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The Dragon Round ➟ The Dragon Round free download ➤ Author Stephen S. Power – The Count of Monte Cristo with a dragon a dark literary fantasy in which “Power paints his scenes with vivid and meticulous detail and takes his tale of revenge in unexpected and refreshing directio The Count of Monte Cristo with a dragon a dark literary fantasy in which “Power paints his scenes with vivid and meticulous detail and takes his tale of revenge in unexpected and refreshing directions” Marie Brennan author of the Natural History of Dragons seriesJeryon has been the captain of the Comber for than a decade He knows the rules He likes the rules But not everyone on his ship agrees After a monstrous dragon attacks the galley the surviving crewmembers decide to take the ship for themselves The Dragon Kindle - and give Jeryon and his self righteous apothecary “the captain’s chance” a small boat with no rudder no sails and nothing but the clothes on his back to survive on the open seaFighting for their lives against the elements Jeryon and his companion land on an island that isn’t as deserted as they originally thought They find a baby dragon that if trained could be their way home But as Jeryon and the dragon grow closer the captain begins to realize that even if he makes it off the island his old life won’t be waiting for him In order get justice he’ll have to take it for himselfFrom a Pushcart Prize–nominated poet and short story writer The Dragon Round combines a rich world desperate characters and tightly coiled prose into a complex and compelling tale of revenge perfect for fans of George RR Martin Gene Wolfe and Scott Lynch.

  • Kindle Edition
  • 336 pages
  • The Dragon Round
  • Stephen S. Power
  • English
  • 24 February 2015

About the Author: Stephen S. Power

Stephen S Power is the author of The Dragon Round published by Simon Schuster in July His short fiction has appeared most recently in AE Daily Science Fiction and Flash Fiction Online and he has stories forthcoming in Amazing Stories Deep Magic and Lightspeed He is also a Pushcart Prize nominated poet and longtime book editor working on several New York Times bestsellers and award.

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  1. Vivian Vivian says:

    There is no innocence merely degrees of guiltJeryon is a steady and content enough captain in a society of great ineuity But there are others far less satisfied with their present opportunities and seek MutinyGiven the captain's choice they drift with the sea Making do and suffering the brunt of the elements until they are fortunate enough to make landfall but not where they expected or plannedProfit advancement and self over others and the law make for a bitter dish With it comes desire for revenge Land is a haven but not without its own risks as Jeryon learns uickly Nature is fierce and here on this lonely island very fierce Finally the plot for comeuppance is laid and played out Anti romanticizing the story progresses with a stark realism The cynicism is ever present in a world that has forsaken beauty for profit Sometimes bareness spotlights and sometimes it illuminates that which is absent In Hanosh much is absent The high body count grows as Jeryon and Gray come to Hanosh Revenge is brutal and all encompassing The city with all its corruption and double crossing is exposed The ugly and the unfair laid baldly out for all to see The ending is a promise of to come as the war drums beatGritty circumstances with curious characters make for an engaging story A satisfying ending and definitely an opening for future books Interested enough for me to be nibbling on the hook to see what's in storeARC provided by NETGALLEY A dragon revenge and sailing This book was written just for MEPLUS I totally got an ARC I didn't think I'd get Woot My 2016 Odyssey is all set to begin

