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  • 20 June 2016
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  1. Emily May Emily May says:

    Every girl with eyes loved Fenrin But I was not like those prattling chattering things with their careful head tosses and thick cloying lip gloss Inside buried down deep where no one could see it was the core of me burning endlessly coal black and coal bright Oh sweet Jesus get over yourself Did that uote really come from a narrator we're supposed to take seriously? Of all the things I expected from this book a super emo extremely slow Twilight esue story was not one of them I'm not just throwing the word Twilight around For most of this novel the obsession with the ethereal Graces reminded me of the obsession with the Cullens The story is about the female narrator being the new kid in town and attending a school where everyone is obsessed with the gorgeous weird Graces Rosalie Edward and Alice Thalia Fenrin and Summer For some reason they allow River into their tight knit little circle and invite her to meet their eually stunning and strange parents Turns out they might be witchesOkay well firstly it's boring There is literally no plot for the vast majority of the novel and it all builds toward what I guess was supposed to be a twist um well I saw that coming a mile away The first 250 ish pages are made up of River going on and on about the Graces especially her love for Fenrin and shallow friendship with Summer There's also some chanting and spellwork that may or may not be real OoohYou see that's the real problem with this book and Anna already said it there's no atmosphere It tries to be so deep and meaningful with all the emo dialogue like “I can stop pretending when I’m alone”The thing is he said softly we're all going to die Yes But the first time you really realize it how do you get over that? But I just can't take it seriously None of these characters none of the plot is deep and mysterious enough to warrant those conversations It just made me roll my eyes The author clearly wanted to write a dark deep novel about three mysterious teenagers but we've been left with a silly predictable high school drama about a goth a hippie and a hipsterI neither liked nor was interested in River Her disdain for other girls in the novel she even refers to them as things made my blood boil at times It's all part of the package that is her character someone who believes they're just so much deeper than everyone else This is how she describes another girl She wore big fake gold hoop earrings and tiny skirts and her voice had a rattling screech to it like a magpie’s I foresee the twist being used to explain away a lot of things but I'm not playing Even forgetting how obvious it was it didn't make up for the slowness and the annoying cast of characters The novel gives very little up in an attempt to be mysterious so that the author can pull back the curtain to reveal Muahaha But the suspense is so forced that I was cringingPersonally this kind of book with flat cliched characters oh what is this universe? dialogue and little to no plot does not work for me But according to my arc I'm in the minority because this emo mush has already been translated into at least five other languages Maybe girl on girl hate sounds classier in French? Blog | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Youtube | Store

  2. karen karen says:

