I particularly loved the circular endingThe Emergence of Julia Gray writen by Katie M John a UK best selling author famous for her Young Adult fairytale series called “The Knight Trilogy” was a great story about rebirth re inventing yourself and following your heart It even included an air of mystery in it which enhanced the overall plotlineuiz Night by Francesca Baker was easy to read I liked the main setting of the story a pub This is where the main character meets a guy for their third date a guy with whom she feels comfortable much like a best friend Because it was such a short short story I found myself actually wanting once I came to the endBeaten Heart by Hazel Robinson Twitter hfrobinsonbooks is another story that is divided into chapters Beaten Heart is an excellent read and epitomizes the book’s message I really enjoyed reading this story about a woman who had help leaving her abusive husband to move to a place where he’d never find her Once there she ends up working at a new job obtains a dog and meets a man who eventually helps her move on Without revealing the entire plot I will have to say that it also contains a neat twist at the end and that I am sure you will enjoy this uplifting storyRebirth by Eden Night a pseudonym who mainly writes erotica stepped out of hisher comfort zone when writing this story About a woman who moves to a shack on the beach to begin a new life for herself she becomes a heroine when saves a surfer from an unseemly demise and later begins a uniue friendship with his friend while struggling with familial issues regarding her mother This story also epitomizes the book’s message of hope and survival and is the last story in the book which ends with the words “The End and The Beginning” In my opinion this is the perfect way to end such a bookI have to highly recommend this book to any person man OR woman who has grappled with abuse andor neglect and who has made changes or who wants to make changes to move forward with hope and dignity This book despite its few formatting and editing issues contains many stories and poems that depict its message in an uplifting way Definitely give it a read

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