  2. Mogsy (MMOGC) Mogsy (MMOGC) says:

    3 of 5 stars at The BiblioSanctum ’d wanted to read The Dragon Round by Stephen S Power for a long long time—I’d say pretty much from the moment I first read its description and glimpsed that stunningly gorgeous cover For one thing the fact that my love for dragons can only be matched by my love for seafaring fantasy definitely helped turn this book into instant catnip for my senses Needless to say my expectations were ultra high going in And I just really want to let that be known in the hopes that maybe my mixed feelings at the end can be better understoodWe begin The Dragon Round with an introduction to the crew of the Comber a merchant ship captained by Captain Jeryon one of this story’s main characters Like most experienced skippers Jeryon got to be where he is by playing it smart and playing it by the book His priority is to get his cargo to its destination avoiding any and all trouble if possible and so when trouble comes in the form of a dragon in the sky Jeryon’s first instinct is to leave the creature be hoping that it will ignore the Comber and go happily on its way However some of his crew members disagree eyeing the dragon for its parts as extra prizes to bring homeUnsurprisingly the ensuing encounter with the dragon ends in disaster Jeryon is overthrown by his mutinous crew and given “the captain’s chance” to be cast off in a small boat with no rudder no sails and no provisions—simply left to the mercy of the seas For taking Jeryon’s side the ship’s healer Everlyn also receives the same fate The two of them end up marooned on a desert island with no way to escape Fortunately the island is abundant with food and water and can sustain them for a long time but with the desire for revenge still in his heart Jeryon is not willing to give up so easilyOne day Jeryon and Everlyn are exploring when they suddenly come across a dragon nest and witness something no human has ever seen before—a baby dragon hatching from its egg The two of them decide to raise the tiny female dragonling which they dub “Gray” hoping that someday she will eventually grow large enough to carry them off the island At least that was the original plan until Everylyn realizes that Jeryon has a lot in mindTo tell the truth I’m really torn on how to feel about this book I certainly loved the maritime aspect and I also have this soft spot for desert island stories—Castaway Robinson Crusoe The Blue Lagoon you name it I can understand why some people might find them boring but I’ve always found the survival element of them exciting I thought the first half of this book was incredibly well done captivating me with that explosive opening scene featuring the battle between the dragon and the Comber Then came the on board tensions as Jeryon and Everlyn were sentenced to their cruel fate their subseuent struggle to stay alive while floating adrift on the open ocean and finally their arrival to the island where they learned how to build shelter and hunt for food The two characters carried the story nicely and I enjoyed their easy relationship and banter as they adjusted to their new reality Things only got better when they essentially became parents to a baby dragon Even from the start Everlyn was the doting one treating Gray like a beloved pet In contrast Jeryon took to training Gray with a strong hand because in his mind the dragon is also a deadly weaponI also adore revenge stories and Jeryon is undoubtedly a character deserving of justice What I found interesting though is how my perception of him changed over time I notice that a lot of revenge stories typically work by drumming up sympathy for the aggrieved so that the reader can connect with their cause and cheer them on The Dragon Round is different in that respect showing how a thirst for vengeance can in fact twist a character to the point where they become altogether off putting and distastefulI think this is where things started becoming shaky for me Thing is I didn’t actually mind Jeryon’s transformation from an upright captain with sense of honor to a deplorable bloodthirsty vigilante but I do wish we had been with him for of that processFor you see the second half of the book felt completely different from the first Just as Jeryon begins his mission to hunt down all his past crew members who betrayed him the story abruptly switches tack taking us back on land where the plot also shifts its focus to the power struggles and political conspiracies happening within Hanosh Not only do we see a change in setting the narrative also changes a whole new set of character perspectives Jeryon and Gray are relegated to the background becoming incidental characters and poor Everlyn feels almost entirely forgottenIn a lot of ways The Dragon Round felt like two books in one because its two halves are just so different I definitely enjoyed the first half a lot than the second and it’s a shame that the excitement and wonder from the beginning didn’t carry through to the end or I would have enjoyed this novel a lot There’s no denying some of the fantastic ideas here but I just couldn’t embrace the book’s overall structureOverall I had a good time with The Dragon Round though a part of me also feels it could have been so much Still if nothing else the first half of the book made everything worth it with Power proving himself as an excellent wordsmith and talented world builder I would be curious to see where his writing takes him next

  3. Althea Ann Althea Ann says:

    Bumping up to 3 stars for the first half of the book which I really liked a salty nautical yarn with dragons Captain Jeryon is a seasoned merchant his priority to to get his cargo where it's going and to avoid the threat of huge dragons which are than capable of setting ships aflame and sinking them But dragons are also insanely valuable everything from their hide to their ichor is a valuable commodity enough to make a seaman's fortune So when Jeryon orders his crew to flee from an approaching dragon rather than trying to battle it and hopefully sell its rendered corpse he has a mutiny on his hands Soon he and the ship's medic for hire are marooned on an isolated island and left for dead Their diminishing hopes for survival only stoke the fire of Jeryon's desire for vengeanceThis beginning and Jeryon and Everlyn's Robinson Crusoe style adventures on the island are highly entertaining and well craftedHowever the second half of the book really loses focus From a tightly circumscribed tale of two people alone on an island it dizzyingly adjusts the lens increasing the scope of the novel to encompass a wide ranging political conflict spanning multiple countries and a ton of brand new characters Jeryon's uest is no longer front and center and Everlyn who seemed like a main character drops out of the story altogether a very peculiar authorial decision Nothing in the second half was really attention grabbing or memorableThe moral of the story? Vengeance can be a dangerous obsession and trying to domesticate a dangerous wild animal isn't always the best idea?Many thanks to Simon Schuster NetGalley for the opportunity to read As always my opinions are solely my own