    i'm just realizing this about myself but i am a person who tends to round two star books up into three star territory my name is karen and i'm an uprounder part of it is a readers' advisory training that unconsciously steers me towards back seating NLGM my personal reactions part of it is residual catholic guilt and part of it is just always wanting to like a book i have chosen to read to identify at least one thing that made reading it not a waste of my timethis book is a fast read so it didn't waste much of my time and there's at least one thing i liked about it but let's be perfectly clear this is a very low three star book i think it's enjoyable if you realize right from the get go that the narrator is problematic a dick and that this book is Twilight with witchesthe Twilight comment isn't just me being problematic a dick i thought Twilight was a fine book but i don't need to read it again and yeah there are plenty of books in which an everyman is absorbed into a glamorous or mysterious family or lifestyle and is swept away by the romance of it all Twilight didn't invent that and this one does differ from Twilight in that the protagonist goes in clear eyed and calculating knowing the family's reputation and single mindedly ingratiating herself into their lives because she covets their magic but the setup is pretty similar river moves to a new town with her mother after her father takes off so single parented and barely monitored like whazzername and finds herself in a small town where one wealthy and powerful family the graces are the center of everyone's admirationfearfascination around whom rumors and lore about witchy powers swirl and the parents are oh so elegant and cultured and mysterious and the children are so beautiful and sophisticated and charismatic minor celebrities with mystery wrapped around them like fur stoles an ethereal air to their presence that whispered tantalizingly of magic the siblings are very close to each other and somewhat set apart from the ordinary kids because they are all family firstand of course our heroine this self proclaimed not exceptionally pretty girl goes and falls for super handsome and casual lothario fenrin grace becoming besties with his sister summer and barreling into the ranks of the grace family intent on smooching fenrin and becoming an honorary grace with all the magical powers that come with that role for reasonsbut river isn't an endearingly clumsy and likable character plus she names herself river page which is as cheesy as it gets the story is told entirely through her perspective and her unreliable narrator status is twofold a combination of her having limited information and her being deliberately misleading for reasons she spends a great deal of time emphasizing the importance of truth and honesty in the presence of the graces with a pseudo intellectual profundity that's irritating to read but is not inaccurate to the teenage bombast i recall from the wayback while lying and hiding her motives and other seeecrets freuently alluding to this suppression to the reader if not to the graces It was a compliment of sorts A testament to how good I was at hiding my true self His face was open It bothered him but he didn't try to hide it That was brave I hid everything I couldit's also emo as hell why do you enjoy being alone?I can stop pretending when I'm aloneapart from all that eyerollery stuff and it is gratifying when another character calls her a pretentious bitch she's just unpleasant so you're not really invested in seeing her succeed in her goals she's jealous and petty talking shit about other girls who are interested in fenrin simply because they want what she wants and she's an uneven mixture of timid; where she never says anything without planning and examining it in her head first and delusionally confident that she's the most special gal ever deserving of holding fenrin's interest Every girl with eyes loved Fenrin But I was not like those prattling chattering things with their careful head tosses and thick cloying lip gloss Inside buried down deep where no one could see it was the core of me burning endlessly coal black and coal brightNo one had real details of their personal lives except for whoever Fenrin was sleeping with in any given week as he never hid it He'd tour the girl around school for however long it lasted one arm slung over her shoulders in a lazy fashion and she would drip off him giggling madly They were nothing just distractions He was waiting for someone special someone different who would catch his attention so suddenly and so completely he'd wonder how he had survived all this time without thembecause none of the other girls he kisses for a week have ever thought they would be the one to tame himriver spends so much time weighing what she's going to say and how she's going to present herself to win over the graces but she's inconsistent in what actually comes out and when she's not spouting oh so heavy things like That doesn't mean we shouldn't want to see the truth It's just that maybe we have to see it in stages to be able to understand it it looks like this I was kind of seeing him Summer said as if we had been talking about it already Jase He may be hot but my god he's dull It's a 'smoke weed and surf a lot' kind of life I mean there is literally nothing else that interests him Plus he's bad in bed He's all loud groaning like a crap zombieI disliked these kinds of conversations There wasn't an obvious response I didn't know him so I couldn't exactly agreeOh right I triedyeah not super impressive there's so much of that monosyllabic grunting from her one wonders why the graces want anything to do with her reasons to dislike her she claims to not like bullies after stepping up in view of fenrin to defend a girl from being picked on but she does a fair bit of bullying herself and she's uick to judge people by reputation especially people the graces have problems with so lame philosophy manipulation of truth to get what she wants using magic to punish other girls obsessing over some dude who smells like manly vanilla bald desire to be special and included and although she denies it using summer to get closer to fenrin and to get closer to magic of her ownall dick movesnot that one needs to relate to or like a book's narrator but you gotta like at least one of the characters and they're all kind of clichédthe only character i liked was summer and only when her vulnerability came to the surface i thought that dimension of her character was well written once her cookie cutter 'tough as nails goth chick' stuff was dispensed withi think this book would have been stronger if there had been 20% less cullen grace infatuation weighing down the front half and if the reveal had been shifted to the 34 mark so there could have been a bit time spent exploring and defining what it means view spoilerbecause it's unclear what river is she seems to be something elemental than a witch something powerful and ancient and i think exploring this idea of the hierarchy of magical powers would be interesting in the first book of whatever this series is going to be to give a sense of the scope of what is to come hide spoiler

  3. Alienor ✘ French Frowner ✘ Alienor ✘ French Frowner ✘ says:

    I can see how The Graces could be appealing for some readers Kirkus for one The patient kind who can get past a ridiculous unbelievable plot and flat characters for the sake of a twist I am not that reader I believe that there's such a thing as too little too late too bad Also I totally saw it coming Honestly I don't even have it in me to write an organized or ranty review but I only want to forget the hours I spent reading it Can I have my time back please? I just need a Forgetfulness Potion is all What? Everyone can be a wiiiiitch right? Daaaaark Oh how The Graces tries to be dark Too bad The Graces lacks an atmosphere Therefore it isn't dark but on the contrary the plot was ridiculous and made it hard to suspend my disbelief from the get go Not to mention the confusion not the good kind of confusion but the annoying aggravating one when I repeat endlessly little beauties like but what the HELL is going on? Oh sure the story became interesting started making sense Sort of At 75% I don't know about you but it's waaay too late for me especially because the twist was so obvious that the only reaction it created was making me roll my eyes Because you know it couldn't have been ANYTHING ELSE Finally I would usually complain about the random time jumps and the awkward way the scenes were cut off but honestly I cared so little that I was glad for the story to get somewhere except not really This is not good Where do I even start? Oh there ☑ Nonsensical and cliché sentences He smelled like a thicker manlier kind of vanilla☑ Boring and oh so deep conversations The thing is he said softly we're all going to die Yes But the first time you really realize it how do you get over that?Oh please protect me from teenager philosophy ☑ CURIOUSER AND CURIOUSER ← Why do I get the impression that these words are going to hunt me? Oh yes Because I read them way too many times than once was already too much I didn't care about any of them whether they be main characters or merely useless puppets I was so ready to be engrossed and fascinated by the Graces and their secrets that you can't imagine my disappointment when I realized how fake and unrealistic they sounded And god how I'm tired of omniscient first POV No you cannot Yes you actually have to choose Indeed River spends the whole book explaining to the reader what other people think and I'm sorry but is it supposed to make me think that she's so clever? Because it doesn't work She appears delusional and instable also hateful view spoilerand do not tell me that it was intentional because then we don't have any twist now tell me? hide spoiler

  4. C.G. Drews C.G. Drews says:

    Read 2 | March 2019ok wow it's so odd and homey to go back to a book you loved years ago Although the back of my copy of The Graces says seuel coming in 2017 and like lol it's 2019 and the seuel is only just out I wonder what happened??? But regardless This book is such a tangle of oddness and insecurities of the desperate belief in magic of lush sensory writing and characters you become addicted to while watching their lives unravel before you I'm with River ok The Graces are an entrancing family problematic to the core but you can't look away It's very easy to be in love with themAnd I just love the subtle weaving of magic through this book Is it there? Is it not? The writing makes you ache with wanting to know And that endingomgI'm still gut punched and also wondering h o w I survived nearly 3 years waiting for answers My only hesitation in my reread is howif River is straight and whether she was ueerbaiting with Summer? I desperately want them together ok But I think Summer loves her but River is too dense to notice Anyway hoping answers are in the Curses Otherwise it's problematic that view spoiler River is like the straight girl pursing the gay bi? boy and when she doesn't get him she murderers his boy lover But that's also kind of the point River is the villain of this story And idk I do think she is gay and Summer is gay so even though they brought Wolf back it isn't a story of just blanket burying all the gays I'm still cautious tho because I've been burned raw with so many ueers being buried in books lately to advance the plot of the straight characters Here's to hoping bk 2 handles this well 🙌🏻 hide spoiler

  5. Laure Eve Laure Eve says:

    Oh hi I wrote this book Here's a bit about itShort there may or may not be witches There's a girl who lies to you about what she really wants There's obsession desire desperation glamour and what I hope is a pretty damn surprising endingLong The Graces explores the endless pull between the Other – fantasy imagination belief of spirits and gods and ghosts and the colder everyday of the real the real that we are very afraid is all there isAs a child you believe that magic is real if you could only find the way to it As you grow out of childhood you start to worry that it might not be And the moment you decide that it isn’t real is a very painful moment that you never uite get over There's a lot of that in thisIt's about obsession and desire and how raw those feelings are when they first envelop you how they shape everything It’s about how dangerous our love of glamour can beAnd simply it’s about a girl whose most desperate secret desire is to belong I hope you enjoy it if you read it I loved writing it Stay curious Keep dreaming x

  6. Cristina Monica Cristina Monica says:

    Real diehard fans of the series Sweep by Cate Tiernan may enjoy this if they overlook the irritant characters Otherwise not recommended