  4. Anne Anne says:

    Well well well Loved the cover loved the premise Swashbuckling adventures and dragons? YES SIR THANK YOU SIR You can probably feel it coming though; the dreaded ‘but‘I’ve been thinking for a couple of days on how to review this one Eventually I decided to divide it into three sections Part One and Part Two in this review correspond to Part One of the book Part Tree here corresponds with Part Two of the book We are introduced to Jeryon captain of the Comber and pretty much the rest of his shipmates plus the rowers of the ship The point of view shifts between the characters fast sometimes during each paragraph and we get to see certain events happen from several of those points of views For examplePOV 1 “Oh no it’s a dragon to me left“POV 2 “Dear Lord there’s a dragon to me right“POV 3 “Lard Thunderin Jaysus there’s a dragon right below me“This is obviously not how it went exactly but you catch my drift eh?At one point I thought it was at least something different and it showed that the author wasn’t afraid to experiment Sadly it kind of read like a movie script especially because everything was written in the present tense as well uickly turning the whole thing into a snoozefest for me But then a dragon attacks Okay still a bit of a snoozefestbut thenJeryon and his ladyfriend the apothecary of the Comber wash ashore onto a deserted island and try to make a living there This is where it got interesting because the other creatures on this island are just incredibly creepy When Jeryon and the poth stumble upon a dragon egg it gets even better because when the egg hatches they have their own baby dragonThey decide to try and train it in the hope it will be able to take them off of the freaking island in the near future Of course training a dragon comes with a lot of challenges and it doesn’t go as smoothly as they wish for Nevertheless they make it work somehow and this is where the book basically turns into a bit of a grown up version of How to Train Your Dragon I’m saying grown ups because there’s uite a bit of gory stuff going on when it comes to that dragon which makes this look adorably cute in comparisonThe writing here is colourful the story believable and scary and I was extremely thankful that the romantic scenes were pretty much non existent I mean you put two people of the opposite sex on a deserted island sexytime usually but not in this oneThe part of the two or three of them living on the island could’ve lasted a bit longer if it were up to me but then Jeryon rather abruptly decides to finally get his revenge at sea Adventures ahoyThis part starts at 63% into the book It’s narrated from the point of view of a totally unknown character named Isco in a town we’ve heard of but haven’t actually visited yet HanoshAnd this is where the book goes to shits There are way too many characters some with very similar names in which I could not invest at all The political plots the mysteries which in the end are still unresolved to a certain extent; it could’ve been good if it was less drawn out and with way fewer detailsI have to mention there’s a little suspense here and there which made it possible for me to finish the book yet then the ending If you look at the three parts it’s like the author couldn’t make up his mind where to go with it On the other hand it does form one story one of exaggerated revenge mostly which is uite cleverly done yet still sucks balls at the same time Savvy?If the book would’ve existed of just a tiny bit of Part One Part Two in its entirety and basically a wholly different Part Threeending it would’ve been very cool Alas the way it is now was pure torture for me at times I’m giving it two brownies because Part Two was pretty alright And also because this scene was sort of in there

  5. Montzalee Wittmann Montzalee Wittmann says:

    The Dragon Round is a fantasy tale in which a honest Captain of a sailing ship was sent out to sea with one other person without oars water food or sail by a mutinous crew The two were sent afloat and came upon an island and were able to survive They found an orphaned dragon hatchling and adopted and cared for her Jeryon the Captain plans to use her in his plans to get revenge on the crew using the dragon The rest of the book after the dragon grows up is revenge based and loses it's attraction for me Up to this point it was very interesting I won't give any spoilers but I always hope authors would be true to their characters in their story which is not the case here The plot was fair characters were good Ending was unexpected and disappointing Not likely to read seuel Received this book for honest review

  6. Claire - The Coffeeholic Bookworm Claire - The Coffeeholic Bookworm says:

    Dragons Who doesn't like them? I'm a big fan of dragons in fact I find these imaginarymystical creatures exuberant and delightful But that's just meCaptain Jeryon had a set of rules aboard the ship Comber and he always insisted on following them When he and his crew set sail on the high seas to deliver medicine that was supposed to stop a plague a dragon attacked them and Jeryon's insurgent crew overthrew him along with his apothecary Evelyn Deserted in an island with only the clothes on their back on a boat with no sails or oars Jeryon Evelyn struggled to survive with revenge slowly budding in his mind Deep in the heart of the island they found a dragon's egg and they took care of it until it hatched They named the dragon Gray and Evelyn thought it was going to be their ticket of freedom from the island But Jeryon had other plans I thought this book had a nice premise It started boombastic and thrilling and I particularly liked the time when the castaways were by themselves in the island struggling calculating surviving with a baby dragon in tow I also get that most abandoned characters tend to veer in revenge and frankly I think that's what makes a story exciting At first though Jeryon didn't disappoint me with his ruse But when I got to the second part of the story I felt something was ripped off Soon his revenge was set aside and the focal point now turned to something else and I eventually didn't feel the same excitement as before I wish the intensity that got me riled up at the beginning continued in the end I was a little sad this didn't happen But I still have high praises for the world that Stephen Power has built and created It was swashbucklingly good

  7. Lynn Williams Lynn Williams says:

    Dragon Round is a fantasy adventure with plenty going on and a protagonist hellbent on revengeAt the start of the story we meet Jeryon Captain of the Comber with plenty of experience under his belt He’s a fair man but also a company man through and through and one who believes in acting by the book Unfortunately as Jeryon and his crew are making a headland for home the shadow of a dragon appears on the horizon The choices are limited Hope the beast hasn’t spotted them hope it’s simply not interested or engage in a fight with very little chances of success Jeryon favours the uietly uietly approach in the hope that the dragon isn’t interested but it seems that certain members of his crew have different ideas and the temptation of a dragon and the wealth that all it’s component parts rendered down would bring seems too great an opportunity to pass on for some of them I won’t go into all the detail of what takes place next but the outcome is that Jeryon ends up with a mutinous crew he’s given the captain’s chance and accompanied by his apothecary known as Poth who refused to take part in the mutiny is set adrift in a dinghy with no drinking water supplies or oars A pretty hopeless situation by all accountsIt’s not a spoiler to say that after a fairly dire time and having drifted massively off any type of course Jeryon and Poth find themselves on an island where their fortunes begin to change when they find a baby dragon It seems that dragons can be trained and with this knowledge Jeryon realises that a new escape is possible because when the dragon grows it will be able to carry the two off the islandI had slightly mixed feelings about this book There were certain elements that I really enjoyed but certain other things that I wasn’t as keen onFirstly the characters We obviously spend the most time with Jeryon and Poth – or Everlyn I will start out by saying that this is in no way intended as a romance The partnership that gradually forms between the two is interesting to read as it develops but is definitely platonic In fact I would say that things between the two start off rather surly and gradually soften into one of mutual respect that blossoms into almost a family type unit feel when they have the shared care of their dragon Unfortunately I wouldn’t really say that I connected with Jeryon which was a shame and although I liked what I saw of Everlyn she didn’t really have enough page time – although I suppose that’s set to change in the next book On top of these two there are a whole host of characters ranging from sailors to ship owners to members of the CouncilThe plot Well it’s much than it first appears There is of course Jeryon’s agenda which starts off as a search for justice but as the realisation dawns that justice will never be served this changes to one of revenge So we have a situation whereby Jeryon hunts out those who betrayed him Parallel to that we have a conspiracy by certain characters of power within Hanosh who plot to start war Hanosh is a corrupt place where greed and avarice rule and life is cheapThe world building I wouldn’t say that I have a really firm grip on what’s going on with respect to the world at the moment and I think that needs a little bit explorationThis is definitely a book that gave me mixed thoughts There’s plenty going on and lots of action I’m not uite sure the writing style worked for me as it gave some of the action scenes a bit of a running commentary type of feel and that meant it lost a little bit of the excitement There was also a lot of characters and switches in POV Personally it felt like there was such a lot going on that the characters and the world building suffered a littleNow I don’t want that to sound overly critical This book definitely has positives I enjoyed the chapters on the island where Jeryon and Everlyn learnt how to deal with the huge crabs and the training of the dragon I also thought the final chapters spent in Hanosh were full of intrigue although they do take on a bit of a brutal toneI think my main issue was a lack of connection with Jeryon I struggled to understand how he could be so intelligent for parts of the story but then seemed to rush headlong into things that he should have thought carefully about at other points plus I didn’t really agree with all the actions he took in the latter chapters I have to hand it to Powers though for coming up with a very surprising ending that I certainly didn’t foreseeI didn’t dislike The Dragon Round but it didn’t uite sweep me off my feet as each time I started to feel a connection something knocked me off course It wasn’t uite the dragon adventure that I was looking for but I think that could be due to my own expectations going into the storyReview first appears on The Speculative HeraldI received a copy of The Dragon Round courtesy of the publishers for which my thanks The above is my own opinion