  7. ☘Misericordia☘ ~ The Serendipity Aegis ~ ⚡ϟ⚡ϟ⚡⛈ ✺❂❤❣ ☘Misericordia☘ ~ The Serendipity Aegis ~ ⚡ϟ⚡ϟ⚡⛈ ✺❂❤❣ says:

    Another school story complete with teen angst and 'a family of secret keepers' with beautiful and archetypal and somewhat ludicrous names Gwydion Thalia 'She would forever dance out of your reach' Wolf 'his body cocked forward like an eager puppy' Esther Esme anyone? There's even a guy with 'antiue gold hair' whose 'bad mood' at a certain point 'hung off him in ribbons' And a gal referred to as a 'sun goddess' yes Thalia And an absentee mother and father And the sad daughter of the absentee parents the person most obsessed with witches magic and Graces who renames herself a River A River Page She's a reader a magic buff a sad gal a manipulator And she has a 'coal black and coal bright voice' of her own as well as 'butterflies an army of ants a bucket of feathers tickling' her 'insides' Imagine that Whatever she does she does it for a purpose as a means to the end And she's good at it even if naïve What I loved most is the fluidity of the dynamics and the natural allure of the Graces Of course at this point I felt Twilight approaching Or having approached this plot Pretty much So it's a good thing I'm not obsessed with Twilight and am not obsessed with plagiarism hunting As I said I loved most imagery in here and it's a good read even if a bit formulaicRatingWe start at 5 stars 1 star Twilight parallels conscious or subconscious1 star witchcraft and self study of the witching ways by the protagonist all kinds of wise ish insights about the world 1 star obsessions 1 star cheesy Graces1 star Graces are not half bad written except for Fenrir see below 1 star Well Fenrir is something weird and misshaped1 star a magic system uite developed1 star thoughtful musings freshness of the protagonist's character she's so obsessive and manipulative and planned out that I can't help feeling sorry for herResulting we end at 5 stars precisely where we started offMy name changed the next week It had always been River my secret name as long as I could remember That was how I knew it was the right one It had unfurled itself in my mind grown its roots right down into my spine I couldn’t be anything else ever Page because turning over to a blank page always gave me a sickly sweet feeling in my guts Blank pages could be transformed They were new lives over and over What if I really became River? cEveryone said they were witchesI desperately wanted to believe it cInside buried down deep where no one could see it was the core of me burning endlessly coal black and coal bright cHere it was hard to forget what really birthed you Nature was the thing you walked on and breathed in c I got tired of the way they all talked about things I couldn’t even muster up fake enthusiasm for like getting laid and partying and TV shows about people getting laid and partying cMy problem was that I tended to really think things through Sometimes they’d paralyse me the ‘what ifs’ of action and I didn’t do anything at all because it was safer I was afraid of what could happen if I let it cSee real witches would be tuned in to the secret rhythm of the universe They wouldn’t mathematically weigh and counterweigh every possible option because creatures of magic don’t do that They weren’t afraid of surrendering themselves They had the courage to be different and they never cared what people thought It just wasn’t important to them cI was at least as awkward as she was and both of us awkwarding at each other would have been too much for me сThey didn’t know me here – I could be a new me the 20 version now with improved social skills cIt was my favourite thing to do – eat and read The world just shut up for a while cHe had the kind of presence that folded inward as if he couldn’t bear to be noticed cSome of them looked like rock stars and some of them like American Psycho a few were as coolly bohemian as the Graces and all of them were striking in one way or another cIt’s surprising what you can get yourself to do when you want something badly enough cMy parents had always acted overly twitchy towards anything remotely abnormal so it was ironic that they had birthed a kid who craved the strange like other people craved drugs cInstead we talked about dreams we’d had the ones that felt real than being awake; we talked about reincarnation and ghosts and whether we’d try to kill Hitler if time travel was real; about how intoxicating it was to lose yourself in another world so completely that you forgot your own reality It was books for me Music for her I’d never met anyone who wound her way through conversations like this as naturally as dancing as if there were no other way to talk She told me that for her music was the closest to the concept of the divine as she’d ever get I told her that the music she liked sounded like demons mating in hell and she roared with laughter obviously pleased I was sitting next to a wild creature My coal black insides flared in recognition of a soul like mine c‘People’s real names ‘Sometimes you know you get given the wrong one’ cMaybe if I knew their formula the combination of elements that made them what they were I could understand them Understanding something was one step closer to becoming it cJust because it sounded unbelievable didn’t mean it couldn’t also be true cI was starting to notice – when you were in their crowd they assumed you’d always been there and you knew everything they did It was somehow isolating and comforting at the same time c‘Books are knowledge Knowledge is power’ I said archly‘And power is your goal? Curiouser and curiouser Alice’‘Power is everyone’s goal isn’t it? It’s just not something most people are brave enough to admit to’‘I’ll admit to it’ He spread his hands grandly ‘I love power’ ‘We’re the brave ones’cI felt a warm glow I’d been missing start to spread its wings inside my chest cShe looked at me for a moment and the moment stretched out growing a little too long and then longer and I couldn’t look away c‘You gonna come?’ said the girl I’d apparently been talking to‘It’s freezing’‘So?’ She laughed ‘We’re young and fucked up’ c‘You don’t care about impressing people do you?’ cThis was the kind of knowledge I needed How it worked How to control it How to actually do it She spoke the language of the possible and it gave me hope cI saw everything; all the little details they’d probably been taking for granted their entire lives Every minute I spent in their company was loaded with my concentration my constant study in how to make them like me I watched them all and felt an ache for something I couldn’t name с Such deliciously jarring soul There’s always a little part of your mind right at the back there the bit you keep locked up that wonders what if?’ c ‘Because that’s the Grace way Image is everything’ c‘The Graces We want to be them and love them and for them to love us It’s a curse Don’t you see? The Grace curse’ cI’d have given anything to have a study desk like hers Or at all The wood had been painted the palest of greens The top was covered in clay pots filled with various plants interspersed with fat candlesticks and wooden tea light holders I could imagine sitting at it and feeling like I had access to the secrets of nature Like I was a witch through pure atmospheric osmosis c I totally love how River speaks of that desk Fire – Protectors Confident PowerfulWater – Charmers Restless Persuasive Air – Seers Truth tellers SensitiveEarth – Leaders Grounded Calm cThey used truths to tell lies and they were very good at it cThis rock might have ancient blood on its hands c Well yeah But first this rock would have to have hands at all Only then blood сould do just thatA moment was all it took It was such a tiny thing a moment But it was the most powerful reality shaper there was cI’d been so afraid of what I could do for so long that I could no longer tell the truth to anyone about anything cThey were the only ones in the world who could understand In fact they were supposed to hug me reassure me delight all over their faces because they knew how to harness it They were supposed to think it was wonderful what I could do and embrace me as one of them cI stayed where I was chasing that nothingness I had felt during the spell in the woods Chasing the life of a star cThat night I think we were trying to fight against death against boredom and banality against everything that made us cry and stare at our futures full in the face with dread We drank and played games to be in the now to be in each moment as hard as we could because the moment was all that mattered at the end of it all I remember I felt intoxicated on life and darkness I felt powerful It was the most natural thing in the world This was why we were alive – to be powerful and free cI’m not one of youI’m one of me c