  8. Marjolein Marjolein says:

    25 Stars Read all my reviews on First I want to say that I completely love the cover The colours work wonderful and it immediately caught my eye and would certainly also do so in a book store Yes I'll even admit I wanted to read this book mainly because I liked the cover so much At least I'm honest about itAfter an encounter with a dragon a mutiny takes place that leaves Captain Jeryon and his apothecary in a small boat on a very large ocean Stranded on a small island and obviously frustrated about the situation he's plotting his revenge His bloody revengeI had high expectations because besides the cover there was much to like about the book Ships dragons and the like Unfortunately however the main part of the book is not focusing on survival but on revenge The Dragon Round follows the revenge he has planned for each and everyone that was on the original ship Individually So the story moves from one to another revenge plot which in the end I'm sorry to say just got boring And that with the final revenge being on a very very large scale one might have even said overreactingBut if you like to read about revenge a lot this is the book for you The world certainly is interestingThanks to the publisher and Netgalley for providing me with a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review

  9. Sadie Forsythe Sadie Forsythe says:

    25Nope this one was not for me Or rather the second half wasn’t If it had continued in the same vein as the first half I probably would have liked it But there is a definite difference between the first and second half and I found the second half excessively long and boring About a billion characters were introduced out of nowhere while the original two were basically dropped One never reemerged until the last couple pages for no purpose but as a set up for a seuel So there was no satisfying closure between them and the readerEven as unhappy as I was with the latter half of the book I still would have called the book ok just not to my liking Then it reached the end and I was most displeased I mean the tagline of the book is he only wanted justice Instead he got revenge I don’t feel like he got either and the futility of it all left me feeling like I’d wasted my time reading itAdd to that the fact that major life altering events happened with so little fan fair that I occasionally had to read them twice just to be sure I should at least assume they held importance And the fact that the mutiny happened so early in the book that I didn’t yet know or care enough for it to make sense in context of the characters and the town leaders were such Ebenezer Scrooge caricatures that I found them unbelievable There were a lot of detractors here for meI did appreciate that the relationship between the Poth and Jeryon remained platonic and I thought the dragon had a lot of personality—as did the crabs oddly enough Yeah there are killer crabs BTW But I’m just glad to finally be done with the book At one point I thought it might go on forever

  10. Allen Murphey Allen Murphey says:

    Jeryon is the captain of a successful trading ship plying the sea between the five cities of the League making a good living for himself and a fine profit for his owners Unhappy with their captain’s decision to forego harvesting a dragon the crew has managed to kill and wanting to advance their own careers uickly Jeryon’s first and second mates lead a mutiny that casts him adrift in a dinghy with no sail no oars no tools The crew also sends away Everlyn an apothecary who sought passage at the ship’s last portJeryon and Everlyn must find a way to stay alive on the open sea and to navigate hundreds of miles of largely uncharted water to make it to safety Eventually they make landfall on a large island Carving out a comfortable existence they also come upon something previously unseen – a dragon hatching from its egg and Jeryon begins to develop a plan to extract his revenge from the crew who set the two of them adriftThe second half of the story details Jeryon working to bring to justice the men who orchestrated the mutiny and return himself to respectability in his home city It’s also about the political machinations of factions pressing for hostilities with another League city of those attempting to keep war from breaking out and of several of the city’s military leaders trying to gain power and influence for themselvesThe ending is tense surprising possibly inevitable and perhaps sets up a seuel While certainly standing strong on its own and tying up all but one or two plot lines The Dragon Round leaves enough uestions intriguingly unanswered that second book would not be unwarranted Or unwelcomed The Dragon Round reads smoothly and carries the reader at a uick pace Power’s writing is clear and strong His poetry skills influence his prose as his descriptions are precise at times spare but evocative always enough to illuminate the scene and the characters but never so much as to detract from his weaving of the narrative Power’s world building is thorough but again held nicely in check – enough words phrases and practices to give the reader a strong feel for the world being viewed but needless time is not spent in filling in all the corners As with the best description he sketches the structure and puts in place strategic details and the reader’s mind fills in the rest thereby strengthening the bond to the taleIf one reads enough books and sees enough movies almost anything new can’t help but bring to mind traces of past characters So it is here Wisps of Menolly Cast Away Cesar Millan Mutiny on the Bounty certainly not traces just memories The only thing I felt slighted on in this book was that we lose much of the story of Everlyn the apothecary in the second half of the story After being a strong character to Jaryron’s protagonist in the first half I felt something was missing in the rest Then too perhaps it’s that seuel possibilityI very much enjoyed The Dragon RoundSupport independent bookstores by buying real books from real stores where you can talk with real booksellers

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