  8. Ben Alderson Ben Alderson says:

    35 stars Interesting read but not what was pitched Wanted magic Really loved the first 20 % and last 20% it was brilliant

  9. Kiki Kiki says:

    Maaaaan guys That wasfucked?This is a book about a sad strange loathsome asshole who makes terrible decisions and it's all so bloody entertaining I'm not surprised that this book got middling reviews; it's a Marmite thing probably a very very acuired taste that not everyone will enjoy But I loved it I would have given it five stars but there was an unnerving air of internalized misogyny that really bothered me and was completely unnecessary River is an asshole but she didn't need to be problematic There was also some really thinly veiled racism and I am never ever here for that garbage so keep it 2763473537 feet away from meIn terms of plot this book is gripping In terms of writing it's stellar The writing was for me at least exuisite it beautifully captures the eternal cringe of emo teen philosophy dragging me right through a time warp and back to my high school goth days We're all gonna die Yes we are and teens think they're the only ones who realize this This book knows that and it's willing to play with it At the same time it feels appropriately teen It's not shying from stuff that teens do like swear and drink and take recreational drugs and have sex It's also refreshingly frank and takes the monumental risk of a protagonist who is a garbage human being River is dreadful self obsessed and pedantic and selfish and cruel She is a hypocrite a bully who frowns on bullies but she is also a girl with nobody to turn to a frightened cornered animal lashing out at any outstretched hand She takes her jealousy and twists it into hatred and obsession; she sees people with things that she doesn't have and she lusts for them She idealizes an unobtainable life and the Graces represent everything that she wants to be She wants to be powerful because she is powerless She wants to be cool and effortless and so she very effortfully creates a character like an actor reading from a script I love the way River's character has been crafted She is a girl filled with rage and loneliness crippled by low self esteem And her inner hatred turns to outer hatred She is desperate to be loved and so she creates a disguise and so the Graces love her not for who she is but for the part she is playing It is agonizing and thrilling to watch This book is just seeping with atmosphere tense and tight but not sparse It's paced brilliantly and I just could not put it down It was like a slow fall off a cliff something everyone knows is going to end brutally but that's impossible to look away fromI wish the ending had been fleshed out a little further I liked the mystery of it but it didn't feel uite full enough It was slightly abrupt but during that last scene on the beach I was sitting up on the edge of my bed literally talking to the book It enraged me like the whole book enraged me but in the best way The Graces is a story about obsession loneliness desperation and the agony of navigating the dreaded mid teens It's about low self esteem and how it can literally rip away personhood It's about envy and jealousy and bitterness and how a villain is really made Because River is our protagonist but she is not our good guy She is the villain of this story and it's excellent

  10. Drew Drew says:

    The most disappointing thing about The Graces was that it had such huge potential When I read the summary I was immediately hooked An entire town worships a rich secretive family and rumors circulate that they are magical a family of witches The plot sounded so cool and I couldn't wait to pick it upI was expecting a mysterious look at a closely entwined family but you know what I got instead? Beautiful Creatures 20Meet River our lonely normal main character who is obsessed with the Grace family much like Ethan was obsessed with Lena River claims that she's different from other girls “I was not like those prattling chattering things with their careful head tosses and thick cloying lip gloss”Besides the fact that she put down other females the most annoying thing about River was her obsession with Fenrin Fenrin Grace was the embodiment of a stereotypical hot guy Blond muscular with a lazy smile that made all the girls swoon “A long wave of his sungold tipped hair had slipped from behind his ear and hung by his cheekbone I actually caught a waft of him He smelled like a thicker manlier kind of vanilla” The plot follows River as she becomes close with the Grace family but she can never uite be sure if the rumors about them are true Thalia believes her family is cursed but Fenrin brushes off the accidents that happen every year on his and Thalia's birthday “The Graces We want to be them and love them and for them to love us It’s a curse Don’t you see? The Grace curse” I didn't like how each of the Graces were hugely stereotyped Thalia was the cool calm hippie who ran an organic store Summer was the goth who listened to heavy metal music wore all black and loved blood and Fenrin was the perfect hot guy who had a ton of girlfriends They felt like cardboard cutouts instead of actual peopleThe dialogue was stunted cheesy and unrealistic and the showdown at the end was laughably bad There was a plot twist that caught me by surprise but it felt like the author added it for the sake of shocking the reader and it didn't fit the storyThis intriguing idea was wasted on a high school drama and an obsessive main character I have to give props to the author though I was completely shocked when Fenrin didn't return River's lustful feelings In fact there was no romance between them at all which was great in a genre that promotes way too much insta love

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The Graces❮PDF / Epub❯ ✅ The Graces Author Laure Eve – Everyone said the Graces were witchesThey moved through the corridors like sleek fish ripples in their wake Stares followed their backs and their hairThey had friends but they were just distractions T Everyone said The Graces were witchesThey moved through the corridors like sleek fish ripples in their wake Stares followed their backs and their hairThey had friends but they were just distractions They were waiting for someone differentAll I had to do was show them that person was meLike everyone else in her town River is obsessed with The Graces attracted by their glamour and apparent ability to weave magic But are they really what they seem And are they dangerous than they let onThis beautifully written thriller will grip you from its very first page.

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A French British hybrid who grew up in Cornwall a place saturated with myth and fantasy Being a child of two cultures taught her everything she needed to know about trying to fit in at the same time as trying to stand out She speaks English and French and can hold a vague conversation usually about food in GreekA random selection of favourite things Terry Pratchett uotes characters with.